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A traditional steakhouse with prime meat selections. Open for dinner every night and lunch on sea days only. The cost may be higher on Oasis-class ships.

What is the cost to eat at Chops Grille?

There is in additional charge to dine here. It’s a flat fee, $25 per person lunch, $55 per person dinner. Alcoholic drinks and soda cost extra.

Royal Caribbean uses “dynamic pricing” and so each ship/sailing may see different pricing for restaurants. We’ve listed the most recent information we’ve seen, but if you’ve already booked a cruise, look at your Cruise Planner to see the price that will be on your specific sailing.

What type of restaurant is Chops Grille?

Chops Grille is a “Sit Down” restaurant. This means you have waiter who will take your order and bring you your food. It usually takes a bit longer than quick serve / to-go establishments, but has a nicer atmosphere.

When is Chops Grille open?

They’re usually open for lunch and dinner. Specific times and schedules may vary, so always check in your cruise schedule or app to see the exact times.

Royal Caribbean Ovation Of The Seas Chops Grille

While on a recent Royal Caribbean cruise on board the Ovation of the Seas, we got the opportunity to try Chops Grille. Chops Grille is a specialty upgrade restaurant found onboard a number of Royal Caribbean ships. The upgrade is $35 per person. You can also visit the restaurant as part of a dining package, which is what we did.

I dont know that there is a limit to how much you can order. We were encouraged by our waiter to order additional items as we progressed through our meal.

Chops Grille On Royal Caribbean Cruises

For Royal Caribbean, Chops Grille steakhouse serves as the place to snag steak onboard, but there’s lots more to the menu, which also includes fish, lamb, pork and chicken options. It’s one of many for-fee options available on Royal Caribbean’s ships, and it’s an ideal spot for special-occasion meals to celebrate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or just a romantic dinner outside of the main dining room.

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Voyager And Adventure Of The Seas

Another swap was announced for Voyager of the Seas and Adventure of the Seas.

Due to the same International Maritime Organization speed regulations, Voyager of the Seas was to offer sailings departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida through November 4th, 2023, and Orlando , Florida beginning November 10th, 2023. Instead, Voyager will now sail from Galveston, Texas beginning May 9th, 2023.

Adventure of the Seas will now take Voyager’s place in Florida place and will offer similar itineraries.

Guests will be automatically moved to the new Adventure of the Seas sailing departing on the same day as your original Voyager of the Seas cruise. They’ll receive like-for-like accommodations onboard Adventure of the Seas, and their amenities will remain the same.

Just like Brilliance and Enchantment, guests have the choice of the automatic move, a move to another ship, or a full refund.

Chops Grille Lunch Menu

Royal Caribbean Menus  cruise with gambee

2019 update I can confirm that very little has changed from my original post. We sailed the Liberty again in July 2019 and were offered the same menu. It was excellent. The price, however, had increased to $21. You can see the current menu here. The original post follows below.

We always eat in the main dining room or the buffet on cruises. Our theory is that we paid for it, so we should eat what we paid for. On our June 25 cruise on the Liberty of the Seas we finally decided to try a specialty restaurant and enjoyed the Chops Grille lunch. Priced at $19, it was a great addition to our cruise. While the menu was more limited than it is at dinner, that was a fine tradeoff for the lower price we paid. The food was delicious.

What did we eat?

I couldnt decide what to try for an appetizer, so I did the only logical thing – I got two. The shrimp cocktail was good, but unexceptional. The shrimp were large and served over ice with a traditional horseradish cocktail sauce on the side.

The beef carpaccio, however, stole the show. As you can see from the picture below, they used an incredibly rich cut of meat. The mustard and oil sauce was a nice compliment, and I enjoyed the bits of crumbled salt on the top.

Final verdict on the Chops Grille lunch menu

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Chops Grille Versus Giovannis Table

Exciting grandeur of dishes is served only at Royal Caribbeans Chops Grille. However, if you are looking for another great, competent place to dine in on a cruise, Giovannis Table is the best match.

What they serve at Giovannis Table might be familiar to you, but the taste from a family-style Italian cuisine will surely intrigue your taste buds. From the good old pasta topped with cradling sauce to freshly baked bread dipped in natural oils Giovannis Table is the place for you.

Chops Grille And Giovannis Table Royal Caribbean Menu

Excited to go on a cruise but keep worrying about where to get good food at sea? No need to worry because Chops Grille and Giovannis Table Restaurants on the Royal Caribbean Cruise has everything you need. For over a decade, these restaurants have been serving the highest quality food on the sea.

Chops Grille offers the finest quality hand-cut steaks. Giovannis Table offers a wide variety of family-style Italian dishes.

Chops Grill can be found on all ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet except Adventure of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas. They pride themselves on presenting the most intriguing, dry-aged steak at sea. They are the first to offer four-week dry-aged steak at sea. This flavorful steak can be perfectly paired with Maine lobster, grilled branzino, veal parmesan, more tasty side dishes, and desserts.

They also serve a variety of lamb, fish, pork, and chicken entrees. So, whatever youre craving for, the Chops Grille is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Read on to learn more about the Chops Grille Royal Caribbean menu and the Giovannis Table menu, as well as info about the restaurants and their ambiance.

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Inside Chops Grille On Freedom Of The Seas

The two main specialty restaurants on Freedom of the Seas are conveniently located on Deck 11, inside the Windjammer. While Chops is positioned in a more sequestered spot on some other ships in the fleet, once you enter the restaurant on Freedom of the Seas, you completely forget about its location.

This traditional steakhouse has an open kitchen. The interior design is rather understated with dark red and wood tones that give it a warm and formal feel. One side of the dining room is lined with floor to ceiling windows. For earlier dining times, this offers unobstructed ocean views and perhaps a scenic sunset.

For this particular sailing, our travel agent provided us with a free specialty restaurant as one of the perks. So, on the first day of our cruise, we stopped in to the restaurant around lunch time to make a reservation. Given our itinerary, we opted for a reservation on night 5. Luckily, there was a time slot of 6:15 pm available. This was perfect for us.

When we arrived, the restaurant felt a bit empty. We were escorted to a table for two towards the back of the restaurant. While there was some turnover of tables, the restaurant was never really busy.

Royal Caribbean Opens Chops Grille Steakhouse For Lunch

Chops Grille On Royal Caribbean Adventure of The Seas The Menu and What We Ate

You now have a new option for lunch when sailing on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The cruise line has opened their steakhouse, Chops Grille, for lunch fleetwide.

Royal Caribbean rolled out their new lunch menu for Chops Grille during the last week of March thats available at a cost of $19 per person. Kids are also welcome to have lunch at the steakhouse for $10 each. The cover charge includes gratuities.

The lunch menu at Chops Grille is a slimmed down menu from dinner but includes grilled salmon, roasted chicken, and a steakhouse favorite filet mignon for entrees. Also included are appetizers, sides, and dessert. has the following description on Chops Grille: From shrimp cocktails with a traditional American cocktail sauce to a not-so-traditional Caesar salad and some of the most tender and juicy steaks available at sea, Chops Grille is a feast for the sensesand spectacular food for the soul.

Dress code for Chops Grille is casual for lunch and smart casual for dinner.

About Chops Grille, one of Royal Caribbeans signature specialty restaurants: For more than a decade, the chefs of Chops Grille have proudly presented quality, hand cut steaks at Royal Caribbeans hallmark restaurant. Now, they give you a fresh twist on a favorite, with a revamped menu that brings contemporary flair to traditional steakhouse offerings.

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Speciality Dining At Chops Grille On Royal Caribbeans Radiance Of The Seas

We dont usually bother with speciality dining. After all, why pay extra to go to a fancy, fine-dining restaurant when the main dining room is already a fancy restaurant with fantastic, fine-dining food. This cruise though, aboard Radiance of the Seas, we scored 25% off for our booking during a pre-cruise promo, so we decided to book Chops Grille for dinner on Wifeys birthday. You can also book on board by visiting the restaurant or giving them a call from your in-room phone.

If you want to try more than one speciality dining option during your trip, check out the multiple dining packages for a discount as well. Otherwise, the standard cover charge for an evening seating is USD $39 per person at the time of writing. This includes all you can eat from the menu except for a couple of surcharge items. Drinks are not included in the cover charge.

Once we got on board the ship, we were able to check out the restaurant, and reserve a specific table that we thought would give us a great view, if the sun was still up, while also being a bit more intimate one of the booths.

Come back to the start though.

So thats how it works. On to the good stuff, the food!

The Food At Chops Grille

To begin the dinner, we each ordered a drink. I went with a glass of Malbec, while the Princess ordered her usual Cosmopolitan. Our waiter was swift to grab our drinks, along with a selection of rolls, including my favorite the pretzel sticks.

For starters, I ordered the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake and the Colossal Shrimp Cocktail. The crab cake was light on breading and full of crab, with a lighter and fresher taste than the similar offering in the main dining room. The shrimp cocktail was perfectly chilled, with a mild cocktail sauce and just the right amount of kick. While I have not always been impressed with the starters at Chops Grille, this time around, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Princess ordered her usual Wedge Salad, which is pretty hard to mess up, but it met her approval.

Moving on to the main attractions, I decided on the bone-in ribeye. This flavorful cut was cooked medium, as requested, with a slightly pink center. I decided against any accompaniments as there was plenty of juiciness with this cut of beef. It was certainly the best steak that I had on this trip. As you would expect, the Princess ordered the only chicken dish on the menu.

For sides dishes, we decided on the truffle French fries and the sauteed mushrooms. The fries were pretty basic, but I really enjoyed the mushrooms. There was not much sauce or seasoning, which allowed the bold flavor of these fungi to shine.

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Appetizers And Light Salads

  • FOCACCIA DELLA CASA is an Italian flatbread with potatoes, herbs, marinated artichokes, olives, and pesto.
  • FRITTURA MISTA PER DUE is a mash-up of fried shrimp, calamari, fish fillets, and zucchini with aioli.
  • ANTIPASTI PER DUE is two kinds of Italian salami, prosciutto, marinated anchovies, grilled artichokes, roasted peppers, zucchini, olives, and Gambonzola cheese.
  • INSALATA CAPRESE PER DUE is a salad of vine ripe tomatoes and bocconcini mozzarella for two.
  • FOCACCIE ALLA GIOVANNI is Italian flatbreads Giovannis Table style for two with a choice of Margherita mushroom and prosciutto arugula and Parmesan shavings.
  • INSALATA DI RUGHETTA E BRESAOLA is an Italian cured beef, arugula, and Parmesan shavings.
  • MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA is a baked eggplant parmigiana Italian style.
  • INSALATA ALLA CESARE is a Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and herb croutons.
  • MOZZARELLA IN CARROZZA ALLA GIOVANNI is a warm mozzarella and prosciutto bake, crispy ciabatta, mixed greens, and Dijon mustard drizzle.
  • CAPESANTE AL FORNO is an oven-baked almond-crusted scallop with red bell pepper pesto.

Freedom Of The Seas Chops Grille Review

Royal Caribbeans Chops Grille wine list  Foodetc cooks  food ...

We are back from Royal Caribbean’s latest amplified ship and have a look at a specialty dining option in our Freedom of the Seas Chops Grille Review.

Royal Caribbean added a number of updated dining venues on the newly amplified Freedom of the Seas. However, one cruise staple still remains on the ship. The cruise lines signature steakhouse, Chops Grille, is still searing up freshly made steaks and other premium entrees. During our 7-night Southern Caribbean cruise on Freedom of the Seas, we dined here on night 5. How did it compare to other visits to this popular restaurant? We are back and share all the details with our Freedom of the Seas Chops Grille Review.

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Royal Caribbeans Chops Grille Wine List

Since Im a total geek and like to plan my eating-experiences months in advance eg. think about food and wine combinations. I tried really hard to find a wine list for Chops Grille onboard the Adventure of the Seas cruise ship. Since I couldnt, I snapped a few pics of the menus on my cruise in March 2018, and hope someone finds use for it.

If thats why youre here happy cruising, and feel free to share this link with other potentially interested cruisers. I added both food, dessert and wine menus for Chops Grille on the Adventure of the Seas below:

Complimentary Odyssey Of The Seas Restaurants

There are several dining options that are included in your cruise fare with Royal Caribbean. These include the main dining room, the popular Windjammer buffet, and several other casual options. With so many great offerings, you certainly do not have to pay extra for dining .

If you are staying in a suite, you will also have access to the exclusive restaurant, Coastal Kitchen, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Main Dining Room

Unlike the previous Quantum Class ships that were designed with four smaller dining venues, Odyssey of the Seas has one central main dining room located on decks 3 and 4.

This 2-story venue has an open ceiling, with a massive art installation in the Via on deck 5 completing the décor.

This main dining room on Odyssey of the Seas offers the traditional cruise dining experience with first seating at 5:30 pm and second seating at 8 pm. Cruisers can also opt for My Time Dining which is available from 6:30 pm to 9 pm daily.

The MDR also serves breakfast most mornings from around 7:30 am to 9 am and lunch on sea days from around 11:30 am to 1 pm.

Regardless of whether you opt for traditional dining or My Time Dining, the dinner menus are the same. These options do rotate each evening, with a set list of Classics dishes available every night.

On a traditional 7-night cruise, there will be two formal nights with lobster night taking place on the second formal night.

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Café Two70

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Specialty Restaurants On Odyssey Of The Seas

While Royal Caribbean does offer a number of complimentary dining venues, its cruise ships also feature a number of specialty restaurants. These restaurants do all have up-charges though, they make for a special night out during your cruise.

If you plan to dine at a few of these venues, the Unlimited Dining Plan is a good value. The only downside to this plan is that you can not make your dining reservations pre-cruise you can only do so once onboard the ship.


Like your coffee house on land, Starbucks on Odyssey of the Seas offers all your drink favorites. From lattes to iced teas and frappucinos, your handcrafted beverage awaits you.

Starbucks is located on deck 4 in the Esplanade and is open from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Beverages are priced a la carte and are not included in the deluxe beverage package or the Café Select coffee card.

Chops Grille

Chops Grille is the Royal Caribbean signature steakhouse and is located on deck 5 near the Schooner Bar on Odyssey of the Seas.

This specialty restaurant is an up-charge and does require reservations. You can make reservations at this restaurant prior to your cruise using the online Cruise Planner or immediately upon boarding the ship. Prime dinner times do fill up quickly.

Chops Grille is open every night of the cruise from 5:30 pm to 9 pm. The restaurant is also open on sea days from 12 to 1:30 pm for lunch.


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