Security Grilles For Doors And Windows

Why Choose Iks For Professional Security Grilles Installation

Retractable Security Grilles for Doors and Windows

We are experienced MLA approved security specialists. Our range of fixed and sliding security grilles are carefully designed to add extra protection and reinforcement to your home or business in London without obstructing views or restricting natural light and air flow. Grilles are an important security addition to doors and windows offering personal benefits such as allowing you to leave doors open in summer without feeling unsafe.

Our bespoke high security grilles can be made for ornamental, residential, industrial and commercial purposes and are all made to measure to the customers needs.

A Leader In The Industry

Paylon Roll up Security Doors offers an economical solution for allowing maximum airflow ventilation and visibility while preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas. Curtains for the roll down grille can be powder coated, mail slot, straight grille, or brick grille pattern. . Roll-up security doors are constructed with high-grade materials with few moving parts. This will ensure easy installation and provide many years of trouble-free service. All main components are easy to replace. Depending on your application we offer 2 types of roll-up grille doors .

The Commercial Retractable Security Gates are the ultimate barrier to your home, office, or store needs to prevent unauthorized access. They use twice as much steel as our standard heavy-duty doors thus allowing you the most secure storefront gate available on the market. With our weather-resistant finishes, you will have not only an attractive gate but one that will last the test of time. It comes with folding top or bottom tracks.

The Commercial Roll-Up Security Doors are an economical solution if you want maximum airflow ventilation and visibility. They are great at stopping un-authorized access to restricted areas. Curtains for the roll down grille can be powder coated or use a mail slot, straight grille, or brick grille pattern. You can choose between a Spring-loaded tube and Chain hoist up & down .

Fixed Door And Window Grilles

Fixed grilles can be installed on the interior or exterior of windows and doors in different styles and configurations.

  • Invisible look Georgian window bars installed to align seamlessly with the window beading within the recess
  • Strapping grilles for windows security with vertical and horizontal bars
  • Traditional fixed burglar bars or anti theft bars

Whichever style of door or window security grilles you choose they must be carefully designed by an experienced fitterto allow windows to open and doors to be used with ease.

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Security Grilles Simple But Effective

Window security grilles and door security grilles look good and are simple to maintain and use, yet offer the ultimate protection against intruders.

Alarms and double glazing are no longer sufficient deterrents. Alarms are rarely responded to quickly enough, or more often, completely ignored and they can be consistently expensive to maintain. Double glazing can be easily smashed and represents no real defence against intruders. A security grille has major security, safety and appearance advantages over other types of physical security like roller shutters and fixed bars and grilles.

Direct From Factory Hdb Approved Window Contractor Compact Metal

Security grilles for night and day security

Affordable Price and Customise are all Welcome

Price Include Grille + Installation + Free Delivery

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Compact Aluminium window grilles are lightweight- easy to slide or swing and durable- they do not rust.

Choose the option of having Fixed, Sliding or Swing open grilles.

Having the option to open your window grilles allow for easier cleaning of your windows.

  • Type 1: Half Height Aluminium Grilles
  • Colors: Silver, Bronze, Black
  • Type 2: Full Height Aluminium Grilles Colors: Silver, Bronze, Black

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Bar Door Security Grilles

As similarly described for security window bars, bar grille doors offer an additional barrier specifically for doors and other walk-through openings. To increase security to an existing door a bar grille door can offer some additional security features and provide a good extra level of protection. As an individual door it can offer a barrier to passages whilst maintaining visiblity and air flow.

  • Individually Made, Not From Stock Sizes
  • Insurance Approved BS3621 Lock
  • Manufactured to Match Existing/Additional Doors
  • Steel Artwork or Steel Sheeted Options Available
  • Great Additional Barrier to Doors

We manufacture and install our bar doors to include a british standard lock which is typically approved by insurance companies. Our standard locks can be changed at a later date and are reasonably avaiable for public purchase.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of External And Internal Shutters

External shutters

Given sufficient time and the right tools externally fitted shutters can be forced open

If shutters are installed internally the thief will find it very difficult to reach the fixings, especially through broken glass

Internal shutters will not protect your windows from vandalism

External shutters can shade your home and keep it cool on hot days. This is ostensibly what they are used for in central and southern Europe

You will almost certainly need planning permission and there is no guarantee that youll get it, judging by some planning authority policies

External shutters can shade your home, but wont necessarily keep it cooler, because the light has already passed through the window glazing.

If you live in a conservation area or the building is listed you may need planning permission, so you must check first.

Can help to prevent an arson attack

Fire safety and your means of escape in an emergency are paramount and it is recommended that you do not use external shutters when you are home. They might also delay the fire brigade from putting out a fire in your home

Unless you live in a conservation area or the building is listed you probably do not need planning permission, but you must check first.

Your fire safety and your means of escape are still a matter of great importance and it is recommended that you do not use internal shutters when you are home. They can delay the fire brigade from putting out a fire in your home

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Rolling Security Gates For Multiple Uses

Our gates deliver high-cycle use with no maintenance required beyond safety checks to ensure your tracks are free from debris. These commercial rolling security shutters are versatile and are the perfect solution to:

  • Safeguard bars and restaurants: With an attractive and high-end appearance, these grilles are an excellent choice for use in the hospitality industry.
  • Secure customer-facing areas: Security grille doors are perfect for sealing a standalone business, mall storefront, or an area containing valuable items.
  • Cover countertops and windows: Our roll-up security gates can install over countertops to protect pharmacies, health care facilities, and other businesses from theft.
  • Prevent access to off-limits areas: Roll-up security grilles are ideal for creating a motorized barrier inside your building that blocks unauthorized personnel access.
  • Protect parking garage entrances: We manufacture several rolling security gates to create a secure environment in a commercial or residential parking garage.

Security Grilles For Doors And Windows

Door and Window Security Bar with Sounding Alarm

Security grilles provide a simple and unobtrusive barrier on smaller openings. Their lightweight designs are commonly installed behind windows and doors for maximum visibility and minimal impact on the existing appearance of a building.

These products have been developed with manual handling in mind. Security grilles effortlessly retract horizontally by folding into themselves. Smooth running tracks and the combination of strong steel components and large openings balance ease of operation with exceptional security levels. This clever design forms a stack which is small enough to discreetly fit behind curtains or vertical blinds.

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Cesg12 Brick Pattern Grille

Horizontal 5/16″ diameter solid aluminum rods at 2″ centers. Rods supported by heavy duty aluminum links, held in staggered position by tube spacers throughout the entire curtain assembly. Available in aluminum – mill, clear, or color anodized finish in alloy T5056 H32. High cycle construction available.

A Choice Of Retractable Security Grilles And Concertina Gates At Great Prices

We can supply and install external or internal retractable security grilles for windows, retractable security gates or security grilles for doors to securely protect your home or business premises. Our security grilles and retractable gates are designed for robust standard to higher security domestic and selected commercial applications and insurance approved high security installations using tested and certified grilles . You can view the prices for these on our security grilles prices page.They are supplied in white or black as standard, however they can be powder coated in a variety of coloured finishes as an optional extra. You can view the full range of RAL colours here.For windows in domestic situations the grilles and retractable gates can be completely concealed behind curtains when open. The window barriers are supplied in two widths and five heights and can be used in a double sash format which doubles the width options. The high grade galvanised steel comes in an ‘X’ lattice as standard but can have an ‘S’ lattice as an optional extra.Designed to keep intruders out while letting the maximum amount of light in, our retractable security grilles and retractable gates are suprisingly unobtrusive. In a home they can be fitted to the door or window surround and disappear neatly behind curtains and a pelmet can conceal the top track. In retail situations security grilles are aesthetically pleasing but allow merchandise to be displayed safely 24 hours a day.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Concertina Security Grilles

What is a Fixed Grille?

A fixed grille is manufactured from steel and can be installed internally or externally. It can be made into numerous different patterns ranging from a traditional straight bar prison-style to a highly decorative wrought iron design. Fixed grilles can be used commercially or in a domestic environment. They offer a whole spectrum of security levels depending on the gauge and strength of the steel used to manufacture them. Fixed grilles can be galvanised, and powder coated to give a long-lasting and high-quality finish.

Can I Buy and Install the Product Myself?

Yes, all our products are available on a supply only basis. With our years of experience in the security industry offers, we can guide you step by step to selecting the correct product for your requirements. We have expert fitters in our team that can answer any installation queries you may have, and all our products come with full fitting instructions.

How Much Do Concertina Security Window Grilles Cost?

At QSec we price all of our grilles on a bespoke basis, simply call the QSec team today and well happily provide you with a FREE quote for your security roller shutters and retractable security grilles.

How Can Security Grilles Help?

QSec offer a diverse range of home security and commercial security products, including roller shutters. We have an extensive range of roller shutters that are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties.

Contact Our Specialists Today

Our RSG1000 retractable security grilles fitted to a patio door with ...

If you want to increase security while enhancing the external décor of your property, you can rely on Jayee Screens to provide the best window security grilles in Melbourne. Speak to our team today by calling us on , or contact us through our online enquiry form.

My new shower screen was fitted at the weekend and I am very happy with it. The finish that was recommended is perfect. The person who fitted it was very clean and tidy. Thank you Jayee

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Types Of Security Grille

Window grilles and security bars can be fitted both internally and externally. They can be permanently fixed, or made to lift off, slide or swing open for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Window security bars that are required to open can hinge on either side or both for centre opening. Window grilles can also be set at some distance off the wall both internally and externally to allow for side opening hinged windows. Externally they can also be designed to bulge at the bottom to allow for window boxes, troughs and other ornamentation, which can also be integrally included in the design of the security bars.

North London Based Experts In Design Installation And Repair Of Security Grilles

It can be quite daunting to be faced with such a varied range of security grilles, however, we are here to help and guide you. It is important to get professional advice from a fully trained and accredited locksmith when choosing the right product. Whether you are looking for fixed security grilles or retractable security grilles our professional and qualified team of London locksmiths is on hand to help you find the right product for your property.

You can depend on us for all your security grille requirements. Our high quality steel security door and window security grilles are UK made and of the highest quality. They are stronger than aluminium security grilles.

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Cesg31 Side Folding Lexan Or Solid Grille

Design: Curtain with glazed or solid aluminum panels create a security barrier and blocks refuse, odors and smoke. Continuous vertical interlocking aluminum pivoting sections are set on 5 1/2″ centers. Interlocking sections are fitted with either glazing panels in clear, flame retardant 1/8″ thick polycarbonate material, G.E. Lexan or equal or solid aluminum panels to deny visual access. Panels run full height between 5 1/2″ high extruded aluminum closure panels at top and bottom.
Track Overhead track is an extruded heavy-duty aluminum section 1 1/2″ wide, 1 7/8″ High. Track required for curved openings has a standard 10″ radius: 90º, 120º, 135º and 150º. .
Materials & Finishes Aluminum rods, tube spacers and link chains may be mill finish, clear or color anodized. Track, end members, intermediate members and hinged panels may be clear of color anodized

Our Security Grille Manufacturing And Installation

Door and Window Security Bar with Sounding Alarm

Safeguard Security is the leading UK manufacturer and installer of window security grilles and door security grilles.

We manufacture the security grilles in our own factory. Through this you get the reassurance of dealing direct with the manufacturer as well as benefitting from low ex-factory prices. Because we produce our grilles to a high quality standard we can offer a unique 5 year guarantee covering both manufacturing and installation. We can also install our internal security shutters in most of the country, so please contact us to see if we can install in your area.

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Order A Rolling Security Grille

Ordering a rolling security grille from Cornell is easy. Request a quote online, locate a Cornell dealer in your area or speak with a local representative. Security grilles offer low-profile protection with an unmatched, attractive appeal. We have a vast selection of roll-up security gates and grilles to match the size requirements of any application. For more information or to speak with someone about products for your business, call Cornell today at 233-8366.

Security Grilles For Doors

At Security Grilles Direct, we can offer security grilles for doors and windows. If you are a school, hospital or a company with a large warehouse or headquarters, we can offer a range of tailored security grilles solutions for each of both doors and windows! Our British made security steel grilles can collapse as a grill door meaning you can open and close when you please.

We supply a range of custom-made security grilles for doors and windows. View our products below.

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History And Development Of Shutters And Grilles

Shutters and grilles have been used for hundreds of years to improve security. In medieval Britain the ordinary shop front had no glazing in the windows and instead had horizontal hinged wooden shutters. The larger, top shutter would hinge upwards to provide shelter and the lower shutter would hinge downwards to create the stall on which the trader would display goods for sale. This is why very old shop fronts of today have what is called a stall riser, which is a low wall beneath the window which would have been the hinging point for the lower shutter.

Part of the reason for using shutters was the sheer expense of glass and in fact it was only when the manufacturing costs of glass fell and the tax duty on glass was abolished in the middle of the 1800s that glass started to be used in the average shop window. Even then many wooden shutters were retained, but this time to protect the glass and goods behind it. Also at about this time metal grilles started to be used at night to provide security and also to allow passersby to view the goods on display perhaps this was the beginning of window shopping. Wooden shutters were also used to protect domestic windows, but probably more to keep the cold out and to protect the expensive glass than to protect the contents of the home.

Security Specialists Concertina Window Security Grille

Window Security Grilles UK

The security products and concertina window security grilles that we provide are available from our base in Leeds, Yorkshire. We can also supply and install security grille products across a number of areas in the UK, whats more, are we provide a range of comprehensive security products including roller shutters for windows doors, security grilles, and window bars. At QSec were based in Leeds and are perfectly positioned when it comes to providing commercial security products across the UK.

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Entrance Door Security Gates

Some people, living on local authority estates, who have been the victim of a crime or fear crime a great deal, have sometimes resorted to installing steel security gates in front of their flat entrance doors. Whilst I would not criticise residents who have done this, because it is an understandable reaction to experiencing crime, there is a concern that these security measures may affect your ability to exit the flat in an emergency. If you intend to keep the gate then you must make sure that the keys are kept close to the door and that your smoke detectors are working.

An alternative way of improving the security would be to replace a low grade entrance door with an enhanced security doorset that is certificated to PAS 24, but make sure you have the permission of the landlord first. Responsible local authority and housing association landlords generally use PAS 24 doorsets during refurbishments and in new build, because they have realised the benefits that these can bring.

I therefore do not recommend the use of entrance door security gates, but instead promote the use of PAS 24 doorsets

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