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Traeger was a true pioneer in bringing wood pellet grills to the masses. They have a comprehensive lineup to fit the barbecuing as well as smoking necessities of almost any type of size crowd. Providing to a family that requires to feed a big group of people or somebody that merely loves to host large cookouts is the Traeger Timberline 1300.

As the name indicates the main grilling chamber provides a staggering 1,300 square inches of food preparation capacity separated over three tiers. This is ample to cater to the hungry mouths of a community block celebration or to make your home the area to be for the following large household get-together.

Its not also big for a household of 4 to enjoy a nice supper of great smoky grilled steaks or the periodic barbecue poultry.

The receptacle is likewise remarkably massive to match the key grilling chamber. When loaded to optimal ability it can stand up to 24-pounds of wood pellets at a time. This is even more than sufficient to support an all-day smoking session.

Theres Too Much Smoke

Traeger grills can produce an excessive amount of smoke at times. You will see this especially when you use them in a Cooking mode and then change back to the Smoke setting.

As the pellets already in the firepot burn and cool down at the same tie, they will produce a lot of thick white smoke.

To resolve this issue, turn off the grill using the Shutdown Cycle Setting before going back to the Smoke Setting and let it cool down for a few minutes before turning it back on.

What’s A Pellet Smoker

Traeger’s grills and smokers don’t burn charcoal or wood logs. They burn pressed wood pellets made from hardwoods and sawdust.

The pellets are fed from a bin into a burn chamber by an auger. A computer controls the temperature, turning the auger to add more pellets to the smoker to keep the temperature steady.

Basically, you load the hopper with pellets, turn on the power, set the cooking temperature, and the Traeger takes care of the rest.

As long as the you don’t run out of pellets , your cook should go completely smoothly.

Traeger Grills began production in 1988, and the pellet cooking concept is the same, but today’s grills have a lot more technology.

New with the 2019 Traeger Grills is the D2 direct drive drive-train, which includes a variable speed fan and a one-piece auger with a brushless motor. The grills have a new feature called TurboTemp that can quickly deliver cooking temperatures from 165 to 450 degrees .

The Pro 575 has a wired temperature probe that lets you know when your meat hits its target temperature.

The new Traeger grills also have a technology called WiFire, which uses Wi-Fi to allow the user to monitor the grill and control the cook from a smartphone.

You download the free Traeger app and follow the steps to connect your grill to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The grill has to be in range of your home’s Wi-Fi signal if you want to use WiFire, but you don’t need the app or Wi-Fi to cook.

The grill;measures 41 by 27 by 53 inches and weighs 128 pounds.

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Pros Of The Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

  • Produces absolutely incredible food meal after meal
  • Quality, robust smoker from the industry leader
  • Very large cooking capacity over two racks
  • The Digital Pro Controller with AGL maintains heat well, even in cooler climates
  • Includes two meat temperature probes so you can monitor the meats temperature to tell when its done without opening the lid
  • The Hopper Clean Out feature means you can change wood pellets are any time, even if youre cooking
  • Lets you smoke, bake, roast, braise and barbecue
  • Easy-clean design
  • Compatible with Traegers range of 100% pure hardwood pellets which gives you easy access to a wide range of smoking flavors
  • 3 year warranty

Which Traeger Grills Have Wifi

Traeger has dedicated years to developing a premium blend ...

As Traeger is currently the most well know pellet grill brand and thats likely to remain the case for several years to come, I get asked more about Traegers product range than any other. A key feature that Im asked about is WiFi or WiFire as Traeger refers to the feature as. Ive been asked more than once which Traeger grills have WiFi? as you cannot currently search for the feature specifically on their website. As Traeger currently still sells grills based on previous generation control panels, I thought Id provide a quick guide to which Traeger pellet grills/smokers do come with WiFi and which dont.

Not all Traegers pellet grills/smokers currently feature WiFi , so lets look at which do and which dont: Image Traegergrills.com

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

The most logical way to approach this I think is to start with the cheapest/smallest Traeger grills and move up to the larger more expensive grills. While you may think its a yes/or no answer to which grills come with WiFi/WiFire, its not actually that simple. Some of the higher-priced/higher specification Traeger grills have WiFIRE features other cheaper grills which come with WiFIRE do not. Also, please bear in mind that going forward its likely Traeger is going to update their entire range with WiFire at some point.

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Choosing The Right Temperature

Before you cook on your Traeger, you’ll want to know what style you’ll cook with. Traeger grills are versatile because you can smoke, grill, and barbecue. Obviously, the best thing about a Traeger is smoking, so that’s what we’ll discuss.

The Traeger makes smoking simple because it eliminates the tendency to overshoot the target temperature. You will want to avoid searing then switching to smoking because it can take a long time for the grill to cool enough.

Using The Traeger Tfb88pzbo Pro Series 34

Featuring Traegers tried and true Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic, the Pro Series 34 smoker takes 60 temperature readings per second to stay within +/- 15°F of your target temperature.

Whether its low and slow, or maxing out at 400 or so degrees, the LED display will allow you keep tabs on your cook with nothing more than a cursory glance.

The Pro Series 34 really is a true set and forget smoker. Traeger prides itself on consistent temperatures to give reliable results and the reason theyve kept this 2018 best selling barbecue current is that it does just that.

A super-easy clean-up is a reality too on the;Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill. The porcelain plates take seconds to wipe down. Grease, which has been funneled into the drip tray, can be quickly disposed of. And, what little ash is produced can be swept out quickly.

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Should You Purchase The Z Grill L6002e

Quick installment and also quickly detachable features make the Z Grills 6002E easier for all sorts of individuals. It is much in advance of others if it is compared based on features. The grill generates a much better alternative for you as a result of the grilling location and container size.

You can cook much more food without changing the pellets, and also its durable construction additionally makes sure better long life. If you get a solitary unit, you will certainly not have the anxiety of grilling much longer.

If you think about the capability to deliver well-textured food with better preference. In that instance, you clearly will not differ that the grill merits contrasted to its features and effectiveness.

One of the most effective components of this grill is that you can prepare whatever you desire utilizing the flexible grilling setting. The temperature control system and shipment system are so excellent that you need to cook quick with the wanted finish.

Why Should You Buy A Pellet Grill

Super Smoke on Traeger TImberline 850 – Curtos.com

Wood pellet grills are electric-powered but fueled by wood pellets, offering the same flavor benefits as charcoal grills.

Pellet grills are different from other grills because they heat with dual fuel. The fire inside the grill is produced by wood pellets, which are delivered to the fire pot by an electric-powered auger. That means theres no need to fiddle around with dials or vents to reach the desired temperature, creating a set-it-and-forget-it functionality thats missing from other grills. Simply ensure the hopper is full of pellets, select the temperature from the control panel, and let the grill do all the work.

When used at low-and-slow cooking temperatures, the pellets smoke and smolder, creating flavors similar to grilling over wood or charcoal. They can also be used at higher temperatures, and most manufacturers cap out at maximum temperatures between 400°F and 500°F. Thats not far off from gas grills , but the use of heat deflector plates prevents direct searing and grill marks on most pellet grills.

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You Ought To Get A Traeger Grill Based Upon What You Will Certainly Cook

I think this is an extremely essential factor to consider, because it greatly influences what attributes as well as size you will certainly need.

To suit the bigger cuts of meat at a block event or picnic, opt for a bigger cook with more inner area, such as a large roast with a larger firebox. What Is The Smoke Temperature On A Traeger Grill

It is a lot more likely a small roast is for you if you desire to grill some poultry, hamburgers, and sausages periodically.

Other Brands To Consider

Thanks to the popularity of Traeger wood-fired pellet grills, there are now many more brands to choose from. While Traeger is still the most popular, these brands are definitely hot on their tails.

Ive tried to provide a general overview of how each brand compares with Traeger, but because each brand produces many different grills if you need specifics I would suggest comparing individual specs from the manufacturers and then looking at a few different reviews.

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How We Picked And Tested

Traeger isnt the only company that makes pellet smokers, but it is the company that invented them. And from what we can tell, its lineup is still the most popular choice. Although we did test two less-expensive pellet grills from other companiesthe Camp Chef SmokePro DLX and Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boonewe went into this guide with the main goal of determining whether Traeger earned its reputation as well as the hefty prices on its smokers.

Since we couldnt test every pellet smoker Traeger makes, we decided to focus on its entry-level options, and after carefully comparing specs, we ultimately settled on testing the Traeger Pro 575. It isnt the most basic entry-level model the company makes; Traeger still produces some simpler, older-generation models like the Pro Series 22. But we thought that the updated features on the Pro 575such as more-precise temperature control and Wi-Fi connectivity to your phone or a smart speakerwould be useful to budding pitmasters, even though these additions made the grill more expensive.

Before we opened the first bag of wood pellets, we had to unbox and assemble the grills. We noted whether the assembly manuals were easy to follow and evaluated the skill level needed to put these things together.

After a marathon week of smoking a total of 100 pounds of meat, we gathered some Wirecutter staffers at our Los Angeles office to taste and judge.

Overview Of The Traeger Pro Series 34 Pellet Smoker

The Best 5 Traeger Pellet Grill Smoker For 2020
  • Digital Pro Controller maintains target temperature +/-15°F
  • 6-in-1 versatility to smoke, bake, roast, braise, bbq and grill
  • Includes 2 meat probes
  • Doesn’t get super hot for grilling
  • No WiFi for remote control

This best selling smoker is one of Traegers originals that put pellet grills on the map. And, while it doesnt have all the bells and whistles that Traegers top of the line models have, you cant argue with its solid build and dependable temperature controller. Now at a cheaper price, our Traeger Pro Series 34 review has all the details on this popular pellet grill.

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Using The Smoke Setting On A Traeger Grill

A Traeger grill is a pellet-style grill that also smokes food. The Traeger is intended to regulate heat automatically.

You operate the device like an oven or electric smoker by setting the temperature.

The auger then dispenses pellets at the precise rate and amount needed to maintain the desired temperature.

When To Adjust P

The p-setting should be adjusted when the grill is running above or below the set temperature. The correct p-setting will help the grill maintain temperature when the ambient temperatures are warmer or colder.

Generally, the p-setting should be set to a higher number during summer and a lower number during winter.

If the pellet grill is on Smoke but the temperatures are above 200°F then increase the p-setting so that the auger pauses longer before feeding in more pellets.

Note: Traeger does not recommend using P-5 unless absolutely necessary since this setting waits 95 seconds before turning back on which may cause the fire to go out.

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Metal Protection Deflectors And Heat Circulation

These are other factors that will also effect how the smoke and heat moves around the pellet smoker.

The design and metal cover above the firepot seems to change the burning too.

There is quite a bit of variation in the market when it comes to circulation, the jury is out whether this makes a significant difference in how much smoke is being produced, but I thought I would mention for anyone who loves the detail.

If You’re Looking For A New Smoker Pick Up A Traeger

Traeger Ironwood 650 unboxing, set up and super smoked ribs!

Smoking on a Traeger grill is a revelation. The entire process from adding fuel to the finished flavor is simply excellent. If you’re thinking about;buying a new smoker you should check out the range of models from Traeger. A new smoker from Traeger will give you the best results you’ve ever had without the frustration and hassle.

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The Results Are Worth It

I dont want to sound greedy, but Ive cooked a lot of food on the Traeger Pro 780. A lot. From the very first pork butt;I tried, through beef brisket, thick steaks, lamb shoulders, fish, duck, and chicken, Ive been impressed by how straightforward the process can be.

Getting the grill up and running, including vacuuming it out, takes me fifteen minutes or less at this point. Then its just a case of waiting for it to come up to temperature, which usually happens in less time than it takes for me to get whatever meat is going on there ready inside. Slide in the temperature probe, set the target in the app, and then it can sit there pretty much doing its own thing until the alarm goes off.

Perhaps that sounds like cheating, and for a while I did feel like I was taking a shortcut. Still, its the sort of shortcut I quickly came to appreciate. While I enjoy cooking, and the processes around that, standing and tending a grill for eight-plus hours demands some serious commitment. In contrast, being able to load up the Traeger and pretty much leave it to its own devices while I got on with other things meant I made a lot more use of it.

Traeger Smoke Setting Vs 180f

The smoke setting of a Traeger is generally used to ignite the pellets and fire up the pellet grill.

The Traeger will not monitor the temperature and will feed in pellets for 15 seconds and wait 65 seconds before repeating the cycle. This is problematic since food cooked on a traeger on the smoke setting on a cold day will cook differently than on a hot day.

Traegers that are set to a specific cooking temperature such as 180°F will monitor the internal cooking temperature and adjust how often pellets are fed into the firepot to maintain this temperature. Generally, the cooking temperature will stay around 180°F +/- 25°F.

So if its a cold day and the traeger needs to feed in more pellets to keep the grill warm, then it will feed in more pellets which will create more smoke and heat. If its a hot day then the traeger will feed in pellets at a slower rate.

The reason why using a temperature setting such as 180°F is better than the smoke setting is it allows you to plan how long the food needs to cook. The smoke setting can have a wide range of cooking temperatures based on the outside air.

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How To Smoke On A Traeger Grill

Smoking is done at low and slow temperatures. If you are thinking about a smoker with pillowy white smoke billowing from the vent, your first Traeger experience will be eye-opening. You’ll be looking for a nearly colorless, bluish smoke.

The design of Traeger grills maximizes the amount of smoke your meat gets flavored with. Lower temperatures will increase the amount of smoke flavor but take longer to finish.

What Temperature Does a Traeger Smoke at?

A good starting temperature is anywhere from 175 degrees to 225 degrees. Larger, thicker pieces of meat will do better starting at higher temperatures, but don’t let the grill go over 275 or you’ll be barbecuing in no time.

Learning New Tricks

All those tricks you learned with your vertical smoker suddenly seem antiquated when you realize that you can set the temperature and walk away. The grill gets itself there and keeps the temp steady. It’s an amazing experience when you’ve spent years struggling to keep consistent temps in a manual-feed charcoal smoker.

When the grill is at temperature, place your meat on the rack. There isn’t a big difference in temperature between the racks in the smoker. The top rack will have slightly higher temperatures.

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