Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich

Triple Jalapeno Pepper Jack Steakburger

The Truth About Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

Like most hamburger restaurants, most of the menu items at Freddy’s will provide far more fat, calories, and carbohydrates than you need. For example, the triple jalapeno pepper jack steakburger delivers 1,070 calories, 70g fat, 31g saturated fat, 31g carbohydrates, 83g protein, and 1,660mg sodium.

Eliminate two of the burger patties and order the single jalapeno pepper jack steakburger for 500 calories, 28g fat, 12g saturated fat, 30g carbohydrates, 30g protein, and 1,080mg sodium.

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Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers History 2022

The chain was founded around 2002 by the two brothers Bill Simon and Randy Simon and their co-founder and friend Scott Redler.

It was all inspired by and named in honor of Bill and Randys dad Freddy Simon. Freddy Simon was a significant influence on the duo by his home-cooked American style and family-sized meals at the table.

The concept was to bring that kind of home-like atmosphere and traditional cooking back into our lives.

Their slogan is The Taste that Brings You Back, and thats precisely what their menu of home-cooked meals offers.

The first restaurant was launched in Hutchinson, Kansas, and the restaurant became a huge success with its distinctive American food menus and quickly gained recognition.

Having seen their first success, the trio started franchising soon after launching in 2004, and their business was overgrowing.

In 2011, they opened 50 locations in Victoriaville, California, and the year 2013 brought their 100 location located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Then, in 2015, was the grand opening of the 150 restaurants at Loveland, Colorado.They currently have over 150 locations across 17 states and are growing.

They are committed to providing delicious, fresh, home-cooked, and healthy food. Theyll keep slaying the fast-casual business.

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Fredhead Feed: Freddys Spicy Chicken Sandwich Is Back

Some of you are thinking, yum, spicy! and others are going, yikes, spicy! So which one is it? Well, our Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a tender breaded chicken breast filet with a cayenne pepper kick a kick, just enough for those looking to spice it up a bit, but not too hot for those who typically shy away from all-things spicy.

Have you tried our Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Its really, really good, said Scott, co-founder, owner, FredHead and original grill master. We chose the recipe for the breading with just the right level of heat and flavor zing to satisfy those palates that enjoy a bit of heat, but definitely not overwhelming for everyone else.

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What Kinds Of Grilled Chicken Sandwich Delivery Can I Order

There are around 10 menu items for Grilled Chicken Sandwich delivery or that come with Grilled Chicken Sandwich in Morristown, including the Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo – 10:30AM To Close from Bojangles Famous Chicken & Biscuits 1256 and the Grilled Chicken Sandwich from The Little Dutch. Compare your options then order some tasty Grilled Chicken Sandwich delivery online.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Review

Freddys is designed to make you feel at home and each of their locations is decorated with this in mind. Entering any of their locations, you will feel as if youve been transported to the late 40s or early 50s, where times were simpler. Their red and white décor is retro while still maintaining a modern feel. They have a range of chairs and tables as well as booths, to cater for those good old fashioned family meals.

Their menu is all-American all the way and offers: sandwiches, hot dogs, Steakburgers, frozen custard, sides, kids meals, drinks and sundaes. Their Steakburgers come in a variety of gorgeous flavors including Freddys Original, Single, Double California Style and Bacon and Cheese Double. If youre ravishing, try their Triple Steakburger California Style, its a meat lovers dream and the patties are beautifully seasoned.

They have a splendid selection of sides, such as: chicken tenders, chili cheese fries and onion rings. Then theres their infamous selection of Concrete drinks, a half milkshake, half frozen custard concoction that comes in flavors like: Chocolate Brownie and Hawaiian Delights. Plus, their hot dogs are all beef and come with a choice of delectable relishes and toppings. The staff are welcoming, professional and efficient and try to ensure every customer leaves fully satisfied.

TOPIC Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Menu Prices

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Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Menu Prices 2022

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Menu Prices 2022: Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers principle brings people back to the simpler days in their lives.

It was when life wasnt as busy, where meals were cooked at home and families dined together.

Freddys Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, or Freddys as theyre affectionately known, are a casual chain that serves delicious, freshly cooked American-style food items.

The product they call their own is made with only the finest, lean beef cooked according to the way it is ordered.

The other item they call their own is made with the highest quality dairy products and is prepared daily in a fresh manner.

The chain has rapidly become an all-time favorite for families with tasty meals, warm service, and a warm family atmosphere.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Menu Prices August 2022

Freddy’s Steakburgers GRILLED CHICKEN w/CHEESE SANDWICH Collab w/NumberSixWithCheese Food Review!

This is a most comprehensive guide on Freddys Frozen Custard Steakburgers Menu Prices 2022. We have listed all the latest and complete menus and prices after confirming them twice from the official website.

Freddys menu mainly consists of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steakburgers, french fries, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and desserts. Freddys also offers custard shakes and malts in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Custards are made fresh every day by blending fresh milk with homemade flavorings including pieces of cookies or brownies mixed into the custard mix to create the Cookie Jar, the Brownie Blast, and other flavors that change seasonally.

Freddys has frozen custard, which is different from ice cream because it contains less air and more solids, producing a denser product that melts slower.

Freddys has a kids meal with a hamburger, cheeseburger, or chicken fingers and a choice of milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, iced tea, or lemonade.

In addition, Freddys offers combos of any sandwich selection with fries and a drink. There are also frozen custard sundaes available as well as fruit sundaes.

They have a lot of different burgers, so if you are a picky eater there is something for every type of person. The burgers come with a variety of toppings from veggies to bacon and cheese, but they can also be plain.

Other Restaurant Menus:


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Whats Different About The Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich brings a different flavor profile to our everyday menu and helps satisfy our Guests craving for something a little bit spicy. According to the Scoville scale, the cayenne pepper is at about 50,000 SHUs , though the cayenne pepper in a powder spice form is a bit lower on the scale ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 SHUs.

For those of you who can handle some serious heat, Clayton is going to show you how to bring up the heat a notch or two.

As you might know, we have several other savory chicken options on the Freddys menu, along with the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Both our Spicy Chicken Sandwich and our Crispy Chicken Sandwich are fried to a crispy golden brown and topped with our well-known crunchy pickle planks on a toasted bun. Our other delicious chicken options include fried Chicken Tenders, for kids and adults alike, and our Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich, served with lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun .

This Post Is For Informational Purposes Only

Menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols are subject to change at any time. Always read the menu and discuss your dietary needs with the staff before ordering. Make sure they can accommodate your situation. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice.

There is always a risk for potential cross-contamination of allergens in any commercial kitchen. If cross-contamination is an issue for you, always speak with the manager to ensure that your meal can be safely prepared. Listings here do not guarantee that a restaurant is safe enough for your individual needs. Only you can make that decision.

Each location of a chain restaurant has different management and staff, and some might have different owners. This means differences in processes, ingredients used, menu options, and food sourcing can occur. Always verify the safety of your order for your needs at your current location.

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Signature Turtle Concrete Large

A large serving of the signature turtle concrete provides 1,820 calories, 83g fat, 46g saturated fat, 229g carbohydrates, 24g protein, 750mg sodium, and 175g sugars.

If you’re craving the turtle flavor combination, choose a mini turtle sundae, which has 760 calories, 38g fat, 19g saturated fat, 90g carbohydrates, 9g protein, 280mg sodium, and 68g sugars. Better yet, split it with a friend as a sweet treat.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Delivery In Morristown


Order Grilled Chicken Sandwich for delivery or pickup from a local restaurant or shop in Morristown. Compare your options for Grilled Chicken Sandwich delivery then place your order online.




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Food Allergies And Safety

Freddy’s offers a lettuce-wrapped menu for diners looking to avoid wheat and gluten, and many dishes are safe from peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. However, diners who are allergic to milk, eggs, and soy should consult the allergen menu. Inform the staff at the restaurant if you have an allergy so they can take extra precautions.

Single Vanilla Scoop Dish

For the most nutritious way to enjoy Freddy’s frozen custard, order a single vanilla scoop in a dish. With no added cone, you’ll save on carbohydrates and sugar. A single scoop of vanilla custard provides 350 calories, 17g fat, 10g saturated fat, 37g carbohydrates, 7g protein, 130mg sodium, and 30g sugars.

A waffle cone provides just under 500 calories, a double custard cone provides between 800 and 840 calories and a triple waffle cone provides 1,130 to 1,180 calories and over 50 grams of fat.

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What Is On Freddys Secret Menu

Freddys Frozen Custard and a variety of 1 establishments: Freddys has a secret menu as well that offers a burger dog that is a burger made of steak that is topped with the Vienna hot dog along with the BLT sandwich as well as a BBQ Burger. Every sandwich available can also be eaten in a lettuce wrap or placed on lettuce to make a salad.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Menu Prices

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Food Review

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers or simply Freddys is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that provides tasty, cooked-to-order meals. Their menu includes a wide variety of items such as chicken sandwiches, Vienna Beef hot dogs, and steak burgers. Moreover, Freddys menu contains frozen custards with a large variety of specialty concretes and sundaes.

The prices charged by Freddys are about average and you will be able to get a good meal for less than $15. You can find out more about Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers menu prices in the table below.


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Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers History

In 2002, Freddy Simon, Randy Simon, and Scott Redler founded Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Wichita, Kansas. The company began franchising the following year.

As of 2018, there are over 320 locations in 30 states. The restaurants menu includes steakburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and custard items such as sundaes and concretes.

In 1954, Freddy Simon left his home village of Harmon in southern Saskatchewan Canada and moved to Wichita Kansas. After he arrived, he found a job at a small hamburger stand called Hamburger Stand No 9 on Market Street where he was employed for about three years.

In 1957 he went back to work for the family business that his brother David ran as a mechanic and cleaner at a gas station where he was employed for 5 years.

He decided to try the hamburger business again on his own. After saving enough money, Freddy Simon partnered with an old friend named Danny OHara and opened up a burger stand of their own at 21st & Maize Road in Wichita Kansas.

That restaurant was called OHaras Superburger No. 9. It was open from 1959 to 1969. For the next 10 years, Freddy opened and closed several restaurants in this area and then went into real estate sales.

As you have already gone through the complete Freddys Frozen Custard and Steakburgers Menu Prices 2022, we have discussed the latest menu and prices. The price of these menus has been taken from the official average market price

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Review 2022

Freddys design is to help you feel like the home of your own, and all their locations are decorated to reflect this.

When you enter any of their sites, youll feel like youve been transported back to the 40s or even the 50s in simpler times.

The red and white décor is retro, yet it retains an edgy feel. They offer a variety of tables and chairs and booths that can be used to serve those wonderful old-fashioned family dinners.

Their menu is American all the way and includes hot dogs, sandwiches, Steakburgers, frozen custard and sides, as well as kids meals, drinks, and desserts.

The Steakburgers are available in a range of exquisite flavors like Freddys Original, Single, Double California Style, and Bacon and Cheese Double.

If youre feeling swooning, take a bite of the Triple Steakburger California Style, its a food lovers dream as the patties come perfectly spiced.

They have a fantastic variety of dishes, including chicken tenders, Chili cheese fries, chicken tenders, and onion rings.

Also, they have their famous assortment of Concrete beverages that are half milkshake half-frozen custard drink available in flavors such as Chocolate Brownie and Hawaiian Delights.

Additionally, hot dogs from the restaurant are made of beef that comes with various tasty condiments and relishes. The staff are friendly and professional and ensure that each customer is delighted.

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History Of Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

This chain was started in 2002 by brothers Bill and Randy Simon, along with their friend and co-founder Scott Redler. The chain was inspired, and named after Bill and Randys father, Freddy Simon. He had been a huge inspiration to the pair with his all-American home cooking and large family meals around the table.

The idea was to bring this kind of family atmosphere and good old fashioned cooking back into peoples lives. Their motto is The Taste that Brings You Back and that is exactly what their homely menu provides. The first location was opened in Hutchinson, Kansas. With its quintessentially American menu, the brand was a huge success and quickly gained popularity.

The trio, after seeing their initial success, began franchising shortly after opening in 2004 and the company grew extremely rapidly. By 2011 they were opening their 50th location in Victoriaville, California. 2013 saw the opening of their 100th restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Then 2015 marked the opening of their 150th location in Loveland, Colorado.

They now have over 150 stores in over 17 states and theyre only continuing to grow. With their commitment to providing fresh, homespun, mouthwatering meals, they will continue to conquer the fast casual industry.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Contact Information


Below is Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there.

Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Corporate Address 8621 W 21st Street, NorthWichita, KS 67205 USA
Freddys Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Corporate Phone Number 719-7800

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