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Are Weber Grills Made In China

How to Ignite A DCS Grill | DCS by Fisher & Paykel

Weber settled the case out of court, but they made no effort to change their practices. In fact, most of the company manufactures most of their products in China these days. Up until 2016, Weber could still claim that their grills were Made in The USA with globally sourced components, but that’s no longer the case.

A Professional Kitchen In Your Backyard

The DCS story is shaped by the pioneering spirit and outdoor lifestyle of its foundation in the warm climate of Southern California.,The desire to constantly challenge the status quo and push boundaries is expressed deeply in our design language and our approach to redefining what the grill should be. Drawing upon the performance, durability and dependability of commercial kitchens, our founders took this as inspiration to transform the outdoor cooking experience.This maverick attitude is at our core. It is what inspires us to think big and not to settle for good enough.Our vision is much grander.

Where Heat Meets Technique

Harnessing the power of heat has been the cornerstone of cooking for millennia. The ability to control searing embers and the heat of a flame with the perfect intensity, application and timing is a pursuit that continues to define exceptional cooking.

The combination of power, consistency and control of heat across the entire DCS range creates the perfect environment for any cooking technique from a long, slow smoke for an unmistakable bark and perfect smoke ring, to a dark crust-creating sear on a fillet of steak.

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Dcs Grill 36 Rotisserie

  • Three grill burners and an infrared rotisserie burner
  • Build in to your outdoor kitchen bench, or purchase our DCS cart separately to create a freestanding grill.
  • The infrared rotisserie burner is ideal for slow-cooking and roasting meats evenly with controlled searing.
  • Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, designed for outdoor durability and performance

The Evolution Of Outdoor Cooking

DCS by Fisher &  Paykel 48" , 6 Burner, Grill, Natural Gas at Lowes.com

For most home cooks, the traditional barbecue is a single-function cooker, used to sear and flame-grill meat and vegetables.

The power and control of an outdoor grill opens up a new world of culinary possibilities, creating a true outdoor kitchen where baking, roasting, slow cooking and braising take on new qualities.

Imbue smoky flavors into proteins, crisp flatbreads with a thick crust, and create perfect chars on vegetables for meals that are fit for the professional kitchen.

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Dcs By Fisher & Paykel

  • Clearance

    Closed Box or End of Line Products are products that have been discontinued or no longer being produced, but still new and never opened. For this reason an additional discount may apply.

    Open-box products are typically floor models or returned goods that have been inspected to make sure they work. You will be able to purchase them from individual store locations. Product varies from location to location.

  • Energy Saver

    Save now and save the environment when you browse our Eco friendly appliances. Cut your energy bill, reduce your energy and water consumption and environmental impact of your household.

  • Applying The Perfect Heat

    At its heart, cooking is a simple transformation. Using heat, we transform ingredients into a nutritious meal, turn soft dough to crispy cookies, and take foods from pale to golden brown.

    Through innovative design based on decades of expertise, DCS grills are designed to give absolute control across this versatile range of cooking techniques. Precision placed independent burners combine with a lid profile purpose designed to give the optimal convection flow for even distribution of hot air.

    Achieving perfect results is as simple as choosing the best balance of power and placement for your cook.


    With long slow cooks such as smoking briskets or braising shanks, the ability to maintain consistent temperatures and manage heat distribution is key. DCS grills create a perfect seal to minimize heat loss while controlled heat from the U-shaped burners helps to maintain stable temperatures.


    Medium heat cooking is all about the balance of power and placement. The secondary cooking zones above the DCS grill surface provides the perfect balanced environment for achieving deeper color without overcooking, resting the seared steaks, or poaching anything from fish to fruit.


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    Quality In Every Detail

    Quality is not just seen, but felt. It is in the experience, the ease of use, the attention to detail that makes every action in the cooking process seamless. DCS grills are the purest expression of this philosophy.

    Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, they are built to withstand the demands of serious cooks and all the rigors of outdoor cooking. This robust construction combines with precision engineering to make every movement and function feel effortless.

    It is this obsession with the detail that makes every DCS grill beautiful to use and built to last.

    Stainless Steel Construction

    Real, solid, hardwearing and hand-finished materials speak to the unrivaled quality of DCS grills. Built from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel, with precision-welded and hand-finished joints, DCS delivers a premium finish and absolute quality assurance.

    Double-Sided Cast Grates

    Robust sear lines need a solid grate but, equally, delicate foods like fish need a different surface for searing. Double-sided cast stainless steel grilling grates have a gentle radius for handling fragile foods. The other side is W-shaped for perfect sear lines while avoiding flare ups – part of DCSs patented Grease Management System

    Lifetime Warranty

    For Serious Outdoor Cooking Entusiasts

    DCS Grill Rotisserie | DCS by Fisher & Paykel

    Yes, thats right were talking handcrafted for perfection made to meet the standards of even the most avid grilling enthusiasts, DCS Fire Products are of the truly elite standard. What makes them extraordinary is the price points this manufacturer of Gas Fire Products managed to work out for their Outdoor Kitchen products. They sit in their own price point unique from all other brands delivering all the best features you could think of from only the highest grade stainless steels to the exquisite care poured into the crafting of these grills, longevity, and performance are sure to satisfy!

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    Dcs Grill Parts And Accessories

    After seasons of weathering what Mother Nature throws and grilling, the parts on a grill will inevitably require replacement, despite routine attention and care.

    At BBQ Galore, we understand that which is why we offer you a boatload of aftermarket accessories and parts for a barrage of the DCS grills and other renowned options.

    You rely on us with unwavering confidence to find the required components for your grill.

    Dcs Series 9 Evolution Features

    • DCS Series 9 Overview

      DCS grills are engineered for people who want to cook just like a professional chef in their own home. Their U-shaped stainless steel burners have impressive cooking power.

    • Intuitive Lighting

      Lighting built right into the hood, illuminates the entire grilling area. Intuitive bezel lighting on the grill knobs glow white when the power to the lights are on and change to orange when the burner is on.

    • Charcoal Smoker Tray

      Series 9 grills boasts a multi-fuel charcoal smoker tray with bar grates and easy instant gas flame ignition. The W-shaped design and adjustable vents helps wood chips and charcoal last longer. Great for both direct and indirect cooking.

    • Secondary Cooking Zone

      The secondary cooking space includes two racks and one tray. The provided racks and tray offers up multiple cooking options making one of the most versatile grills on the market even more versatile.

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    Silent Sleek & Stylish

    Enjoy your dinner party without worrying about the cleanup. Spend more time with your guests and let a state-of-the-art dishwasher take care of the mass.

    From an array of high-end brands such as Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, and Asko find the dishwasher that compliments your kitchen design and suits your needs. From the super quiet, to the super spacious and even dishwashers that fit in drawers, we have it all.

    Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

    DCS by Fisher &  Paykel Grills

    The New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act sets out certain guarantees goods have to meet. It specifies rights and remedies available to you if our goods fail to meet one or more of these guarantees. Steve’s Appliance Spares’ warranties, and terms of sale will comply with all requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act. For more information on your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 please visit the consumer protection website:

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    Find The Best Dcs Grills At A Low Price

    As an acronym for Dynamic Cooking Systems, DCS is one of the few companies that truly live up to the name of each product they manufacture. Therefore, it’s no surprise that DCS grills are undeniably the gold standard as far as top-notch grilling is concerned.

    They are innovators that pay close attention to each detail in every product they design and manufacture. Therefore, DCS grills have the uncanny ability to soar to extreme heat, making them versatile in slow-cooking and searing.

    Dcs Grills At Palm Beach Grill Center

    We have been providing service delivered by Grill Tanks Plus, our mother company, for a decade. Certified by the brand you can be sure our subsidiary Palm Beach Grill Center has the know-how and skills to get you a complete DCS Products Outdoor Kitchen designed and built no job is too big or too small for us. Just pick up the phone and make your call for the best in class service. Our very own outdoor kitchen specialist Michael Mingo, will have you up and running in no time flat! Have a look at just one of his recent builds!



    As you can see from this completion, we had some mid-job changes occur no problem, were perfectly fluid in our work and can evolve as your mind evolves making whatever changes you might like to see in your outdoor kitchen a reality. Now, that youre here, you know you have nowhere else you need to look for we are the premier Ouroodr Lifestyle One-stop-shop youve been dreaming of.

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    The Top 7 Features Of Dcs Series 9 Grills

    • After much anticipation, we were able to get our hands on DCS Series 9 Grills. Prior to its release, it was unofficially deemed the DCS Evolution Series. We’re excited to be able to introduce you to this beautiful grill.

    • Easy-to-lift Spring Assisted Hood
    • Charcoal Tray for Direct Grilling or Smoking
    • Robust Powerful Rotisserie
    • Multi-level Secondary Cooking Zone
    • Countertop Storage Accessory

    Repairing Your Dcs Grill

    Direct & Indirect Cooking | DCS by Fisher & Paykel

    Over time, and after enough use, certain parts of your grill may see some wear. We stock exact-fit aftermarket DCS replacement grill parts as well as OEM parts. Each part is built to be as tough or tougher than the part it is replacing, and they can be installed easily without the need for adapters or modifications.

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    Why Choose Dcs

    With the right grilling equipment, a backyard BBQ can become a gourmet masterpiece. DCS strives to help you create that experience. They combine technology and performance to offer the ultimate in outdoor cooking. Every DCS grill is designed to deliver commercial, restaurant quality to your home that will last for many, many years. In fact, we hear from customers all the time that purchased a DCS grill from us many years ago, that are back to purchase a new DCS model without even considering another brand. Let’s take a look at what makes DCS unique from all other grill brands, and why you’ll love cooking on a DCS.

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