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Types Of Traeger Pellet Grills

Traeger Timberline 850 Review by Owner. Real World Examples. Is it worth the money?

Its important to understand that not only does the Traeger grill come in a different model, you can also find the different models in 4 basic lines. Dont get too confused heres what I mean. Traeger produces four basic lines of pellet grills. And you must clearly understand these lines before shopping for your grill.

Also, you must choose between purchasing the latest model and simply going for an old model. Thats because the market is stock with various old Traeger models. However, here are the four Traeger pellet grill lineup

Traeger Pro series

This is the most popular of the lineup. It features a Wi-Fi connectivity option that allows you to connect the grill to your Traeger app.

Traeger Ironwood Series

This is an advanced version of the Pro series. The size is a bit larger than the Pro series. You can also expect more advanced smart tech features like the TRU connection that helps boost your cook time.

Trust me these versions are super techy.

Theres also the super smoke mode with this smart feature, push a button, and your smoke is ramped up.

Traeger Timberline series

Here comes the most extensive option. It features two cooking space varieties: the 850 and 1300 square inches. Get ready to explore the features of these two line ups. Plus, you can also have your pellet levels measured on the app.

Traeger Tailgater

Okay, dont expect much smart tech feature here. This lineup is all about portability. Hope you understand?

Traeger Ironwood Pellet Grill Expert Review

The Skinny:

  • D2 Direct Drive technology powers one of the most efficient pellet grills around
  • Remarkably consistent temperatures across both high and low heat settings
  • WiFIRE controller integrates with the Traeger App for wireless monitoring
  • Double-lined interior insulates heat to keep temperatures on target
  • Built-in pellet sensor alerts you well before running out of fuel

The worlds first wood-fired pellet grill brand has once again redefined itself with a feature-friendly series thats as convenient as it is consistent.

More than 30 years passed between the debut of Traegers original pellet grill and the unveiling of the Traeger Ironwood series. After getting our hands on them, we think these pellet grills were well worth the wait. Traegers entry into Premium-class grilling lives up to its billing across the board, from even heat and on-target temperature to the high degree of quality weve come to expect from the original pellet grill brand. The standout feature, though, is Traegers innovative D2 Direct Drive system that serves as the brains behind the entire operation: super-fast startup, incredible efficiency, and convenient cooking modes that stretch the definition of fine-tuning.

Traeger 10526 Bronson 20 Pellet Grill One Size Traeger Compact Grill Reviews

If you still need to desperately save space and the Lil Tex just wasnt compact enough for you then the Trager Bronson 20 might be just what youre looking for. This super-compact, versatile and high performing pellet grill is the mini-smoker we didnt know we needed.

Just how small is this compact Traeger Grill?

The Bronson measures at 38 inches tall and 35 inches wide, the perfect size for an apartment balcony or maybe for the single sizzler who needs just enough room for meals for one. The Bronson also comes with two integrated wheels for moving this little guy out of the way to use that limited space of yours.

Hey, good looking

The Bronson has a flat black finished with a stainless-steel handle on the lid. The inside features 300 square inches of grilling space, so if you have friends over, they can eat too.

The Digital Elite Controller is on the hopper to the left of the grill and the ash bucket sits on the right. Our only complaint here is that the ash bucket hanging on the outside of the grill is quite unattractive.

We think its the best compact Traeger Grill option on our list

The Bronson is incredibly easy to use, at the touch of a button you can ignite the fire, set the temperature and walk away while your dinner cooks to perfection. Clean up is even easier with non-stick grates that you can simply wipe off after use. Wipe the outside of the Bronson down and roll it into storage with ease.

Our rating:

  • No integrated storage.

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What Is The Best Traeger For The Money

Best Traeger Grill Reviews Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill. The Traeger Pro is the most popular and best selling Treager grill. Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill. The Ironwood series is a new addition to the Traeger lineup of pellet grills. Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet Grill. Tailgater Portable Pellet Grill.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

Traeger Pro Grills and Smokers Sale June 2020: Father

If youre more of a casual smoker who likes to barbecue while still being able to socialize at a party, the Green Mountain Davy Crockett model might be for you. Clocking in at just $299, this pellet grill boasts similar functionality without the solid body and all the bells and whistles.

This grill comes with a meat probe and peaked lid, like many of the Traeger models, as well as an option to monitor the grill via WiFi on your phone. In fact, the temperature reads out in five degree increments, which is one of the most precise WiFi temperature grill monitoring devices on the market.

However, the grill capacity isnt nearly as great as a classic Traeger, and the craftsmanship is not as high quality, either. However, if youre only using a pellet grill a few times a year, this model may do just the trick.

Plus, the Davy Crockett easily folds up so you can take it anywhere . But, on the flip side, these foldable legs probably wont last as long as solid ones.

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Why Are Traeger Grills So Expensive

Before determining whether Traeger grills are worth the money, its important to establish why they demand such a high price. Depending on your grilling habits, you may or may not need a high-performance grill.

While heavy-duty, expensive outdoor grills are a priority for some, a basic and budget-friendly appliance is often enough for a casual BBQ cook.

Which Is The Best Traeger Pellet Grill

While our best Traeger pellet grill review cover 6 best Traeger pellets, Im happy to choose the Traeger pro series 575 pellets grill as the best. And thats because it offers good value for the money.

The pro lineup features an additional WIFI technology that lets you connect this grill to the Traeger app and have it controlled from the comfort of your room or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Furthermore, it features a pro D2 direct drive controller, which comes at a range of 180-450°F to control the temperature of the grill.

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Key Features Of Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill


The Ranger Grill comes equipped with a convenient timer to track the time. The Timer function doesnt affect the cooking operation. You can use it as an alarm to notify you of other needed steps during cooking, like loading vegetables into the grill or basting your food.


The Keep Warm feature can pause the cook cycle at any time during grilling. Then you can simply press the KEEP WARM again to resume cooking. This function maintains the grill temperature at 165 °F.


This versatile piece made of cast iron cooking equipment makes cooking outdoors simple and easy. Its pre-seasoned and distributes heat for epic grilling experiences. This smooth cooking surface is perfect for frying up bacon and cooking pancakes, hash browns and grilled cheese.

Can You Leave A Traeger Outside In The Winter

Traeger Wood Fired Grills | Are they WORTH IT | PRO Series 34

Can I leave my Traeger outside in the winter? If you live in a region that reaches 35°F or colder, simply wrap up your rig with an insulation blanket and keep on cooking outdoors on your Traeger, year-round. This can cause lower cooking temperatures when youre trying to fire it up during winter months.

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If You Want A Cheap Pellet Grill

Z Grills

For years I cooked on a ZGrills 7000 series model and loved it. I gave that grill to a friend and am now cooking on a 10000 series Z Grill. I am delighted with the new grill and my buddy loves the old grill.

Z Grills are clones of the original Traeger design but do not have the fancy electronics and motor of the new Traegers. A Z Grill is great for someone who wants a highly functional grill and smoker who does not care about fancy branding.

Z Grill has a lot of different models in the $350-$600 price range and I give them a strong recommendation.

Here is the link to check out Z Grills Pellet Grills. Pro Tip: Z Grills runs great deals from its website so it is almost always cheaper to buy one direct from them instead of Amazon.

Pit Boss/Country Smokers

When people think about inexpensive pellet grills they typically are thinking about grills from Pit Boss. Pit Boss has valued priced grills at Walmart and some models that are heavier in features and price at Lowes. Pit Boss also has a sister company, Country Smokers, that sells pellet grills through Tractor Supply Company.

Pit Boss grills sometimes have some issues with the paint peeling off but that is easily fixed with a can of high temperature grill paint.

Despite the price difference between Traeger and Pit Boss the grills have very similar user ratings. Please see Traeger vs Pit Boss for more details.

Traeger Ironwood Midline Buying At Its Best

The Ironwood 660 retails for $1199.99 USD and the Ironwood 880 retails for $1499.99 USD. The increased price comes with a few improvements and features above the Pro Series. If youre going to be buying a Traeger grill and have the extra bucks lying around, the Ironwood might be the one for you.

Downdraft Exhaust and True Convection

Unlike the Pro Series, which emits smoke from a side chimney, the Ironwood uses a Downdraft Exhaust positioned at the rear of the grill. This allows for a better exhaust system, which pushes old smoke out of the grill through the back, while simultaneously introducing new smoke produced in the fire pot. It also creates what Traeger refers to as True Convection.

In terms of how the Downdraft Exhaust delivers smoke and impacts the flavour of your food, it mostly applies in cases when youre actually smoking foods between 165F and 275F. When cooking above 275F, you are venturing into the realm of grilling or roasting and at those higher temperatures, the grill does not produce as much smoke because the pellets are combusting at a faster rate.

Whats interesting about the Downdraft Exhaust is that it contributes to something Traeger calls True Convection. This helps circulate heat and smoke through specially design channels throughout the grill, resulting in more efficient and reduced cooking times.

Super Smoke

Double Sidewall Insulation

Side Shelf


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Silverton 620 Vs Ironwood 650

Again, for my money, I would buy the Silverton instead of the Ironwood.

Silverton 620
$699 $1,199

The biggest advantages the Ironwood brings to the table is that it has the Super Smoke mode. Other nice upgrades on the 650 include double wall insulation and a sensor that lets you know if the hopper is getting low on pellets. While those are nice advantages I dont think that they are enough to warrant a $500 premium over the Silverton.

I pulled the customer reviews for the Silverton from Costcos website and plotted them against reviews for the Ironwood 650 on the Ace Hardwares and Home Depots websites. Here is what the comparison looks like :

  • The Ironwood 650 has 75% 5 star and 8% 4 Star reviews for an overall satisfaction rating of 83%.
  • The Silverton 620 has 71% 5 star and 12% 4 Star reviews for an overall satisfaction rating of 83%

In terms of customer satisfaction the grills are equivalent which is important considering the significantly lower price tag on the Silverton.

Ignite Set And Forget

Traeger Grill: Is it Good as They Say and is it Worth it ...

This is the mantra that is the core of Traeger Grills. You hardly have to keep an eye on the temperature or pellets or food being cooked for that matter. Fill the pellets, ignite the fire, set the cooking temperature, lay your recipe on the grill and enjoy what you were doing. These grills do a consistent and uniform cooking with no risks of burning or under cooking. Even if you are an amateur in the world of grills, your cooking will definitely be rated with a pro score.

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Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill & Smoker


With almost a decade in the market, Big Horn Outdoors is doing pretty well at making a name for themselves. This model represents the least expensive option for a full size backyard pellet smoker in this group. Granted, they rely heavily on the upper rack to get their available space to 700 square inches. Some of us less coordinated individuals remove the upper rack much of the time to be able cook taller items and maneuver in general, so this comes off as somewhat cramped. The pellet hopper is a little small at 8 pounds and may need refilling for longer smokes.

They do include some fun accessories folding front shelf, pellet hopper latch, and tool hooks. They also have a nice easy to read chamber thermometer. The control settings are simpler in 25 degree increments, and it does have two probe inputs. They also have nice oversize metal wheels for better mobility with the pellet hopper opposite the handle so it works as a counterweight when moving around.

Specs to know

Traeger Pro Series The Most Bang For Your Buck

The Pro 575 retails for $799.99 USD and the Pro 780 retails for $999.99 USD. The Pro Series is Traegers best-selling line and rightfully so. Theyre an amazing value, perform very well and are easy to install. If youre looking into buying a Traeger grill right now, theyre actually currently on sale for $100-off for Fathers Day.

Thanks to a complete product overhaul in 2019, the Pro Series are actually better than ever. They now come standard equipped with WiFire® Technology, which allows you to control your grill from your phone using the Traeger App. The new D2® Direct Drive drivetrain improves start-up and temperature control speeds, which were previously lagging. And thanks to a very recent 2020 software update, the new Pro Series grills can now churn out a maximum temperature of 500F. In fact, on a hot, summer day, my Pro780has gone up to 506F, which makes for excellent searing capabilities.

If youre just looking to grill and have no desire for any additional bells and whistles, the Pro Series is for you. Its the best bang for your buck. However, I highly, HIGHLY recommend purchasing one of the 2019 or later models so that you can get these new features, updates and designs. They seriously make a world of difference!

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So Why Did We Choose To Look Into Traeger

Traeger was the first company to design and patent a wood pellet grill back in 1986. The company set the industry standard and kept the market to themselves for almost two decades after that.

Traeger pellet grills were and have remained simple to use appliances. Though simple, the company is constantly upgrading their products to keep up with the times and the ever-expanding market.

An authority

Traeger, to this day, remains the largest manufacturer of pellet grills and their customer service has earned a reputation as one of the friendliest.

The original pellet grills had basic features and limited functionality in all-season weather, skip to today and Traeger produces grills with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app compatibility.

Lets take a look at a few select Traeger models and find one that works for you.

Traeger Ranger Review: Cooking Results

Traeger Timberline 1300 The Best Smoker Money Can Buy -Is It Worth IT?

We tried a number of different ingredients and the Ranger passed with flying colours. The chicken legs had the crispiest skin weve ever crunched and the burgers were exquisite. We then chucked a whole medium sized chicken on the grate thinking it would never fit wrong, you can get two on this grill. The result was a better roast chicken than the kitchen oven has ever produced. Indeed we wondered how it could have been so juicy given that the fats were either burnt away on the metal reflector plate or ported out the back.

The slow-cooked honeyed ham was another eureka moment, beautifully smoked at low heat for two hours and then hard grilled for a nicely browned outer. We reckon a whole hoppers worth of pellets will last just over an hour at constant temperatures between 200 and 210C and for a good few hours when smoking at much lower temperatures.

Fancy some bacon and eggs? Step right this way.

In a stroke of minor genius, the Ranger also ships with a heavyweight cast iron griddle for whipping up camp side breakfasts. Still full from the banquet the night before, we tried a near full english and a few Aunt Jemima pancakes, and once again the little Ranger delivered in spades. Talk about versatile.

The Traeger Ranger a weighty but exceptional performer

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It’s A Serious Pain To Clean

Cleaning a propane grill isn’t what I’d call fun, but I’d much rather clean one of those than a wood smoker like the Timberline. With pellet grills, dealing with food grease is just the start. All that wood smoke circulating within its main cavity creates a sticky residue. Called creosote, it’s a combination of wood tars and other organic compounds that lend smoked food its distinctive flavor. Ridding smokers of creosote makes for a very messy job.

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