How To Dispose Of Old Gas Grill

How Can I Dispose Of An Old Grill

Propane Tank Recycling Tips

When you use 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, disposing of your old grill is easy! Well come right to you and haul away your old barbecue and any other items you want to get rid of. You wont have to lift a fingerwell remove the old grill right from where its located and load it into our truck for safe, responsible disposal. Many components of your old grill can be recycled, and we always do our best to ensure the items we collect are recycled whenever possible.

If you wish to look into getting rid of your old grill on your own, you can start by contacting your local recycling or scrap metal salvage facility to see if they accept old grills. Keep in mind, you may need to also take the grill apart before dropping it

How To Dispose Of A Broken Gas Grill

Gas grills, like other grills and grill accessories, eventually need replacing after years of use and being exposed to the elements. When disposing of a broken gas grill, you don’t want to toss the grill into an illegal waste dump or leave the grill in your backyard for weeds to grow around it.

Gas grills contain metals that rust and can contaminate the environment over time. The grills also include a propane gas tank that needs to be disposed of properly as well.

  • Use a wrench to disconnect the propane gas tank from your broken gas grill. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

  • Place the propane gas tank into a trash bag. Tie the top of the bag closed.

  • Take the propane gas tank to your area’s hazardous waste facility or a propane supplier/hardware store that specializes in disposing of old propane gas tanks.

  • Place your broken gas grill on the curb next to your home’s trash can on the day of your scheduled trash pick-up.

  • Note, you may have to contact your area’s trash collection service and schedule a special pick-up request for the broken grill you are throwing away. A fee may be charged for this service.

  • How Do I Get Rid Of My Old Barbecue Grill

    In most parts of the country, once the garden is put to bed for the winter, the barbecue grill is forgotten until spring. But if your barbecue has seen better days, you may be wondering how to get rid of it instead of how to store it. As is the case for many items, it turns out that getting a new grill is a lot easier than properly disposing of an old one.

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    How To Scrap A Gas Grill Or Barbecue

    The gas grill is a perfect opportunity to any scrapper, and although you won’t make as much money as removing a scrap pool, you will find yourself getting a good amount of money for just a little bit of reverse engineering. For all those who plan on transporting a gas grill which still has leftover coals and soot, don’t forget to tie the grill top down to itself so that you don’t spill that stuff all over the back of your truck or the road.

    • Brass: found in regulators, knobs and fittings. non-magnetic.
    • Stainless Steel: Used for aesthetic purposes, and often is only found in moderation. Heavily used in upscale grills. non-magnetic.
    • Cast pot metal/aluminum/zinc: Used very often for the top and bottom of the grilling chamber. Non-magnetic.
    • Propane Tanks: Many yards will not scrap these unless they are cut in half or drilled open But in all seriousness, these are worth more as tanks then as scrap.
    • Mixed metal/shred steel/light tin: the rest of the grill, if it doesn’t fall into one of these catagories, will fall into this one.

    The Scrap Grill Top And BottomScrap Brass and Scrap Zinc Gas Regulators

    This grill has stainless steel sheathed components, and lookslike it has aluminum panels on it’s lid.

    Non-Magnetic Scrap Stainless Steel Grill Components Scrap Value Of A Gas Grill

    How To Dispose Of Your Old Gas Grill

    How Do You Dispose &  Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    The first thing to consider when you ask yourself how to dispose of an old gas grill, is to consider your obligation to dispose of it in a responsible manner. The most important component you need to get rid of first is the propane tank, as it is hazardous waste.

    In some areas, they are even banned from landfills and manylocal communities have additional regulations regarding disposals of suchwaste. Propane tanks are considered so volatile that the fire service, gascompanies or hazardous waste specialists have to be asked to dispose of them.

    Incorrect disposal of such items can cause hazardous toxins,such as flame retardants, to be released, potentially harming you and others inthe process. It is therefore essential to properly discharge it so that it doesnot injure you or sanitation workers.

    Anything electrical or flammable must be removed from thegrill. This includes the ignition button and sparks as well. Chucking them intoyour regular bin bag could result in a catastrophic fire and even prosecution.

    Our advice? Be mindful and cautious in the disposal process. Speak to our friendly and professional team if you need any information on getting rid of your old gas grill.

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    Where Can I Recycle Old Grills Near Me

    Getting rid of metal waste has never been easier or more profitable. There are tons of places where you can sell an old grill. If youre looking for potential buyers near you, hit your closest recycling center.

    If you live in Atlanta, GA, we have two convenient sites waiting for your business. North Fulton Metals, located in Alpharetta, and South Fulton Metals, in College Park. We buy aluminum, copper, brass, steel, iron, nickel, lead, and more!

    Bbq & Old Grill Pick Up

    Theres nothing quite like cooking food on an outdoor grill. Its even more exciting when youve got a brand new grill to test out! But what do you do with your old grill when you dont need it anymore? If youre looking for a BBQ pick up service, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is happy to help!

    Theres no need to throw away your charcoal grill or search for where to get rid of your old grill on your own. Let us take care of your grill removal for you!

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    How Do You Dispose Of And Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    If youve already bought a new gas grill, there is no use for the old one. You have to dispose of the previous one to stay safe. How do you dispose of and recycle it? You need to adopt some footsteps to get everything going well. Otherwise, you will fall in severe danger due to various reasons. Some of the efficient methods of disposing and recycling a grill are given below:

    How To Prepare Your Old Gas Grill For Recycling

    Propane Tank Disposal

    While these are practical general guidelines for disposing of old BBQ grills and preparing your old gas grill for recycling or disposal, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional to safely dispose of your old gas grill for you to ensure you recycle gas grills properly.

    WARNING: Be extremely careful! Both the gas and flame are highly dangerous. NEVER turn the knob on full blast or use a large flame to light the grill.

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    How Can I Dispose Of Hot Charcoal

    If you have hot charcoal you need to dispose of, you need to be very careful before attempting to get rid of it. Its important to let the ashes cool for at least 48 hours, or pour water on them to make sure they are completely cool before you move them. Any hot ashes could start a fire, so this is extremely important.

    The next step depends on what type of charcoal you have. Wood fire ash can go in the compost, and so can lump charcoal that is made just from wood. Charcoal briquette needs to go to the landfill, as it contains chemicals. Wrap them up in foil or place them in a small container, and then throw them in an outdoor trash bin.

    If you have large amounts of charcoal that you need to get rid of along with your barbecue, we can take it away along with the grill.

    How To Recycle Propane Tanks

    If you need more propane, for grilling or other uses, you can typically have your tank refilled. If you dont need your tank any longer, the best thing you can do with a tank thats still serviceable is to recycle it. Because theres a possibility of propane remaining in the tank, many recyclers, such as municipal refuse centers, will not accept propane tanks, bottles, and cylinders for recycling. However, a local propane supplier should be able to direct you to a specialized recycler, who can accept your tank.

    Another good reason to choose a recycler that specializes in propane tanks is safety. To recycle a tank, it must be serviceable and able to meet all safety requirements, because it will be refilled and reused again and again.

    So, before you dispose of your propane tank, consider your options for recycling:

    • Refill/Reuse your tank.
    • Talk to your local hazardous waste disposal site about taking the tank.
    • Contact your local public works department about recycling your tank.

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    How Do You Dispose Of A Gas Grill

  • Should I smell gas from my grill?
  • If you have curbside recycling, put them in a garbage bin and leave them out. You can also take them to a recycling center on your own. If there is no recycling center nearby, call your local garbage collection service and let them know you will be putting out potentially hazardous parts.

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    Can You Scrap A Gas Grill

    How Do You Dispose and Recycle Your Old Gas Grill

    Most grills are made of aluminum or stainless steel, making them recyclable. While most of your grilling materials can be recycled, any propane tanks that you might have used should be emptied and taken to either the place it was purchased or somewhere that specializes in hazardous materials.

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    What Can I Do With My Old Gas Grill

    How to Dispose of an Old BBQ Grill

  • Remove the tank. The first thing you need to do is to remove the gas tank from the grill.
  • Dismantle the grill. Although this will take a little time, it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Recycle the parts. All those parts should be taken to a recycling center.
  • Remove the propane tank from the grill. Unlike regular garbage, you can’t just throw away a propane tank because it’s very flammable. Instead, schedule a pickup from a local recycling center that accepts old propane tanks or drop it off at a junkyard that handles this type of hardware.

    One may also ask, does goodwill take gas grills? Used gas grills contain hazardous components such as propane tanks, sharp metal, deteriorated hoses and batteries that make them undesirable donations to some charitable organizations Goodwill, for example, doesn’t accept used gas grills. Any donation must be clean and in working order.

    In this way, will Home Depot take my old grill?

    The grill you want might be in a store near you. If it’s not, Home Depot will ship it free of charge to a store where you can pick it up. Assembly at the retailer is free, and the company says most grills are ready the day of purchase.

    Can you recycle grill grates?

    How To Dispose Of An Old Gas Oil Mix

    If the oil is the only contaminant in the gas, you may still be able to use it in a small engine. Mix it in with fresh gas in a ratio of 1 to 4 and it should power your engine just fine.

    If the gas in the mix is too old to re-use, you can dispose of it the same way you would old gas. The only difference is you may have to dispose of it rather than recycling it. Call your local recycling center to ask if theyll recycle the mix. If not, any auto mechanic that takes old gas will also dispose of old gas mixed with oil.

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    Fast & Easy Grill Disposal Near You

    Were a full-service junk removal company, which means well take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Well remove your old grill right from where its locatedtheres no need to haul it to the curb or move it on your own. Well safely load your BBQ and any other items you need to get rid of into our truck, and then well sweep up the area before we head out. We always do our best to recycle or donate items where possible, so you can rest easy knowing that your items have been properly disposed of.

    How To Scrap A Grill: Mindful Disposal

    Undefeated Burger Challenge at The Old Gas Station Bar and Grill | Newport Arkansas

    Tackling how to dispose of old barbecue parts can seem like a daunting and lengthy task due to the effort required to take it apart and then dispose of the respective parts ethically. In saying that, this effort will inform you about the number of varying resources that make up a typical household item. Moreover, youre more likely to try and extend the lifecycle of other common household appliances to avoid having to dispose of similar items regularly. But its a positive life skill to have, and you can find comfort in knowing that youve done your bit for the environment!

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    Are Old Grills Worth Anything

    The reason I love scrapping gas grills is that some can be pretty valuable depending on the materials they are constructed from. If it is partially/mostly 3xx stainless steel, its scrap value is likely close to $45. If the same grill was made entirely of 4xx grade stainless steel, its scrap value is about $10.

    Saying Goodbye To Your Old Grill

    While it may be hard to say goodbye to your old grill, remember that LoadUp can make it a lot less painful!

    Since youre getting rid of your old gas grill, if youre in the market for a new one, check out our article on How to Buy the Perfect Grill.

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    • No on-site haggling or surprise fees.
    • Payments handled securely online.

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    What To Do With Old Gas Grill

    If youre keen to replace your old gas grill, you have to follow some specific rules to dispose of it. Some parts of a gas grill are hazardous to nature. It may cause a lot to the environment if you throw it out randomly. Even you will encounter extreme trouble by storing an old gas grill in your home. What to do with old gas grill? How can you dispose of the unnecessary ones?

    You have to take responsibility for disposing of your grill. Moreover, you can deal with a company to recycle all the parts. Weve discussed everything elaborately in the following sections. If you spend a few minutes here, you could realize what you should do with the useless grill.


  • Final Thoughts
  • Use These Guidelines To Prepare Your Old Gas Grill Before Sending It To Recycling Or Proper Disposal

    How to Dispose of a Broken Gas Grill

    Proper care and maintenance of your gas grills parts will keep it running for a long time. When you need to get rid of your old grill, we strongly recommend using responsible disposal methods such as recycling, donating, and other creative eco-friendly methods.

    Be sure to clean your old gas grill thoroughly before taking it to a recycling center for disposal. By following the guidelines below youll have your old grill ready for proper disposal in no time!

    Guidelines for Disposing and Recycling Your Old Gas Grill

    **Click to auto scroll by section

  • Book LoadUp for Safe & Professional Grill Disposal
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    Identify When Its Time To Dispose Of Gasoline

    The first step to proper disposal is to know when its the right time. One way you can do that is to compare some of the old gasoline to fresh gasoline. When you do so with the utmost care and attention you should pay attention to both its odor and its color.

    If the older gasoline has a somewhat sour smell when compared to the fresh gasoline, then it is likely ready for disposal. Besides the smell, the color might appear to be much darker than that of the fresh gas. This, too, is a sign that the gasoline is past its prime.

    Depending on the size of the fuel tank, you might just try to mix in enough fresh gas or a fuel additive to make it work again. This can be a good way to avoid wasting gas, and to avoid having to go further in the disposal process. If this is not a viable solution, however, then you need to move on to step 2.

    How Do I Recycle My Propane Tank

    You should keep your old propane tank as a backup. I personally have had a propane tank run out of gas during a party and its not a pleasant experience. Since then I have always kept a back and now keep my partys going all night without any worries.

    If you keep it just store it somewhere safe far from extreme heat or cold. Make sure nothing flammable is close to it. Store it in a shed or a storage room. Keep it away from young children who might think its a toy.

    If you really dont want to keep it take it to the store you bought it from or any retailer that carries popular brands like Blue Rhino or Amerigas. Usually these locations will accept the propane tank for free with no hassle. The manufacturing companies will actually fix these tanks, rebrand them and sell it right back to you.

    The important reason to send it back to Blue Rhino lets say is because they have the ability to safely remove the gas if the tank cannot be fixed. They will also take it apart safely and properly recycle the parts for reuse. You should never try to remove the gas yourself or try to dismantle a propane tank.

    If you are still not satisfies with these ideas you can always search for a local hazardous waste site that will accept a propane tank. If you need more assistance on how to recycle a grill or where, check out this website for locations.

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