How To Dispose Of Old Grill

Are There Other Ways To Dispose Of A Grill

Proper disposal of charcoal after grilling

Yes! If youd rather not do a do-it-yourself grill dismantling, there are other ways to dispose of a grill.

Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept intact grills.

Some recycling centers host events where they take bulky or complicated items like grills throughout the year.

Be aware that if you decide to use a service to dismantle your grill into recyclable parts, they may charge a fee.

Be sure to ask if there are fees for pickup and breaking down the grill.

How To Dispose Of Grease From Griddle Or Grill: 3 Easy Options

Where are YOU going to put your griddle grease when you are done cooking?

Its a funny thing, disposing of grease. So many of us know what we shouldnt do , but so few of us know what we should do.

Well, in order to straighten everything out, Ive done my research and found the best ways to dispose of grease from griddles and grills in a safe and responsible manner. To start with though, lets get the elephant in the room out of the way, and talk about what you shouldnt do!

Reusing Or Getting Rid Of Your Tank

  • 1 Many propane retailers offer tank exchange programs in which you can bring your empty tank to one of their locations and have it replaced for a small fee. The cost for this type of exchange is usually around $20, which is a terrific price for not having to worry about throwing out the old tank yourself.XResearch source
  • The company you bought your tank from may even offer to come to your house to pick it up from you.
  • Some propane companies that offer a tank exchange program include AmeriGas and Blue Rhino.
  • 2Take your empty tank to a hazardous waste collection site. Many municipalities will have designated locations where citizens can bring hazardous waste that cant be taken to a normal garbage dump. Contact your local governments sanitation department to find out if there are any hazardous waste collections near you.XResearch source
  • Most municipalities will accept propane tanks that are up to 5 pounds at hazardous waste drop-off sites. For tanks that are bigger than this, youll probably need to contact your local government about having someone come to your property to remove it.
  • Locations that include propane tank refill stations include AmeriGas and U-Haul.
  • Most single-use propane tanks are 1 pound or lighter.
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    How To Dispose Of An Old Bbq Grill

    Like dealing with old fitness equipment, you’ll soon discover this isn’t something you can just put on the curb for the local trash collection to pick up and haul away. If you do put it on the curb, don’t count on it being hauled away by your local trash collection agency. The reason is simple — the components are largely considered to be hazardous materials, particularly the old gas tank. You could also consider taking it apart and selling the metal for scrap but that’s usually not worth the time and effort.

    Disposing of an old or damaged barbecue gas grill is not as simple as merely throwing out the unit. Because of the specific and potentially dangerous nature of typical gas grill components, owners of these barbecue grills cant simply put the grill out with the normal household trash. Even if youre trying to be responsible and recycle gas grill parts, certain items, like propane tanks for example, are not suitable for recycling right away like other recyclable materials you may toss. —Do It

    If you need an old BBQ grill disposal or have other junk to throw out, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We can help with many things to get you organized.

    Saying Goodbye To Your Old Grill

    How Do I Get Rid of My Old Barbecue Grill?

    While it may be hard to say goodbye to your old grill, remember that LoadUp can make it a lot less painful!

    Since youre getting rid of your old gas grill, if youre in the market for a new one, check out our article on How to Buy the Perfect Grill.

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    • No on-site haggling or surprise fees.
    • Payments handled securely online.

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    Keep Pests Away With Charcoal Ashes

    While you should keep charcoal and ashes away from plants that like acidic soil, you can use them to keep certain pests away from other plants. Ashes sprinkled around your tomato plants can help keep aphids away. Plus, the high salt levels can help keep slugs and snails from eating your garden. But, once the ash gets wet, it loses its protective properties, so youll need to replenish.

    Safely Disposing Of Any Type Of Charcoal And Ash

    If you want to save a few dollars and extend the life of your bag of charcoal, we recommend using any half-burned pieces of charcoal on your next grilling session. You can do this with any type of charcoal, additive-free, or not.

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    Simply separate the charcoal from the ash using a kick ash basket, or some other means of separation. Only do this once youre sure your coals are safe to handle.

    To extinguish your coals, close the lid and vents on your grill and wait 48 hours. Once the charcoal and ashes are safe to touch, you can separate the ash and charcoal. Set aside the chunks of charcoal, or put them back in your grill for later use. Youll want to mix the old pieces with new ones the next time you cook.

    For disposing of the ashes for any type of charcoal, theres one easy way to do this. Once the ashes have thoroughly cooled, scoop them into used aluminum foil and wrap them up. You can then dispose of the aluminum foil in your garbage bin.

    Since putting hot ashes into your trash bin can cause problems, make sure you wait at least 48 hours after you grill before doing this. If you need to scoop the ashes into something in the meantime, you can use an ashcan.

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    Where To Dispose Of The Grill

    The grill body can be disposed of as scrap metal. For the gas valves, as long as these are brass or aluminium, they can also be recycled as scrap metal.

    However, the lid may not be recyclable. It is important to check before putting this in with your recycling. If you do not see the recycle symbol, put this in your regular rubbish bin.

    What Are George Foreman Obligations In Relation To Weee

    Disposing of Ashes & Water Pan Contents – TVWB –

    We encourage the take-back of household WEEE from UK consumers by our membership of a Government approved “Distributor Take-Back scheme” set up by Valpak Limited . Through Valpak we contribute to the establishment of a network of Designated Collection Facilities where consumers may dispose of their WEEE free of charge for recycling and treatment in an ecologically sound manner. By doing this we encourage consumers to dispose of WEEE in a way that maximises its re-use and recycling. Having chosen this approach we will not ourselves accept returns of household WEEE for recycling, nor do we make arrangements for its collection.

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    Use These Guidelines To Prepare Your Old Gas Grill Before Sending It To Recycling Or Proper Disposal

    Proper care and maintenance of your gas grills parts will keep it running for a long time. When you need to get rid of your old grill, we strongly recommend using responsible disposal methods such as recycling, donating, and other creative eco-friendly methods.

    Be sure to clean your old gas grill thoroughly before taking it to a recycling center for disposal. By following the guidelines below youll have your old grill ready for proper disposal in no time!

    Guidelines for Disposing and Recycling Your Old Gas Grill

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  • Book LoadUp for Safe & Professional Grill Disposal
  • What To Do With Old Grills

    STEP 1

    Clean your grill grate, cooking surface, ash pan, and if your grill has one, the grease pan, so that youre not disposing of anything with excess ash, grease, or carbon. A grill brush or bristle brush and a cleaning rag with some warm water will do the job sufficiently for these purposes.

    STEP 2

    If you have a propane grill, your first step is to remove the propane tank from the rest of the grill. This should just be a matter of taking it off just as you would refill or replace it. Empty propane tanks can still be highly flammable and should not go into the regular garbage. Instead, schedule a pickup from a local recycling center that takes them, or bring it to a junkyard that handles them.

    STEP 3

    Using your screwdriver where necessary, dismantle the grill and separate the parts into different piles: one for metal and one for plastic parts. This will make it easier to estimate their worth when you scrap them.

    STEP 4

    STEP 5

    Any parts you dont scrap should be recycled. If you have curbside recycling, you can leave those parts with your garbage, though separated. Otherwise, youll have to take them to a recycling center yourself. If there isnt one locally available, your last option is to contact your garbage collection company and notify them that youll be leaving them potentially hazardous materials.

    STEP 6

    Take all of the scrappable pieces to your local scrap metal center or to a recycling center that buys scrap metal.




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    Tips To Properly Dispose Of Barbecue Gas Grills Before They Are Recycled

    With Memorial Day weekend a few days away, many people are replacing their old barbecue gas grills with new ones. Many parts of the grill can be recycled, including the gas tanks, but there are many safety factors to consider. Gershow Recycling says people must show great care in properly disposing of used propane gas tanks and other parts of the grill when bringing them in to be recycled.

    With the health risks associated with the handling of propane tanks, states are cracking down on the illegal disposal of propane tanks. As a result, many people are turning to scrap metal recyclers to properly dispose of the barbecue grills.

    When disposing of a barbecue gas grill, observe the following rules:

    It is important that the gas tanks that are brought to Gershow Recycling are fully emptied, said Elliot Gershowitz, vice president of Gershow Recycling. The contents are under pressure and, if they are not properly discharged, can result in a fire, serious injury or death. We accept propane gas grills, but we ask that people properly discharge the tanks before bringing them to be recycled.

    How To Prepare Your Old Gas Grill For Recycling

    How Do You Dispose and Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    While these are practical general guidelines for disposing of old BBQ grills and preparing your old gas grill for recycling or disposal, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional to safely dispose of your old gas grill for you to ensure you recycle gas grills properly.

    WARNING: Be extremely careful! Both the gas and flame are highly dangerous. NEVER turn the knob on full blast or use a large flame to light the grill.

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    Disposing Of A Propane Tank

    Where do you dispose of a propane tank if its damaged or old and no longer serviceable, and recycling is not a possibility? There are several options available to you for proper propane tank disposal. For a large, bulk propane tank, contact a licensed propane company, such as your propane supplier, for removal. Theyll be able to safely purge any remaining propane from the tank. Theyll also have the specialized tools to remove the tank safely. To dispose of smaller tanks that are damaged or unserviceable, contact a propane supplier, or your local household hazardous waste collection site.

    Some municipalities or local regulations may allow for disposal of empty propane tanks, propane cylinders, and propane bottles with your regular household trash. Usually, they suggest emptying the tank, removing the regulator, then puncturing the tank so it cant be re-pressurized. This can be dangerous, and is best left to professionals.

    How Do You Dispose Of And Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    If youve already bought a new gas grill, there is no use for the old one. You have to dispose of the previous one to stay safe. How do you dispose of and recycle it? You need to adopt some footsteps to get everything going well. Otherwise, you will fall in severe danger due to various reasons. Some of the efficient methods of disposing and recycling a grill are given below:

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    Clean Your Grill Before Recycling It

    Before you start hammering away and kicking your old grill that you once loved, you have to clean it.

    Grease isnt always the easiest to clean. A lot of times instead of cleaning it properly youll just be swishing everything around. To make it easy you can use a grease remover like this one.

    Once you clean it and wipe the exterior with a cloth you can start to disassemble the unit.

    Where Can I Dump My Old Bbq

    How To Reuse Unburned Charcoal For The Next Grilling- Get The Most Use From Charcoal

    If you have an old barbecue you need to get rid of, its not a good idea to just dump it with your household garbage or near a dumpster. Most parts of old grills can be recycled, so its best to hire a service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to remove it for you.

    Were a full-service junk removal company, which means well take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Well remove your old grill right from where its locatedtheres no need to haul it to the curb or move it on your own. Well safely load your BBQ and any other items you need to get rid of into our truck, and then well sweep up the area before we head out. We always do our best to recycle or donate items where possible, so you can rest easy knowing that your items have been properly disposed of.

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    Handling Your Tank Safely

  • 1Avoid putting your empty propane tank in the trash. Because propane tanks are pressurized, they can potentially explode when theyre compressed in a garbage truck. This means that not only is it dangerous to try to throw away your tank in the garbage, but most city sanitation departments wont even pick up the tanks along with the rest of your trash.XResearch source
  • Some municipalities have exceptions to this rule for propane tanks under a certain weight. For example, empty propane tanks under 2 pounds can safely and legally be thrown away in the garbage.
  • Check with your local city government to see if your propane tank can be safely disposed of in the garbage.
  • 2Refrain from storing your old tank in a heated room or in the sun. There will still be a little bit of propane left in your tank even when its empty. This leftover gas can expand when it gets heated up, causing the tanks safety valve to open and leak propane everywhere. Store your empty tank in a cool, shaded space until youre able to have a licensed professional remove the leftover propane.XResearch source
  • For safety, avoid storing your propane tank inside your home, in case a leak does occur.
  • Your propane tank needs to be stored somewhere where it will not reach 120 °F .
  • You can find a licensed professional to remove your leftover gas by contacting local propane suppliers in your area.
  • Disposing Of The Different Types Of Charcoal

    Before you decide which disposal method youll use, its a good idea to know what kind of charcoal youre cooking with. There are two different types: charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal, which is sometimes called lumpwood.

    Generally speaking, briquettes are made with additives that help them burn consistently and hold them together. As a result, youre limited in how you can dispose of used briquette charcoal and ash.

    Lump charcoal, on the other hand, is all-natural, made from burning wood in the absence of oxygen. As a result, you have many different options when it comes to the proper disposal of lump charcoal and ash.

    Keep in mind that its best to look at your charcoal bag to see if the kind you use is additive-free or not. Some briquettes are additive-free, and some arent. On the same token, some charcoal advertised as lump charcoal does, in fact, have additives. If youre not sure, its best to safely throw your used charcoal away.

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    Propane Tank And Hose Pipe

    If your grill is gas-fuelled, your main concern should be the propane tank. Before you dismantle the grill, remember to cut off the hosepipe that supplies gas to the burners. The hosepipe is not recyclable you can dispose of it in your domestic waste pick up bin.

    However, the propane tank is hazardous, it should not be disposed of carelessly. Different regions have different regulations that govern how the gas tank should be disposed of, with almost every region banning throwing the gas tank in landfills.

    Some gas suppliers accept the propane tanks for recycling, while some will advise on how you can properly dispose of the hazardous propane tank. For gas tanks that are too old for recycling, you can deliver them to the fire station department in your local area for safe handling and disposal.

    How Do I Recycle My Propane Tank

    BBQ Grill Removal &  Disposal

    You should keep your old propane tank as a backup. I personally have had a propane tank run out of gas during a party and its not a pleasant experience. Since then I have always kept a back and now keep my partys going all night without any worries.

    If you keep it just store it somewhere safe far from extreme heat or cold. Make sure nothing flammable is close to it. Store it in a shed or a storage room. Keep it away from young children who might think its a toy.

    If you really dont want to keep it take it to the store you bought it from or any retailer that carries popular brands like Blue Rhino or Amerigas. Usually these locations will accept the propane tank for free with no hassle. The manufacturing companies will actually fix these tanks, rebrand them and sell it right back to you.

    The important reason to send it back to Blue Rhino lets say is because they have the ability to safely remove the gas if the tank cannot be fixed. They will also take it apart safely and properly recycle the parts for reuse. You should never try to remove the gas yourself or try to dismantle a propane tank.

    If you are still not satisfies with these ideas you can always search for a local hazardous waste site that will accept a propane tank. If you need more assistance on how to recycle a grill or where, check out this website for locations.

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