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Make it easy on yourself and find a local Korean grocery store. They have readily available meats that have frozen, marinated, or fresh options for sale and a myriad of freshly made banchan, rice paper, and vegetables. They also have stoves, grill plates, and serving ware available too. Some of my favorite stores are H-Mart, Zion Market, and Airirang.

If you dont have a Korean market nearby, other Asian markets like 99 Ranch and Seafood City should have most of the meat and cooking tools youd need. For some condiments or specific tools like grill plates, you can fill in with online purchases.

Korean Bbq Nonstick Grill Pan Induction Stovetop Compatible

We wrap up our best Korean BBQ grill reviews with a grill pan that offers a lot in the way of durability, versatility, and ease of use. The Korean BBQ Nonstick Grill Pan Induction Stovetop Compatible works on any heat source from induction heating to electro, gas, hotplate, or grill.

The thick pan ensures the even distribution of heat so you wont have frozen bits while other food items are already burned. But its the coating that gives this grill pan an edge over the others we have reviewed so far. The Megastone non-stick coating is made of a combination of zirconium and ceramic materials. Both of those elements are safe to use in cooking pots and they offer high resistance to rust, abrasion, and scratching.

The draining mechanism is also a little different in this grill pan. Rather than a simple hole in the side, this draining hole is more like the spout of a spigot. It efficiently drains the last drop of oil in the pan and lets you collect it in a container easily.

On the downside, the grill pan does a poor job with thick meat cuts. It grills cuts like Brisket and Chadol very well as long as they are thin cuts. It also handles pork belly Korean style rather poorly. So overall, its a good choice for grilling beef and veggies but not so much with other types of food.


Aoni Raclette Tabletop Korean Bbq Grill

The AONI Korean BBQ tabletop grill is smokeless and features an anti-stick coating on the cooking surface. In addition, it includes eight mini bakers that allow making a variety of dishes simultaneously. The grill has a power of 1200 watts, which can melt the cheese and cook a variety of dishes quickly.

The grill has a temperature adjustment knob that makes it ideal for various cooking options. The anti-stick coating makes cleaning the cooking surface very easy. In addition, wash both the cooking surface and raclettes in a dishwasher.

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Best Budget: Techef Stovetop Korean Bbq Grill

With the popularity of Korean cooking on the rise, an increasing number of people are looking to try Korean BBQ for themselves. However, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on a high-end appliance. The TeChef Stovetop Korean BBQ grill lets you try this unique method of cooking for yourself without breaking the bank.

One of the distinctive features of Korean barbecue is the grease draining mechanisms. This allows you to create crispy grilled meats that are low on fat. This pan solves the problem with a unique swirled channel design that directs grease to the edges of the pan.

Keep in mind that the grease drains out of the pan completely. You dont have to buy the gas burner to accompany it, but if you dont, make sure to have a small cup to catch the grease. While slightly cumbersome, it gives you good results.

Since the pan is dishwasher safe, you never have to worry about cleanup. The surface is easy to wipe down, and since its nonstick, food wont stick or cake.

This Korean BBQ grill pan is an excellent choice for those who are just getting into this style of cooking for the first time. Its simple design is easy to use and gets quality results. Though if you already have a bit of experience making Korean BBQ, it may be worth trying an electric one.

What’s Unique In A Korean Bbq

Round Iron Korean BBQ Grill Plate Barbecue Non

The Korean barbecue grill, aka Gogi-Gui is quite different from its American counterpart. And the biggest difference is that, Korean BBQ is not designed for outdoor use. Most Koreans cook their BBQ dishes indoors, generally on propane gas, charcoal or a particular electric-operated stove mounted on a tabletop. Even restaurants have a chef, who cooks at the table on a built-in BBQ stove in front of the customers. Moreover, its quite different in terms of looks. A Korean-style BBQ grill looks like a plate and is constantly under heat from below.

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What Types Of Foods Can I Cook On Those Grills

You can cook just about any type of food on a Korean BBQ grill. The confusion often happens when people try to grill regular steak cuts on these grills. Koreans for the most part use paper-thin cuts of meat such as Brisket and Chadol. So as long as your cuts are thin, youll have great results. Some other foods to consider are pork, fish, seafood, and veggies such as bell pepper, zucchini, cherry tomato, and potatoes.

What Are The Types Of Korean Bbq Grills

When you want to choose only the best indoor grill for Korean bbq, you first have to determine what type would be better for you:

  • Stovetop Korean BBQ Grills: : It is one of the most common types of Korean bbq grill. And thats not surprising, given how convenient it is you can just attach it to your stovetop and use it like a gas or electric-operated stove. Moreover, this Korean BBQ grill is very popular, because its pretty easy to clean and compact, so you can easily store it in the kitchen.
  • Electric Korean BBQ Grills: A Korean electric grill, as the name suggests, has an electric-based operation. It heats up really fast and gives you absolute control over the cooking process. Electric models offer a stable heating system throughout the cooking procedure and often come with a smokeless operation. Thus, its an ideal choice for people who live alone in apartments and do not have a stovetop.
  • Gas-powered Korean BBQ Grills: Korean gas grill models have their standalone system. It comes with a gas line connection or even an independent gas bottle. These mainly work on butane, propane, or other natural gas and are ideal for travel enthusiasts. Moreover, they are pretty compact, so you can carry your grill with you even while traveling.

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Meat And Vegetables You Need For Korean Bbq

The kinds of meat and vegetables to grill are really up to you KBBQ is more about the format of communal grilling than the specific foods that you must eat, explained Deuki Hong, the owner of Korean fried chicken spot Sunday Bird in San Francisco and author of “Koreatown: A Cookbook.” Hong was also the executive chef at Korean BBQ restaurant Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in New York City.

Typical cuts of meat include:

  • Pork belly
  • Short rib
  • Pork jowl

These meats can be marinated the night before cooking, or you can dip them in various sauces after cooking. You can usually find these cuts at an Asian grocery store like HMart or 99 Ranch Market.

Vegetables include:

Chyir Korean Bbq Grill Pan

Best Korean Bbq Grills On Amazon Reviews 2022 | Best Budget Korean Bbq Grills (Buying Guide)

This Korean Maifan Barbecue Pan Non-stick Smokeless Indoor Grill Stovetop Plate provides you one of the quickest and healthiest ways to cook meat or vegetable.

Its top grill is perfect for sealing in flavor and juices to food and creating more amazing taste than baking.

Ideal for use with gas, or propane stoves. Suitable for Indoor party,outdoor camping bbq grilling.

  • Double-layered and thickened aluminium

CHYIR grill pan with maifan nonstick coated surface, smoke-free

Double-layered and thickened aluminium

Double-layered and thickened aluminium, durable and evenly heated

The bottom has a hole oil design

The bottom has a hole oil design to ensure the oil droplets will not drip on the stove, there is a screw design in the middle, you can control the oil output, you can also tighten the oil,you need put a bowl to catch the oil

Product size: 32x32cm / 12.59X12.59inch

Package Size: 34 x 34x 5.2 cm / 13.3 x 13.3 x 2 inch

Package Contents: 1 x Korean Barbecue Pan

There is a screw design in the middle, you can control the oil output, you can also tighten the oil.

Removable stainless steel handle.

Note: When using the baking tray for grilling, apply a layer of oil first,or the food is first oiled,In order to prevent food from being placed directly on the baking tray, and causes scorching.

Please wash it in time after use to extend the service life.

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Techwood Raclette Electric Grill

Do you want to have a Korean BBQ grill that has more than one pan? Fortunately, you have stopped at the right product. Thats because Techwood Raclette table grill offers you not just a main grill pan but also separate eight cheese pans for making different cheese dishes.

This Korean BBQ grill is perfect for indoor parties because a large grilling plate measures 19 x 9 inches. It functions professionally with just 120v 60Hz or 1500 watts.

Place sausages, pork belly, steaks, ribs, meat chops at a single time and get everything perfectly cooked. The best electric grill has an adjustable temperature of 392 to 536 degrees F.

Apart from this, the adjustable thermometer is with indicator lights. When buying grills, most of the peeps are worried if the grill is with non-stick coating or not.

But there is no need to worry about this grill as it has a non-stick coating of all the main and the additional pans. The main grilling plate and all the eight cheese melting trays are removable and dishwasher safe. Thus, they are easy to clean.

Yes, its a little higher in weight than the other electric Korean BBQ grills. It weighs about 7.4 pounds with the dimensions of 19.1 x 5.2 x 9.2 inches. The main problem with this grill is, theres no drip tray. Moreover, the main grilling plate doesnt get hot enough because the temperature range isnt suitable for cooking meat.


  • Easy to adjust the temperature
  • Airy cleaning as the grill is dishwasher safe.
  • The nonstick coating is long-lasting.

Iwatani Smokeless Yakimaru Cb

Our first review is of Iwatanis smokeless Korean BBQ grill that is a tabletop grill. This stylish black grill is made of aluminum or alloy steel. You must know that as this grill works with butane thus, it requires a butane canister to kick off the cooking process.

Are you an expert at buying Korean grills? Okay, then let us know the most crucial point to consider.tap your back if you answered right. Its the size of a cooking or grilling plate. Aha! Theres a 233mm plate. So no worries, you can prepare a complete meal in a single batch for two people.

With its continuous cooking time of 217 minutes, you can cook your food at 20 to 25 degrees C. But if you want to have an extended cooking time, you need to refill the butane gas tank. In this case, youll also get the maximum temperature of about 250 degrees C.

What about its size and weight? Dont worry its just 1 kg in weight. Therefore, you can easily transport it to your required place. Not just preferable in weight, but the sizing will also catch your attention.

The body is about 303 x 278 x 149 mm. Iwatani has made it with a piezoelectric ignition system, thus making it easy to use for its customers.

Yet, you must know, this Korean BBQ grill is only suitable for two people. You cant use it to make food for even small parties and gatherings.Secondly, the heat is too low to grill meat. Even on the highest level, it seems so inadequate.


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Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor Bbq

The versatility of this grill from Kitchen + Home is one of the first things youll appreciate about it. The Kitchen + Home Stove Top Smokeless Grill Indoor BBQ is good for both indoor and outdoor cooking. And even though it doesnt have a lid, it still does a good job keeping the cooking smoke and odors to a minimum.

The grill weighs about 1.7 pounds which tells you something about its quality. Made from stainless steel, the grill is durable and resists erosion. You can use it on an electric or gas stovetop and still get the same deliciously grilled and healthy food. The double-coated non-stick surface allows you to cook any type of food you like without needing to use oil. As for the grease and fat in the food, it drains easily to the integrated drip pan.

Having a drip pan is more than just a convenience. It also ensures that no drop of oil or grease remains on the surface which could trigger flare-ups or send out burnt grease smoke. And when youre done cooking, you can easily remove the drip pan, empty and wash it without a fuss.

Although the grill is dishwasher safe, you wont get good cleaning results from the dishwasher. The grill has two layers and the underside of the top layer needs to be manually washed to get all traces of food and grease off. Another downside was how quickly the water in the water basin evaporated. Without water, the grease burns and sends out smoke. So you need to refill the water basin even while youre still cooking.


Best Nonstick: Tectake Indoor Smokeless Grill

Korean BBQ grill accompanied by side dishes. Outer grill had some sort ...

Korean grilling is all about flipping meat at exactly the right time to get the perfect seared finish. To make this easier, most grills cooking surfaces have a nonstick coating that lets food turn without resistance. The Tectake indoor smokeless grill features a unique design with a quality nonstick surface.

The cooking surface is ceramic-coated steel, which is a great choice for durability and ease of use. The nonstick coating helps turn food as it cooks while also simplifying cleaning. The entire grill comes apart in three pieces and can be put in the dishwasher to save time.

The design is intended to drain grease as the food cooks. Rather than a network of shallow channels to drain grease to the edges of the pan, this grill works like a backyard barbecue. Fat drips through the metal grates as it cooks, simplifying clean up even more.

While the heating element isnt as powerful as others on this list, a lot of functionality is squeezed out of its 1000 watts. It has five cooking modes, from warm to sear, which helps diversify your cooking method.

Try this indoor smokeless grill for yourself if youre looking for a way to simplify cleanup and cooking. Its an all-around quality grill whose versatility will be an asset to just about any home cook.

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Artestia Electric Raclette Indoor Smokeless Korean Bbq Grill

The wood pattern design on the base of this Korean grill looks really nice! For someone who is looking for an elegant looking Korean grill, this is a good choice. It goes well with a Korean hot pot.

The Artestia indoor grill has several standout features compared to several other Raclette grills weve reviewed. For one, it is the only Rachette griller that comes with a high-density granite grill stone with a cooking surface area of 18.3 X 9.2 inches. Also included in the set are one reversible cast aluminum plate, eight Raclette dish holders with cool touch handles plus eight spatulas. The complete set makes grilling for parties and gatherings more fun. Drawing 1,200 watts of power for a maximum temperature of 428 degrees Fahrenheit, it cooks meat, seafood, vegetables and cheese faster.

Since the grilling place and the Rachette pans have nonstick coating, they are easier to clean after your BBQ night. With this indoor grill, up to 8 people can enjoy sumptuous Korean BBQ and grilled cheese at the same time.


  • Non stick surface is easy to clean
  • With a reversible pan
  • Comes with a granite grill stone
  • The Rachette trays are perfect for preparing side dishes


  • The cord is a bit short

Buy it now:

What Is A Korean Bbq Grill

Grilling is an excellent method to get the most flavor out of your food while making it as tender and delectable as possible.

However, whereas indoor grilling encourages social gatherings, Korean barbecue goes even further!

These grills make group meals more fun because they can be placed on the tabletop, and everybody can cook their own food.

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Beef: Galbi And Bulgogi

Korean barbecue prizes the flavor of beef. As with most steak cookery, prime cuts generally hit the grill with minimal seasoning, while tougher ones are often marinated before cooking.

Galbi and bulgogi are the best-known examples of the latter approach, and both employ a savory-sweet soy saucebased marinade. This marinade is delicate and restrained, so as not to overpower the meat, with the toasty aroma of sesame oil lingering in the background, along with the sweetness of Asian pear, brown sugar, and mirin.

When purchasing beef for galbi or bulgogi, go with the cuts that you can easily find and that make sense for your grill setup at home. For galbi, you can seek out the LA-style, flanken-cut short ribs that I used for my recipe, but keep in mind that they cook quickly and youll need intensely high heat to get any char on them, so a charcoal grill will work best.

If you cant find flanken-cut short ribs, or if you prefer thicker pieces of beef, dont let that stop you from making galbi. When I visited Seoul a few years ago, the best barbecue galbi I had was cut into long, hanger steaklike boneless pieces. Ive also had galbi cut into thick planks.

As for bulgogi, dont even bother preparing it on the grill unless you have something like a wire mesh rack to keep the smaller pieces of beef from falling through your grill grates its not worth the aggravation.

Without it, youre better off cooking bulgogi in a skillet on your stovetop.

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