How Many Burners Do I Need On My Grill

How To Identify Your Weber Grill Model Step By Step Guide

How Many Gas Grill Burners do I Need?

Weber Grills is anAmerican grill manufacturing company that offers charcoal, gas, and electricgrills. They market their grills and grill accessories as by grillers, forgrillers, bringing a legacy of grilling experience and top-quality metal workby founder George Stephen.

As one of the worlds top grill manufacturers, its no surprise that there are a lot of Weber grills inbackyards across the US and beyond. In fact, Weber offers a wide range ofstyles, models, features, and accessories.

Through the years, as models get updated with new features and technology, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly whichmodel they have. This mostly becomes an issue when it comes to repairs.

Forexample, it may be necessary to identify your Weber grill by model number inorder to acquire parts. If you dont have the original manual, you may not knowwhere to find it.

Do you have a Weber grill? Need to knowwhat type of Weber grill you have?Read on as we walk you through how to find your grill type and model number.

There are predominantly three Weber Gas Grill Series on the market. And now there is a redesigned Genesis II.

What Is The Difference Between Scfm And Cfm

SCFM, or standard cubic feet per minute, is a CFM measurement based on a standard temperature, pressure, and humidity. CFM, on the other hand, does not take variables like temperature and pressure into account. For this reason, it is a slightly less accurate measurement of fan power. That being said, most bathroom fans and range hoods are measured in CFM while air tools use SCFM.

Benefits Of Using Lava Rocks

Lava rocks have a bunch of benefits. For one they help your grill retain heat. If you properly pre-heat your lava rocks you can essentially turn the gas off while cooking.

The rocks retain heat so well that even without a direct heat source lava rocks stay very hot for a long time. Saving gas is always a plus, nothing is worse than having to buy more gas when you need it right away.

Lava rocks also help evenly cook foods. A gas grill is known for having difficulty evenly heating the cooking area. Some areas are way too hot while others are colder. If you load up your cooking surface without lava stones you can feel the heat drop. Lava stones hold that heat inside and transfer it to your foods. None of the heat produced is wasted.

Another benefit is that they help keep fats and oils out of the fire. Its true that some will drop into the flame, but most will get absorbed by the rock. Keeping flare-ups at bay helps not only evenly cook foods, but also reduces harmful carcinogens that get released by the fats flaring up.

Since the stones retain heat so evenly your cooking times are reduced. Foods such as steaks cook faster while being cooked on a lava rock. Same with chicken, fish, and vegetables. Lava stones also increase the cooking area of your grill. The entire stone gets hot allowing you to fully utilize your cooking surface, no more dead spots!

Turn the grill off and keep the lid closed to continue heating your food or keeping them warm prior to serving.

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Rule #5 Which Type Of Bbq Burners Are The Best

As in any car the most important thing is the engine, so in the grills, the burner are the heart of the grill. If the burners do not work properly, the whole grill is worth nothing!

There are several types and levels of burners in the market:

1. The best burner is the stainless steel burner, this burner is made as a perforated tube. These burners usually last for many years and provide best blue fire.

2. Other burners that exist on the market are the cast iron burners. These solid burner provides the fire with the desired power. But the material from which it is made can rust very quickly, since it is impossible to protect the iron from the fat that falls on it or anything else that causes rust.

3. The latter are tin burners, which are found in simple grills and these burners are ineffective. Most of them rust in less than a year. They also do not provide the desired amount of heat.

4. Infrared burners. In general, Infrared burners are only for giving the meat a heat shock and caramelising and make the meat with crunchy edges. BUT, it is a kind of an ax not suitable for delicate jobs. If you do not stop in time, the meat will become dry and dark.

Use the infrared mainly for the last minutes to give the last browning. In high quality grills the infra will be used only in the back or as side burners

Can You Use Lava Stones In A Charcoal Grill

Do I Need A Side Burner On My Grill?

Since lava stones are good at holding heat using them in a charcoal grill will be redundant. Charcoal is also very good at holding and distributing heat evenly. Lava stones will add no benefit in the heat distribution department.

Charcoal also cannot be shut off. Lava stones dont require a constant heat source as once they are heated they hold that heat. Charcoal will constantly heat your stones and may cause them to break down faster.

Yet you still may want some of the flavor associated with lava stones. If that is the case, by all means, you can use them in your charcoal grill. Charcoal does everything lava stones do, but if you are struggling to evenly heat your charcoal grill then you might want to try and use lava stones to better spread the heat around.

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How Much Cfm Do I Need For An Air Compressor

Most air compressors power air tools between 70 pounds per square inch and 120 PSI. The smaller the air tool, the less CFM your air compressor requires. A 10 CFM air compressor will work for most people, however, some of the larger tools require 15 CFM or more.

The CFM requirement should be printed on the package that your tool came in. To ensure that you have enough power, multiply that number by at least 1.5 to find the appropriate CFM. If you own several types of air tools, make sure that your compressor can power the one that requires the most CFM.

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Here Are Some More Buying Guides

Wood pellet burners

That leaves gas and charcoal. Now this is a debate like Mac vs PC or Democrat vs. Republican or Omnivore vs. Vegan. It is a quasi religion fueled by a lot of misinformation. Each has advantages and disadvantages and the choice is not as easy as proponents would like you to think. For the facts, read my article on Charcoal vs. Gas. Please do so before you comment below “Charcoal Uber Alles!” Here’s a quick summary:

Gas is really easy to get up to temp and there is little cleanup. But only those with sear burners or infrared burners get hot enough to do steaks properly . But for chicken, fish, veggies, they are as good as charcoal if not better.

Charcoal takes longer to set up and clean up, but it generates more heat and imparts a slightly different flavor.

But when it comes to direct heat grilling, the fact is that, if all things are equal such as cooking temp, most folks can’t tell the difference in the taste between charcoal and gas grilled food. That’s a big if. Because most gas grills cannot achieve the same high heat as charcoal, charcoal is superior for getting that great dark crust on steaks. If you use strong flavored rubs, marinades, and sauces, you will never notice taste differences especially because they hamper browning . You may think you can, but blind tastings have shown that you probably can’t. So if there is little taste difference, the choice comes down to functionality. That’s why I use both gas and charcoal.

Color. I ask my wife.

Why Does Only One Burner Work On My Grill

Understanding Direct vs Indirect Cooking on a Weber Premium Gas Barbecue

The most common answer to why only one burner lights is that the carryover tube has rusted out and is not working. Oftentimes, a grill will have an ignitor on one grill burner but not on any of the rest of the burners. The carry over tube or bracket brings the light or flame from the lit burner to the unlit ones.

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Primary Cooking Surface Btus And Burners

Propane grills are a hot item. Some grills are outfitted with bells and whistles galore which we will get to in a minute but the three crucial elements, the ones that most affect cooking, are primary cooking surface, BTUs, and burners.

Primary cooking surface

When considering cooking efficiency, the only cooking surface measurement you need to worry about is that of the grill’s primary cooking surface. Many manufacturers include warming racks and side burners in a “combined” surface area figure, but that figure is misleading at best. The primary cooking surface area is the only measurement you need to determine if your grill has the proper BTUs.


BTU is simply a unit of measurement and possibly the most overhyped factor in the grilling industry. At most, you want only 80 to 100 BTUs per square inch of primary cooking surface. Any more, and you’re just wasting fuel possibly because your grill is poorly constructed and doesn’t retain heat properly. Any less, and you may be frustrated with preheating and recovery times how long it takes for the grill to heat back up after the lid has been closed.

For example, if you had a grill with a 10 x 20 cooking surface, that would equal 200 square inches of primary cooking surface. You would only need 16,000 to 20,000 BTUs for that grill.


What Are Btus Gas Grill Power Explained

What is a BTU? How important are they for propane gas grills and how many do you need? Find out everything you need to know with our BTU guide.

One of the most common questions were asked is How many BTUs do I need for my gas grill?. Its a fair question. You want to ensure that you are getting as much bang for your buck as possible when buying your propane cooker. More often than not, BTU is the first term that pops up.

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding around the unit of measurement, so this guide is here to help you cut through the noise. Find out what they are, why theyre important, and what number to aim for when buying your next propane gas grill.

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What Are Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are a great addition to any grillers arsenal. Lava rocks are stones that have been forged by a volcano. They are very porous rocks, which makes them perfect for retaining heat.

Lava rocks are available for purchase in almost any home improvement or grilling store. The stones are created in magma flows and from volcanic blasts. Mostly the stones are comprised of basalt a hard rock, making them very durable.

Lava rocks have fallen out of popularity in recent years, the stones used to come standard in gas grills. Today gas grills do not come with stones out of the box but they are readily available for purchase and easy to find.

Is A Side Burner Necessary

Outdoor Grills 101... How to Make the Long Term Buying ...

Did you know that a side burner could help you in cooking veggies and even sauces? You cannot ignore what an incredible role it plays in cooking small foods.

Side burners will often save time, save energy, and even offer backup for your cooking surface. Despite the vast benefits they have, they are not a must have when selecting a grill.

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Hoa And Condo Restrictions

If you are planning to purchase a grill to use on your balcony, in a shared space, or in an area where there are HOA rules, be careful.

Sometimes, these rules limit what you can and cannot use in the space. In these instances, you may consider portable grills for tailgating and camping.

Due to the dangers of using a large grill, many areas restrict how large a grill can be or what type of fuel can be used. These rules exist to lower the risk of injury around a large grill.

Before you make any decisions or large purchases, double-check that your new grill will be allowed.

Do I Need A 3 Or 4 Burner Grill

You will have to decide between a three and a four-burner grill with an extended family in place. Usually, a bigger grill is likely to assure you of enhanced flexibility.

Whether you want to take control of the temperature or you need to increase the number of foods, a 4-burner grill will guarantee you the convenience you need.

While a 3-burner allows you to do three jobs, a 4-burner suits those who need up to 4 jobs at once. One other thing that will differentiate the two will be the temperatures provided.

Usually, it will be much easier to control the temperature if you have many burners. For instance, one burner could be used for indirect grilling, the other on searing, while the next on flame broiling.

The last burner could come in handy in roasting. In this light, it will be fair to mention that a four-burner grill will be an ideal choice for you. That is because it assures you of not only flexibility but also incredible control.

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Burner Lineup And Heat Diffusion

Burners that are lined up from front to back tend to be easier to use when creating specific heat zones.

Grills will also have some type of heat diffuser over the burners, which allows for heat to distribute evenly.

In some cases, this is a metal heat diffuser that also protects the burners from drips. In other cases, the heat may be diffused through lava or ceramic rocks.

Regardless of the type of diffusion in the grill, it will need to be cleaned or replaced periodically to ensure proper heating.

Burners are important, but they arent the only part of the grill that must be paid attention to.

What Is A Good Btu For A Gas Grill

How to Clean Gas Grill Burners

To get a better idea of what a good BTU is when choosing a gas grill, you need to divide the total BTU of the primary burners by the total cooking area in square-footage in inches. Heres an example to better understand this.

If you come across a gas grill that has four primary burners with a total of 40,000 BTUs and a primary cooking area that measures 450 square feet, to get the total BTU per square inch simply calculate:

40,000 BTU ÷ 450 square inches = 88.89 BTUs per square inch

This is an excellent rating and shows that your gas grill has the potential to be a real force to be reckoned with. The rule of thumb when choosing a gas grill based on the BTU rating is that the above calculation should not yield a figure that’s below 80 BTUs. Anything between 80 and 100 BTUs per square inch is good enough.

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Consider The Way You Like To Cook

All this talk of configuration, fuel type, size, and class can make it easy to forget what this journey is really about grilling! Nows the time to step back and look at what you grill and how you do it. Your grilling style determines what aspects of a grill should matter most to you, and how you’ll want to customize your grill to fit your needs.

What Is A Good Btu For Gas Grills

There isnt a particular BTU value that is uniform for every grill. Instead, it is dependent on different factors such as the cooking area. However, even though there isnt one digit, you can work around a ballpark figure. To work out the BTU, you can divide the primary burners BTU by the square inches.

This is because BTUs will give you an idea of how much fuel a grill will burn in an hour. The bigger the cooking is is, the more gas is burned out during cooking. Heat flux is the amount of heat per square inch, and this is what you need to be looking out for to know the efficiency and power of your grill.

In most cases, the heat flux unit is around 85. However, it can also vary between 75 and 100 per square inch. This will work with a convective grill, but you will need to go for between 50 and 80 BTUs for infrared grills.

How you use your grill will determine the BTUs that you will need. For regular home use, you can get a grill that has about 80 to 100 BTUs. This will be enough for a family-sized grill. A four-burner grill, to feed more people, can have a BTU of 96. This could be for commercial purposes or large family gatherings with about four burners.

A portable grill with one burner could have a total of 12 000BTUs, and this is about the same for most tabletop and small grills.

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