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Replacing Weber Grill Grates

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All Weber grill grates have different numbers on them for different sizes of grills. The numbers refer to the maximum number of hours of use for each grate before replacement. You can check your owners manual for instructions on how often you should replace your Weber grill grates based on the number indicated on them. In addition, you can also check for damage by looking at the bottom of your existing grates.

Where To Purchaseweber Grill Replacement Parts

Find top-quality Weberparts for your gas, electric or charcoal grill here at Ace Hardware. Shop ourmassive assortment of Weber grill replacement parts online now, or visit yourneighborhood Ace soon to speak to one of our helpful staff members.

Once you’ve found theWeber parts you need to restore your grill to like-new condition, findadditional products to enhance your cooking experience by browsing Weber’s grilling accessories section.

Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

Why Replace Weber Grill Parts

You must replace Weber grill parts before they break. If you dont replace them when they break, you may damage something else by using your grill with broken parts on it, such as the handles on the doors and the vents near the bottom of the grill body. Rusting can cause pitting and damage, which leads to the deterioration of the metal components of your grill if left untreated.

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How Do I Find Replacement Parts For My Grill

Many of our longtime Weber fans have grills that are 15, 20 even 30 years old and they are still going strong. Over the years various parts on these grills might need to be replaced and we are often asked if there are still replacement parts available. As a general rule, we do our best to keep replacement parts in stock up to 10 years after a grill has been discontinued but often times we carry parts for even longer than that. For example we still carry grates and Flavorizer bars for some of the original 1985 Genesis grills.

Most of the replacement parts on our website are for wear and tear or more commonly replaced items such as grates, Flavorizer bars or igniter kits. If there is something you cant find for your grill there is a good chance that we might have it available through our call center. They can be reached at 1-800-446-1071 and are open every day.

We encourage you to have the serial number on your grill available when calling. The serial number clearly identifies which model you have and will allow us to know exactly which parts are correct for your specific grill. Click here to learn how to find the serial number on your grill.

So if you cant find what you are looking for on Weber.com pick up that phone and give us a call. We are ready and waiting to help get your grill up and running again or back into shape!

How To Get Parts For Your Grill

Weber Grill Schematics

Weve seen the scenario play out too many times to count: you buy a grill from your local hardware store. It works great for a year then the problems start. Eventually, you discover you need a replacement part. No problem the grill has a warranty. You go online to search for the grill company, only to find out the grill has been discontinued. Or worse, the company no longer exists.

Or perhaps youve had the same grill for several years. Even a well-made grill needs regular maintenance and requires replacement parts. Fixing your grill yourself might be the most budget-friendly option, and we understand that. But if its been a long time, the grill you bought might not be in production anymore.

Now youre asking yourself, how do I find replacement parts for my grill?

Thats where the BBQ Depot comes in. We empathize with the amount of frustration that comes with realizing your grill has been discontinued, and were here to help remedy the situation. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to supplying replacement parts for grills, including discontinued grills. We stock many aftermarket parts for several different brands and models of discontinued grills. If your grill isnt operating the way it should, we can help you get it back in shape with our vast selection of replacement parts.

Lets look at some of the common brands of grills we carry replacement parts for.

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Keep Your Grill In Top Condition

It is essential to store your grill indoors during the off-season, especially if your area has a high rate of inclement weather such as hurricanes or storms. Get the right Weber grill parts to replace broken ones. Replacing parts with genuine Weber parts will help you keep your grill in top condition and give you perfect cooks.

Still Big On Performance

Designed to be used outdoors, the Weber Q Series is perfectly portable and features a smaller propane tank. Tailgating at your alma maters big game? Camping on a long weekend? Grill anything, anywhere with the Weber Q Series. Plus, its small stature means it wont take up too much room in your trunk.

Pack Em Up, Theyre Portable

Compact and lightweight for grilling on the go, these sturdy portable grills can perform no matter what the weather throws at them: Smokey Joe® Series, Go-Anywhere Series, Jumbo Joe Series.

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Look For Genuine Weber Grill Parts And Follow Instructions

When replacing parts of your grill, be sure to use only genuine Weber replacement parts to avoid risking injury or other damage to your grill. Read the instructions carefully to ensure that the new part fits your grill perfectly and does not misalign with other components. For larger Weber grill parts like the grate or burner tubes, you might need help from a technician.

Finding The Right Part For Your Grill

Weber Charcoal Grills Component Overview

We understand the importance of being able to find the right replacement part for your grill. We empathize with the frustration that might ensue when you discover your warranty is no longer valid. We are happy to help you find the right part. We only stock OEM and aftermarket products that will meet or exceed the quality of the original part.

When searching for your replacement part, you should be able to browse by model number, part number, or by brand.

Be sure to carefully examine the potential replacement parts you see in the picture and compare it to your original part. If the dimensions do not match, please contact us to speak with one of our grill specialists. They will help you find the best replacement part for your grill.

If you dont see your model number, it is possible to find a replacement part with a dimensional search.

We look forward to serving you and helping you get your grill back into working condition.

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Only The Best Will Do

We aim to hold each and every product to a high standard standard in quality assurance testing. In other words, our grills are built to last. Thats why we use a durable steel and test our grill coatings in harsh environmental conditions. No such thing as perfection? We do our best to disprove that with every Weber grill we create.

Made In The Heart Of America

with U.S. and globally sourced components

We were proudly founded in the USA. Its where we created the kettle grill in 1952 and our famous Flavorizer bars in 1985. We may be a global brand nowadays, but we still design, manufacture and discover new grilling possibilities right here in the USA. Lets take a look at the process and the people who make our charcoal and gas grills the best in the world.

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Where Can I Buy Replacement Parts

Many of our common replacement parts can be found on weber.com. You can find the replacement parts that will fit your model by checking out our schematics page here and searching by your grills serial number or model number.

Click here to learn how to find the serial number on your grill.

If there is something you cant find for your grill, there is a very good chance that we might have it available through our call center. We can be reached at 1-800-446-1071 and are open every day.

We encourage you to have the serial number of your grill available when calling.

The serial number clearly identifies which model you have, and it will allow us to know exactly which parts are correct for your specific grill.

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