Can I Connect My Grill To Natural Gas

Can I Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane

How to Convert Your Gas Grill to Natural Gas

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If you have recently moved to a different house that offers a propane line, you may want to convert your natural gas grill. Some people simply prefer using propane over natural gas because the former is readily available in most home improvement stores and gas stations. Making your grill propane compatible can also make it easier to carry it for picnics and camping.

My friends often ask me can I convert natural gas grill to propane and whether there are any risks associated with it. So, I decided to do a post including all that I know from personal experience and have learned through research. The answer is yes, you can do the conversion, but there are some risks involved that we will discuss below.

Due to various reports of consumer injuries, most of the modern grill manufacturers do not support the conversion of BBQ grills from one type of fuel to another. Hence, they do not supply any conversion kits. This appears to be a conscious decision taken to prevent amateur users from getting into accidental hazards in an attempt to change the fuel.

How Much Will Gas Line Installation Cost

According to, the average cost of gas pipe installation and repair is between $259 and $753. Costs can vary based on materials, labor, and difficulty of installation. For example, where the gas pipes are installed can determine how much technical experience is needed by the contractor to complete the job.

How Do I Know If I Can Convert My Grill

The easiest way a person can know if he can convert his grills is to check the user manual, as most have a section that talks about conversion. Additionally, users can check out the manufacturers website. Many have a list of which grills can be converted, and will sell the conversion kits right there on the website.

If these options fail, the grill owner can always write or call the company that manufactured his grill. They should be able to tell him whether or not he can convert a specific grill and where to find the conversion kit if so.

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Propane Vs Natural Gas Yes There Is A Difference

But its not the difference that you think

Its called convenience! If you have natural gas in your home coming from city pipes, you can absolutely tap into this convenient resource to fuel your backyard gas grill.

Is it any different than grilling with traditional propane tanks? Nope, not when you purchase and install a gas grill specifically configured for natural gas.

Heres what you need to know.

Costs Incurred During Gas Line Installation

Why You Shouldn

If you want to install a gas line from the main gas line and throughout your house, you will spend between $1300-$1500.

These costs are dependent on the number of appliances you are using and the distance from the gas supply. The higher the number of appliances and the greater the distance, the higher the costs youll incur.

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The Hard Part Of The Conversion

The hardest part of performing the conversion is figuring out what size orifice you need based on your grill. The size of the orifice Weber uses has changed over the years. Depending upon when your grill was made and whether it had front or side mounted burners there are different sized orifices.

Some examples:

Part # 88832: 3/8 inch orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

Part # 88815: 7 mm orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

Part # 88813: 1/4 inch orifice for Weber Summits made after 2005.

I did not find any information on converting the fuel source for a Weber Q 3200.

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How To Connect Natural Gas Line To Grill

If you have a natural gas line in your home, getting a natural gas grill will help you save costs and never run of out fuel mid-cook.

Before you start using your natural gas, however, youll need to first hook it up to your grill. This hookup process is relatively simple and you can do it on your own.

But youll need to follow the correct procedure and take maximum precaution for safety purposes.

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Convert Your Bbq Grill From Propane To Natural Gas

May 26th, 2017

Nothing can ruin the perfect backyard barbecue faster than running out of propane for the grill. Its a situation all backyard grillers have faced at one time or another, but it doesnt have to be. Switching your propane gas grill to use natural gas is actually a pretty simple conversion, and with this handy guide, youll know everything you need to know.

1 Make sure your grill is compatible with natural gas

Not all gas grills are compatible with natural gas. Youll want to review your owners manual to make sure that you can convert from propane to natural gas. If the information is not in the manual, you should check the manufacturers website for the details or contact them directly either by phone or email to make sure before you proceed. If purchasing a new grill, be sure to ask for the Natural Gas model, which will already come converted.

2 Plan where you want to put your grill and measure distances

Knowing where you want your grill to be located is very important and measuring all the distances before you start can make the job go a lot faster. Youll need to plan just how much gas line youll need, and where the line needs to go. The location of your gas meter is essential, and if you need to go up or down any slopes, or around any corners, make sure you know the distances of each one.

3 Call your professionally licensed gas fitter

4 Buy your natural gas conversion kit & install

5 Fire it up and kiss your propane tank goodbye

Can I Use Propane On A Natural Gas Grill

How to Install a Natural Gas Barbecue Grill | Ask This Old House

Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual. Many LP grills have manufacturer dual-fuel labels showing they can be converted to NG. If so, then the manufacturer will offer conversion kits via their website or other retail outlets. Youll need to buy a natural gas grill.

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Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive

So why is this grill more expensive? The reason is the hose and fitting that run from the grill to the connection in your house. The unit usually comes with a longer hose and quick disconnect fitting compared to the propane unit.

Comparisons Between Natural Gas And Liquid Propane

Most people have no idea that the natural gas they use is actually composed of various types of gases such as ethane, butane, methane, and propane. Propane is the raw part of natural gas that is separated from the other gasses during the processing stage at most facilities. In the past few years, natural gas has emerged as the new alternative fuel for liquid propane.

While a natural gas installation costs a lot initially, the fuel costs much less in the long run. Natural gas tends to taste much cleaner but it is less effective than propane. You may consider natural gas for your outdoor kitchen or to create an in-built grill. However, if you are a beginner or occasional griller, we suggest that you stick with propane.

Use of energy

Liquid propane contains about twice the energy as compared to natural gas, hence it is much more efficient than the latter. In an hour, a natural gas burner burns up about 97 cubic feet, while a propane furnace burns only about 40 cubic feet.

One cubic foot of propane is 2,516 BTUs, and one cubic foot of natural gas is 1,030 BTUs. So, given the fact that liquid propane contains more than double the energy available in natural gas, its much more efficient than the latter

Cost factor

Effect on the environment

Propane is known to be one of the cleanest fossil fuels. Several tests by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicate that propane-fueled vehicles emit up to 90% less percentage of carbon monoxide.

Safety measures

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Can Monument Grills Be Converted To Natural Gas

The Monument Grills Natural Gas Conversion Kit helps you easily convert your dual-gas valve grill from propane to natural gas. The conversion kit includes hardware and tools for installation. Once the conversion is complete, your grill will have continuous natural gas from your home.

Can any grill be converted to natural gas?

Can You Convert any Propane Grill to Natural Gas. Basically, no.Many grills are capable, and you can purchase kits to make the change.

How do I convert my LP grill to natural gas?

  • Make sure your grill is designed for dual fuel and able to run off of natural gas. Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual.
  • Buy a conversion kit.
  • Start grilling.
  • Can any propane appliance be converted to natural gas?

    Most LPG appliances but not all can be converted to natural gas contact the manufacturer of your cooker to ask for a gas conversion kit and follow their instructions. Typically you change out one or more gas orifices and change or modify the regulator.

    How Do I Convert My Weber Grill From Natural Gas To Propane

    What do I need to do to connect my propane grill to the ...

    Some still utilize charcoal, while others run on propane or natural gas. Additionally, propane is readily available for purchase at gas stations and home improvement stores. Converting a natural gas BBQ to use propane can be done at home however, caution should be taken.

    Secondly, why are natural gas grills more expensive? Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. Youll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

    Consequently, can a Weber Spirit grill be converted to natural gas?

    In order to convert a Weber barbecue grill to use Natural Gas or to use Propane we will need to change all the orifices in the barbecue. This 88832 orifice was used in Weber Spirit and Genesis models with side-mounted control valves Only when the original orifice is three-eighths hex-head diameter.

    Can you convert a Napoleon BBQ from propane to natural gas?

    Napoleon N370-0956 Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Prestige P500RB. This kit is to convert your Prestige 500 from Propane to Natural Gas.

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    Remove The Lp Regulator

    Using a wrench, remove the LP regulator hose assembly from the manifold connection. Save this part in case you want to convert back to propane.

    Your LP regulator hose will be located in either the cart or under the side burner shelf.

    If the manifold connection is located inside the cart, insert your converter kits natural gas hose through the back panel and into the cart. Guide the hose to the manifold connection.

    If its in the side burner, you can also guide the hose through the panel and towards the connection in the side burner area of the grill.

    Secure the natural gas hose to the connection securely using a wrench.

    Converting To Natural Gas

    There is any number of videos and instructional articles available that discuss boring out propane valves and burners on a grill to make them suitable for burning natural gas as the fuel. Although this is occasionally successful, it can also be disastrously dangerous. A better strategy is to buy a conversion kit designed for your grill. For less than $100 , you may be able to replace the valves and burners on a propane grill and adapt it to burning natural gas.

    However, these conversion kits are often after-market products made by third-party manufacturers, and some grill manufacturers expressly warn against conversion. Weber, for example, expressly forbids conversion and will void the warranty on the grill if you use a third-party conversion kitalthough many grill owners do successfully complete such conversions. Charbroil, on the other hand, offers their own conversion kits and provides instruction on how to convert a grill from propane to natural gas.

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    Which Is Better To Cook With Propane Or Natural Gas

    In many cases, people using gas cooktop stoves and ovens prefer natural rather than propane gas. Basically, propane is the better choice when it comes to heating time and control. And when it comes to safety, the nod goes to propane. The fuel from the supply tank comes out as a vapor as opposed to a liquid.

    Barbecue Grills Designed For Natural Gas

    How to Install a Natural Gas Grill | Ask This Old House

    If you want to burn natural gas in your barbecue grill, the best strategy is simply to buy a grill that is designed to use this fuel. Such appliances will simply be labeled “natural gas grill” rather than “liquid propane grill.” Virtually all major grill manufacturers offer grills with special valves and burners designed to use natural gas, although you may need to special-order them. Because natural gas burns slightly cooler than propane, natural gas grills have valves and burner orifices that are slightly larger to allow for a larger volume of gas to flow. A grill with propane valves should never be used to burn natural gas unless an approved conversion has been performed.

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    The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Direct Gas Grill Lines

    When my husband and I first decided to go with a natural gas grill that hooked up directly to our home gas system, we were thrilled to say farewell to propane canisters and the hassle of refilling them. But a 600° overnight mistake has me wondering if it was such a great idea.

    We had family visiting and, after enjoying a delicious steak dinner, my husband, the grill master, failed to turn off the grill. This was after he had turned it up to high to burn off the steak remnants left on the grill.

    The next morning as we readied for a day of boating, my sister-in-law went outside to retrieve something and made the discovery. The grill was so hot the siding on our house behind it was melting.

    I shudder to think what might have happened if she hadnt gone out there and we had left the grill on all day long . We might have had a serious fire with our pet dog and cat at home to face it alone. So, what are the pros and cons of connecting a grill to your natural gas line?

    Installing A Natural Gas Grill

    The Gas Connection can convert it to natural gas and hook it up to the natural gas line in your home. Todays grill grates are another thing to consider and are available in both metal and ceramic materials. If you want easy to clean grates, ceramic is the choice as they do not rust as metal ones do.

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    Converting A Natural Gas Grill Topropane

    A common reason that someone might want toconvert their natural gas grill to a propane grill may be that theyve moved toan area where there is no natural gas.

    Propane is a higher pressured gas than naturalgas. Therefore, the orifice drill size will be substantially smaller thana natural gas orifice.

    You definitely do NOT want to hook up aNatural Gas Grill to a LP tank. You will have way too much gas flowing throughthe orifice and can be potentially dangerous.

    Using manufacturers conversion kits is a saferand more convenient method than piecing together the parts. Making sure you have thecorrect sized fittings, hoses, and orifices can be a pain, but the premade kitswill take care of all that work for you.

    If a conversion kit is available for yourgrill, be sure to ask your installer to give you the natural gas orifices backin the event you want to convert it back.

    If a conversion kit is not available for yourgrill model, there may be blank orifices that will have a starter hole. Theseorifices must be drilled by a licensed professional. This is because it is aspecial gauging drill that is used to drill the hole. They are not meant to bedrilled with an electric tool as brass is soft and you do not want tocompromise the orifice.

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    Natural Gas Grill Hook Up: Check The Easiest Way To Connect A Natural Gas Grill To The Gas Line Now

    How do I connect a natural gas grill to my house?

    Having a natural gas line offers an opportunity to enjoy faster and tastier grills at home with family & friends. In that case, first, a homemaker has to purchase a natural gas grill that he can easily connect to the gas line.

    Now every first-timer might wonder, How does Natural gas grill hookup work?, How to connect a natural gas grill to the gas line?

    In order to hook up the natural gas grill, a gas fitter needs to connect the hose and gas grill with the gas extensions coupling, and thats it!

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    Need Advice On Converting Yourgrill

    While many people choose to do this on yourown, we absolutely recommend hiring a licensed professional in your area toperform this as there is a potential for injury. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure you have a pipe stick, yellow tape or gas pipe sealant and use it on ALL pipe fittings and leak test all valves.

    Our technicians are more than qualified toconvert your grill from propane to natural gas, or vice versa, etc. This is a service we offerlocally in fact, our local customers often take advantage of our repairservices.

    Remember that upkeep and regular maintenancecan make your grill last as long as possible. Regardless of yourpreferred fuel, grills need to be cleaned and checked for damage and leaks on a frequentbasis.

    Given that grills live outside, they areexposed to more drastic weather changes and temperature swings than anyappliance that stays inside. Its entirely possible that theyll sustain damageyou dont notice at first glance. Because youre literally dealing with fire, apoorly maintained grill can be quite dangerous.

    If you live near our showroom, wed love tomeet you in person. Were open six days a week for your convenience.Additionally, youre always welcome to call us at -983-0451 or emailus. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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