How To Clean Infrared Grill

How Often To Clean A Grill

How to Clean a Char-Broil Infrared Grill – Fast and Easy

Again, for best results, you should plan on cleaning your infrared grill on a biannual basis but the more you can do it, the better. Once a season is a great way to stay on track with your grill cleaning and make sure your infrared grill is always in tiptop shape.

After all, if you are using your infrared grill regularly, its likely to build up some gunk over time. Dont be afraid to be a bit of a neat freak after all, you will be eating off it! A nice, clean grill is essential.

Steer Clear Of Steel Wool

Heres the thing. Steel wool is an excellent grate cleaning tool for cast iron grill grates. Its pretty effective in getting all that nasty grime off. However, it may not be safe to use on stainless steel grates, and heres why.

Stainless steel has a fine finish. Steel wool leaves fine scratches that ruin this pristine finish which, after a while, makes it harder to clean the grates. Food particles and grease become wedged into those minute crevices, making it virtually impossible to get rid of. Ensure that the clean tool you choose keeps your stainless steel grill grates in mint condition.

Tips To Clean An Infrared Grill:

Now that you have determined the benefits of an infrared grill over a conventional grill, you would think if its cleaning process were the same as any other conventional, or if it is different?

Well, the whole cleaning process is essentially the same, however, you just have to be a little extra careful to clean the infrared heating element and the grate.

Experts suggest that like any other grill, you must give a thorough clean-up to your infrared grill to prevent flare-ups at least two times a year. Many people clean their grills after every cooking session, and that is also a good practice as it will not allow much cooking debris to collect over the grates over an extended period.

Also, with an infrared grill, you must notice if there is any damage to its heating element that comprises the infrared plate and the grate.

If you follow the following steps that will tell you how to clean an infrared grill, you will see your infrared grill working perfectly for a very long time.

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How To Clean Your Tec Grill

A question we often get is how do I clean my TEC grill? The answer is actually a lot easier than you might think! Because TEC Grills are made in America from 304 stainless steel and quality parts, they are meant to last a lifetime with very little maintenance. Or even handed down from generation to generation as a cherished family heirloom!

There are two main methods for cleaning your TEC Grill. The burn-off procedure should be performed;every time you use your grill. Every once in a while, or when there is built up food debris or ash on the glass panels, it is a good idea to give your grill a little extra deep cleaning in order to keep your grill in tip-top shape.

Heres the step-by-step for both methods:


1.; Light all of the burners in your grill, and turn the burner control knobs to high.
2.; Close the hood, and wait 10-15 minutes to ensure that all food drippings and debris are incinerated. ;All that will be left is ash.
3.; Turn off the burners, and use our Grate Rake to clean the grates. Allow your grill to completely cool.
4.; Once the grill has cooled, carefully remove the grates and scoop out the ash and remaining debris off the glass panels using the Grate Rake tool. Except for appearance, it is not necessary or required to remove every particle from the glass surface.
5.; You may also wipe the glass with a dry or damp cloth, as well as the cooking grates, although this is not necessary. ;;Do NOT take the glass panels out of your grill to clean them!

How To Clean A Grill

How to Clean an Infrared Grill

If you are serious about grilling, then you need to take good care of your barbecue grill. Its the central piece that makes all of those delicious meals possible and the level of care that you show the grill can directly affect the way in which it operates and the quality of the food that comes off the grill. It doesnt matter whether you cook over charcoal or if you use gas, learning how to clean a grill;is one of the fundamentals of producing the best barbecue.

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Things To Consider When Cleaning Your Grill

Remember to always shut off your grill and disconnect your gas supply before removing any burners, performing any kind of disassembly, or pressure washing your grill. You should also spot test any new cleaning product before using it on your grill to ensure a product works as advertised.

Finally, remember to heat your grill after cleaning to allow any cleaning remnants to burn off. This will keep your cleaner from becoming part of your next meal. This is also a good time to consider adding drip tray liners or aluminum foil to your grill to simplify your cleaning process in the future.

How To Clean Infrared Grill Step By Step Guide

As I mentioned before, you have to clean your infrared grill both after every use and periodically every few months. Here are the processes on How To Clean Infrared Grill after every use and deep clean it periodically:

How to clean an infrared grill after use

Every time you use your infrared grill, you have to clean it from the food residue left on the grates. Get a stiff grill brush with a scraper on the tip of the brush to easily clean your grill. For the process, start by heating it for 10-15 minutes without any food inside. The heat will turn the food leftover into charcoal or ashes, which are far easier to brush off. Once the grates get covered by the ashes, chip them off using the stiff brush, and go down to the next part.

Condition it

After cleaning the grates, take a paper towel or a piece of cloth and dip it into canola oil. Apply it on the grates while the grates are still hot for better results in the process. The ashes will store on the drip tray and the grease catcher to clean them later. Then, end the conditioning by applying grill spray on the grates to keep them safe from corrosion. Do this if youre not planning on using it pretty soon after youve used it this time.

How to deep clean your infrared grill

Clean the infrared mash panel

Put them together

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How Does Infrared Cooking Work On A Gas Grill

How does an infrared grill work with gas burners? Gas burners are still required to heat up the grates, however there is an infrared element between the grates and the gas burners which are specially made to emit infrared energy. Some gas grills even have infrared heating as an option.;

Its also possible to purchase infrared heating elements that can fit into a gas grill. You will need to do some installation work to install the infrared heating element but this gives you the flexibility to use infrared cooking when you need the benefits of faster cooking times and higher temperatures.

However, you need to check if you can install infrared heating elements with the grill you are using as this may be difficult or dangerous depending on how your gas grill works.

How To Kill Bacteria On A Grill

How To Clean Your Char-Broil RED or Heatwave Infrared Grill

There are two main factors when it comes to killing bacteria on your grill: time and temperature.

You need to make sure that you get the grill to high temperatures and heat it long enough.

You will need at least;350 degrees Fahrenheit;for a standard Char-broil infrared grill to kill the bacteria.

The higher the temperature, the better as it will be able to kill the bacteria quickly.

Allowing the grill to preheat not only balances or distributes the heat inside evenly.

It also helps ensure that you get rid of the bacteria stuck onto the grill grates and other parts.

That is why I have made it my tradition to allow the grill to preheat for;at least 15 minutes.;

This can go up to 30 minutes, especially when I use lower temperatures and I highly recommend it.

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Clean After Every Use

The first and most important rule of grill care and cleaning is to clean the grill after every use. You will still have to perform the more thorough annual cleanings, but the regular cleaning after every use will keep the grill in good shape, and it will make the annual maintenance easier. Giving the grill enough time to cool down a little, but while it is still warm, you should scrub the grates with a wire brush and remove any large bits of food that have caked on. In addition to this, you will also want to wipe down the exterior and clean any burners or side components of the grill. If you are using a charcoal grill, you will also want to empty the ashes and debris from inside the grill.

How To Clean Your Char

;Infrared grills are prone to rust when they are left uncleaned and unprotected.

They can also quickly wear down with repeated use, so here is a guide to;clean Char-broil infrared grill.;

Cleaning a grill is easy, but it is crucial always to do it after every cooking.

It would help ensure that the grill is in perfect condition before storing it or using it again for cooking.;

Char-broil has produced some of the best-infrared grills throughout the years, so the grills;usually last for many years.

However, they are still prone to damage when left unattended.;

Cleaning an infrared grill and a regular grill does not have too many differences.

You need to be thorough and ensure no food residuals in the grills before you store them.

There is no such thing as overcleaning a grill as it is better to have a clean grill all the time.

I inspect my infrared grill;once or twice every six months;to see if there are damages.

I recommend doing this so that you can see any damages immediately and take proper action.

Use the guide below to make sure that the grill is clean and safe from damages.

  • What Happens If I Do Not Clean My Infrared Grill?;
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    Clean Your Cooking Grids While The Grills Still Warm

    One of the best times to clean your grill is while its still warm. Its much easier to scrub off any residual grease or food from your grills surfaces while theyre still hot from the cook. If you wait until your grill cools, any leftovers have a better chance to harden and stick to your grills surfaces.

    Disadvantages Of Cooking In Infrared Grills

    How to Clean Char

    Some of the disadvantages of cooking include its cost and difficulty to control its cooking temperature. An infrared gas grill can be more expensive than gas grills due to their use of infrared energy.;

    It can also be difficult to control the cooking temperature since infrared grills heat up so quickly, so it may be challenging to maintain low cooking temperatures needed for some foods such as vegetables and fish. You either need to get an infrared grill with variable cooking temperatures so you can cook food at low temperatures or get a hybrid grill.

    Some people also report that the chances of burning food is higher if a person does not closely monitor the temperature and the food that is cooking on the grill.

    They can also be quite bulky and heavy as they were initially designed for commercial kitchens and not designed to be portable.;

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    Can I Use A Power Washer To Clean My Grill

    This is a question we get from time to time, and the answer is yes, it is generally safe to power wash your grill. However, keep in mind that hand-cleaning is the safest and most effective way to clean your grill.

    If the speed and convenience of power washing your grill is preferred, be sure to use a detergent safe for both the grill and the pressure washer. You will also need to take extra care to ensure no gas or electrical lines are damaged during the process. With a pressure washer, you are also more likely to get water inside the burners, so you may need to disassemble and drain the burners after washing to ensure no foreign materials were introduced into the burner ports. Youll also want to make sure your grill is on a surface thats easy to cleanthere may be a good amount of clean up when youre done power washing.

    How Do You Clean A Grill That Has Been Sitting


  • Turn your lit grill on high for 10 to 15 minutes with the lid closed.
  • Turn off the grill and let it cool slightly.
  • Loosen the residue from the grill rack with a metal brush.
  • When the grill is completely cool, wipe the inside and outside surfaces with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water.
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    Contact Us If You Have Any Questions

    Much like a car, if you keep your grill properly maintained, it will serve you well for many years. If you have any other questions about your grill, like what products to use, what else you can do to maintain your purchase, or anything else related to grilling, were here to help you. Give us a call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time Monday through Friday to speak to one of our grilling experts. Theyre here to offer any tips and advice you might need. You can also drop them an email here, and theyll get back to you as soon as they can.

    Were looking forward to working with you.

    How To Protect Your Grill

    How to Clean Char-Broil Commercial Series Grates

    The best maintenance is often prevention, and your grill is no exception. This is why we recommend you keep your grill covered when its not in use. Most manufacturers make premium covers designed specifically for each grill model they sell. While generic covers are better than nothing, covers from the manufacturer are typically more durable and feature added details like venting and felt lining.

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    How Do You Deep Clean An Infrared Grill

  • How do you clean the bottom of a gas grill?
  • To clean an infrared grill after every use, light up your grill and turn the knob of your infrared grill to a high setting. Close the lid and leave your grill for about 15 minutes. This will burn off any excess food debris and grease in your grill so that you can clean them off easily.

    Cleaning An Infrared Grill

    Just as with the other two types of grills, an infrared grill is going to have many of the same steps for cleaning. You will remove the parts from the grill and clean them one by one. Soak the grates just as you would with any other grill. Wipe down the exterior and the interior to keep the body of the grill in good shape. All of these basic steps are pretty much the same as they would be with a gas or charcoal grill.

    The only step that is different with these models is that you will need to remove and clean the heating element and the heating surface. You wont want to use any harsh cleansers on either of these parts, but instead, wipe them down with the soap and water that you use on the body of the grill. Additionally, you will also want to make sure to rinse these parts with water when you are done.

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    How To Clean Your Tec Grill V1

    A question we get often is how do I clean my TEC grill? The answer is actually a lot easier than you think! But first off, lets keep things in perspective. In the words of Rachael Best, President of TEC Infrared Grills, its a grill people! Its not going to stay pristine forever, especially not when you use your grill as much as we do. We actually like seeing pictures of grills that are clearly used often and much loved!

    There are two main methods for cleaning your TEC Grill. The burn-off procedure can be done every time you use your grill. Every once in a while, or when there is built up food debris or ash on the glass panels, it is a good idea to give your grill a little extra deep cleaning.

    Heres the step-by-step for both methods:

    Burn-off Procedure

    1.; Light all of the burners in your grill, and turn the burner control knobs to high.

    2.; Close the hood, and wait 10-15 minutes to ensure that all food drippings and debris are incinerated.; You can see that all is left is ash.

    3.; Turn off the burners, and use a grill brush to brush the grates clean. Allow your grill to completely cool.

    4.; Once the grill has cooled, carefully remove the grates and scoop out the ash and remaining debris with a spatula. Except for appearance, it is not necessary or required to remove every particle from the glass surface.

    Deep Clean Procedure

    1.; If you would like to further clean the glass panels, you can use a ceramic cleaning cream such as:

    Cleaning Your Infrared Burner

    How to Clean Infrared Grills â Best Tips

    5-10 MINUTE BURN-OFFAfter each use, close the lid and turn the burners to high for 5-10 minutes. This will burn off any food drippings, enhance the grills performance, and increase the burner longevity.

  • It is important to inspect your burner and protective screen from time to time. Look for cracks in the tile or any rust-through that may have occurred. Both of these situations can cause your burner to heat unevenly or not work at all.
  • The burner reaches such a high temperature that most drippings evaporate as soon as they hit the grill burner. However, if you marinate or use heavy sauces on your meat, we recommend turning your infrared burner up to high when you are done for approx. 5 to 10 minutes. This will help burn off any sauce or food particles that may not have burned off during the cooking process.
  • You should remove the;burner;from the grill, shake out any debris that may have accumulated inside the;burner;and brush off any ash from the surface of the;ceramic with a soft cloth. Inspect the;ceramic;burner;plate for any clogged holes and open any that are clogged with a wooden toothpick. Do not subject the ceramic plate to any moisture and be sure to do a 5 to 10 minute burn off after each use.
  • Clean out the venturi tubes to remove any debris including spiderwebs and insects that can inhibit gas flow to the burner.
  • The images below show some possible consequences of not maintaining your infrared burner properly.


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