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Pit Boss Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart Grill

Pellet Grill Benefits | Pellet Grill Buying Guide BBQGuys

This wood pellet grill and smoker is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and according to Marks, its the most versatile pellet grill available. He appreciates the 2,137 square inches of cooking space with 719 square inches for grilling and smoking, plus an additional cabinet with 1,418 square inches of smoking space. It also comes with six sausage hooks and two meat probes with the ability to control up to four at one time.

I really love the pot access that allows you to brush out the pot and remove the ash that is a huge timesaver as well as a significant safety feature, he said. This pellet grill with all of the combined features, technology, sheer size, best in class warranty and a price tag of $750 make it my choice for best pellet grill overall.

Should You Buy A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are the perfect fit if you like the taste of smoke and dont care too much about searing. Theyre versatile enough to tackle chops, fish, and, of course, classics such as ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.

But if youre into burgers and brats, spending a lot on a pellet grill is probably overkill. By the same token, if youre into wood-fired pizza, or charring steaks or chops, you might be better off with a kamado grill, which generally excels at these high-heat tasks in a way no pellet grill can match.

Then consider the pellets themselves, which you can buy at home centers, hardware stores, or online. If youre a die-hard barbecue enthusiast, remember that the smoke imparted by wood pellets may seem tame compared with the flavor profile you get by loading up your charcoal or kamado grill with wood chips.

Pellet grills are exceptionally easy to start and offer a level of temperature control without equal. They also excel at cooking things like veggies, chicken breasts, pork chops, or just about anything that can border on boring without a touch of smoke. And though they might not operate at a temperature range as broad as that of a kamado grill, its easy to see how, for an aspiring pitmaster or even a casual backyard chef, a pellet grill is tough to beat.

How To Choose The Best Pellet Smoker Or Grill

A pellet smoker is the most popular food smoking machine and gives a certain flavor to the meat that is unparalleled with most types of smoking methods. Though there are various factors to take into consideration while purchasing this pellet smoker.

Go through this guide to pick the best pellet smoker, as per your requirement.

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Why Buy Pellet Grills Manufactured In The Usa

Over and above the quality of pellet grills manufacturing in the United States of America , there exist several socio-economic reasons to support manufacturing in the United States:

  • Provides a boost to the American economy,
  • Improves long-term business investments,
  • Lowers trade and budget deficits,
  • Adheres to domestic environmental regulations,
  • Adheres to safer labor laws,
  • Adheres to legislated quality standards.
  • The boost to the American economy is pretty self-explanatory, as the manufacturing of pellet grills requires the harvesting, refining, and construction of raw materials into finished products.

    This increased job creation and stability results in increased money circulation on a domestic scale, resulting in increased tax revenue.

    Understandably the long-term investment in American manufacturing is on consumers to retain its longevity.

    The production of manufacturing goods in America results in domestic consumption, which provides more export opportunities while decreasing import budget deficits.

    This is important considering both Pit Boss and Traeger regarding pellet grills, as major brands are now imported from China to the United States of America.

    Concerning the environment, domestic manufacturing is considered more eco-friendly, as it requires less international travel, and the manufacturing process is subject to domestic environmental legislation.

    This ensures fair pay, workers rights and stops unsavory labor practices such as child labor.

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    What Is A Pellet Grill

    Z Grills 1000C Wood Pellet Grill for BBQ

    A pellet grill is an outdoor electric grill fueled by wood pellets. But the pellets dont just fuel the grill they also provide a delicious smoky flavour to the meat and other foods you cook on the grill.

    And the pellet grill is designed to be used in a variety of ways. You can grill, smoke, roast, bake, or braise your favourite foods all in the same appliance.

    The other great thing about a pellet grill is how easy it is to use. Most have digital controls, which means you can set up the grill and relax knowing your food will be perfectly cooked every time.

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    Smoker Grills Offer Versatility

    Whats not to love about a grill and a smoker in one? Its a space-saving, budget-friendly combo. Pellet grills are highly precise in temperature control, cooking from 180 degrees up to 500 degrees. This allows the backyard cook to do everything from slow smoking a brisket, searing a steak, making hamburgers or serving up seafood. The variety of foods you can make may surprise you even desserts are on the table!

    Our Grilla and Silverbac are built out of steel with dual-wall construction. This design keeps the thermal energy in and seals off the outside temperature. Because theyre so efficient at controlling the heat, you can plug in your pellet grill any day of the year, even in the dead of winter, and know theres the consistent temperature inside the lid.

    Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series

    Traeger doesnt have any grills like the Lockhart, but its a fun grill so we thought we would include it anyway.

    You get a fairly standard pellet grill on the bottom, with a double-door smoke cabinet stuck on top.

    This gives you an insane 2136 square inches of cooking space, all within a fairly moderate footprint .

    You get a large 40 lb hopper to keep you cooking, and two probes are included although you can add up to four total.

    Its a fun, unique smoker that doesnt fit into the same mold as 99% of the other pellet grills you see out there.

    Its a good choice for anyone that wants to feed a crowd, without spending too much money.

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    Traeger Pro Series The Most Bang For Your Buck

    The Pro 575 retails for $799.99 USD and the Pro 780 retails for $999.99 USD. The Pro Series is Traegers best-selling line and rightfully so. Theyre an amazing value, perform very well and are easy to install. If youre looking into buying a Traeger grill right now, theyre actually currently on sale for $100-off for Fathers Day.

    Thanks to a complete product overhaul in 2019, the Pro Series are actually better than ever. They now come standard equipped with WiFire® Technology, which allows you to control your grill from your phone using the Traeger App. The new D2® Direct Drive drivetrain improves start-up and temperature control speeds, which were previously lagging. And thanks to a very recent 2020 software update, the new Pro Series grills can now churn out a maximum temperature of 500F. In fact, on a hot, summer day, my Pro780has gone up to 506F, which makes for excellent searing capabilities.

    If youre just looking to grill and have no desire for any additional bells and whistles, the Pro Series is for you. Its the best bang for your buck. However, I highly, HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of the 2019 or later models so that you can get these new features, updates and designs. They seriously make a world of difference!

    How Much Cleaning And Maintenance Is Required

    How to Choose a Pellet Grill Smoker | Buying Guide | BBQGuys

    No good deed goes unpunished, and no good grill is maintenance-free. Pellets burn down to almost nothing, but they do leave a small amount of ash. Youll want to empty the fire pot periodically, and perhaps clean it out with a shop vacuum.

    As discussed in the last section, flare-ups are a thing of the past in a pellet grill. But, all that grease has to go somewhere. Somewhere, in this case, is into a grease bucket and all over the deflector shield.

    Youll want to empty the bucket regularly and wipe the deflector clean to keep the build-up from burning off and ruining your food with acrid smoke. Try lining both with foil to cut down on clean-up time.

    One of the essential parts of a pellet grill is the temperature probe. If its not reading correctly, everything else is thrown off. Gently wipe the probe after each session to ensure accurate measurement and clean connection with your grills digital brain.

    Finally, you should keep the cooking grate clean, just as you would on a regular barbecue or smoker. Wipe them down, or scrape when necessary, to keep them in good condition.

    Overall, a pellet smoker requires little more in terms of maintenance than a gas grill and considerably less than a charcoal grill or an offset smoker.

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    The Pros And Cons Of Pellet Grills

    The biggest pro to investing in a pellet grill versus other types of grills is its simplicity, according to Lampe. The cooker does all the work and makes it pretty easy to cook barbecue, he explained.

    Marks agreed that when it comes to ease of use and consistency, a pellet grill wins. Temperature control produced by a pellet grill makes a huge difference for the average Joe, he added. If you want to have a great barbeque with a reasonable amount of work while still being able to enjoy your friends and family when they are over, a pellet grill is the best way to go with the most amount of success and the least amount of stress.

    However, the biggest potential downside is that it’s a mechanical device, so if theres a loss of power or a malfunction, that can disrupt your day of cooking. Good maintenance helps with this, Lampe added. A long-time BBQ pro might like to play with the fire while theyre cooking, but a pellet cooker means there is really no need to tend your fire constantly making it perfect for an at-home cook.

    To help prevent this, he emphasized the importance of keeping your pellet grill dry and protected from the elements with a secure cover. If the electronics get wet they can short out and the replacement parts for those panels generally are not under warranty, as you the owner are responsible for proper care, he said. Also, when pellets get wet they expand and then dry causing the auger to lock up.

    Pit Boss 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill

    You have a huge choice when it comes to portable pellet grills.

    We picked the 440 Deluxe, although you could just as easily go with the Sportsman Portable which comes with folding legs.

    The cooking space is divided between a 340 square inch main grill, and a 100 square inches on the upper rack. Both grills are made out of porcelain coated steel.

    The rack is removable which comes in handy when its time to take your meat off, just take the whole grill off.

    This model includes a handy side shelf, and includes tool hooks for easy storage.

    The 5lb hopper is definitely on the small side, so this isnt a good grill if you want to set up a cook and then leave for the day.

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Freelance food writer and cookbook author Donna Currie is an expert on all things food, from cookbooks to cooking gadgets. She’s also a product tester for The Spruce Eats and has cooked with every type of grill out there, including pellet grills.

    This article was updated by Camryn Rabideau, a grilling expert and product tester for The Spruce. She’s tested several pellet grills, including the Z Grills ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill and Traeger Ironwood 885, and she interviewed Jess Pryles, a grilling expert and author of “Hardcore Carnivore,” while researching grills for this article.

    Which Pellet Flavour Is Best For Which Food

    Camp Chef Woodwind SG 24 Pellet Grill

    Now, below is just a general guide on pellet flavours for which food suggestions. Everyone has different tastes, and only with trial and error are you going to find out what is really going to work best for you. However, the information below will give you a good starting point on pellet flavour/food combination ideas.

    • Alder Great for cooking poultry and salmon
    • Apple Works well with pork, seafood and lamb
    • Cherry A good allrounder
    • Charcoal For a stronger smokey flavour
    • Hickory Works well with pork and BBQ ribs
    • Maple Nice for cooking vegetables and cheese
    • Mesquite Particularly suited to red meats
    • Oak The foundation of BBQ wood pellets
    • Pecan Best suited for cooking poultry
    • Walnut Especially nice for game and red meats
    • Whiskey/Liquor Blends Red meat and fish

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    St Generation Pro Series 22 & 34

    The Traeger Pro Series 22 and the Pro Series 34 belong to the first generation in the Pro Series is the worlds number-one selling pellet grill. Traeger Pro Series 22 and 34 are the same grills, but of different sizes. The Pro Series 22 has 572 square inches of cooking area, while the Pro Series 34 has 884 square inches of grill space.

    The 1st-Generation Pro Series are great entry-level pellet grill that will allow you to grill, barbecue, smoke, bake, roast and braise. The Pro 22 & 34 are perfect if youre after no-frill grill without all the fancy extras. This model can easily handle smoking big packer brisket low-and-slow, and the larger Pro Series 34 can cook 7 racks of ribs, 8 chickens or 40 burgers.

    The Pro Series 22 & 34 are the most affordable pellet grills in the Traeger line up and are a few hundred dollars cheaper than the 2nd Generation Pro Series and other Traeger models. You can pick up a Traeger Pro Series 22 for about $650 and a Pro Series 34 sells for around $750. Check latest price here.

    Features Pro Series 1st-Generation

    Traeger Pro Series 575 & 780

    The New Grills are Larger

    The new Pro Series is a bigger grill than its predecessor, its two inches higher for a more comfortable grilling height and has a larger barrel which increases the cooking space.

    Wi-Fi Controller

    One of the biggest differences is WIFIRE, the built-in Wi-Fi digital controller that allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature from your mobile device. The controller allows you to adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments.

    Traeger App and Cloud

    The digital controller operates through the Traeger App. The Traeger App contains hundreds of recipes through GRILLGUIDE which gives you the ability to download recipes directly to the WIFIRE grill controller so your grill can walk you through the entire cook with step-by-step guides.

    More Powerful

    The old and the new Pro Series have the same temperature range, however, the new Pro Series is more powerful and able to reach the maximum temperature faster than the old model.

    Temperature Probes

    The 1st Gen Pro Series comes with two temperature probes that allow you to monitor the grill temperature and the meat internal temperature. The new Pro Series comes with a single probe for measuring meat, while you can monitor the grill temperature through the Traeger App.

    Wood Pellet Hopper Capacity

    More Expensive

    Expect to pay $200- $300 more for the new 575 and 780 models. Check the latest price on the Traeger website.

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    Should You Procure The Z Grill L6002e

    Z Grill L6002E clients will certainly value the quick arrangement and also detachable capacities. On the basis of its characteristics, it has a significant edge over the competitors. With the wood pellet grill, you can prepare food in a much larger area and in a much smaller sized container, making it a much better option.

    Because it does not need changing pellets, it has a much longer life, and also the pellets can be utilized to grill extra food. It will be much easier to prepare longer meals if you obtain a singular system.

    Consider the possibility of offering well-textured food to a larger audience. Because of this, you will absolutely concur that the grill is a worthy purchase contrasted to its components and effectiveness.

    This grill has an adaptive cooking setting that offers you the adaptability to cook anything you want. You need to barbecue promptly with the preferred finish because of the temperature level control and also shipment system.

    Size And Cooking Capacity

    Pellet Grill: Best Pellet Grills (Buying Guide)

    From small portable models suitable for tailgating to giant 1000+ square inch cooking surface monsters, pellet smokers come in all different sizeswith prices to match.

    If you will only ever cook for 2 to 6 people, theres little point splashing out on a model that can cook four full-sized briskets.

    So know what size you need before looking at what to buy.

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    Best Pellet Grills In 2021 According To Experts

    Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

    When it comes to at-home grilling, youll typically come across three main options: pellet grills, charcoal grills and gas grills. All grills and smokers work with the same basic principles of thermodynamics, or heat and energy transfer, explained David Marks, head of business development for Operation BBQ Relief and the reigning national and world best wings on the planet champion. They all need fuel and oxygen to create a heat source, he said. A pellet grill uses wood pellets made of sawdust that are compressed into the form of a pellet as their fuel. Pellets are small and efficient. The pellets are made of various woods that allow you to add the smoke flavor of the specific wood that you like, he added.

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