How To Choose The Best Gas Grill

What Role Do Btus Play When Grilling

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | Grill Buying Guide

The power or heat of gas grills is usually measured using British Thermal Units . A BTU does not, however, represent how hot the grill gets, but how much fuel it uses. Typically, the more fuel used, the greater the heat output. The actual ability of a grill to produce heat relies on several factors including its design, the cooking grid proximity to the burners, and the BTU rating. Using BTU capacity alone can be deceptive in determining a grills cooking power since all three factors act together. A grill with a high BTU rating but poor design may not cook as well as another model with a better design but lower BTU capacity. However, a BTU rating is still a good starting place for predicting how powerful a grill will be.

How We Picked The Best Gas Grill

We had three firm criteria that our main contenders had to meet:

Finally, we restricted our search to grills that burn propane from refillable tanks, the most common fuel by far, but you should note that most grills can also run on natural gasthough converting to natural gas isnt cheap or simple.1

We didnt fret much over two other factors that grill-makers spend a lot of time talking about: total Btu count and the grates material. First, the total Btu count on three-burner grills tends to vary between 30,000 and 40,000, and the industry is making a strong push toward more is better. But our research and reporting convinced us that at least as important as the total output was whether those Btus were applied efficiently, steadily, and evenly across the grates. We decided to reserve judgment until our tests.

We knew we would be looking at intangibles, too, such as how well the grills were packed, if the instructions were clear, and if assembly was reasonably straightforward. And, of course, we would consider the biggest intangible of all: the grills ability to perform in our tests.

But those judgments would have to wait until we got our hands on the contenders. So after weeks of research, reporting, and discussion, we settled on four gas grills to test in our main $400 to $700 category, and two grills around the $200 mark to test as budget options.

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Grill

  • Company: Weber
  • Rating: 4.7 / 5 stars
  • Price: $

Are you looking for a;gas grill you can take with you to the beach, camping, picnics, or pretty much anywhere? This portable gas grill is one of;the best ones out there right now.;With a compact shape but decent size grill area,;fold up;sturdy size shelves, and ergonomic;handles, youll love taking this one with you on the go!

The Q2200 is one of;the Q;series of Webers they look similar to each other in shape and style. The differences are in the size of the grilling area, the BTUs, and a few small extra bonus features that some have, and others dont.

This particular grill;is our top;pick in the Q series as it combines;a nice size; with;great power .;It also has awesome ratings and reviews!

Lets take a look at what youd be getting:

  • A fully assembled grill right out of the box! All you need to do is attach a 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder , flick the electronic ignition system, and let it heat up!
  • A handy thermometer built right into the lid so you can better;avoid under or over-cooked food
  • The grates are split down the middle so if youd like, you can order a Q2000 compatible;griddle;grate and use your grill as a griddle as well!
  • Its made of serious grill materials: porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body its no cheap-o portable grill that will only last you one summer!

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Consider A Grill With Flame Tamers

Otherwise called flavoring bars/plates, flame tamers are located between the cooking grids and the burner. They help safeguard the burners from grease and drippings. In turn, they will reduce flare-ups. Even, they can make the grease and vaporize. In turn, they will help with generating a smoky aroma to your meat. For outdoor gas grills, it is an essential factor to consider, because that can make safety. If you are choosing gas grilss as a part of an outdoor kitchen island, make sure it has flame tamers.

When the grill has more flame tamer coverage, it means that the heat will get diffused and rise from the burner reaching the surface of cooking. When you go for a gas grill with flame tamers with full coverage, you will get a more uniformly heated cooking surface.

The ideal flame tamers are generally built from either ceramic or stainless steel. It is essential to check whether the flame tamer materials can resist corrosion when you go for a grill with flame tamers.

How To Choose The Best Gas Barbecue For You

How to Choose the Best Weber Gas Grill For Your Home ...

Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes, which can make choosing the right one a tricky endeavour. To make sure you pick the best appliance for your garden, there are several things to consider including how often you are going to use it.

If you plan to use your barbecue regularly then it might be worth investing a bit more in a model that will last you longer and comes with a lengthier warranty. However, if you plan to use your barbecue occasionally, a cheaper, more portable option might be best because they are typically lightweight and easier to store and clean.

Its also worth considering how many people you are going to be cooking for. Every barbecue has a cooking area which is measured in square centimetres. As a rough guide, up to four people will require a smaller cooking area of up to 1800cm², while up to six people will require a larger area of 2000 sq cm to 2500 sq cm. Finally, if you are catering for up to eight people, you will need the largest gas barbecue, with over 2500cm².

There are many other features to look out for, depending on what it is youre after including wheels so you can easily manoeuvre the barbecue around your garden space, shelves for storage and a warming rack to keep your food warm while you cook.

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Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

Painstakingly calibrated in Germany, the Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill is an induction-ready device that provides an exquisite taste through its powerful yet flexible burner. Thanks to a durable casing of cast aluminum and porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates, you get all the deliciousness without any of the danger. With 8500 BTU per hour output within the 189 square inch cooking area this appliance can sate even your heartiest hunger with ease. Add some style for your establishment by mixing traditional black with stainless steel accents or upgrade to six matching stainless steel goose-neck gas cylinderseither way these beautiful pieces will be proudly displayed on your grill station all summer long!


The perfect size for a small family.Easy to assemble out of box.Get the BBQ youve always wanted.Spend less time cooking and more time with your friends and family.

The Best Pellet Grill: Oklahoma Joe’s Rider 900 Pellet Grill

In the world of manly grilling, it can be seen as sacrilege to use pellets, says Lee. But the convenience is unmatched. Especially if you’re not someone who’s into the fire aspect, with this grill, you don’t even have to think about it. A step above gas in terms of flavor and smokinessbut with the same dial-turn-to-light easethis grill is a happy medium that still uses wood but takes the guesswork out of heat and temperature.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Before opening the valve on a single propane tank, we spoke with more than a dozen experts.

Joe Salvaggio of Big Apple BBQ spent two hours explaining the fundamentals of gas-grill design, function, materials, and maintenance. Joe and his brother Tony have run Big Apple BBQ, one of the New York regions leading grill shops, for over 30 years. The store carries grills from multiple manufacturers, ranging from $400 backyard portables to five-figure custom built-ins. Because Salvaggio is an independent retailer, he was able to speak freely about what he saw as the relative strengths and weaknesses of various designs.

At the 2017 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, we interviewed senior product managers from almost every major grill-maker in attendance, including all the brands that wound up featured in our test: Weber, Broil King, and Napoleon. We spoke with multiple makers of high-end grills, too, as they predominate at HPBE. Though we wouldnt be testing their grills, we felt that knowing what goes into making a $4,000 grill helped us evaluate the less expensive grills in our test.

We backed this reporting with comprehensive researchthe in-depth, professional reviews at being a standout sourceand hands-on time with grills at the big hardware chains.

Weber Q3: Intermediate Choice

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill | Buying Guide

If you want both portability and ample cooking space, the Weber Q3200 might be perfect for you. The Q3200 offers two stainless steel burners that are well spaced to offer an even cooking experience. The 393 grilling space can accommodate 18 burgers at once.

We love the Q3200 because it has a built-in thermometer that tells you the temperature of the food even when the lid is closed. Even when its dark, you can still grill because theres a light attached to the lid that can illuminate the entire cooking area. Moreover, the burner controls are adjustable and the cooking grates are easy to clean.

Product Specifications:

The Summit S-470 is fully packed with many features that make grilling a smooth experience. Its built with eight burners: four main burners, a side burner, sear burner, smoker burner, and an infrared rotisserie burner. This makes the grill very versatile as you can do everything from searing meat to roasting a turkey.

The S-470 has a built-in thermometer, as well as, a handle-mounted grill light to let you see where the meat is even when its dark. However, the light isnt bright enough to tell you the color of the shrimp. One of the best features of the S-470 is the rotisserie system which requires an electric outlet to operate.

Product Specifications:

Product Specifications:

Product Specifications:

What We Didnt Like:

  • Only comes with two burners.
  • No heat zone separators and grill lights.

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Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill *top Pick*

  • Rating: 4.9 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$

Besides the fact that this grill has a near perfect customer rating so far, we think this grill offers FANTASTIC bang for your buck, especially if you regularly are cooking for a larger group.

The Napoleon Prestige 500 4-burner grill is quite simply, an excellent propane gas grill. With this grill, Napoleon focused on making a product that does the basics of grilling REALLY well, and then adds on some fancy extras, the infrared side and rear burners.

The Prestige is made of high quality materials, and has a great design thatll make your grilling experience really enjoyable.; Some of our favorite features are:

This Napoleon is an excellent, high quality gas grill, designed handle any outside kitchen cooking you want to throw at it, but especially, to grill your food. We think youll be more than satisfied with this grill if youre looking for an mid-level model that fits nicely on a smaller patio.

Best Budget Liquid Propane Gas Grill: Char

Heres another one from Char-Broil that delivers the bang for your buck. Its the best gas grill under 500$ with all the essential features you are looking for. Since its from Char-broil, you can expect nothing but quality.


The Char-Broil Performance 300 Gas Grill is a two-burner grill, made mostly of stainless steel. It provides a decent 300 sq. inch cooking area. The overall dimensions of the grill are 44 x 42.9 x 24.5 inches, making it a compact grill.

The lid-mounted thermometer provides accurate temperature and makes it easy to cook food exactly how you want to. Like most grills, you have two foldable side shelves. However, these shelves are of a decent size, so you can put a lot of stuff on it.

The two burners are stainless steel as well, top-ported tube shape ones. Together they give out a heat of 24,000 BTU. The removable grease pan makes cleaning quick and easy.

In addition to the shelves, you have a cabinet in the base of the grill for storage. Here you can keep the propane tank. Theres a door on it as well, so the contents inside stay safe and hidden.

The grates are cast iron with porcelain coating, just like other Char-Broil models. Theres also a swing-away rack thats 100 square inches in area. The grates are uniform thickness and easily removable.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Electronic ignition with a button
  • Great value for money
  • Assembly takes quite some time

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Things To Consider Before Buying Gas Grills

Nowadays there are a huge amount of brands available who are producing gas grills and because of that, normal people are getting confused that how to choose the best gas grill. So, lets start with the important factors based n which you must choose the best gas grill for you.

How To Choose The Best Gas Grill

How To Choose Best Propane Gas Grills Under 300.

The market is flooded with gas grills, and they range from plain and simple to most advanced ones. Honestly speaking, there is no limit to the variety of gas grills available on the market, and you will find many grills that come with smokers, warming trays, and storage areas. You can buy a gas grill from any department store that sells outdoor furniture, or you can buy a gas grill from specialty stores.

Nowadays, people are ditching the aforementioned options and instead of purchasing grills from online stores. However, before buying a gas grill, you should keep a few things in mind, which we are going to discuss below. Alternatively, you can go through consumer reports for best gas grills, which consist of the top 10 gas grills currently available on the market.

Things to consider when buying a gas grill:

Energy Options Gas grills come with two energy options, liquid propane, and natural gas, so which one you should buy depends upon the availability of the fuel type in your area. If liquid propane is easily available to you, then go for it, otherwise buy a gas grill that runs on natural gas.

Material of the grill and stand Usually, gas grills are made of cast iron, cast aluminum, stainless steel, or sheet metal. Of all these materials, stainless steel is the most expensive. The grill cover should also be made of the same material as that of the grill, but have wooden handles to make it easy for you to lift it up.

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Other Things To Consider When Choosing A Grill

PORTABILITY: If you frequently go car camping, on picnics, or tailgating, do you want a grill you can take with you? Perhaps youd like to stash your grill in a shed when youre not using it. Some grills are easy to wheel from one corner of the patio to another, while others are unwieldy. Consider how portable or permanent you need a grill to be.


Side shelves connected to your grill can be very handy. However, if you need a grill with a small footprint because you dont have a lot of room, you can always use small folding tables if your grill doesnt come with any side shelves.

A chimney is an invaluable way to get a charcoal fire going quickly. A grill chimney is a metal cylinder with a handle. You fill it with charcoal, then put scrunched-up paper in the cavity beneath. After lighting the paper on fire the concentrated heat and flames ignite the charcoal. Once the charcoal is covered with white ash , you dump out the coals in the pit of the grill. No flammable liquids or cheater sticks required!

Lighting fluid and self-lighting charcoal are made with petrochemicals, and when they burn, they smell like petrochemicals. Food cooked over them tastes like chemicals. We dont recommend them. So, spend about $20 on a chimney and you wont need to worry.

Sally Vargas

Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Gas Grill: Best Choice For Gas Grills Under $500

The Spirit E310 is great for backyard family grilling because it can withstand the harsh elements outside. The cooking grates seem to be durable and theyre easy to clean because of the nice grease management system of funneling drippings into a removable tray. This 3-burner grill has a large cooking space along with a built-in thermometer that precisely reads the temperature of the grill inside.

The lid is porcelain-enameled meaning that it doesnt fade, peel, or rust. We appreciate that the burner tubes are far from the grease tray because it prevents the grease from burning. You can hang your cooking utensils on the hooks and fold the side tables for compact storage.

Product Specifications:

If you want to have infinite heat control on your grill, Broil King Signet 320 is your friend. The Liner-Flow valves offer 180-degree heat control to set the right temperature for roasting or searing. The side burner is very useful in creating side dishes while the rotisserie burner consistently offers even heat for excellent results.

The two side shelves offer ample space for preparation and they fold down for easy storage in limited spaces. We like the enclosed cabinet below because it offers a great space for your grilling essentials. Because of the Flav-R-Wave cooking system built on the dual tube burners, heat is evenly distributed throughout the cooking surface.

Product Specifications:

  • Heats up quickly and retains heat well.

What We Didnt Like:

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