How Best To Clean Grill Grates

Don’t Clean The Grill Grate

The Best Way To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates{GG SilverBac}

So you’re done cooking and the grill grate is covered with the blackened remains of the day’s feast. While it’s still warm, you clean that nastiness off, right? Wrong.

If you’re a Mr. Clean, this may pain you to no end, but keeping the grate dirty here is a good thing. Go ahead and pick off any large pieces of food that may still be there, but the blackness encasing the grate will actually help protect it between cooking. Even though I know you have your grill covered, this adds another level of protection, arming you against dreaded rust.

Prevent Rust On Your Grill Grates

Cleaning rusty grill grates can be a pain. But you can prevent the rust from invading your grill in the future by seasoning your grates. Once your grates are clean and rust-free, simply coat them in cooking oil of your choice. Make sure theyre fully covered and then fire up the grill. Let it heat the grates on high for about an hour. This serves to solidify the oil on the metal, resulting in a protective sheen.

To maintain your seasoned grates, apply a layer of cooking oil before and after youre done cooking. Its also a good idea to buy a grill cover if you dont already have one. Before the winter hits, put your grill in a shed or your garage, if possible. All these things will help keep your grill in the best shape possible for years to come.

How To Clean Porcelain Grates Quick Tips

Porcelain grill grates are popular because they insulate heat well and theyre resistant to rust.

But, you still need to periodically clean them to keep them in great condition.

Watch out for chips and scratches in the porcelain finish. If water comes into contact with the metal under the finish, this may cause rust.

So take extra caution when cooking with metal spatulas or other metal tools.

Make sure to use a nylon brush which has soft bristles rather than a metal brush to keep the porcelain scratch-free.

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Learn How To Clean Grill Grates The Right Way Follow These Tips And Your Grilled Food Will Taste Better And Be Saferjust In Time For Burger And Brat Season

Its grilling season! Whether youre a grill master or a newbie to outdoor cooking, all grillers need to know how to clean grill grates the right way. Dirty grills arent just a health hazard, they also change the flavor of your food and can slow down your cooking time! To avoid carcinogens we provided four easy ways to remove even the toughest of grime. And while youre at it, be sure to follow these tips on how to get your grill ready for grilling season, too.

Steer Clear Of Steel Wool

How to Clean a Barbeque Grill in 15 Minutes

Heres the thing. Steel wool is an excellent grate cleaning tool for cast iron grill grates. Its pretty effective in getting all that nasty grime off. However, it may not be safe to use on stainless steel grates, and heres why.

Stainless steel has a fine finish. Steel wool leaves fine scratches that ruin this pristine finish which, after a while, makes it harder to clean the grates. Food particles and grease become wedged into those minute crevices, making it virtually impossible to get rid of. Ensure that the clean tool you choose keeps your stainless steel grill grates in mint condition.

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What Is The Best Way To Clean Grill Grates Fast And Efficient Methods

Cleaning your grates is an important step to making them last longer. But the question is – is the cleaning process the SAMEfor all types of grates?

The BEST way to clean them actually depends on the TYPE of grates you have.

Dont worry as our experts have prepared a COMPLETE guide on how to correctly and efficiently clean grills of any kind!

Dont Use A Wire Brush

Theres a story we came across a while back about a four-year-old boy who got hospitalized after he accidentally swallowed a metal bristle from a wire brush. Yikes!

While wire brushes are marketed explicitly to barbecue grill owners, we dont recommend using them to clean your grates. Theres always a chance that some of the bristles from the brush may fall off without you noticing, latch onto your food while youre grilling, and end up in your body. Its simply not worth a trip to the ER.

There are several other safer alternatives you can use that work just as well. One option would be to crumple up a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil and shape it into a ball. Then, use a pair of tongs to grab it, and voila! You have a safe tool to clean your grates with.

Alternatively, you could also use a wooden grill scraper instead. The best thing about it is that the block will start to develop groves that fit your stainless steel grates perfectly after a while of using it.

Now, if you live on the wild side and insist on using a wire brush, ensure you double-check and even triple-check your grates for any stray bristles that might make their way into your food. Be sure to run a damp cloth across the grates once youre done scrubbing. You can never be too safe.

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Cleaning Iron Grill Grates Using Homemade Rust Removers

Homemade rust removers are very effective in cleaning iron grill grates. Since it is natural, there are no chances of getting toxic food off the grill.

Ingredients that can be used to make homemade rust remover are vinegar, lemon or lime juice, salt, baking soda and water. These ingredients will help you get rid of sticky black residue easily from your iron grilling surface area. Just spray these ingredients on the surface side by side where the residue is present.

Leave it for 5 minutes before scrubbing them using a scouring pad or steel wool which is not too harsh on grates so as not to scratch them up. Also take care that you do not overuse this method every time you clean because if left like that it will result in rusting.

Mix a solution of baking soda and vinegar to make an effective homemade rust cleaner. This is a very cheap, safe and simple way to get rid of the black residue from the grill grates. For this purpose mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda, add more if required for better results.

In case you do not have baking soda then you can use salt or lime juice instead while using salt water will also help but remember that it cannot remove strong sticky residue easily.

Pour this mixture onto a sponge and apply onto the surface which has a lot of black gunk stuck on it leaving some area without cleaning solution where there is no such stain present so as not to damage the cooking surface.

Why We Dont Like Brushes For Cleaning Grates

Spring Cleaning GrillGrates

Everybody thinks that wire brushes work best, but in reality, they can be dangerous if not used properly. You need to use a scraper to knock down the dried-up stuff that a wire brush cant do easily. Like brushing your teeth huh? Not really, since little wire hairs can snap off and stick to the greasy spots you cant get to. You wont see it there until it gets in your food. Sending your BBQ guests to the hospital is never part of the plan.

Only use a wire brush after youve scraped off all the grease and given the grill a good inspection. Dip your wire brush into water before doing any scrubbing after the grill is free from oil and junk. If the grill is still hot, the water will vaporize and causes steam to remove anything left-over. This will also prevent little wires from sticking to the grill surface too as theyll drop down into the grill bed.

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How To Clean A Gas Bbq

To clean your gas BBQ, you need to disconnect the gas first to ensure your safety. Detach all removable parts and clean them individually. Wash the body of the BBQ, leave it to dry and reassemble the grill back.

Here is the detailed process of how to clean a gas BBQ:

  • Disconnect the gas The first and most important thing to do before you start the actual cleaning process is to disconnect the gas.
  • Prepare a bucket of soapy waterJust a bucket of warm water with added dish soap will do the job. There is no need to use any dangerous chemicals.
  • Dethatch the parts of the BBQUsing work gloves, remove the grates, the metal plates and basically all plates from the inside of the BBQ while they are still warm.
  • Remove the excess fatScrub the excess fat from the parts, again while they are still warm. When youre cleaning the grill scrub both of its sides to make sure any fat that is underneath is cleaned off as well.
  • Clean the partsPlace all hot plates, char grill plates, flame diffusers and warmer racks in the bucket of warm soapy water and use a sponge to clean them.Bonus tip: Stainless-steel food warmers can be soaked in warm water and laundry powder for an hour. After that scrub them with a scarer, rinse and dry.
  • Use hot soapy water to cleanGive the barbecue itself a good clean again with hot soapy water and a soft scouring pad.Bonus tip: BBQ wipes are great for keeping the BBQ look good between big clean-ups.
  • Let the parts dry
  • The Lazy Approach: Burning

    The idea behind this method is simple, get the grate super hot until all the caked on grease burns up. You can throw the grates in a self-cleaning oven or simply place some aluminum foil down on top of the grate, close the lid and light up the grill. After about 10-15 minutes all of the grease should be a white powder, simply brush it off and youre done.

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    How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Weber Extra Tips & Tricks

    The most common cause of rusting when it comes to regular grill grates is letting water drip into them when cleaning or leaving it standing after use .

    This can also be avoided by simply storing your grill grate properly by laying over the side burners instead of the main burner.

    Before putting away, make sure to thoroughly dry it with paper towel or cloth and store inside a box where no moisture could get inside avoid storing next to other metals which may result in corrosion.

    Another important thing to remember about cast iron grates is not to use soap and harsh scrubbers as this will damage the seasoning and make your grill grate more susceptible to rust.

    Burn Away Food Scraps

    How to Deep Clean Your Grill

    The first step in cleaning your grill gratesis to burn off any food scraps left from cooking by heating it on high for5-10 minutes. Once youve done this, turn off the grill and allow it to cool.Iron grill grates and other heavy-duty grates can hold onto heat for a while,so make sure your grill is completely cool before proceeding.

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    Clean Rusty Grill Grates With Vinegar And Baking Soda

    For more stubborn or more significant rust spots on your grill grates, make a baking soda and vinegar paste. Mix two parts baking soda and one part vinegar until you have a thick paste. Using a brush or a rag, apply the paste to the rust spots on the grates. Let it sit for an hour.

    When you come back to it, some of the paste should be absorbed. Scrub the affected areas with the rough side of a sponge, steel wool, or a scrub brush. The rust should come off quickly. If it doesnt, try the next method.

    Before You Start Cleaning Grill Grates

    Determine whether your grill grates are made of porcelain, cast iron or stainless steel. How you clean your grill grates and what products you use depends on what material the grates are made of. Keep these tips in mind before you start scrubbing.

    • Porcelain grates: Porcelain grates are rust-resistant as long as the finish is intact. To clean, use a soft-bristled or nylon brush in lieu of rougher metal or wire brushes.

    • Cast-iron grates: Cast-iron is tough so they can handle those stiff, wire brushes. However, they do rust easily, so we recommend rubbing the grates down with either vegetable or canola oil after cleaning.

    • Stainless Steel grates: These grates are durable and dont require as much special care as porcelain or cast-iron grates. But, that doesnt mean they arent subject to rusting. To prevent rust, be sure to dry the grates completely before cleaning.

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    How To Clean The Inside Of A Bbq Grill

    With the grates removed, brush down the inside to clear out any loose particles that have collected in the bottom and around the sides. Scrape off any large peeling flakes of carbon and grease and if yours is a charcoal grill, empty the ash catcher. Dont forget to clean the drip pan and grease cup in warm soapy water and line them with aluminum foil so theyll be easier to clean next time.

    Why Should You Clean The Stainless Steel Grill Grates

    Best BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool Costs Only $1 How To Clean Grill Grates Property

    Regardless of how frequently you use your grill, keeping it clean should always be a priority. Here are some reasons why maintaining a clean grill is critical:

    • Eliminates Bacteria: Nothing brings a party to a screeching halt faster than food poisoning. Unclean surfaces provide a breeding ground for dangerous germs that may make you or your visitors sick.
    • Increases Efficiency: If your grill is saturated with oil, it will operate inefficiently. Clean grills heat up and cook more quickly.
    • Enhances Food Taste: While eating, no one prefers to enjoy your final grilling session. Maintaining clean grills ensures that your cuisine retains its authenticity.
    • Stops the occurrence of flare-ups: It is something that we have all encountered. You look away for a brief moment only to be confronted with flames, smoke, and burned food. By removing debris and grease that lead to flare-ups, cleaning your grill may help decrease the probability of flare-ups.
    • It significantly increases the life of your grill: The reason you spend your hard-earned money on a stainless steel barbeque grill. Maintain the safety of your investment and guarantee that it continues to burn for many years to come by properly cleaning it after each usage.

    Based on how filthy your grill is, there are simple methods to keep it looking dazzling and clean. Lets examine the most efficient ways for maintaining a beautiful and clean outdoor kitchen and grill area for many years ahead!

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    Stubborn Stains On Your Grids

    Unfortunately, from time to time, something stubborn sticks to your cooking surface, dont fret. Try these tips instead.

    • A sheet of foil, shiny side down, over the offending area while the grill is heating up to 500°F should loosen the problem. When the grill is hot just brush the offending detritus away with your grill brush. **Please consider wearing Heat Resistant Barbecue Gloves when doing this as the grill will be very hot.**

    • As a last resort, soaking your filthy stainless steel grids in hot water, then scrubbing gently will help get your grids squeaky clean. Just remember that in doing this, you are stripping off the seasoning you have built up and the grids will need to be re-seasoned. Dont worry you can reapply that seasoning by following our instructions on how to season your stainless steel cooking grates.

    Why does the tinfoil trick work? The tinfoil will form a concentrated convection over the offending area. This also traps steam if there is moisture present. It will break down the baked on gunk so that it is easier to remove with a grill brush, very similar to when you turn on the self cleaning in your oven.

    How To Deep Clean Your Grill

    When you want to deep clean your grill or smoker, before starting, make sure the grates are cleaned and removed and the cooker is completely cooled. If it is a gas grill, also make sure the burners are off and the gas is disconnected.

    The best way to deep clean your grill is to work from the top to the bottom. Focus on every part of the grill and just utilize a clean, heavy-duty stainless steel wire brush. This will scrub off the carbon buildup throughout the grill. Remove components individually that can be removed and scrub them with the brush outside of the cooker. This will help ensure each part is thoroughly cleaned.

    Water, a mild dish detergent , and a clean sponge will help safely clean off any remaining residue and carbon from any components. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them before cooking again.

    Remember, harsh chemical cleaners, caustic oven cleaners, chloride, or bleach should never be used to clean your grill. Mild enzymatic cleaners, like Dawn, or even baking soda are much safer bets.

    Use the wire brush to scrub the exterior of any remaining fixed components as well as the sidewalls and firebox walls . These must be cleaned and maintained also or else the carbon buildup can quickly corrode the metal.

    As you work your way towards the bottom of the grill, your drip pan would be the last component to clean. Make sure it is fully emptied and cleaned out with mild soap and water.

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