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Diy Outdoor Kitchen Builds With Pellet Grills/smokers

Traeger Timberline 850 Wood Fired Pellet Grill & Smoker Review |

Before you start to go down the DIY route, you should consider a couple of things. First, just how confident are you in your DIY skills? Its not that the construction of an outdoor kitchen is the most complicated project.

However, your DIY skill level will obviously dictate how long the project will take and the quality of the finished project. I do a lot of DIY, but Im also a bit of a perfectionist, and still, when I start a project I underestimate how long its going to take me to complete.

Unsurprisingly, the best place to find ideas for DIY outdoor kitchen builds is YouTube. Below Ive provided just two examples Ive watched which I think are worth paying attention too.

A nice movable cabinet for a REC TEC 700 pellet grill.

Perhaps you dont want to go the fixed cabinet route, perhaps you still want to be able to move the pellet grill around the back yard. Therefore, I think you should watch the video above by Keegan on the movable cabinet he has made for his REC TEC RT-700 pellet grill.

Now, he has removed the control panel from the side of the pellet grill. Therefore, before carrying out a project such as this you need to check if any modifications you want to carry out will invalidate the pellet grill warranty. Just something else to be aware of when carrying out a DIY outdoor kitchen project.

A nice fixed cabinet outdoor kitchen setup with a GMG pellet grill and a Weber gas grill.

Store Wood Pellets Safely In The Garage

You may look like wood pellets harmless, but if it stored in normal condition, they emit carbon monoxide.

As there is a chemical reaction occurs that forms carbon monoxide gas even when you just store the wood pellets.

If the wood pellets are not stored properly, this Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, leads to harmful health effects.

If you are going to store even just pellets in the garage, it is essential to store wood pellets safely.

Make sure there is enough ventilation in the garage.

If you are storing your pellets in a garage, make sure they are not exposed to high heat such as your cars or the water heater.

If you bought new pellets and still stored them sealed in a bag, they can ignite if exposed to extreme heat.

Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill

Why youll love this:

Heres an interesting model. Slightly larger than the Century 22, but also a bit more expensive.

Most of the features are fairly standard. It has a good sized 575 square inches of cooking area to work with, along with the solid construction you expect from Traeger, and the electronic temperature control that keeps things within a good 15 degrees range of your target temperature.

The main draw here is the wifi control addition, and moreover the ability to pair it with your Alexa, so you can use voice controls to set and adjust the temperature.

Its a nice feature, and helps spruce up this otherwise very standard Traeger grill. Its not bad, by any means, but lacks any of the other additional nice features that the other grills bring to the table in terms of raw grill quality this one lives or dies on whether you value the wifi control feature.

  • Wifi Enabled And Alexa Compatible.
  • Good Performance.
  • Sturdy and well constructed of stainless steel.

What We Didnt Like

  • Slightly more expensive than grills of similar size and quality price increase is entirely based on the wifi and Alexa control compatibility.

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Can You Keep A Traeger Outside

Weather conditions will determine whether you should keep the Traeger outside or store it in your garage. In mild weather conditions, you can leave your grill outside.

On a rainy day or in the winter, you must keep the grill in your garage. Traeger grill is not designed to leave for the sun or rain exposure. So, store them in a covered roof area.

Off The Shelf Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Sinks Fridges Etc

Can You Rotisserie On A Traeger Grill?  Dream Outdoor Living

So while DIY is the prefered option for some it does come with a few drawbacks. First, there is the time investment to design/make the outdoor kitchen.

However, there is also the fact that youre going to be making it out of wood. While as Kinnon has shown in the video above you can buy stainless steel components , more than likely the main structure will be fabricated from wood.

Well, wood in an outdoor environment needs pretty frequent maintenance to keep rot at bay and to keep looking good. Therefore, you need to remember that. Before jumping up to a contractor coming in, or building a brick/stone outdoor kitchen you could consider an off the shelf stainless steel modular cabinet option.

The modular stainless steel BBQ island cabinets from Grilla Grills is worth considering: Video

As of writing this article the kitchen island modular cabinet products from Grilla Grills have only just come on to the market. Therefore, their sink/fridge modules are not available yet. But depending on when youre reading this that may have changed.

Anyway, the principle of this modular setup has several benefits. Depending on the particular outdoor kitchen setup it would likely cost more than a DIY build, however, its also likely to last much longer with less maintenance.

The Grilla Grills outdoor kitchen can be purchased all together or as individual pieces: Image

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Pit Boss Brand Overview

Pit Boss was founded in 1999 by the Thiessen family, and over time theyve earned a reputation for their products craftsmanship and durability.

As far as a product line goes, Id say that Pit Boss bread and butter is pellet grills but they offer a wider variety of grill types too.

You can find everything from kamado grills, flat top grills, to even specialty cookers like a vertical pellet smoker in the Pit Boss store. And on a per square inch of cooking space basis, they offer some of the most fair prices youll find too.

The one thing you can expect across all of their products is quality. No matter which type of grill Pit Boss creates, a solid track record of high quality products and great customer service follows them.

Pit Boss Navigator 850 Pellet Grill

The Navigator Series from Pit Boss is their latest and greatest when it comes to combining years of technology improvements and sticking to what works. In particular, the Pit Boss Navigator 850 Pellet Grill is the best selling option on this line of grills and offers a generous amount of grill for a very reasonable price.

With a temperature range of 180°F to 500°F, theres no BBQ task that you cant complete with this cooker. Youre also afforded 879 square inches of cooking surface area to work with plenty of room to smoke a couple of packer briskets at once.

The 27 pound hopper capacity is huge and frankly one of the biggest hoppers Ive seen on a standard sized pellet grill. This comes in really handy if you use your grill a lot, because you wont be constantly having to refill your hopper with pellets mid cook.

This grill also comes with a slide plate that you can move to actually grill over direct heat, which is something that you cant accomplish on most pellet grills. A digital LED read out and built in probe thermometer make managing your cook as easy as it can possibly get.

Built in tool hooks, a durable side shelf, and a front folding shelf all are just gravy on top of this fantastic unit.

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Best Pellet Grills/smokers For Outdoor Kitchens 2022

For anyone who spends a lot of time outside with a grill or BBQ smoker, I can appreciate the appeal of a dedicated outdoor kitchen. While many grills/smokers come with front and side shelves, food prep space on those selves is definitely at a premium. So with todays post, I wanted to discuss some of your options when it comes to outdoor kitchen setups and pellet grills/smokers for both low and high budgets. Which options are going to be the best for you will obviously depend on your budget, but also how much time you have available for the project. So lets get started!

So what currently are the best pellet grills/outdoor kitchen options on the market right now, or should you consider a DIY build?: Image

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

You may be in the market for the best pellet grill/smoker which will sit into an outdoor kitchen setup. You may already own a pellet grill/smoker and you are looking for ideas on cabinet solutions.

Perhaps you are interested in the DIY route to build something very specific for your needs or you want to buy an outdoor kitchen setup off the shelf.

With this post, I want to try and touch on each of those scenarios and give you some things to think about to get the best outdoor kitchen setup to suit your needs.

Can You Use A Smoker In The Garage With The Door Open

Best Pellet Smoker?-Traeger Timberline 1300- Build, Overview, and First Smoke

We are against using a smoker in a closed space or your garage. However, many enthusiasts have shown their heroism and use the grill inside the garage. They suggest keeping the garage well-ventilated by opening the door while using a grill in the garage. Now, you may ask- is it safe to use a smoker in the garage with the door open?

The answer is- there is still a risk. But it is a bit safer than in a garage with a door closed.

Safety comes first. Make sure you keep the door of your garage open as well as the window. However, we still suggest you not use the smoker in a garage or indoor space.

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Is It Safe To Use An Electric Smoker Overnight

The answer depends on at what temperature you cook the meat with your electric smoker. If you set the cooking temperature high, you should never leave your electric smoker overnight. On the other hand, you can use an electric smoker overnight at low and slow temperatures.

We recommend you fill the hopper with pellets, clean the grill before cooking, cook on low and slow temp, and keep the unit at least 4 feet away from your house. Maintain these tips if you want to cook the food with an electric smoker overnight.

Who Is This Grill Good For

Consumer-level Traeger grills are considered a mid-range type of pellet grill, so theyre good for those intending to try pellet grills for the first time.

Larger Traeger grills will generally bring low four-figure costs, which can hold 32 to 40 burgers in between the top and also lower grilling racks. Thermostat Traeger Grill Bluetooth

All of these Traeger grills have a temperature control thats accurate to within about 15 levels of the setting.

They arent quite as precise as the more pricey Traeger designs however offer precise temperature control, which might attract more demanding and also seasoned cooks.

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Traeger Grills Ironwood 650

Traeger’s Ironwood 650 is the company’s mid-range model with Wi-Fi . It’s expensive as far as grills go, but it’s sturdily built and is packed with a lot of smart features, as well as Traeger’s D2 Drive and TurboTemp technologies that allow the grill to heat up faster to precise temperatures. While it lacks a sear box option, I found it easy to operate and Traeger’s companion app is well done and ties nicely into the grill, with plenty of recipes to try.

The step-up Ironwood 885 retails for $1,500 and has the same features but is larger.

How Does A Pellet Grill Work

Barbecue a pellet Traeger®: la rivoluzione nel mondo BBQ

Pellet grills operate a little bit differently than a gas- or charcoal-powered grill. These grills have a “hopper” that you fill up with hardwood pellets, and when you turn the grill on, the pellets are automatically fed into a cooking chamber by an auger. The pellets are burned in the cooking chamber, and heat and smoke are dispersed throughout the grill, cooking food with indirect heat instead of open flames. One of the main differences between pellet grills and other fuel types is that they maintain their own temperature. Similar to an oven, you set the temperature you want to cook at using the grill’s control panel, and the unit holds the temperature on its own, adding more pellets when needed. This saves you from having to monitor the grill constantly.

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Traeger Grills Pro Series 575

The Traeger Pro Series 575 is a fantastic grill and one of their most popular products its the perfect size for most patios and can easily fulfill the needs of 4-10 eaters at once, or more.

All new model Pro Series 575 grills are kitted with WiFIRE technology, so you can also manage all aspects of your cook from the convenience of a smartphone. Everything from setting timers, to setting your grill temperature, to monitoring the internal temperature of your food is easily done from the accompanying phone app.

The Pro Series features 575 square inches of cooking surface area and an 18 pound hopper.

We Have What You Need With Awesome Advice And Sensational Service

This pellet thing does not work. Traeger grills pro series 780 wood pellet grill and smoker with alexa. Come on in so we can show you how easy it is to own a traeger grill. Traeger pellet smoker in a sunset outdoor living kitchen. For all 2019 models, the number in traeger’s product name refers to the cooking surface, so the pro 780 has 780 square inches of cooking surface. Built for large family cooking: Do traeger grills use a lot of electricity? Find out how to start a traeger grill in just a few simple steps here. Traeger smoker in this outdoor kitchen by sunset outdoor living, llc. This flavor can be altered depending on the kind of pellets you . But, recteq does have a full setting that will get hotter than that. If you don’t already own a pellet grill for the outdoor kitchen you’re interested in . How many amps does a traeger grill use?

Can A Traeger Grill Be Built In : Hestan 36 Inch Outdoor Built-In Grill | Acme Stove – Even if they get me up and running, i can’t trust sleeping over night with a $75 brisket in there without me checking every .. Is traeger better than big green egg? And how you can use a traeger grill to get the best smoked meat of. Even if they get me up and running, i can’t trust sleeping over night with a $75 brisket in there without me checking every . Find out how to start a traeger grill in just a few simple steps here. 780 sq in of grilling space that can .

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Wood Pellet Grill/smoker Guide

Traeger Pellet Grill: Image

My Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide is a collection of all my articles/reviews on the features and capabilities of the various pellet grills on the market today. Hopefully, through reading my articles you will be able to work out which make, model and size of pellet grill will best suit your needs. Ranging from small/portable pellet grills up the large trailer-mounted/commercial grills. Ive separated my articles under the separate grill classes of Economy, Practical, Premium and Luxury. I discuss the different features found on high-end products compared to budget grills. These include features such as PID temperature control and WiFi integration. I also have several articles discussing how to repair pellet grills. Enjoy

What Can A Traeger Cook Besides Bbq

BBQ Chicken With Alabama White Sauce | Traeger Grills

If you can think of it, you can pretty much cook it on a Traeger. From burgers, brownies, and brisket, to pizza, pulled pork and pies, theres no limit to what you can create on a Traeger Grill. Our famous 6-in-1 versatility gives you the ability to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ. And with hundreds of free recipes available on the Traeger App, inspiration is just a tap away.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Traeger Grill

Im lumping a lot of things together here, because this is where things start to break down for a lot of people from the instant they start using their Traeger pellet grill.

The first thing you should always do when youre having some kind of nondescript problem with your grill is to check the pellets. Make sure the pellets are in good condition and havent taken on moisture.

Your pellets should snap or crunch when squeezed if they crumble, then theyve likely gone bad. Likewise, if they appear a dull or light color, they may have gone bad in the packaging.

More on Traeger Grill Troubleshooting here.If you want to see how amazing this brand check out these comparisons

Are Traeger Grills Waterproof

Given the statement on Traegers Canadian site that grill use is okay during a light rain and the absence of any warnings in the current Owners Manual it looks like you can grill in the rain without voiding the warranty. But even though you can use a pellet grill in the rain doesnt mean that you should.

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