Are Weber Grills Convertible To Natural Gas

Why Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive

Convert Weber BBQ Grill To Natural Gas or Propane

Most natural gas grills end up being $50-100 more expensive than a similar propane grill without any additional features. The reason for this is relatively simple.

In order to connect to a household natural gas supply, most natural gas grills come with a longer gas hose and a quick-disconnect system.

The longer gas pipe and the brass quick-disconnect connect fittings are what add that little extra bump of cost to your natural gas grill.

Natural Gas To Propane

This conversion is more challenging, so not as many people undertake it. However, those that do usually want a way to have a more portable grill. Natural gas grills limit the number of places where people can grill to areas with natural gas hookups, which means they cant just pack up the grill and travel with it wherever they want to go.

All people need to make a propane grill function is a tank of propane, which they can easily carry anywhere they want to go, giving them more freedom in where they can grill.

Remove The Lp Regulator

Using a wrench, remove the LP regulator hose assembly from the manifold connection. Save this part in case you want to convert back to propane.

Your LP regulator hose will be located in either the cart or under the side burner shelf.

If the manifold connection is located inside the cart, insert your converter kits natural gas hose through the back panel and into the cart. Guide the hose to the manifold connection.

If its in the side burner, you can also guide the hose through the panel and towards the connection in the side burner area of the grill.

Secure the natural gas hose to the connection securely using a wrench.

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Have You Got Or Can You Get A Mains Gas Supply

If your house is already serviced by mains gas, extending the supply to your grill is relatively easy. However, if you dont, you will need a professional company to complete a survey about whether they can fit a connection pipe to your property.This might be costly, and it might not be viable. And if you live somewhere remote there is a chance its not possible at all. These costs could be anywhere from a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the distance to the nearest NG main.

One way to find out is to jump online to see what areas gas companies cover, or if you know your neighbors already have a natural gas supply, it may be an easy fix and low cost.

How To Convert A Propane Grill To Natural Gas Step By Step With Video

Weber Genesis II SE

This is the guide you need for liquid propane to natural gas grill conversion. Learn what to consider before you start, two videos showing how to convert the most popular grill brands, and a step by step written guide to help make the conversion easy and seamless.

Today Im going to show you exactly how to convert a propane grill to natural gas. Ill be covering the same process the professionals use and include two videos showing step-by-step propane to natural gas grill conversions for two major brands of grills.

Although it may seem daunting, converting from propane to natural gas is actually a straightforward process. But there are some things you need to be aware of and consider to make sure it goes smoothly and safely. We cover it all in this guide.

Lets dive right in.

Key Takeaways for Converting from Propane to Natural Gas

  • You must make sure you have a mains gas supply, or can get one, before you start.
  • Make sure your grill is convertible not all are!
  • An official kit from your grills manufacturer is recommended to convert from propane to natural gas.
  • The work itself is easy to follow. You should be capable, just follow the videos below.
  • If youre not confident, many plumbers and gas companies can make the conversion for you.


  • 5 Final Thoughts
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    Why Do People Convert Grills

    People have different reasons for wanting to convert their gas grills. The most common conversion is propane grills to natural gas grills because its the simplest conversion, as the natural gas hookup is larger than that of the propane hookup, so users can enlarge the hole to make it work.

    Because the propane hookup is smaller than the natural gas hookup, its harder to convert in the other direction .

    How Do You Convert A Propane Grill To A Natural Gas Grill

    To convert a propane grill to natural gas, find out whether or not you can do it by using the ways listed above and see if the conversion is even possible. If not, theres no reason to take any further steps.

    If you can convert the grill, the next step is to run a new gas line. Without a new gas line thats dedicated to the grill, theres no reason to go through all the hassle of converting the grill because a natural gas grill is utterly useless without a gas line.

    Youll want to purchase a conversion kit thats specific to the grill being converted. Not just any conversion kit will do!

    For example, if someone is converting a Char-Broil model 8216842R04 grill bought in 2020 or later, the Char-Broil 8216842R04 Natural Gas Conversion Kit is the one he would need.

    Youll need to gather any tools youll need to perform the conversion, which could include pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, socket, drills, and more.

    Once you have all that stuff together, youre ready to make the conversion.

  • Start by removing the jets. The old jets must be removed and replaced with the new jets from the conversion kit. Then youll need to limit the valve flow by removing the knob, putting on the limiter stop, and replacing the knob.
  • Here is a video that shows you the complete propane to natural gas grill conversion using a conversion kit for people who are looking for pointers:

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    Why Does Weber Refuse To Support Gas To Propane Grill Conversions

    In the past, Weber was famous for making a point of encouraging people to convert their grills. However, the standards that they had changed as a result of new updates to propane safety. If done incorrectly, a propane grill conversion could cause a massive explosion that results in fire and death.

    Because there have been issues with conversions in the past, Weber will actually void your grills warranty if there is evidence that you tried to convert it. Thats really important if you want to make sure that you keep your warranty intact. Now that weve explained the risks, we might as well add that this is still frequently done. So, its up to you to decide whether you want to take that risk.

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    Switch Off Your Gas Line

    Gas BBQ Grill Convert LP or NG With Weber S-320 Model.

    Before sending the plumber on the primary working pathway, ask him about obtaining your gas shut-off pipe inside your home. You may have to switch off the gas pipe ere connecting with the grill. Not to mention, set it behind the track when you are all to go for cooking. If your natural gas line valve is nearby a roadside, tell the professional to put it in a suitable place for your usage.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hook Up A Natural Gas Bbq

    How much does it cost to hook up a natural gas grill? Typically, installing a natural gas grill will cost between $200 and $400, according to HomeAdvisor. This includes running the gas line to your grill and then hooking it up. Low-end installations may cost under $200, while high-end installations may cost up to $800.

    Conversion From Propane To Natural Gas

    Thank you for the chart link. That is the same chart which I used. #53 drill bit at pressure of 7 should yield ~12000 btu per burner. There are 3 burners, so 36000 btu is just under the rated 37,500 btu of the grill.

    E-330 LP to NG conversion

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    Can You Convert A Weber Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    It used to be that you could convert any Weber LPG grill to NG. However, in recent years they have started to sell separate LPG and NG models.

    Again though, pretty much any Weber grill CAN be converted, with required parts and instructions on how to do so readily available. However, Id be hesitant as it may invalidate your home insurance if you convert a grill thats not officially marked up convertible.

    Turn Off Your Gas At The Main And At The Canister

    Weber Spirit® E

    Were changing two gas sources here, so before we do anything we need to turn off both before we proceed. Its important to take strict safety precautions, and halting all gas flow is the best way to do this.

    Firstly, switch off your natural gas at the main. Next, disconnect your propane bottle or canister, and store it away. As an added measure, open a valve to allow any residual gas from the manifold to escape, before then setting every valve to off. This should ensure that all gas has left the grill.

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    Why Is My Natural Gas Grill Not Getting Hot

    If your natural gas bbq has a low, yellow flame and isn’t giving out much heat, the regulator might be stuck. To remedy this, turn off the gas and disconnect the grill. Open the lid and turn all the controls to a high setting for a minute or so. Turn them off, reconnect the gas line and light the grill again.

    Propane Gas Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
    Connecting your grill to the natural gas pipeline that supplies your house means a steady and reliable stream of fuel without the need to change out any tanks. Natural gas burns at about half the heat of propane, with some customers complaining that this means their grill doesnt get hot enough for a proper sear.
    While not as clean-burning as propane, natural gas is still considered a green fuel. Natural gas grills are only portable if you have another natural gas hookup to attach them to at your destination.
    Pound for pound, natural gas is cheaper than propane.

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    Converting From Propane To Natural Gas For Outdoor Grilling

    Andy Arthur / Flickr / CC BY-3.0

    Gas-burning appliances, including outdoor barbecue grills, gas fireplaces, and patio space heaters, are designed to burn one of two different types of fuel. The majority of grills and outdoor appliances are designed to burn liquid propane fuelthe fuel that comes in tanks or bottles that you periodically must refill or replace. But homeowners increasingly are turning to outdoor appliances that burn the same natural gas that serves the indoor gas appliancesmostly because natural gas is a more plentiful, cheaper fuel. For a family that grills frequently, the cost savings can total hundreds of dollars each year. And because natural gas appliances can usually be tapped into the home’s natural gas lines, it eliminates the need for cumbersome tanks that always seem to run empty just when you’re grilling a big meal.

    How Do You Hook Up A Gas Line To A Propane Grill

    Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill 47100001

    Connecting Gas Grill To House Propane Supply

  • Step 1 Remove Grill Regulator. The first step is to remove the old regulator and supply line on your propane grill.
  • Step 2 Connect Flexible Gas Line To Grill.
  • Step 3 Connect Gas Line To Gas Shut Off Valve.
  • Yuxi Voltas

    Natural gas grillsgrillsnatural gas grill

    Larbi Rigger

  • Can you buy natural gas in tanks?
  • However, due to safety considerations, the complexity of the technology and gas train components, as well as the level of disassembly required, we dont allow conversions or provide conversion kits. Converting a grill will actually void the warranty on the unit and might create an unsafe situation.

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    Can You Convert A Weber Gas Grill To Propane

    Weber Barbecue Grills CanGasPropaneWeber doesgasdoes

    Propane offers some advantages over natural gas to certain users because propane canisters make the grill portable. Additionally, propane is readily available for purchase at gas stations and home improvement stores. Converting a natural gas BBQ to use propane can be done at home however, caution should be taken.

    Subsequently, question is, how do you tell if a grill is propane or natural gas? The serial tag and rating plate contain the gas type information, either natural gas or liquid propane . If a gas product is converted to the other type of gas, a sticker is placed near the original serial tag and rating plate to indicate the gas type change.

    Likewise, people ask, can you convert a Weber natural gas grill to propane?

    Like converting the type of fuel used in any barbecue grill, converting Weber barbecue grills is not difficult. Fuel conversion means changing the in-coming gas connection, changing the regulator for liquid propane or natural gas and then changing each orifice for the type of fuel being regulated.

    Can I use natural gas orifice for propane?

    Natural gas is fed at a smaller pressure than propane, so to get the same heating value , a natural gas orifice has to be smaller than a propane one. This suggests that you can convert a natural gas appliance to a propane one and vice versa by changing the orifice on the gas valve.

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    Can You Convert Any Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Basically, no. Many grills are capable, and you can purchase kits to make the change. Also, many forums and YouTube videos show how to convert grills that supposedly cannot be. However, these are unofficial hacks, void any warranty you have, and in case of a fire would almost definitely invalidate any insurance you have.

    If you have a grill that cannot be converted but are sure you want to cook with natural gas, check out our guide to the best NG grills.

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    How Can You Tell The Difference Between Propane And Natural Gas Jets

    You install one jet in each burner. The jet is simply a little screw-in cap with a hole drilled into it. The difference is that the hole in the jet for natural gas is bigger — about twice as big — as the hole in the jet for LPG. The reason for this difference is because LPG contains much more energy than natural gas.

    How To Convert Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Weber Summit® E

    Not sure where to begin with converting your propane grill to natural gas? In my guide today I lay out everything you need to know to make the change.

    You might have considered changing gas sources from propane to natural gas to help save on ongoing fuel costs, and to move to a more reliable means of fuelling your grill.

    This can be daunting though, as you need to take into account potential issues like practicality and safety.

    In most cases, its quite simple and straightforward to convert to natural gas, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so.

    Want to invest in a natural gas grill? Check out my natural gas grill reviews.

    Before you begin, here are some important checks to make before attempting to convert your grill.

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    How Do I Know If I Can Convert My Grill

    The easiest way a person can know if he can convert his grills is to check the user manual, as most have a section that talks about conversion. Additionally, users can check out the manufacturers website. Many have a list of which grills can be converted, and will sell the conversion kits right there on the website.

    If these options fail, the grill owner can always write or call the company that manufactured his grill. They should be able to tell him whether or not he can convert a specific grill and where to find the conversion kit if so.

    Are Propane And Natural Gas The Same

    Natural gas vs propane: conclusion Both are odourless, colourless, and clean-burning fossil fuels. Propane is more energy-efficient and considered to be a green fuel, while natural gas is not. … Propane is delivered in propane tanks. Lastly, propane is heavier than air, but natural gas is lighter.

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    What Is Involved In Converting The Grill

    To switch fuel sources you are going to need to change the regulator and install new orifices for each burner tube.

    Something to keep in mind is that you will need to change the orifice for EVERY burner on the grill including any side burners and, if you have a Summit, rotisserie burners.

    Actually changing out the orifice for each burner is pretty easy. Here is how you perform the swap in older grills which have side mounted burner controls:

    Here is how you perform the swap in newer grills with front mounted burner controls.

    The conversion is inexpensive with each orifice costing around $6 and regulators costing about $40.

    Things You Will Need To Converts Natural Gas Grill To Propane

    Weber Genesis EP-330 Gas Grill : Weber at Abt Electronics…

    In order to change a natural gas connection to a propane tank, you will need three basic things air shutter/mixer change, smaller burner orifices, and a hose with LP regulator. When connecting your grill to a propane tank, you must ensure that the pressure and volume are adequate enough to manage the load. Here are the steps to follow.

    #. Step 1

    First, check whether or not your gas grill supports the conversion and you will usually find this information in the owners manual that came with the grill. When not sure or if you have loosed the manual, we suggest that you contact the owners manual and ask if he can provide or recommend a conversion kit for complete transformation.

    Sometimes, even though the gas grill model does not come with a conversion kit, the manufacturer may still have one that can send you for an additional fee.

    #. Step 2

    When you have the kit ready, shut off the natural gas supply to the grill, and then remove the gas line completely. Next, you must remove any side or front panels to access the barbeque parts within the grill.

    #. Step 3

    Now, take out the gas valves, regulators, and orifices that are meant for use with the natural gas supply and replace them with new grill parts that are propane compatible. Next, you must ensure that all the BBQ fittings are perfectly secured. Dont close the panels so quickly.

    #. Step 4

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