How To Clean Blackstone Grill

How Can I Optimize Cleanliness


The best way to make sure that the cleanliness is optimum is to use a lid or cover for the grill. It prevents the griddle from accumulating any unnecessary dust or grease from the environment. It also helps to eliminate the chances of any insects or animals making the griddle their home. The lids also prevent bacteria from developing inside of the skillet as it hinders their growth due to the inhibition of excess moisture from the air.

Clean The Bottom Side Of The Grill

The bottom side of the grill is where all of the grime ends up. It is most definitely the most challenging part of the grill to clean up. Mainly because the gunk is being accumulated at the bottom is sticky and difficult to get off using a sponge. In most griddles and grills, there are usually two trays at the bottom of the grill. It is critical to note here that you need to only worry about getting the char and gunk off the plate. It can stick onto the tray in a very persistent matter. A sponge and soapy water will not help you much in getting rid of the gunk. However, it doesnt matter much, and you only need to be cautious of the big pieces of char and grease that have accumulated on these trays. You need to scrape them off using a grill brush.

How To Clean Blackstone Grill

Heres the steps:

  • Let the griddle cool down after cooking.
  • Scrape the surface with a metal spatula or scraper
  • Wipe it down with a paper towel.
  • For stuck on food, pour some water onto the griddle while its still warm.
  • Rub a Blackstone Scouring Pad gently on the surface.
  • Rinse off the water with paper towels.
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    A Comprehensive Guide On How To Clean Blackstone Griddle

    Cleaning a Blackstone griddle is not as enjoyable as BBQing a steak over it. On the flip side, its not as grueling as perceived. You just need to follow a simple cleaning procedure and dedicate a day or two per year to your grill. In return, the primed griddle will lock the best flavors and odors in your meat. Fair enough!

    So, today we will talk about when to clean a Blackstone griddle? How to clean a Blackstone griddle? Is there any maintenance required? And everything that revolves around a black, shiny griddle. Also, we have thrown in some valuable pro tips that are going to benefit you for a lifetime.

    How To Clean Griddle Burners

    How to Restore a Rusty Blackstone Griddle

    Blackstone griddles burners are located beneath the cooking surface. They provide heat to the grill during cooking.

    Theres a protector fitted around most burners to guard them against rust, grease, and other factors that can cause them to wear. This, however, does not guarantee full protection and prolonged use can lead to the building up of dirt around the burner.

    To clean them, you have to detach them first.

    The next step is to soak your burner protectors in warm soapy water. Leave the guards soaking for a while to loosen the dirt and grease clinging onto them.

    After 10 to 15 minutes, use a cloth or sponge to wash the burner protectors. Scrub them thoroughly to get rid of all accumulated dirt and grease.

    Once youre done, use clean warm water to rinse them. Dry them using a clean cloth or towel then place them outside to air.

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    How To Clean A Blackstone Flat Top Grill And Cooking Surface

    Blackstone Griddles are about of the worlds greatest flat-top grills. Study how to take caution of your griddles cookery surface, stopping the accumulation of rust and blubber over time. This dusting tutorial will walk you over everything you want to know, comprising burner care, grill seasoning, and corrosion prevention.

    Blackstone griddle through meat cooking on it and connected propane tank

    How To Clean A Blackstone Grill Griddle

    Dip a microfiber cloth in the clean water and wipe down the cooking surface to rinse away anysoap.Do not mix water with soap as it can damage your griddle.Easy way to clean the blackstone griddle | blackstone griddle, griddle cooking, griddle recipes.Fill a bucket full of hot water and pour it over the griddle.

    First, you need to clean the griddle so as to remove any dust or dirt that may have settled on it after it was manufactured and shipped.Heres a helpful video on how to restore a damaged griddle topwhether that damage be rust or peeling seasoning.How to clean blackstone griddle rust not much can compare to cooking outside on a griddle, especially when its a blackstone griddle.How to clean blackstone griddle with pumice stone.

    However, make sure you rub gently in the direction of the grain, otherwise, the surface of the flat top may ruin.If the grates are too sturdy or extremely solid, use a griddle scrapper, grill brush, or a grill brick to rub off the hard greasy and foods.If you did clean your griddle a few days ago, it doesnt hurt to do a gentle wiping with dish soap and a paper towel.It is a lot easier to cook on with way less mess and the food tastes great as well.

    Now that the griddle is squeaky clean, preheat it.Once the smoke stops, turn off the griddle and let it cool.Once washed, wipe them with a clean towel and leave them out to dry.Once you pour the water to the grill, grab some paper towels.

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    Can You Use Vinegar To Clean A Griddle

    Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar onto the griddle surface and spread the liquid out evenly across the entire surface do not allow the vinegar to pool. Rub down the griddle surface with a rag and apply small concentric circles until the surface is polished. Scrape the vinegar into a grease trough and discard.

    Griddle Material Will Determine How To Care For It

    How to clean and season your Blackstone Grill

    Many griddles are stainless steel while others are made of chromium, commonly called chrome. The type of griddle you have will determine how you clean it. Chrome cooking surfaces, for example, should never be subjected to abrasives like grill bricks or screens. Using abrasives may even void your warranty. Consult your service manual if you arent sure about the type of surface you have on your griddle.

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    How To Remove Rust From A Blackstone Griddle

    If your Blackstone already has developed rusting issues there is an effective but time-consuming method for removing it.

    Using this method will help you to avoid writing off your Blackstone.

    What you need:

    • Sandpaper
    • Clean cotton rags

    Begin by warming your griddle slightly, this will help the rust to lift more quickly. Do not let it get too hot to touch, you do not want to burn yourself.

    Cover the griddle with a thin layer of oil and lemon juice. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before using the sandpaper to gently remove the rust. Use your first set of cotton rags to remove the oil, lemon juice, and rust flakes.

    Then take your warm water and mix some vinegar with it. Wipe down the griddle until all of the oil and lemon juice has been removed. This will also breakdown an excess grease.

    Again dry the griddle with the clean cotton rags and store in a cool, dry location.

    What Causes The Rust To Accumulate

    The Blackstone griddles are built to last longer and they do not rust very easily. In case of the Blackstone Griddle gets very old, you will start to notice the amount of rust that will start to accumulate. Do note that this rust which will soon be noticeable is the result of your griddle getting very old. So let us get to it: what causes this rust to gather on the Blackstone griddle?

    One of the major reasons why the griddle will rust is because you have probably kept it in an environment where it is open to moisture and morning dew. It is imperative to keep in mind that rust forms on any iron or steel surface when it comes into contact with water in the atmosphere.

    Now, if you have kept your griddle out in the open, for instance, on your lawn or in the backyard, the griddle is bound to catch some of the water molecules already present in the air as moisture. The Blackstone griddle is usually coated with a chemical that prevents it from rusting. However, as your griddle starts to get old, it will build up the rust as the protective chemical layer soon diminishes.

    If you use your griddle inside the kitchen and keep it there, then it is possible that it will start to rust due to the heavy use of water and hence a large amount of steam produced in the kitchen. Another major reason for the accumulation of rust is improper or incomplete cleaning methods. These methods usually leave space for moisture to rest on the griddle, thereby causing it to rust immediately.

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    To Get Rid Of Rust From Blackstone Griddle

    The joy of cooking outside with the Blackstone griddle is incomparable. The griddle, however, can not handle the harsh weather if you dont season and maintain it properly.

    Maybe you didnt know about regular cleanups and now your Blackstone has rust all over its flat-top. No worries as we have easy ways to eradicate rust from Blackstone Griddle.

    Wait Until Your Griddle Is No Longer Hot

    Pin on Blackstone Griddle

    Unless you have a lot of food stuck to the griddle, wait until it is no longer hot to start the cleaning process. If you attempt to clean the grill while still scorching, you could burn your hands and deal with an excessive amount of smoke.

    The length of time it takes for the griddle to cool down depends on how long you were using it, but you should expect it to feel cool to the touch after about an hour of using it.

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    Repeat The Water And The Wipe

    Repeat the process until youre confident most of the worst bits of dirt have gone. Get more water and pour it over the Blackstone griddle.

    Then, take a fresh cloth or paper towel and wipe it down again please, dont use your old one! Its already covered in enough dirt after the job youve already given it. If you wipe it again with a used towel, youll just spread that grime back over the surface Thats not going to help you at all.

    Instructions For Cleaning A Blackstone Griddle:

    1. In a bucket, combine a few squirts of dish soap and about a gallon of clean warm water. 2. With the Blackstone Griddle OFF, use the sponge and soapy water to gently wipe down the griddle top. Be sure to clean the sides of the top plate as well. 3. Once you have wiped the entire top down with soapy water, rinse out the bucket and sponge and re-fill with clean water. 4. Wipe the griddle top down with clean water. Pour some of the water on the griddle to clean off the last few suds. 5. Completely dry the griddle with paper towels.

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    Best Oil To Season Griddle

    What is the best oil to use on my griddle? I hear this question all the time in the Facebook groups!

    Blackstone Products recommends using olive oil, vegetable oil, sesame oil, canola oil, flax seed oil or coconut oil. Any of these oils will work. It just depends on what you like to use. I like to use olive oil.

    Ghee is also a popular choice and works well. The reason ghee is better than butter is because of the butterfat.

    When making ghee, you melt butter and slowly separate the milk solids and water from the butterfat. Ghee which is also known as clarified butter has a high smoke point making this the perfect oil for your griddle.

    Cleaning Your Blackstone Griddle After Cooking Faq

    How to clean a Blackstone griddle , camp chef flat top grill

    How Do You Get Sticky Residue Off Blackstone Griddle?

    The best way to get sticky residue off your Blackstone Griddle is to remove it while the griddle is still hot. If you wait until the griddle cools, all the sticky residue will harden onto the griddle. You do not want this to happen! Scrape griddle clean with a bench scraper, carefully wipe the scraper and griddle clean, use a little bit of water to steam clean if needed. Finally, when the griddle is cold, season the flat-top with some oil and store properly.

    Why Is Food Sticking to My Blackstone Griddle?

    If food is sticking to your griddle, it could be a couple of things. The first seasoning was not done properly. Not using enough grease/oil when cooking. Griddle is not hot enough for the food you are cooking. You did not clean and season your griddle properly when you last used it.

    How Do You Get Rust Off Blackstone Griddle?

    Rust is the biggest nemesis of a Blackstone griddler!! It depends on the level of rust that you have on your griddle. If you have a small patch or two of rust, just wipe clean, place a layer of oil and re-season your Blackstone Griddle a time or two. Then cook as normal. If the rust is severe, stripping the whole top of the griddle might be your best option. YouTube how to do this because it is a very involved process.

    How Often Should I Season My Blackstone Griddle?

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    How To Clean Your New Blackstone Grill

    When your new Blackstone Griddle arrives, the first thing you need to do is to thoroughly clean it before you start grilling.

    Using hot soapy water, remove any dirt and debris that can be leftover from the manufacturer.

    This is the ONLY time you should use soap on your grill.

    • Pour hot soapy water over the griddle surface
    • Wipe the entire grill surface, corners, and sides with the soapy water
    • Rinse
    • Dry completely with paper towels

    If youre not ready to use it right away, let the grill surface dry completely before storing it to prevent rust.

    Remember your grill should always be covered and stored in a cool, dry place to avoid rust!

    Assembling Your Blackstone Griddle:

    Now I am going, to be honest, my old lady waited for Walmart to assemble ours before she brought it home! She even managed to get it home in the back end of her Durango by taking the cast iron part off and putting the frame in the car. I am so glad she did that looking at how many pieces there are, however, the 17 inch came all together in the box. Be sure to follow the directions or have someone assemble it for you. The 28 inch and 36 inch Blackstone Griddles require assembly some 22-inch griddles do.

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    Pour Hot Water Over The Grill

    After removing the stuck debris using scouring pads and scraper tools, you may then want to rinse the grill off with water. Use a container full of hot water and carefully pour it over the grill. It will begin washing away anything else that was on your grill.

    Once you pour the water to the grill, grab some paper towels. You will need to wipe it dry to remove the excess water from the surface and wipe away any of the dirt. This is an important step when you are learning how to clean a Blackstone grill.

    How Should I Clean A Griddle After Using It

    How to Clean Blackstone Griddle After Cooking?
  • Let the griddle cool down after cooking. We dont want any burned hands!
  • Scrape the surface with a metal spatula or scraper
  • Wipe it down with a paper towel. You can use a dishcloth, but it can get greasy
  • For stuck on food, pour some water onto the griddle while its still warm. The hot water will make it easier for the harder residue to come off
  • Rub a Blackstone Scouring Pad gently on the surface
  • Rinse off the water with paper towels
  • Dry it gently with a cloth
  • Coat with a layer of oil in between uses
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    How Do You Keep A Flat Top Grill From Rusting

    How do I prevent my griddle from rusting again?

  • Every time after cooking, add an extra layer of cooking oil.
  • Store your griddle somewhere dry and cool.
  • Get a heavy-duty canvas cover for your Griddle made by Blackstone with dual-layer fabric to keep away any humidity and protect from wear and tear.
  • How Should I Season A Griddle

    A perfectly seasoned griddle is almost completely black and non-stick. The first “Seasoning” layer is the most important part of getting a perfect cooktop. Come on, your griddle deserves it. We promise it wont take that much time – and its awesome to watch! So, first off you need to get your oil. We recommend these:

    • Blackstone Griddle Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner
    • Canola Oil
    • Olive Oil
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of oil to your griddle and using a dish towel or a handful of paper towel, rub the oil onto every inch of the griddle surface to create a thin layer (sides and back too.
  • Turn up the heat on all burners. Keep the temperature high until the oil starts smoking
  • The griddle will discolor. That means the oil is bonding to the metal – this is good! This will take 10-15 minutes
  • Wait until the oil stops smoking, and then do it again. 2-3 tablespoons of oil, rub the entire surface with a thin layer and let it smoke
  • Almost done folks! After the smoke stops, do it one last time. Add oil, rub the entire surface, let it smoke.
  • Once the smoke stops, turn off the griddle and let it cool.
  • After cooking, clean it up
  • Rub oil on the whole surface
  • Remove any excess oil with a paper towel
  • Store it somewhere cool and dry
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