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How To Grill A Perfect Steak

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How to Grill a Perfect Steak is your go-to grilled steak guide! Every step is broken down to make the process of grilling steak easy and approachable!

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Important Things To Keep In Mind

An important thing to keep in mind is to cook the steak for a few minutes over direct heat before moving it to indirect heat.

Another crucial factor is to let the steak rest for a few minutes after removing it from the grill. If you slice the steak immediately after removing it from the grill, it will not be as juicy.

To ensure that your steak is perfectly cooked, juicy, and not dry, make sure to only use tongs and not poke any knife into the meat fillet while it is cooking.

Adding the marinade to the meat fillet with a brush while it is on the grill ensures that your steak is juicy and full of flavors.

How Long To Cook Steak In The Oven

If you find yourself looking to make a steak in the kitchen you can achieve delicious results for putting a dinner on the table any night of the week. A preheated oven, some seasoning and about a half hour of time can give you the results you are looking for when it comes to how long it takes to cook a steak in the oven. This method will also free up time to make side dishes like creamy mashed potatoes and maple-glazed carrots to serve with your perfectly cooked steak.

Start with a hot oven and preheat to 325°F.

Season the steaks on both sides with kosher salt and fresh-cracked black pepper.

Place the steak on a wire rack placed inside a rimmed baking sheet to allow for even heat distribution all around the meat in the oven.

Plan on a cook time of between 20 to 25 minutes.

Roast until the internal temperature of a thermometer inserted into the steak reads:

  • 125° for a rare steak
  • 135° for medium rare
  • 160° for a well done steak

The steak should then be pulled from the oven and allowed to rest on a cutting board for at least 15-20 minutes before slicing.

Pro tip: You NEVER want to slice a steak when its super hot or youll lose all the juices prematurely.

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Pellets Grill Steaks The Reverse Sear Vs The Sear Over Coals

Pellet grills are an amazing cooking tools. They come with many advantages over the traditional gas and charcoal grill, especially for people who love to cook steak. Lets have a look why that is so.

First of all, pellet grills give you more control over various techniques that give perfect results when it comes to cooking steak.

Were going to show you how to use 2 of the most effective ones: The Reverse Sear and The Sear Over Coals . One or both will yield excellent results in your steaks every time.

Lets start with a bit of theory about the differences between traditional grilling and pellet grilling regarding steaks

Grilling Steak Why You Need To Do It

How To Grill Steak Tips

Steaks on the grill really is the bees knees. Theyre juicy, tender, and that charred flavor on the outside you just cant beat it! Our sous vide steak is one of my favorite things to grill, but I realize that not everyone has a sous vide, so we thought wed come up with a much simpler, marinated grilled steak recipe.

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Whats The Best Tasting Steak

The rib eye is a slice of delectable, tender meat with a melt-in-your-mouth flavor. It also offers excellent value for money as one serving can feed three people.

This cut of meat is usually sitting directly below the backbone and over the ribs of a cow. It is one of the most popular steaks, but its one of the most nutritious.

Can You Cook Steak At 600 Degrees

Another crucial technique for grilling steaks is to use high , direct heat and to cook them fast on all sides. The longer the steak is cooked on the grill, the more moisture is removed from the flesh. Toss that baby up to the highest setting it will tolerate and turn on the sear burner, if you have one.

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Cooking Steak On The Grill

Once the meat fillet has spent a few good hours in the , it is time to pop it over the grill. The duration of cooking a steak on the grill is totally dependent on two factors the first is the thickness of the meat fillet. Another factor is the type of steak that you want. The different types include rare, medium-rare, and well done.

How To Grill The Perfect Steak According To A Professional Chef

How to Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time

Summer is quickly approaching, which makes it the perfect time to brush up on your grilling skills. Grilled steak is a summer cookout classic, and a delectable one at that, but the process can be a little intimidating. Which cut should you get? How do you know when the steak done? Here, we’ll answer those questions with the help of chef Chris Frothingham of Great Road Kitchena New American restaurant in Littleton, that you’re a grill master just in time for barbecue season.

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How Do You Grill The Perfect Steak

The trick for perfect grilled steak is to create two heat zones on your grill one side will be screaming hot with a high flame, while the second side will be unlit and cooler. Sear the steaks on the hot side to get a flavorful, golden brown crust and those coveted grill lines, then move them over to the cooler side to finish cooking all the way through. This creates a sizzling steak on the outside, and tender, buttery steak on the inside.


Hey you know what? Steaks on the grill with sweet corn on the side? THIS is the kickoff to summer Ive been waiting for!

Grilled steak with herb butter melted on top

Grilling The Perfect Steak: A Simple Grilled Steak Recipe

Want a recipe for grilling the perfect steak that you can try out for dinner tonight? You can do this with rib eye, porterhouse steaks, boneless strip, or whatever other cut delights you the most. You can also use a steak marinade overnight and grill the steaks the next day. This recipe serves four.

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How Do You Grill A Thick Ribeye Steak

Instructions Start with prime or choice ribeye steaks. I like a 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch thick that will be 12-16 ozs. While the steaks are resting, get your grill temperature about 450-500. If there is a layer of trimmable fat, remove most of it. Place the steaks on the grill. Remove and rest for 5 minutes minimum.

How Long Does It Take To Cook A 1

Know Your Grill and Steak Doneness Guide

Medium-rare steak requires a temperature of 63 degrees. For a medium-rare steak, the internal temperature should be between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For a 1-inch thick steak, it takes around 10 minutes on each side to cook through. Allow it to rest for approximately 10 minutes before serving, just like you would a medium-rare steak.

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How Do I Cook The Perfect Well Done Steak

It all comes down to time. Cook for 2-4 minutes per side until well done, then reduce the heat to low and continue to cook for another 4-6 minutes. To check if the steak is done, gently probe it with the tip of your clean index finger to see if it is done. If the steak is mushy and squishy when you cut into it, its rare. If the meat is tender yet somewhat elastic, it is medium-rare.

Is Medium Rare Steak Safe To Eat

When you see the pink part in the steak you get concerned about your health. You take it as if it is not properly cooked. The next thing you think after seeing pink meat in steak is that if it is still having bacteria. Medium rare steak is sometimes mistaken with rare steak. It is having an easily identifiable red color. You should know that medium-rare steak is not the same as rare steak or raw meat.

A medium-rare rib rack wont hurt you if it is stored safely before cooking and well cooked. The average medium rare steak is cooked at a safe temperature. It is not further cooked when the temperature reaches 135- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Then it is let to sit for few minutes so that juiciness and flavor are distributed properly.

During this time, the temperature of the steak rises slightly because the heat continues to cook the steak. Hence, the average medium-rare steak should be at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is then safe to eat.

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How To Tell When Steak Is Done

How long steaks take to cook depends on many factors like the cut, thickness, grill temperature and preferred doneness. The best way to see whether or not your steaks are ready is to check the temperature with an instant-read thermometer. Measure the temperature in the thickest part of the center and make sure not to touch any bones.

Meat Doneness Temperatures:

How To Grill Steak

How to Cook Strip Steak on the Grill

Grilling steak can be intimidatingespecially when everyone has a different opinion about how cooked it should be . But I promise you that, in reality, it’s easier and faster than grilling chicken. Below is our basic guide for how to grill steak. Follow our rules and cooking times, and you’ll be a grill boss in no time.

Pick your cut.

Our all-time favorite for grilling: the ribeye. Thick and beautiful, with the ideal amount of marbling of fat , it doesnt need a marinade. We also included steps for other insanely tasty cuts like flank steak, skirt steak, filet mignon, sirloin, tri-tip, and strip steak. Each cut boasts a different combo of fattiness and tenderness.

If you’re working with a leaner cut, marinate it!

If you’ve got time , marinate the meat, especially for flank and skirt steak. Our flank steak marinade is perfect, but it’s really, really easy to make your own. Start with olive oil, then whisk in something bold , something fresh , and something sweet . Sirloin also takes well to marinade!

Remove the chill.

Steak right out of the fridge will cook unevenly. Set yours out at room temperature for 30 minutes before grilling

Create a crust.

Oil the grill .

Give your grill grates the cast iron treatment for a non-stick start. Use your tongs to brush the clean grill grates with a high smoke point oil on a paper towel. Heat the grill on high heat until the oil starts to smoke, then rub the grates once more, creating a slick coating on the grates.

Be direct.

Flip or don’t.

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Should You Boil Steak Before Grilling

Never, never, never boil steak before grilling. Boiling the steak will give the exterior an unpleasant grey color, and it will probably be overcooked before it gets to the grill.

There is a technique called sous vide cooking where you immerse steak in warm water to cook it to a desired temperature, then finish cooking it on the grill. But the water temperature is kept closer to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, never as high as the boiling point of 212 degrees.

How Do You Grill A Frozen Steak

Never grill a frozen steak. Frozen steak must be defrosted before cooking.

Grilling a steak while fully frozen is a health risk because bacteria can form while the steak lingers at low temperatures. Also, the surface of the steak is likely to burn while the inside is raw.

To defrost frozen steak, put it in a dish in the refrigerator. Most cuts will fully defrost overnight.

If you need to defrost frozen steak in a hurry, put it under cold running water.

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How Long To Grill Ny Strip Steak

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Youve tried to cook the perfect NY strip steak on a stovetop grill pan, and it came out overdone, dry, or hard to cut, and youre probably wondering how long to grill NY strip steak?

Ideally, 15 minutes should be enough to grill NY strip steak!

However, no one can answer that right off the bat because its different for every possible combination of these variables.

From years of grilling this delicious cut of meat, I can tell you that it depends on many factors, like the kind of grill pan youre using and what size of steak.

But if you have no idea how to grill NY strip steak perfectly, I will teach you the proper way to grill that brings satisfaction and allows you to wow your friends and family.

Avoid Individual Steaks If Cooking For A Crowd

How Long To Cook A Steak? The Answer Will Surprise You

Don’t be afraid to go with one large steak like a 32 oz Ribeye or 1 kilo Porterhouse for a group as opposed to multiple individual steaks, says Prentiss. One large steak is easier to manage and monitor on a grill than multiple smaller ones and armed with a good thermometer, any cook can nail a perfect medium-rare every time. Larger steaks like those also work well for two to six people because once sliced, the steak will have some slices that are cooked to the preference of each guest. Because of the inherent internal variation of cooking times within one steak, Prentiss says, you can accommodate diners who prefer medium rare and medium well with just one piece of meat.

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Tips On Cooking A Perfect Steak Sear On A Pellet Grill

  • Start with high heat.
  • Turn down the outside burners to medium after preheating your grill, and turn one burner on high in the center of the grill for searing.
  • Sear steaks 4 minutes per side , 6 minutes , or 8 minutes .
  • Flip 90 degrees after four minutes, then sear an additional 5 to 9 minutes depending on how you like them cooked.

If your steaks are over 1 inch thick you should cook them at least 10 minutes before closing the lid for any noticeable result. Its important that you use a probe style thermometer so you can keep track of the internal temperature.

This will ensure perfect steak every time! Start by measuring the core temperature of your steak about 5 minutes into cooking.

If its lower than you want, turn the heat up to high while keeping an eye on itif its higher than you want, turn down the heat a little bit.

The most important thing to remember is not to overcook them! That will ruin all that great flavor and juiciness.

You can always throw them back on if you do happen to overcook them, but theyre best when served right off the grill with some grilled veggies or a salad along side.

How Do I Properly Reheat A Cooked Steak

  • When you defrost your steak, do so in the refrigerator take it out of the freezer the night before and leave in the fridge overnight. Take it out of the fridge and let rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before reheating.
  • Reheat in a 250F oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until heated through.

How Do You Choose Steak?

When shopping for steaks, its often best to look for a happy medium between lean and fatty. Look for steaks with some marbling, but not completely covered with fat. Try filet mignon for tenderness, or a ribeye, even strip loin for a balance between tender and flavorful.

What Is The BEST Cut of Steak?

  • Porterhouse. This particular steak is considered the king of steaks mainly because its actually two steaks in one.
  • T-bone.
  • Top Sirloin. Also a relatively lean cut of steak.
  • Tri-Tip

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How To Cook Steak On The Stovetop

Pan-searing is the best way to cook a steak, and its also the easiest!

I love the kind of dinner that you can cook without a recipe. The truth is, good cooking is more about technique than recipes and the best dishes are often the simplest to prepare. A properly cooked steak is case in point. With just a few ingredients and a single pan, you can cook a steak thats as delicious as one youd order in a high-end steakhouse.

The key is knowing how to pan-sear. Pan-searing is a classic technique in which the surface of the food is cooked undisturbed in a very hot pan until a crisp, golden-brown, flavorful crust forms. Its the key to building flavor and texture in a dish. It also prevents sticking and gives your food a restaurant-quality look. Pan-searing is the absolute best way to cook a steak , and it also happens to be the easiest.

What’s The Best Cut For Grilling

How to Cook Ribeye Steak on the Grill

While personal preference is certainly a big factor when choosing the right cut, steaks with significant fat marbling are always going to be preferable for grilling because when it comes to steak, fat equals flavor.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the thickness of the steak. Thicker steaks about 1 ½ to 2 inches are the best choice for beginners because they’re harder to overcook. Thick, well-marbled cuts recommended for grilling include ribeye, strip , and filet mignon .

Cheaper cuts like skirt and hanger steaks are also good for grilling, but there’s more room for error with these, as they are thinner cuts. For best results, marinate overnight and use a meat tenderizer to break down the muscle fibers.

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