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Sturdy construction, even heating, flare-up reductionConsumer Reports’ experts explain to Jack Rico, ‘Consumer 101′ TV show host, what to look for when buying a gas grill.

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As a classically trained chef and an enthusiastic DIYer, I’ve always valued having the best tool for a jobwhether the task at hand is dicing onions for mirepoix or hanging drywall. When I’m not writing about home products, I can be found putting them to the test, often with help from my two young children, in the 1860s townhouse I’m restoring in my free time.

Heres Why You Should Avoidimported Grills

1. Manufacturing, environmental and laborstandards. Companies building grills in the United States are subject tostringent regulations. This means that if your grill is built in the US, itslikely to be built by people who have been compensated fairly. Likewise, theenvironment likely wasnt harmed in its creation.

2. The frustration of not having access toparts such as grease trays, valves, manifolds, knobs, wheels, and bodyparts. These are just some of the parts you may not be able to replace. Many ofthe parts are only available on the aftermarket . Remember when you import products, you are subject to minimum quantity orders.When you have dozens of models using the same burners and heat shields, meetingthat MOQ is easier than other replacement parts thatare specific to model sizes.

3. There is no commitment to manufacturingequipment. When manufacturing is subcontracted, you are relying on thecontractor to stay in business and have quality and consistent manufacturing. Often, if they change equipment, the engineering of your grill model willchange thus making replacement parts obsolete. Then, when you need areplacement part, it no longer exists.

At that point, what are the replacementoptions? Often there is no replacement. Modification of the outdoor kitchen andcountertop becomes necessary, creating a huge expense. This situation rarelyoccurs in a US-manufactured grill, as we sell at the BBQ Depot.

If You Buy A Gas Grill At Home Depot

To ensure that we test the same grills available to you, Consumer Reports’ secret shoppers purchase each one we test, either in-store or online. Here’s their advice for making it a smooth experience:

In-store Check inventory online before you shop. The grill you want might be in a store near you. If it’s not, Home Depot will ship it free of charge to a store where you can pick it up.

Check the grills dimensions on Home Depots website or on the grills summary page in our gas grill ratings. Assembly at the retailer is free. Check your cargo space. Youll need an SUV or a pickup to haul the grill home. You can also rent a truck at some store locations or pay to have the retailer deliver an assembled grill. The delivery fee varies by market, but in most places its $79. You can have most grills delivered unassembled at no charge.

Online Check the box before you start assembling the grill to make sure all of the parts are included and nothing is broken or damaged. If something is missing, call Home Depot’s customer service . If the wait for a replacement is too long, you might try calling the manufacturer directly and pleading your case to get it sooner. Check your address. Beginning last May, Home Depot started offering in-home grill assembly to online buyers in the Carolinas, Central Texas, and South Florida for $79 and up. If you go that route, consider ways to stay safe when an assembly or repair person comes to your home.

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Best Gas Grills At Home Depot

We test grills from nearly every brand sold at Home Depot, including Napoleon, Weber, Char-Broil, Nexgrill, KitchenAid, Huntington, and Dyna-Glo. Read on for ratings and reviews of the best grills we’ve tested that are available at the home improvement giant this summer.

Some of the models below are exclusive to Home Depot. But for the rest, don’t assume that Home Depot will always offer the best deal. It’s possible that competing retailers might stock the same model at a lower price.

Which Grill Should You Purchase


When it comes to purchasing a grill, you willeither spend your money upfront on a quality grill that will last for decadesor youll spend it later. Oftentimes consumers find themselves buying the sameimported grills over and over again.

Instead, we offer the solution of buying oneAmerican-made grill from BBQ Depot that youll be able to use for years tocome.

We have vast experience and knowledge when itcomes to grills. We have been selling and repairing grills since 1956! We lookforward to serving you and your family and helping you find a grill to joinyour backyard festivities for many years.

FYI: Some of these links have been updated.

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Home Depot Gas Grills

1. Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Black by Weber


Home Depot reviews rating:;4.7 stars

Total number of reviews:;9,820

This top-rated gas grill from Weber has two stainless steel burners , porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, a grease pan and heat thermometer. A good option for couples or families with limited storage space, the compact Spirit II E-210 offers 360 square inches of primary cooking space, which fits about 18 burgers, and 90 square inches of storage space.;;;;;

Reviewers generally find the grill easy to use, though some reported damage earlier than expected. Fortunately, the Spirit II E-210 offers a 10-year warranty on all components from the data of purchase, provided the grill is used in accordance with its owners manual.;

2. Spirit E-315 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill by Weber

Price: $529

Home Depot reviews rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 1,160

This highly rated, family-sized liquid propane grill by Weber is exclusive to Home Depot. It features three stainless steel burners with 32,000 BTU per hour; porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates; a porcelain-enameled finish to minimize rusting; and heavy-duty casters. It provides 424 square inches of grilling space and has a 105-square-inch warming rack. Reviewers were largely pleased with the grills performance, though some buyers reported problems controlling the heat.;;;;

Want A New Grill Buy One During Home Depots Massive Sale

Youll be grilling all your meals now.

Backyards and grills go together like, well, burgers and grills. So if you dont have a grill but you have a backyard, youre seriously missing out. Luckily for the grill-less, or those looking for an upgrade, Home Depot marked down some of its best options so you can get one before summer officially starts.

Patio Champ Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill by Char-Griller $189 $149

Cadet Kamado Charcoal Grill by Vision Grills $356 $314

Deluxe 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill by Royal Gourmet $571 $470

Deals, discounts and drops on products you actually care about and want. Curated by the Gear Patrol Editors. Start Saving

Note: Purchasing products through our links may earn us a portion of the sale, which supports our editorial teams mission. Learn more here.

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Are All Imported Grills Bad

Does this mean all imported grills are bad? Notnecessarily. But as mentioned earlier, they are not held to the same standardsthat American-made grills are held to. You can feel the quality difference.

BBQ Depot does sell some imported brandsincluding Summerset and Blaze.This is because these brands have shown product support. It may take months andmonths for parts, but eventually those parts become available. With that being said, there are definitely quality issues as well asmanufacturing choices that can end up turning into a headache for the consumer.For example, these grills use flame thrower valves. If you need to replaceyour ignition electrode, you will have to replace the entire valve. Thiscreates a large expense for an inexpensive part. Since the electrode is builtinto the valve, there is not a replacement for it.

There is much that could be said about eachindividual brand that imports their grills. Since a large part of our businessinvolves service and selling replacement parts, we are frequently put in thedifficult position of explaining to customers why there is no product supportfor their grills.

Because of this, we have had to make thedifficult choice of not displaying imported grills in our showroom. When wedisplay a grill and a customer purchases that grill, they hold us accountablefor the quality of the product. Due to the many inconsistencies, we had noalternative but to display products we can stand behind, like our American-madegrills.

Take $40 Off This Surprisingly Affordable Grill

How to Use a Smoker Grill | The Home Depot


Buying a new grill can sometimes be a pricey endeavor, but thats not the case with this deal from Royal Gourmetitll set you back only $160. Thats cheaper than what some people spend on burgers and bratwurst alone! Clocking in at 810 square inches, this spacious option features two adjustable pans, an offset smoker and ample room to place your grilling accessories.

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Bbq Depots Usa Grillmanufacturers

Heresa list of some of the American-made grills that BBQ Depot has extensiveexperience with by either selling or servicing through the years:

3. American Outdoor Grill – Manufactured byRH Peterson. Lifetime warranty on Burners.

4. American Muscle Grill – Manufactured by Summerset under their American Made Grills Brand

24. Weber Summit

25. Yoder

27. Wolf

Theres plenty more where this came from. Atthe BBQ Depot we take pride in the fact that we offer so many American-madegrills, and we realize its an important factor to many consumers on the huntfor a new BBQ.

Save $220 On Kitchenaids Investment


If you consider yourself a grill master, this picks for you. KitchenAid might be known for its popular stand mixers, but the brand also makes great grillsthe proof is in this ones 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Wayfairs site. On sale for $1,480, this propane grill may elicit some sticker shock. But with five burners, a rotisserie back burner and ample shelf space to place your burgers when theyre done, its well worth the investment.

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Best Memorial Day Grill Sales : Weber Cuisinart And More

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

This year, Memorial Day lands on Monday, May 31, and the warmer weather is one unmistakable sign to bring out the grill for some outdoor barbecues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear masks or physically distance in most cases, so you might be preparing to host a small Memorial Day gathering in your backyard this year. To better prepare you for cooking up some burgers and hot dogs, we compiled the best Memorial Day grill sales online. From discounts on multi-burner gas grills to small pellet grills, these deals might help make barbecuing even more enjoyable.

Home Depot Charcoal Grills


1. 22-inch Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill by Weber

Price: $165

Home Depot reviews rating:;4.8

Total number of reviews: 2,821

This best-selling and top-rated classic Weber kettle is a good option for anyone hoping to try out some new charcoal-grilling techniques. It features a hinged chrome-plated steel cooking grate, porcelain-enameled bowl and lid, and built-in thermometer. The 22-inch grill also has adjustable air vents, a removable ash catcher, two all-weather wheels and a tool holder. The grill offers 363 square inches of cooking space.

Reviewers generally find the product easy to use and easy to clean, though some called out a lackluster assembly manual. Weber offers a 10-year limited warranty on the grills lid and bowl.

2. Vision Grills Kamado Professional Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Price: $699

Home Depot reviews rating:;4.7

Total number of reviews: 1,787

Kamado-cooking fans looking for extra grilling space might consider opting for this top-rated non-Weber charcoal/wood grill from Vision, which features 604 square inches of cooking space across two-tier, 304 stainless steel cooking grates and two shelves drop-down shelves that can be used for prep.;;

The grill comes with a limited lifetime warranty for all ceramic parts; a five-year warranty for all metal parts; a three-year warranty for the side shelves; and a one-year warranty for the temperature gauge, gaskets and cover, though some reviewers report difficulties getting replacement parts.;;;

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The Best Deals On Meat And Seafood For Grilling

  • Butcherbox: Get a free BBQ Bundle for new and canceled customers through May 31.
  • Chicago Steak Company: Get free shipping plus 12 free 4-ounce burgers with orders over $99 with promo code;FREEGIFTS.
  • Cooks Venture: Get $20 off your first order with promo code;TRYCV.
  • Omaha Steaks: Get 50% off summer grilling favorites.
  • Thrive Market: Get a free gift worth up to $25 with your order.

If You Buy A Gas Grill At Lowes

Consumer Reports secret shoppers offer these tips for a better shopping experience at Lowes.

In a Store Check inventory online before you shop. The grill you want might be at a store near you. If its not, Lowes will ship it free of charge to a store where you can pick it up.

Check the grills dimensions on Lowes website or on the grills summary page in our gas grill ratings. Lowes offers free assembly of full-sized grills if you buy in the store, and says its stores usually have assembled grills on hand. Check your cargo space. Lowes will deliver an assembled grill to your home free of charge if it costs $499 or more. Otherwise, youll pay a delivery fee or you can haul the grill home yourself.

Online Check the box before you start assembling the grill to make sure all of the parts are included and not broken or damaged. If something is missing, call Lowes customer service . If the wait for a replacement part is too long, call the manufacturer directly to see whether you can get it sooner.

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How To Choose The Right Grill For You

There are various types of outdoor grills on the market and picking the right one depends on your needs. Grill types generally fall into three categories: gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric grills.;

Gas grills require fuel , but heat up quickly with the turn of a knob. They’re easier to use in that they offer more precise temperature control than a charcoal-based grill.;

Charcoal grills, on other hand, require a fire starter and are for intermediate or expert grillers. They take longer to heat up, but they give that classic smoky flavor that we all associate with backyard barbecues. Temperature control is tricky, so again these grills are best for those with outdoor grilling experience.;

Finally, an electric grill is the easiest grill to use. All it takes to heat them up is a power outlet. They provide intense heat, but they generally lack that hardy flavor you’d get from a charcoal-based grill.;

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Grill

How to Start a Charcoal Grill | The Home Depot

We typically see major sales on grills around Memorial Day and Labor Day . You can also find solid deals throughout the colder months as stores attempt to empty their inventory in anticipation of new model launches in the spring. We recommend jumping on good grill deals before the summer months really get underway and stock is in high demand.;

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How To Buy A Grill At Home Depot

Home Depot offers free direct shipping on all online grills; customers can also opt for store pickup. People who do opt for store pickup can get help assembling some products.;

Remember, if youre hoping to score a good deal,;the best time to buy a grill;is usually off-season . However, you can also expect sales during major holiday weekends. Before buying your Home Depot grill, compare prices at other popular retailers. Check out our additional roundups to get an idea of what other sellers are offering.

Why Buy Gas Grills Manufactured Inthe Usa From Bbq Depot

At BBQ Depot, we feel there are severalreasons to buy grills made in America. Heres a few of our favorite reasons:

1. It supports our economy on a national andlocal scale.

2. It provides job security for Americans.

3. Manufacturing standards on gas productsmade in the USA are subject to stringent regulations and laws that areregularly enforced. Not every country shares these same standards. We have seen countless numbers of imported gas products that are manufacturedto standards that are so low they are considered unlawful in the USA. Buying anAmerican-made gas grill from the BBQ Depot can give you peace of mind that yourgrill has been made and inspected to be up to par with the latest laws andguidelines.

4. Buying grills made in America gives youeasier access to service, warranty, and replacement parts. Is there anythingmore frustrating than not being able to purchase a replacement part? Not onlydo we sell American-made grills, but we sell the American-made replacementparts that go along with them. No more wasting hours and hours searching the Internet trying to find the rightpart, only to find out it doesnt exist anymore. Just head to our website or giveus a call and well help you find it.

5. The quality of manufacturing is higher.When a product is designed and manufactured in the United States, the entireconstruction pipeline can be monitored closely. This means fewer defects and abetter overall product.

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Best Gas Grills At Lowe’s

We test grills from nearly every brand sold at Lowe’s, including Weber, Char-Broil, KitchenAid, Huntington, and Dyna-Glo.

One of the models below is exclusive to Lowe’s. But for the rest, don’t assume that Lowe’s will always offer the best deal. It’s possible that competing retailers may stock the same model at a lower price.

Read on for ratings and reviews of the best grills we’ve tested that are available at the home improvement giant this summer.

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