Can I Convert My Propane Grill To Natural Gas

Barbecue Grills Designed For Natural Gas

How to Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas

If you want to burn natural gas in your barbecue grill, the best strategy is simply to buy a grill that is designed to use this fuel. Such appliances will simply be labeled “natural gas grill” rather than “liquid propane grill.” Virtually all major grill manufacturers offer grills with special valves and burners designed to use natural gas, although you may need to special-order them. Because natural gas burns slightly cooler than propane, natural gas grills have valves and burner orifices that are slightly larger to allow for a larger volume of gas to flow. A grill with propane valves should never be used to burn natural gas unless an approved conversion has been performed.

Propane Vs Natural Gas Yes There Is A Difference

But its not the difference that you think

Its called convenience! If you have natural gas in your home coming from city pipes, you can absolutely tap into this convenient resource to fuel your backyard gas grill.

Is it any different than grilling with traditional propane tanks? Nope, not when you purchase and install a gas grill specifically configured for natural gas.

Heres what you need to know.

How Natural Gas And Propane Stack Up

One cubic foot of Natural Gas equals 1030 BTUs and Propane equals 2516 BTUs.

This means Propane burns hotter than Natural Gas.

Bar-b-que chefs and grillers know how quickly a propane gas grill heats up as well as how it maintains temperature easily.

It takes more Natural Gas to heat the same amount of food as it does propane, however, there are some distinct differences that should be considered.

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Can Propane Grills Use Natural Gas

Not by default. Each type of grill uses different nozzles and pressure regulators to distribute its gas.

Propane starts as a liquid and becomes a gas as soon as it is introduced into the atmosphere.

Natural gas remains a gas from the source to the burner.

Portable grills tend to use Liquid Propane and built-in home or commercial grills tend to use natural gas from municipal gas networks. The same is true for RV grills.

Are You Sure Your Propane Grill Can Be Converted

How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane?

Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual.

Many LP grills have manufacturer dual-fuel labels showing they can be converted to NG. If so, then the manufacturer will offer conversion kits via their website or other retail outlets. This is great news!However, some grills are built for one fuel type only and therefore cannot be converted. Not so great news!

So, if your propane grill cannot be converted, do not MacGyver it, its not worth the risk. Youll need to buy a natural gas grill. You can check out some models and associated costs in our natural gas grill reviews.

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Turn Off Your Gas At The Main And At The Canister

Were changing two gas sources here, so before we do anything we need to turn off both before we proceed. Its important to take strict safety precautions, and halting all gas flow is the best way to do this.

Firstly, switch off your natural gas at the main. Next, disconnect your propane bottle or canister, and store it away. As an added measure, open a valve to allow any residual gas from the manifold to escape, before then setting every valve to off. This should ensure that all gas has left the grill.

Converting A Gas Grill Tocharcoal

Converting a gas grill to charcoal isnt ascommon as switching between the two types of gases, but its not unheard of.Some people claim that theres a taste difference between each cooking fuel,and they like the taste made from charcoal the best. We have even heard somecustomers say they hate cooking with gas but love their grill and want to gutit and make it a charcoal grill. If the grill firebox and body is in good shape,it may be a great cost-effective choice.

Be sure to check the manufacturersrecommendations before starting.

Charcoal grills are relatively simple youhave a metal body , a bottomgrate to hold the briquettes, and a top grate to hold the food being cooked.You never want to just put charcoal in the bottom of the grills fireboxwithout a grate as the heat can severely damage the firebox.

The challenge will be finding grates that fityour grill. So, if this is something youre interested in, go ahead and checkout the rockgrates we have. If you do not see a size you are looking for, you may wantto check out your local hardware store to see if they offer a diamond gratethat can be custom cut.

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Remove The Lp Regulator

Using a wrench, remove the LP regulator hose assembly from the manifold connection. Save this part in case you want to convert back to propane.

Your LP regulator hose will be located in either the cart or under the side burner shelf.

If the manifold connection is located inside the cart, insert your converter kits natural gas hose through the back panel and into the cart. Guide the hose to the manifold connection.

If its in the side burner, you can also guide the hose through the panel and towards the connection in the side burner area of the grill.

Secure the natural gas hose to the connection securely using a wrench.

Why Do People Convert Grills

How to Convert a Grill from Propane to Natural Gas (

People have different reasons for wanting to convert their gas grills. The most common conversion is propane grills to natural gas grills because its the simplest conversion, as the natural gas hookup is larger than that of the propane hookup, so users can enlarge the hole to make it work.

Because the propane hookup is smaller than the natural gas hookup, its harder to convert in the other direction .

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How Do I Know If I Can Convert My Grill

The easiest way a person can know if he can convert his grills is to check the user manual, as most have a section that talks about conversion. Additionally, users can check out the manufacturers website. Many have a list of which grills can be converted, and will sell the conversion kits right there on the website.

If these options fail, the grill owner can always write or call the company that manufactured his grill. They should be able to tell him whether or not he can convert a specific grill and where to find the conversion kit if so.

Why Cant You Convert All Propane Grills To Natural Gas

As mentioned, some grills arent equipped with what they need to be converted to natural gas grills, while other grills dont have conversion kits that work for them, which is especially true of some of the older model propane grills.

Additionally, people cant convert grills to work in another country. People cant convert grills made in the United Kingdom to work in the United States, and vice versa.

Another reason people cant convert certain grills is that specific companies refuse to sell conversion kits for them. Weber, for example, doesnt sell conversion kits because the company believes converting a grill results in too many potential safety hazards.

The company goes so far as to state that converting the grill renders the warranty null and void.

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Natural Gas Grills Vs Propane Grills

Youre all ready for an outdoor party and barbecue. Maybe its even a summer pool party. You went to the pool supply store, got the pool cleaner and the pool light set up. You have the mosquito net tent on the patio, the citronella candles and the sun tea getting ready. But when you go to light your outdoor grill

Oops! Forgot to buy the propane!

Thats why we like natural gas grills instead.

In this article youll learn:

  • Natural Gas Grills vs. Propane vs. Charcoal
  • How to Convert Your Grill from Propane to Natural Gas
  • Best Low Cost Gas Grills
  • How to Get Smoky Flavor with a Gas Grill
  • Costs of Propane vs. Natural Gas

We Are Compiling A List For You And It Will Be Ongoing

Can I Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane
  • Summerset Sizzler TRL Alturi STG All Summerset come with Conversion kits at no additional charge
  • Twin Egales Some Twin Eagles comes with conversion kits at no additional charge
  • Lynx ; Lynx offers conversion kits at an additional fee
  • Viking Viking offers conversion kits at an additional fee
  • Weber Contact Frank at Weber Parts Conversion kits Frank at 877-731-8081, only conversion company available. approximately $179 for 3 burner, and $329 for Summit 6-8 burner conversion kit.
  • Some Char-Broil Grills sold typically by Home Depot and or Lowes sell them at the stores for around $80;

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What Is The Difference Between Propane And Natural Gas

There is a chemical difference that you can see in the image of the molecules, but from a user standpoint, there are two main differences. Both fuels are gaseous fuels; however, propane is compressed to form a liquid and is pumped into tanks. Natural gas remains in its gaseous state and is transported to your home in a pipe.

Another characteristic that differs is potential energy or BTUs. Propane has slightly double the amount of BTUs of natural gas, making it more efficient to burn.

Finally, Natural gas is lighter than air and rises while propane is heavier than air and will settle in holes or basements.

Most natural gas is produced as a byproduct from the oil or gas industry but can also be collected from the decay of natural materials like decaying plants or landfills. Propane is a byproduct of natural gas refining and gasoline. Of course, it is more complex than this basic statement, but that is a general idea.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Natural Gas Line For A Grill

Cost To Run Gas Line For Grill or Fire Pit

Running a gas line to a grill or fire pit costs $20 per foot, or $200 to $700 on average depending on the length from the main gas line. Installing a natural gas line for a grill costs $99 to $600, while a fire pit thats out in the yard costs $300 to $1,400.

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Convert Your Grill To Natural Gas In 5 Easy Steps

If youre done with previous precautionary measurements, you are now ready to convert your grill to natural gas.

If you used your grill recently, leave it at least three hours to cool down, and then start the work. There are 5 required steps you will need to follow and its best if you do it outdoors.

How To: Gas Conversion

How to Convert Your Blaze Grill From Natural Gas to Propane

Today, Weber is very clear that they dont want customers doing gas conversionsOften times these conversion kits fail.roaring burnersReplace the entire manifold assembly with one designed for the desired fuel type.Replacing Your ManifoldUse Pipe Dope To Seal Gas ConnectionsConverting To Natural Gas? Check Your Gas Pressure & Install Correct PipingThis barbecue is designed to operate at 7 inches of water column pressure .If youre converting from natural gas to propane,Connect Propane Grill To House Propane Tank

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Here Are Words Of Wisdom From An Experienced Blogger

Converting from LP to natural gas safely and correctly involves more than might be apparent to the typical DIYer.

Frankly, its folly to drill out orifices. If you can get the correct orifice, dont do it.

You need to get the correct sized orifice, get the gas pressure correct which may involve a new regulator, adjust the primary air shutters correctly and generally be able to look at the equipment and how its operating to be sure its correct.

Not really a good DIY project, in my opinion. Too many things that require some judgment and experience to get correct.

Sources Read more:

Can I Convert My Gas Grill

Here in North America, gas grills run off of two basic types of fuel; propane , and natural gas, which is usually made up mostly of methane.

Each Weber gas grill sold in North America is designed to be used with one of those two types of fuel.

Propane gas grills usually use a standard 20 lb. tank, which are available at most hardware stores, specialty propane dealers, and also at convenience store/gas station exchanges. Propane grills are sometimes also run off of bulk propane tank systems, but they have to be connected using a Weber bulk LP installation kit .

Natural gas grills are connected to a home natural gas system, and the gas is typically provided by a utility company or municipal government.

Both versions of gas grills have their benefits and drawbacks. A propane model can be taken virtually anywhere, but will need to have the tank refilled or exchanged as needed. A natural gas grill will never need to have a tank refilled, but natural gas is not available everywhere.

The benefits and drawbacks I just outlined are the main reason why grill owners sometimes want to convert their grill. They may have a natural gas grill and have now moved to an area where natural gas isnt available. Or, they may have a propane grill and dont want to deal with refilling or exchanging tanks anymore.

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What Happens If You Dont Use A Gas Regulator

If we need a regulator because the pressure is too high and we use a BBQ without a regulator we risk a major fire because our flames will be too high but also because the valves, gas hoses, adapters are not made for higher pressures and the gas may leak in many places if it comes into the appliance unregulated.

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Can I Convert Weber To Pure Gasoline

Converting Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas With A ...

The brief reply is sure, however proceed with warning: Weber advises in opposition to this, and says that should you attempt to break the grill, its going to void your guarantee.

It can also be necessary as a result of this entails dealing with the gasoline provide, which could be harmful and may solely be executed if what you might be doing.

This is the official news from Weber:

Due to security issues, the complexity of the know-how and gasoline system parts, and the extent of disassembly required, we dont enable conversion or present conversion kits. Modifications to the grill will truly invalidate the gears guarantee and should trigger unsafe circumstances .

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Directions To Convert Weber Bbq Grills To Ng Or Lp Fuel

Weber Barbecue Grills Can Be Converted To Natural Gas or to Liquid Propane Fuel For Cooking.

Although Weber does not permit gas conversions any longer the policy does not make the process any less simple than it has always been.

American Made Weber Models manufactured before 2007 have the ability to stay in use for multiple decades with minimal replacements.

We rescued this old Weber barbecue grill. ; A client purchased a new Weber barbecue and asked us to dispose of this old model.

Our work ethics are very strict so please note we tried vehemently to dissuade the client from buying a new model instead of repairing this old model. ;A 20 year old Weber is worth 10 of the new barbecues being sold with the Weber name on them today.

Neither here not there.

We go get requests for assistance with Weber barbecue grill gas conversions. ;We get these requests because we know gas barbecue repair technology very well with many, many years of experience and because Weber made all their dealers sign a legal contract agreeing not to convert fuel type in any Weber models.

Which is nuts! ;Even as a Weber warranty service provider we and they are not permitted to perform a process as ridiculously simple as converting to natural gas or converting to propane.

NG or LP connection feeds gas to the manifold but the amount fed into the burner is determined by the size of the hole in the orifice.

Slide off the burner to access the gas orifice.

Obviously right?

Last thing to consider:

What Time Of Year Do Gas Grills Go On Sale

Grills Go on Sale right after the Fourth of July. Retailers know that the peak of the grilling season is nearing its end and try to move their inventory fast. During the August, September, and October months, stores will mark down BBQ grills aggressively to make room for other season items coming ahead.

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Are Natural Gas Grills Safe

Regardless of your fuel source, be sure to follow these grill safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association: Only grill outdoorsdont move the grill into the garage or on the porch when it rains. Never leave a hot grill unattended. Turn off the supply of gas to the grill when its not in use.

Can Dyna Glo Grills Be Converted To Natural Gas

How To Convert a Grill from Propane to Natural Gas (Update)

4.5/5DynaGloNatural Gas Grillnatural gascannatural gas

In order to convert a Weber barbecue grill to use Natural Gas or to use Propane we will need to change all the orifices in the barbecue. Remove the orifice in the tip of the control valve.

Likewise, how do I convert my KitchenAid grill to natural gas? Tap directly into your property’s natural gas supply line and forget about refilling those propane tanks at the store. This conversion kit turns your KitchenAid liquid propane grill into a natural gas grilling machine by swapping out the existing components with an NG regulator and hose.

Consequently, do you need a regulator on a natural gas grill?

Many, if not most, residential natural gas appliances have their own individual regulator. Most often this regulator is built into the automatic gas valve. The appliance itself usually calls for a gas pressure of 3.5 inches of water column at the burner and that is set by the internal regulator.

Why are natural gas grills more expensive?

Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. You’ll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

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