How To Clean My Gas Grill Grates

How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates The Right Way

How To Clean Gas Grill Grates

Now that you know what not to do with your stainless steel grill grate, lets dive into how to clean a stainless steel grate the right way. When it comes to keeping your grates and grill rack clean, there are two things you need to keep in mind.

  • The easiest way to clean your grids is while theyre still hot, right after youre through with barbecuing. Besides, it gives you something to do while you let the meat rest. Dont put it off till later.
  • If that sounds too ambitious especially when youre trying to fight off hunger pangs and would rather clean your grates at a later time , ensure that you preheat your grill first. 500°F for 15 minutes should do it. Then, use a scrubber or scraper to brush away any remnants from your previous barbecuing session.

With that in mind, you can use any of the two techniques below to clean your stainless steel grates.

The Obvious Approach: Brushing

This method works best if it is done immediately after grilling while the grate is still hot. Before the grates cool off, scrape each grate with a brush, both top and bottom sides. You can also dip the brush in water which will create a steam that loosens the grease. Not only will this make cleaning time shorter, but it will discourage insects from hanging around your grill. Depending on your grate you may need to wipe them down with a cloth after scrapping.

Brushes For Cleaning Porcelain Grill Grates

You must treat porcelain grates with great care. Chipping the porcelain enamel causes the cast iron beneath to rust. Never use a wire brush or scraper tool and avoid steel wool.

Companies often market brushes with stainless steel bristles as porcelain safe, but keep in mind the delicate nature of porcelain. The abrasive nature of these tools causes cracks in the enamel and lead to rusting.

Ways to clean porcelain coated cast iron grill grates differ from those for other grill grates because even small chips can ruin the grate forever. A grill brush with nylon bristles is always the best tool to use for scrubbing porcelain grill grates.

If you do not have one a brush with brass bristles will work. Brass brushes are softer than wire and are less likely to damage the porcelain.

Different types of grill grate, such as stainless steel grates, have different care instructions, but these recipes work for most other types of grates.

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Best Ways On How To Clean Grill Grates

Most of the time, the solutions for the worst grease build up on cooking tools lie within our kitchen cabinets.

Simple kitchen staples such as vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda are some of the few ingredients you can use to completely make your grill like new. Other tools required are brushes, wiping cloth or towel, and a vacuum too! Here are some instructions to do them:

How To Clean Pellet Grills

Please Don

Pellet grills need a little more attention and TLC than charcoal or gas models, because pellet grills have more electronics and mechanical parts. You cant just hose down a pellet grill you have to remove the grates and grease pan to give them a proper scrub. Another reason to keep the garden hose away is that wood pellets expand when they get wet, which causes auger jams.

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How To Clean Grill Grates After Use

Dip a cleaning cloth into the soapy water and scrub the surface of the grates.Food that was stuck should easily come off.For a more thorough cleaning, consider soaking the grates in hot, soapy water for at least 30 minutes.For best results, wait until after youve grilled.

For effective scrubbing, spray the vinegar mixture on the aluminum foil also to remove the stains and food particles on the grates.Here are my grates before the preheat.Here is what you do:How to clean barbeque grill grates and racks grill grates and racks should be cleaned after each use.

How to clean cast iron grill grates.However, this time, you do not have to brush the grates but to scrub them hard enough.If there are any residues left, these will come off with a light brushing.If there is baked on material that isnt coming off just with the cloth, switch to your soft bristle brush.

If you run into any stubborn pieces, dip a bit of vinegar into a paper towel or clean cloth.then wipe it on your grates.If you want even better results without much scrubbing:It becomes a lot harder once fully cooled.It is easiest to clean the grill grates while they are still hot.

Let the grates cool and scrub them with a nylon cleaning brush.Let them soak for at least 30 minutes.Most people will brush the grates every time before and after use and this is amazing.Now use clean water to rinse the grates.

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Are Rusty Grates Ok If So How Much Rust

A little rust is ok since all metal surfaces can oxidize with the right conditions. Even foggy weather will make this happen and you can get a light rusty coating that is easy to clean off. But if you go full Titanic mode and see rust taking on a life of its own, your metal might be too damaged. Seeing big rust chunks is not a good sign and that means theres also a water or moisture problem.

Metal grills naturally react with water and start to break down like everything else. Keep your grill covered and away from moisture.

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Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Without Removing From The Grill

Cast iron grill grates are durable and heat evenly but can be prone to rusting. If you open your grill to see rusty cast iron grates, dont despair. Reach for the baking soda, even if your cast iron grates dont easily come out of your grill.

  • Make a paste of 1 ½ cups ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, ¼ cup dish soap, and ¼ cup white vinegar in a small bowl. It should be a frothy liquid consistency that sticks to the grill grates.
  • Using a brush, paint the grill grates with the paste, avoiding the heating elements if this is a gas grill. Close the grill. Note: do not turn the grill on.
  • Let the paste sit for 8-12 hours or overnight.
  • Use a nylon-bristled brush or scourer sponge to remove the loosened debris and grime.
  • Use a damp sponge and warm water to wipe away any remaining residue.

Once all the rust is removed, thoroughly dry the grates and rub them with a generous amount of vegetable oil to coat them and protect from moisture. You can also turn the grill on high after coating with oil to help lock in the seasoning and be ready for your next BBQ.

How To Degrease Grill Grates

How to Clean Your Grill Grates | Char-Broil

To get all the grease off your grill grates, you may need to clean it with a pressure washer-safe degreaser detergent. Load the detergent into the washer and clean the grill. Make sure you read the instructions on the detergent bottle and washerâs manual before using it.

Attach the soaping nozzle and apply the degreaser. Try to do the spraying parallel to the ground to clean more effectively. Also, avoid spraying the heating elements directly. Wait for three to five minutes after applying the degreaser and then rinse from the top down. Use a 15- or 25-degree nozzle to rinse the grill.

If you are not happy with the results, repeat this process to get better results. You can also try switching to a turbo nozzle when rinsing. When you are done cleaning your grill, leave it open in the sun to dry. Only begin using it once it dries completely.

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Cleaning The Grease Tray/cup On Your Gas Grill

The grease tray/cup on your Nexgrill should be emptied and wiped down periodically, and washed with a mild detergent and warm water solution. We all know how dirty grilling can get. Dont allow excess grease to accumulate and overflow out of the grease tray/cup.

Pro tip: You can place a small amount of sand in the bottom of the grease tray to absorb the grease.

Your Nexgrill is your outdoor cooking companion. You saved for it, youve prepare delicious meals on it, and you should also take care of it. To ensure maximum quality and efficiency, be sure to follow these tips for cleaning your gas grill.

Hey there! Did you know that every piece of your Nexgrill has at least a 1-year warranty? And many of our gas grills have a 5-year warranty on the main burners. Thats why its important to keep your receipt. So that our Customer Service staff can ensure that your warranty is honored, and your Nexgrill keeps providing.

Get Your Grates Beautiful With Ammonia

Believe it or not, ammonia is perhaps the most effective gas stove grate cleaner around. Use ammonia to clean clothes or coins as well as all sorts of outdoor tasks.

On top of everything else, it makes your stove grates look like new. Always wear gloves and safety gear when working with ammonia, and always work in a well-ventilated area with fans running and windows open.

  • Large Ziploc bag or garbage bag
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses or goggles

Don all safety equipment. Pour the ammonia in the plastic bag or trash bag, and place the grates in the bag and seal it. The ammonia fumes will do the cleaning, so make sure that the grates are not soaking in the ammonia when you put the bag down.

Be sure there are no leaks. Wait for ten to twelve hours, then unseal the bag. You should be able to rinse almost all grime and dirt off under warm water.

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Grill Grate Cleaning Method: Aluminum Foil

  • Total time: 15 minutes
  • Rating: 1

The method: Crumple up a ball of aluminum foil, then use the ball to scrape warm-but-not-hot grates clean.

How it went: I found this method to be an excellent way to get down into the grooves and knock big chunks and flakes off your grates before using one of the other methods. I loved it because I was able to mold the foil to the shape of the grates to get down in between each one. It didnt do a great job at removing grease which wasnt surprising, and why I like this method in tandem with another method. Just keep in mind that using excessive force can strip away the enamel, so proceed with caution!

Give Your Grill A Quick Clean Before Every Use

Life Hack: How to Clean Gas Grill Grates

While you don’t need to deep clean the grill every time you use it, giving the grates a quick clean before you start will help prevent food from sticking, help avoid flare-ups and make for an overall better grilling experience. “I recommend this as part of the preheating process,” says Green.

  • Check the grease tray. If you’re cooking with a gas grill, check before preheating if it’s full, empty it before proceeding.
  • Check the ash catcher. If you’re using a charcoal grill, check before preheating. If full, empty the ashes into a metal container or piece of aluminum foil, wrap them up, and throw in the trash.
  • Preheat the grill. Green recommends letting it heat up for 15 minutes any food debris will turn to ash, making it easy to remove with a grill brush.
  • Brush the grates. Use a wire brush to remove anything still clinging to the grates, leaving behind a nice, clean cooking surface. When choosing a brush, Green recommends “a handle long enough to keep your hands, arms, and clothing away from the open flame and heat of the grill.”
  • Oil the grates. Fold up a paper towel into a tight rectangle, saturate with oil, and use a pair of metal tongs to wipe the oil all over the grates.

Quick tip: A brush provides the most effective way to clean grill grates. But if you don’t have one on hand, you can use tongs to hold steel wool or crumpled up aluminum foil to scrub away gunk.

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How To Deep Clean Your Grill

When you want to deep clean your grill or smoker, before starting, make sure the grates are cleaned and removed and the cooker is completely cooled. If it is a gas grill, also make sure the burners are off and the gas is disconnected.

The best way to deep clean your grill is to work from the top to the bottom. Focus on every part of the grill and just utilize a clean, heavy-duty stainless steel wire brush. This will scrub off the carbon buildup throughout the grill. Remove components individually that can be removed and scrub them with the brush outside of the cooker. This will help ensure each part is thoroughly cleaned.

Water, a mild dish detergent , and a clean sponge will help safely clean off any remaining residue and carbon from any components. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry them before cooking again.

Remember, harsh chemical cleaners, caustic oven cleaners, chloride, or bleach should never be used to clean your grill. Mild enzymatic cleaners, like Dawn, or even baking soda are much safer bets.

Use the wire brush to scrub the exterior of any remaining fixed components as well as the sidewalls and firebox walls . These must be cleaned and maintained also or else the carbon buildup can quickly corrode the metal.

As you work your way towards the bottom of the grill, your drip pan would be the last component to clean. Make sure it is fully emptied and cleaned out with mild soap and water.

Grill Cleaner Or Oven Cleaner

If your grill has a lot of rust and/or baked on crud, and you dont think any of the above methods will work for you, then a specialized grill cleaner, or even a standard oven cleaner is the be-all end-all way of stripping all your cast iron down to bare metal.

Before you start, assemble all required materials:

  • Oven cleaner
  • Garbage bags
  • A large enough box or container to store the grills for a couple of days while the oven cleaner works its magic
  • Some safety glasses and gloves.

In a well-ventilated area, spray an even coating on your grates, place them inside garbage bags, and seal the bags airtight. Now store them for a couple of days in a warm place where no children or pets could possibly get at them.

Once the crud has all broken down, rinse the cast iron and follow it up with a wash in soapy water.

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Dont Use A Wire Brush

Theres a story we came across a while back about a four-year-old boy who got hospitalized after he accidentally swallowed a metal bristle from a wire brush. Yikes!

While wire brushes are marketed explicitly to barbecue grill owners, we dont recommend using them to clean your grates. Theres always a chance that some of the bristles from the brush may fall off without you noticing, latch onto your food while youre grilling, and end up in your body. Its simply not worth a trip to the ER.

There are several other safer alternatives you can use that work just as well. One option would be to crumple up a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil and shape it into a ball. Then, use a pair of tongs to grab it, and voila! You have a safe tool to clean your grates with.

Alternatively, you could also use a wooden grill scraper instead. The best thing about it is that the block will start to develop groves that fit your stainless steel grates perfectly after a while of using it.

Now, if you live on the wild side and insist on using a wire brush, ensure you double-check and even triple-check your grates for any stray bristles that might make their way into your food. Be sure to run a damp cloth across the grates once youre done scrubbing. You can never be too safe.

Removing Rust On Cast Iron Cooking Grids

How to Clean Gas Grill Grates | Grillabilities from BBQGuys

Prevent rust on your cast iron cooking grids by properly maintaining them and ensuring that they are well seasoned on a regular basis.

  • Inspect your grates for rust. If you have rust on your grates, this is the perfect time to remove it.

  • Minor rusting can be removed by gently scrubbing so make sure to try this first.

  • Stubborn spots of stuck on sauce and food can be removed by brushing those heavily built-up areas with oil and allowing them to soak for a while before scrubbing again.

  • Once cast iron cooking grids are clean and thoroughly dry, using a high-temperature oil like shortening, flaxseed oil, or canola oil, cover the grids completely, on both sides, with a thin coating.

  • Turn the grill on and heat the grill to between 350 and 400°F for 30 to 60 minutes. Remember to keep the temperature below the smoke point of the fat used, which will allow the oil to bond to the surface of your grids.

  • If your cast iron cooking grates are particularly dirty, you can wash them with soap and warm water, however, they will need to be completely dried and reseasoned immediately.

    And there you go! You have freshly cleaned cooking grids that are ready to make more delicious meals and memories.

    Do you have your own tips or hacks when it comes to cleaning your grill grates? Wed love to hear from you. Share your best cleaning tips for your barbecue grates on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtag #NapoleonGrills.

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