Gas Grill For Built In

Is A Gas Grill Insert The Same As A Built

Napoleon 500 Series Built-In Gas Grill

Yes, a gas grill insert is the same as a built in grillor at least, the visible part of it. This means that when you look at the grill, all you see is the top, or usable, part of it. However, underneath the gas grill insert will be the power supply, such as the hookup to the natural gas line, which can also be considered part of the built in grill. Therefore, when talking about grill inserts, were just speaking about the top part visible to anyone using it. A grill insert, despite being “built-in,” is replaceable.

The Lynx Professional Built

Here are some more built-in features of this grill:

  • Includes a smoker box and wood chip tray
  • Effortless hood lifting system with rotating handle
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Removable warming rack that can be stowed within the grill

Youll find an accurate temperature gauge on the outside, along with a fluid-rotating handle and spring-assisted hood.

Finally, beautiful, blue-lit knobs make finding the controls easy when youre grilling into the evening hours.

Can I Use A Regular Grill For A Built

Yes, it is possible to use a regular grill for a built-in, however, there are a few factors that you will need to assess before attempting to do so.

Some regular grills are designed with extending sides that can be used to store your foods or condiments when you are cooking. When they are not in use, they can then be folded. If this design applies to your grill you will need to remove them before installing it.

Also, if your grill is covered by a warranty it is important to check the terms of your policy as they will confirm whether your warranty is still going to be valid if you attempt to build in your regular grill.

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The Top 10 Best Built

Using the above criteria, Ive compiled a list of the 10 best built-in gas grill inserts to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of grills, prices, sizes, and features. You should always do your own due diligence, however. Dont be swayed by salespeople and never buy a grill on-sight.

On to my picks for 2022!

Editors Choice Best Luxury Built-in Gas Grill

Burner Output Or Btus

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i 36

We all know that BTUs are the British Thermal Units, and it lets you know how much heat a grill can produce. Not just the number of burners, but check out the burner output or the burner output before putting your hands on any grill.

You might have heard that the more the BTUs, the better it is. No, more is not always better in all cases.

In the case of the built-in gas grills, you want to achieve an ideal cooking temperature, not the highest possible temperature range.

Some grills with four to five burners offer the BTU range of 50,000 to 70,000. And some have less than this. Dont rush toward the high BTU but look for one that provides an ideal temperature range for your cooking.

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Our Top Outdoor Kitchen Grill Brands

Whew, thats a ton of info! We commend you for taking the time to read all that, and we think youll appreciate how prepared you feel once you start seriously planning for your outdoor kitchen gas grill head. Whats that? Youre ready to go and need some gas grill insert recommendations? Well, thats what were here for! Well always take the chance to sing the praises of Blaze built-in grills, which combine elegance, purpose, and strength to give you premium grilling without the premium price. Our customers are also partial to DCS drop-in gas grills and Alfresco built-in gas grills. If youre looking for a deeper dive into the topic, our gas grill buying guide is an indispensable resource that walks you through the decision-making process in 5 easy steps. Soon enough, the only name youll need for your built-in outdoor kitchen grill is mine.

Upgrades Know What Features Are Most Important To You

Most built in grills offer the ability to upgrade or add different options and features. Thats part of what sets them apart from stand-alone units.

You might not care about the extras, but then again, you might not even realize how much you can benefit from them.

Rotisserie burners will change the way you cook whole chickens, ducks, or turkeys, to say nothing of what you can do with a roast. Are you serious about searing? Then you should check out grills that have a dedicated ceramic burner for that purpose. Do you tend to grill in the evening or at night? Choose a grill that has backlit controls to illuminate what youre doing.

Other built-in grills even come with an alarm that goes off if anything burns. Try to find a model with a built-in thermometer probe, as well.

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How To Choose The Best Built

The great thing about built-in grills is theyre fairly simple to shop for. The only thing you really care about is the grill itself everything else you might normally associate with a grill is going to be a part of the kitchen surface youve set aside instead. No need to take into account the wheels, added worktop, or worry about the weight and other appliances you have in your outdoor kitchen.

You just pay attention to the core elements:

Cooking Area And Cooking Performance

Napoleon 700 Series Built-in Gas Grill

Dont fall for the looks of the product, especially in this case. The grill youll buy is going to be the center of attraction for your weekend parties. So, it should have ample space to cater to the needs of your guests.

It is advised that you should not compromise on the cooking or grilling for anything else. The 810 square inch cooking area is considered a suitable grilling area. Try not to go lower than this.

BTU is the abbreviation of the British Thermal Unit. As you can guess, this is the unit to measure heat retention. Many enthusiasts believe that having even heat distribution is more important than high BTUs, but others think counters wisely.

A Higher BTU count means that cooking grates and grills will get hot more quickly and remain hotter. Hence, your food will cook more quickly.

On the other hand, even a heat distribution system has its own benefits. You can cook a whole round of hamburgers in one go. Generally, 60,000 BTUs are considered as an ideal total heat output for a gas grill.

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Gas Grill Buying Guide

We know that finding the right gas grill for you can be a challenge. Over the past 2 decades alone, our experts have tested countless grills from dozens of brands, each with its own set of industry-specific terms and marketing jargon. Thereâs also the seemingly endless list of features and accessories to worry about, not to mention misinformation like BTU count equating to heat output or that all stainless steel is the same.

Add it all together, and the grill-buying process can seem intimidating and overly complex. But BBQGuys® can help you cut through the clutter and find the right gas grill in no time! For a simple and fun shopping experience, follow our easy guide below. Your backyard will thank you.

Where To Install You Built

The overall goal is to place your built-in grill at a safe distance from your house but close enough to be convenient without undue risk. A built-in grilling station shows youre serious about enjoying the art of outdoor cooking. It also show you are serious about keeping the property and your loved ones safe by situating it at a responsible distance.

For safety reasons heres how far a built-in grill should be from the house.

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Faqs About Best Built

How long should a best built-in gas grill last?

Without any doubt, the best built-in gas grill should serve you for almost ten years. If you properly take care of it, your grill can last for more than a decade.

What is the best built-in gas grill?

If you are hunting for the best built-in grill with a rotisserie kit, rotisserie burner, more burners, high BTUs, and a medium-sized body, go for Napoleon BIPRO825RBINSS-3 Built-in Natural Gas Grill.

Other discussed products are also worth buying concerning their features.

Are built-in gas grills worth it?

Indeed built-in grills are the best choice to add to your outdoor kitchen. Theres no significant difference between the propane grills and natural gas grilling stations.

The built-in gas grills are more convenient to use. Plus, they are free from the risk of running out of fuel.

Theyre worth buying, and you should give them a try.

The Rating Criteria How We Rate These Built

CalFlame Outdoor Kitchen Islands 4

Value | Design & Style | Construction | Innovation | Even-Heat Distribution | Temperature Range | Minimum Flare-Ups | High Heat | Extra Features & Add-Ons | Customer Service | Warranty & Company Reputation | Real User Feedback & Reviews

We use the below expert rating criteria as we reviewed grills from brands we trust, use, and love.

The main things to keep in mind during your search are the build materials, cooking surface size, heat distribution, overall power output and wanted extras.

Your mileage may vary, however, so feel free to include any personal bells and whistles and deal-breakers, as well.

The main criteria we took into consideration when reviewing these gas grill inserts are:

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How To Install A Built

Exactly where you choose to put your BBQ island and drop-in can depend on a number of factors, so for a full guide be sure to check out this article from This Old House. In a nutshell though:

Identify a good area for your island by considering somewhere thats a safe distance away from your house should there be complications with electricity, fire or gas. Also be sure that the area you build in is dry and shielded from wind.

Set up your BBQ island. This in itself is a big job, so be sure to check out our guide on how to build a BBQ island with steel studs, and check out our guide to DIY BBQ islands for some ideas. Doing this will give you a permanent fixture on which to install your drop-in grill head, as well as give you a counter surface around which to cook.

Where Should I Put My Gas Grill

It is important to be cautious when deciding where to place your gas grill. It should be at least ten feet away from any structure or building that can catch fire.

Aside from this, you will need to make sure that your grill is located away from dry vegetation and plants that could catch fire should they come into contact with any flying debris. You also should avoid placing your grill near trees with low branches as there is an increased risk of them touching the grill.

Furthermore, if your garden has a decked area or railings, you should make sure that your grill is placed away from these features.

For safety reasons, it is recommended that you place your grill on a base made up of slabs, etc, because it isnt going to be directly on the ground. This also means that if any debris falls out of the grill, it isnt going to result in a fire.

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How Much Cooking Space Do I Need

Any good built-in grill should come with ample cooking space. More space gives you the opportunity not just to cook more, but also to cook faster. It also gives you the opportunity to take on more advanced gas grilling skills, like indirect grilling.

Opinions will vary, but for me the ideal primary cooking space size for a drop in unit is anywhere between 500 and 900 square inches.

Another factor to consider is the grills appearance. This might seem frivolous, but just because you will be using the unit to prepare food doesnt mean it should be hideous. A huge and weird-looking grill will stick out as an eyesore on your patio.

Choose a smart grill that comes with an impeccable design and modern layout. A grill should complement your patio, not the other way round.

The Dcs Series 9 Evolution Built

Wolf Stainless Steel Outdoor Built In Natural Gas Grill OG42 – Overview

As if the features mentioned above werent enough to see why this is our top luxury pick, there are even more reasons to go for this grill.

Here are some additional outstanding features:

  • Includes two warming racks and a broiling pan for versatile cooking.
  • Possibility of removing the control knobs and lowering the heat of the burners for an even lower temperature cook.
  • 90-degree spring-action grill hood allows for lifting with one hand or even one finger.
  • Hood-mounted analog thermometer

The Hood of the Series 9 Evolution is not only heavy-duty it was also made with larger meats in mind. DCS designed it with extra headspace to easily accommodate whole turkeys and the like.

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Blaze Premium Lte Customer Support & Warranty Info

Customer Support Blaze has a customer support phone line, online chat, email address, and web form you can use to submit questions or issues. You can also find instructional and product videos on their website for additional support. It seems theyre always ready to help.

Warranty The Premium LTE comes with the same warranty as does the Professional LUX model. Both grills are complete with a lifetime warranty. However, electronic components are only covered for a year after purchase. Remember to register your grill within 30 days to qualify for the warranty benefits.

Prepare to pay for the luxury features

Lion Premium Grills L75623 32 Natural Gas Grill

Why youll love this:

This extraordinarily powerful grill provides a ton of utilities. Excellent for cooking large meals quickly, its powerful stainless steel construction ensures your grill can last a lifetime if well taken care of, and the added rotisserie attachment provides much-needed versatility to what could otherwise feel like a large and powerful but fairly standard grill.

What We Liked

What We Didnt Like

  • Transparency: Some of the listed measurements are off and the rotisserie is aftermarket and needs an electrical outlet, none of which is mentioned. This can make the purchase more tedious than it needs to be.

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What Is The Best Month To Buy A Grill

The best months to invest in a new grill tend to be June, July, and September. Depending on the brand you may also discover sales and promotional discounts at different times throughout the year.

During the months when the weather starts to warm up, grills tend to retail at a lower price because this is when the majority of people are likely to start using their grill.

Then as the weather begins to cool, you will find even better discounts because this is when the majority of stores are trying to get rid of the remaining grills that they have in stock.

Best Built In Gas Grill

Cal Flame 4

A Built-in Gas grill is a significant and substantial investment that you should consider very carefully.

This piece of equipment can be highly functional and appealing both indoors and outdoors and is a handy and convenient cooking device, particularly for individuals who enjoy barbecues or entertainment.

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Napoleon Prestige Pro 665

Why we love it:

  • This built-in gas grill uses liquid propane gas.
  • There is a 625 sq. inches of cooking area in the grill.
  • Apart from the main burners in the grill, there is an infrared rotisserie burner.
  • Additionally, this grill has stainless steel sear plates and a built-in smoker tray.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 is one of the best built-in gas grills because of the brand and performance too. Napoleon, as you must know, specializes in making luxury built-in gas grills. Hence, this grill is one of the best options for you.

This built-in gas grill has 5 stainless steel main burners which give you resistance against corrosion. There is a cooking space of 625 square inches in the grill which is big enough for outdoor cookouts. So you will be able to have your family and friends get together.

In addition, there is an infrared sear burner which helps you in cooking delicious rotisserie meals. Included in the grill is a heavy duty rotisserie kit which further aids you in cooking that. Additionally, there are sear plates for perfect searing of whatever food you want. The built-in smoker tray in the grill will give intense smoke flavors while smoking.

Furthermore, there is a JETFIRE ignition system in the grill which helps you with quick startups. And with this, there is the feature of the grill where channels connect the burners for easier ignition.

The internal halogen lightning on the lid and the LED spectrum night light on the control knobs make it perfect for nighttime grilling.

Dcs Series 9 Evolution Built

Heavy gauge, 304 stainless steel build

Hood lift-assist

304-grade stainless steel U-shaped burners

75,000 BTUs of cooking power on surface

Ceramic radiant technology

Double-sided stainless steel cooking grates

14,000 BTU infrared rear burner

Heavy-duty rotisserie

Spacious charcoal tray smoker box

12V stadium-style interior grill lights

LED knob lights

If youre looking for a truly professional-grade luxury gas grill, the DCS Series 9 Evolution is an outdoor chefs dream come true. This grill offers the best of the BBQ world with a heavy-duty rotisserie, adjustable racks and grill grids, and a stainless-steel charcoal tray for smoking.

The grill comes in a 36-inches BE1-36RC-N model or a 48-inches BE1-48RC-N model and is built with heavy gauge stainless steel. While this grill is primarily for incorporating into outdoor kitchens as a built-in, it can also be mounted on a cart for stand-alone grilling. The cart includes several drawers and compartments for storage.

This BBQ grill couples high-heat gas stainless steel U-burners with a system of hollow ceramic rods to optimize heat distribution and retention that kick out an impressive burner power of 25,000 BTUs each. With this type of power, you can achieve a max temperature of 1,1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

DCS brings its innovative double-sided cast stainless steel cooking grids to the Series 9 Evolution.

Does this grill sound remarkable? Thats because it is! Still, thats not the last of its features.

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