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Weber settled the case out of court, but they made no effort to change their practices. In fact, most of the company manufactures most of their products in China these days. Up until 2016, Weber could still claim that their grills were Made in The USA with globally sourced components, but thats no longer the case.

Camp Chef Grills 2019 Buyers Guide

If youve already decided to go for a Camp Chef pellet grill, youre probably wondering which features your new model should have. Should it be portable? How large its cooking surface should be? What about construction quality and price?

Dont worry we got you covered. In the following paragraphs, well take a closer look at four main factors one needs to consider when buying a pellet grill. These are portability, cost, grill material, and grill capacity. Well analyze each of these considerations and help you narrow down the choice.

Victory Gas Grill Overview And First Impressions

BBQGuys.com sells a large range of grills, smokers and outdoor kitchen gear. Theyve recently launched their own line of Victory grills. I was impressed with the size and features on the Victory pellet grill, so I was keen to see how the propane grill performed.

After several weeks of cooking on it, I can confidently say the the Victory 3-burner gas grill is an A+ performer with premium features that make it stand out at its price point.

Before I dive into my experience cooking on this grill lets run through the specs.

Victory gas grill specifications:

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The Victory 3-burner gas grill can hang with any grill at the low-midrange level.

It has three stainless steel burners putting out over 36,000 BTU at the cooking surface. Easy ignition is built right into the knobs with a battery free piezo igniter, giving you reliable ignition.

Crossover channels between each set of burners allows you to light them all once you have one lit.

The Victory boasts 464 square inches of main cooking space with a 162 square inch warming rack. Thats enough space to feed your family and a few friends as well. The infrared side burner gets hot fast for that final sear.

There are a myriad of other premium features, like four caster wheels, storage and utensil hooks, full-width grease tray, a super-accurate thermometer and triple ridge flame tamers to disperse even heat while preventing flare ups.

What I like:

What I dont like:

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Why You Should Buy From Blazn Grill Works

  • The owner previously worked at a metal fabrication company which means all of their grills are manufactured with high quality standards.
  • All of the grills and accessories are made with high quality materials. Even the grease tray and grill grate are made with 12-gauge steel.
  • The grills are designed with the needs of competitive BBQ in mind. The rounded rod auger gives better performance and reduced wear and tear on the motor compared to the square-shaped rod augers in other pellet grills.
  • Blazn Grill Works also manufactures customized pellet grills for specific cooking or competition BBQ.
  • Lots of heavy-duty pellet grillers and smokers to choose from. The most popular is the Grand Slam that has a 468 square inch cooking surface and 16-gauge steel body.
  • You can find budget-friendly pellet grills so you dont have to resort to imported pellet grills by buying scratch and dent grills that were damaged during shipping.
  • Easy to use and clean components, such as the removable burn pot.
  • Their is made of 7-gauge and 10-gauge carbon steel and 304-grade stainless steel work shelves and lids. Its features include a PID controller, integrated meat probe, Wi-Fi capabilities, grease drain, rubber-covered handles, and tool hooks.

    Pg1000 Fast Eddy’s By Cookshack Pellet Grill

    Camp Chef Sport Grill MVP

    The PG1000 is twice the grill of the PG500 listed above. It has the same stainless steel construction and direct flame searing capability, but also a much larger cooking area. Of course, at nearly $3,000USD this is an expensive pellet cooker. At this price range, you can get larger cooking space as well as better technology, but you won’t get the corrosion resistant construction. If you live near the ocean, this is a pellet grill to consider.

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    Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill Features

    Now that weve taken a look at the overview of the Woodwind series, its time for the fun part all of the features you can expect to find on these grills.

    This is the part where the Woodwind grills really set themselves apart. A lot of the features that youll find below definitely do not come standard on other brands and types of pellet grills.

    He Aha Te Pellet Grill Ka Mahia I Usa

    Blaz’n Grill Works E tino whakahh ana te kamupene i te mea he 100% te hanga o a ratou parani pire i Amerika. He whakaaturanga mo te kowhiringa kaitao tika e waatea ana i runga i nga parani pire a Blaz’n Grill Works ka mahia katoatia i Amerika. Ka tukuna e ratou he rarangi maha o nga taputapu me nga whakaritenga mo o raatau pellet grills.

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    Camp Chef Woodwind Wifi 36

    If youre looking for a big grill or smoker with lots of cooking surface area and volume in the main chamber, then the Woodwind WIFI 36 is worth a look as the largest grill in the series.

    At about 7,000 cubic inches of space in the cooking chamber, youll have plenty of space to get to work cooking for large groups of people. Its also ideal for smoking big cuts of meat like whole briskets, full racks of ribs, and much more. Id honestly be surprised if you found a cut of meat that you couldnt fit on this grill.


    The last size available on the Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill series is the WIFI 20, which is a much more compact model that still is loaded with great features.

    The biggest selling point on this grill though is definitely its slim profile. If youre tight on space, or simply dont want your grill to take up a ton of space on your patio, its a great option for a small grill that still packs a punch in terms of cooking ability. Since its smaller and lighter than the other models, its also a fairly easy grill to roll around, transport, and store.

    The downside of the 20 is definitely its smaller hopper capacity, and its only offered with a side shelf option. So if you were interested in a Sidekick or Sear Box attachment , then this one might not be for you.


    Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 Pellet Grill

    Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Features

    As opposed to the Maverick 850 above, this $2,200USD pellet grill has a vast amount of smoking space. This is more smoker than grill, but no one should be surprised when talking about a cooker from Pitts & Spitts. Aside from the 1,250 square inches of cooking space, this is basically the same as its smaller, $1,750 cousin. You get Pitts & Spitts own controller and their superior welded construction. This is a serious smoker for those who want to make the pellet compromise.

    This model is also available in an all stainless steel version for $4,000.

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    Is Camp Chef Made In The Usa

    Published by www.premiumgrills.com on March 5, 2021March 5, 2021

    Camp Chef is a popular American grill brand, producing a range of fire pits, cast iron cookware, flat-top grills, smokers, gas grills, outdoor cooking stations, and pellet grills.

    Based in Cache Valley, Utah, the company makes products popular with outdoor enthusiasts and backyard cooks. Although an American company, youve probably asked the question, is Camp Chef made in the USA?

    As with many traditional brands, manufacturing is now outsourced, but the quality remains high.

    Camp Chef Designs and Markets Grills Made in China

    Camp Chef grills and cooking stations are made in China using parts and materials sourced internationally. Design and production are overseen by Camp Chef in the USA.

    Manufacturing in China allows for competitive pricing and access to state-of-the-art factory facilities. Camp Chef stands behind all their products and theres a high level of quality control.

    When asking is Camp Chef made in the USA, its important to consider that many of the most popular brands also outsource their manufacturing to China. Some examples include:

    • Coleman One of the largest producers of camping goods and grills.
    • Lodge A marketer of cast iron cookware.
    • Bayou Classic A popular cookware and cooking station brand.

    Chinese-made goods can come with some stigma, but its often unjustified. Some of the best grills and cookware products are made in China.

    Popular Camp Chef Grills and Cooking Stations

    What Are Users Saying About Camp Chef Big Gas Grill

    Camp Chef Grills are well known for its first-rate performance. Big Gas Grill is the best camp chef smoker. With all the latest technology this grill is manufactured. Customers are exhilarated with this grills service. A few prior customers share their opinions. Customers share both positive and negative opinions.

    A handful of customers disclose that Camp Chef Big Gas Grill is a good quality grill with very versatile cooking. Customers opine that this grill is versatile and durable enough. Its two-burner size griddles work great for making breakfast. It offers a lot of heat. Unlike other gas grills, it can start effortlessly.

    The most loved feature of this grill is its handy and super easy to transport. Its burners are so powerful that you dont need to use high settings. The grill box is the best griller. For cooking a huge amount of breakfast its griddle is perfect. But a few customers opine that this gas grill is manufactured with poor quality materials. It gets rusty quickly. It offers the worst customer service. Its a bit heavy and doesnt have leveling legs. It doesnt have a wind deflector. Overall its well worth it.

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    Key Features Of The Camp Chef Big Gas Grill


    Camp Chef is the most trusted grill brand. Its big gas grill is the best as well as user-friendly. Unlike other gas grills, Camp Chef Big Gas Grill doesnt waste much gas. It allows you to grill, cook, bake, braise and smoke. It has a stainless steel canopy to retain the heat of the food.

    Temperature Control

    To get the best grilling experience a grill needs to have a temperature control function. With its temperature control knob, it supports you to have your desired temperature. It never overheats your food. Its three burners never let your food be burnt.

    Hassle-Free Cleaning

    A huge bulk of gas grill doesnt offer hassle-free cleaning. Your grills performance depends on cleaning quality. Being stainless steel you can clean it spontaneously. So, customers need to clean it frequently. Cleaning maximizing your grills durability. You can wipe it with a damp cloth. When you are not using it you can cover it so that no rust or dust can damage it.

    How To Use A Wood Pellet Smoker

    Camp Chef Pro 60X Deluxe 2 Burner Pro Grill

    To start, you need to fill the hopper to the top with high-quality natural wood pellets. While most grills can work with any type and brand of pellets, some require specific ones from their brand.

    Next, assemble your cooking grates correctly inside the chamber to keep them in place, set your desired temperature using the control panel, and connect it to a power supply. If you want to cook in a short time, keep a higher temperature.

    After this, you have to turn on the grill. If your grill contains an auto-ignition button, press down on the button for a few moments. Otherwise, you can ignite the pellets manually using a lighter.

    Your smart meat probes will measure the internal temperature and display it on the LED. When your heat levels are up, place your meat inside the grill and follow your recipe step-by-step.

    You can even insert the probes inside your meat to keep an eye on your dish without opening the temperature. The set-it and forget-it grill will do all the rest of the cooking for you while you enjoy a drink.

    Just make sure to keep an eye on the hopper and refill it with pellets if needed. After the set time, turn off the grill, remove your dishes, and wait for the grill to cool down. Next, you have to clean out the grills before storing it away until the next time you might need it.

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    Pellet Grills Made In Usa

    Below is the list of pellet grills that are currently being manufactured in the USA as of July 2021.

    Contact me if you notice a pellet grill brand missing from this list that manufactures their grills in the USA and I will add them to this list.

    As mentioned above, these manufacturers may start producing their grills overseas if they need to cut costs so make sure to double check that the pellet grill is made in the USA before purchasing it.

    What Pellet Grill Is Made In Usa

    Blazn Grill Works The company takes a lot of pride in the fact their pellet grills are 100% made in the USA. A demonstration of the direct sear option available on Blazn Grill Works pellet grills which are all made in the USA. They offer an extensive list of accessories and customizations for their pellet grills.

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    Why Pellet Grills Are Made Overseas

    Manufacturing pellet grills in America is more expense than building them overseas.

    For example, Grilla Grills mentions on their website that they shifted their manufacturing operations overseas because it became harder to compete with cheaper, imported ones. The 40 year old Michigan-based company moved its manufacturing to China to reduce its production cost to make the grills less expensive.

    This was a tough choice between shutting down their company or going overseas to lower their manufacturing costs in order to compete with cheaper, imported pellet grills.

    So in order for more pellet grill brands to offer products made in the USA we need to buy pellet grills that are made in the USA.

    How Much Can The Pellet Hopper Hold

    Camp Chef Woodwind SG Wood Fired Pellet Grill Review | BBQGuys.com

    For this, we will put each brands top of the line product head to head. The Timberline can contain 24 pounds of pellets, while the Woodwind holds only 22 pounds of pellets. Across all mid-level and entry level grills, Traeger consistently offers a bit more hopper space.

    Winner: It is close, but the more pellets a grill can hold, the less work, time, and energy for you. So, Traeger wins this round.

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    Is Traeger Made In China

    Yes, Traeger grills are now manufactured in China. This is something that a lot of people arent actually aware of, and this is mainly because Traeger was once an all-American brand. This was made clear by the company in all of their marketing material, so how did this all-American company end up producing their products in China?

    In 2006, Traeger Pellet Grills LLC was bought out by another company. Up until this date, all Traeger grills were produced in the companys production facilities in Oregon. However, with the sale of the company, manufacturing began to be outsourced to China, where it is much cheaper.

    But, the companys Oregon manufacturing facilities remained open until 2010. So, if you own a grill that was produced before then, there is a good chance that it was made in America. But, all grills produced since this date would have been made in China.

    Pellet Grills Made In The Usa

    Below Ive put together a collection of pellet grills Im currently aware of which are still made in the USA as of August 2021. However, as noted with the example of Traeger and Grilla Grills above, circumstances can change. Hence, whether all the pellet grill brands below will continue to be made in the USA in the future is obviously an unknown. If you click the brand name below the page will jump to that particular section.

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    Camp Chef Reviews My Opinion

    There are a few things I found in this Camp Chef Woodwind review that I really like. The hopper cleanout and the ashes catcher are the most important ones. I did not find these in the other Camp Chef Reviews I did.

    I also like the two temperature probes, but that is a feature you see on more pellet grills lately.

    Although I like the two temperature probes I still use a handheld thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat I cook. some probes do not work too well on thinner pieces. Here you can find my choice pocket thermometers.

    The 4 wheels are a great idea. No more lifting up one side to move the grill around. One wheel can be locked to keep the grill in place.

    People mentioned that they did not get a real smoke flavor in their meat. In my opinion that is one of the drawbacks of pellet grills in general.

    Puas Yog Pit Boss Muaj Los Ntawm Traeger

    Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood Pellet Grill

    Lub tuam txhab, Traeger, tsis yog tsev neeg ua lag luam lawm. Interestingly, Joe Traeger tau muag nws hauv 2006 thiab tam sim no ua haujlwm rau cov tuam txhab sib tw, Dansons, tus tswv ntawm Pit Boss. Traeger grills nyob qhov twg? Traeger yog Ameslikas tsim nyob rau hauv Teb Chaws Asmeskas tab sis txij li thaum lawv tau tsiv mus rau Tuam Tshoj raws li cov tuam txhab sib tw.

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