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Tips For Grilled Chicken Breast

How to Sear on an Infrared Grill | How to Grill with Grillabilities from BBQGuys

Dont grill chicken cold: As with most meats, you want to bring close to room temperature before grilling or cooking. This allows more even cooking throughout. If you grill directly from the fridge, the outside will cook much faster and you risk chairing before the center reaches the correct temperature.

Allow chicken breast to sit about 30 minutes at room temperature before cooking. Not much longer or youll increase the risk of food contamination.

Pre-season: Generously coat both sides of chicken with light olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper, and desired seasonings. The olive oil helps to hold in moisture while cooking, increases those nice golden sear marks and helps seasonings stick better to the meat.

Preheat the grill: Preheat the gas grill to medium-high until the temp reaches 350-400° degrees F. The grill needs to be hot when you add chicken, allowing it to sear and cook evenly.

How to add chicken breasts to gas grill: Lightly grease cooking grates of the preheated gas grill with vegetable oil spray or paper towel application to prevent sticking. Immediately add chicken with at least 2-3 inches between pieces. Close lid and cook.

Reduce heat to medium midway: Rotate mid-way for even sear marks and cooking.

Grilled chicken breast safe temp: Cook chicken breast just to an internal temperature of 165° F with an instant-read thermometer. Watch carefully and do not overcook.

Why Might You Want One Who Are Infrared Grills Best Suited To

So, who would want one of these grills?

Well, if youre looking for the cooking method that can give you the best steak experience consistently, then an infrared grill could be a welcome addition to your grill collection.

Or, if patience is not your strongest trait, then infrared can save you a lot of time, and deliver your dinner much quicker!

Maybe you like to keep on top of new technology and impress your guests? If so, an infrared grill would do precisely that.

These grills could also be well-suited to those that have cooked on an industrial scale before and who regularly host and grill for large groups.

What Is An Infrared Grill

Quick Answer: Infrared grills heat the meat, not the air.

For many people, the idea of infrared is somewhat of a mystery. Infrared Grills maximize flavor, energy, and convenience by utilizing a radiant heat cooking system as opposed to a convection cooking system found on traditional gas grills. All food is surrounded by a moisture boundary, which is a layer of air and water molecules. The hot air generated by other gas grills cant penetrate this boundary without disturbing it, so food is exposed to the drying elements of hot air as it cooks. Infrared energy doesnt disturb the moisture boundary, so food retains up to 35% more of its own natural juices, remaining tender and juicy. In short, infrared grills heat the meat, not the air. One example of infrared or ‘radiant’ heat is the warmth you feel on your skin as you stand outside under the bright sun.

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Disadvantages Of Cooking In Infrared Grills

Some of the disadvantages of cooking include its cost and difficulty to control its cooking temperature. An infrared gas grill can be more expensive than gas grills due to their use of infrared energy.

It can also be difficult to control the cooking temperature since infrared grills heat up so quickly, so it may be challenging to maintain low cooking temperatures needed for some foods such as vegetables and fish. You either need to get an infrared grill with variable cooking temperatures so you can cook food at low temperatures or get a hybrid grill.

Some people also report that the chances of burning food is higher if a person does not closely monitor the temperature and the food that is cooking on the grill.

They can also be quite bulky and heavy as they were initially designed for commercial kitchens and not designed to be portable.

Are Infrared Grills Better Than Regular Gas Grills

CharBroil TRU

You know, this is a tricky question to answer. The truth is that while infrared grills have many advantages, they also have several disadvantages too

The pros are as follows. They provide a uniform distribution of heat, theres reduced flare-ups, they heat up quickly, theyre great for the outdoors, unaffected by wind, and theyre also one of the safest ways to cook.

But on the other hand, there are the cons. The top quality grills are rarely available at a good price point. And while infrared grills are often great for grilling meats, it can be a little too easy to burn veggies on an infrared grill.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Infrared Burner

Lynx Professional BBQ Grill Infrared Burners

  • Direct heat: The heat is more direct and more efficient.
  • Faster grilling time:Infrared burners heat up very quickly so you can get grilling in no time.
  • Higher temperatures: Infrared burners are hotter than a traditional burner. Some infrared burners approach 1,000 F. With that kind of heat, you can sear a steak to perfection.
  • Moister, more flavorful food: Because infrared is direct heat, you end up with moister meat.
  • Less flare-ups: No exposed flame means fewer flare-ups than a traditional gas grill.
  • Easy cleaning: Infrared burners are much easier to clean.
  • Differences Between Infrared And Traditional Gas Burners

    You can think of a traditional grill burner as shining a flashlight onto and around your food with a wide cone of diffused heat, whereas an infrared burner points a laser of heat directly onto the food.

    All-Gas Vs Infrared Searing On Outdoor BBQ Grills

    Getting an even heat across the grill can be difficult with traditional grills in windy areas. Infrared burners are not affected by wind.

    That gives you the ability to create even heat across the cooking surface.

    Infrared burners utilize uniform radiant energy, heating the food directly. Infrared heat cooks your food evenly and faster.

    Compare that to open flame grill burners which radiate heat through a heat distribution system , to distribute the heat across the grilling area.

    The downside with traditional grills is that hot spots occur, and a lot of heat redirects downward.

    As we said, think laser versus flashlight for infrared vs. regular gas heat.

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    Can You Cook Vegetables On An Infrared Grill

    Were pleased to report that infrared grills are not just for grilling meat, and that you can also grill vegetables there, too. And this is a great way of improving the healthiness of the meals that you grill, since vegetables offer quite a lot in the way of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

    The best way to grill vegetables on an infrared grill is to set the grill to a medium to high heat and lightly spray the vegetables with olive oil before adding them to the grill. This really adds to the flavor and promotes sear marks, and it also keeps them from drying out and sticking to the grill.

    Smaller vegetables such as mushrooms can be grilled whole, while larger vegetables will need to be sliced first, or cut into wedges. To tell if your vegetables are cooked, simply pierce them with some cutlery. If it slides in easily, then you know your veggies are sufficiently cooked.

    Are Infrared Grills Hard To Clean

    How to Replace Your Blaze Conventional Burner With an Infrared Burner

    Were pleased to report that infrared grills are not hard to clean. The basics for cleaning an infrared grill are pretty much the same as for a regular grill

    First off, if theres a drip tray, you should clean this out after every use.

    You should always wait until the grill is completely cool before handling it for cleaning purposes. When ready, you can remove the grill grate to clean it

    If the grill gate is of a metal construction, all you need to do is use a wire brush to remove any debris that remains from your cooking. If however the grill grate is coated with porcelain, as they often are, then a soft brush is best, and a stiff brush wont be required.

    We recommend that you clean your infrared grill out about once every 6 months or so. At the same time, you should check your infrared grill for signs of wear, and especially look out for damage to the heating element.

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    Lynx Professional Bbq Grill L30atrflp

    A normal infrared is one temperature, but Lynx offers a variable from 300-1000 degrees.

    You have that direct heat of an infrared but at a lower temperature. You can cook more water-soluble foods like fruit and veggies.

    Lynx Professional BBQ Grill Infrared Burners

    This grill is all infrared and is available in larger in 30, 36, and 48-inch sizes, but should you buy it?

    Lynx Professional Built-In BBQ Grill on Display at Yale Appliance in Hanover

    You will be able to grill faster than a conventional burner. The downside is the price at well over $4,000.

    Also, you need to be close by to your grill when you’re cooking with infrared. Your food cooks faster and could burn if you are not paying attention.

    Many pro grills will have the infrared option along with burners. A combination may be a good consideration to an all sear grill.

    However, If you truly like to grill, all sear is a good consideration. You have the output plus the ability to lower temperature.

    Sides To Serve With Chicken

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    With four main burners, an infrared rear and side burner, this grill can cook meals using eight unique cooking styles. Grill for a crowd with a capacity for up to thirty hamburgers, and up to eight more on the side burner.

    Youll know its a Napoleon with the Iconic WAVE cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks.

    Not just durable on the outside under the lid, is the same quality stainless steel used for the basin, tube burners, dual-level sear plates, and cooking grids. Seven stainless steel sear plates provide extra surface area for any drippings from your food to vaporize, avoiding flare-ups.

    Never leave your barbecue on again as all the Prestige® series grills come with the SafetyGlow Feature where the control knobs glow red when the burner is on.

    Infrared Grill Reviews Char Broil Infrared Grill Reviews and Best Prices

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    The 12 Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills Reviewed In 2020

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    The infrared grill is one of the hottest new things in outdoor cooking, and I mean hottest! Although the technology has been around for a long time, TEC invented them in the 60s, the patent recently ran out so now you are seeing more and more gas grills with infrared burners by many different producers.

    What is the infrared type of grill?

    Most infrared burners are incorporated into other standard gas grills, either as a side burner or as one half of the grill cooking surface. Other smaller models and portable models are available which just supply an infrared grill without a standard gas grill as well.

    What is the point of these types of grills?

    An infrared grill is so hot that it can cook and caramelize the outside of your steak while the inside is still cool or just slightly warmed. This locks in the juices and flavors of your rare meat while creating tasty caramelization on the surface.

    Some of the newest infrared grill models have quite a temperature range as well, allowing you to turn that blazing heat down a bit for foods that require a more gentle touch like fish steaks or fillets.

    Do you need an infrared grill?

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    Tips On Cleaning Infrared Grills

    CharBroil TRU

    At least twice a year, an infrared grill should be inspected for wear, paying close attention to any damage to the heating element, the infrared plate and the grate. Worn parts should be replaced before using and can usually be ordered directly from the manufacturer. If youre not the DIY type, at least not when it comes to expensive, restaurant-grade grills, you may want to contact the grills manufacturer to locate an authorized repair facility.

    If your infrared grill is in working order, first clean the grills gas or electric heating element by removing debris with a wire brush or steel wool and, in the case of gas elements, clearing out any obstructions to the burners openings.

    Next, if your infrared grill is equipped with a grate, apply some elbow grease. Remove the grate and, if its made of metal, whisk a stiff wire brush over both sides to remove cooking debris. If the grate is cast iron or coated with porcelain, use a brush with soft nylon bristles to avoid etching the grates surface . To finish the job, turn up the heat.

    One of the best ways to clean your grill is to heat up the grill to as high a temperature as possible, said Wachtel doing so will burn off any remaining debris. Then, after the grill cools, you can use a grill brush to remove leftover particles.

    If youre in the market for a new grill this season, heres how to narrow down your options to find the perfect fit.

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    Weber Sear Station Vs Infrared Burner

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    Grilling is not as tough as it seems. However, once you are in the market for the right grilling units and tools, the myriad of options available are sure to leave you confused. Trust me, you are not alone and there are many in the same predicament.

    If you are a fan of Weber grills then you may want to look into a Weber Sear Station. But then you may also be considering the possibility of an infrared burner as well. So, whats the solution? How can you ensure that you put your hard-earned money in the right place?

    Worry not, because in this post we will help you understand the difference between a Weber Sear Station and an infrared burner. Read on to find out more.

    Infrared Versus Traditional Gas Grills

    Here are the primary differences between conventional and infrared grills:

    Heating Method: This is the fundamental difference between infrared and regular gas burners. Infrared heats food directly via radiation, and regular burners heat the air around food via convection.

    Temperature Range: Infrared burners are intensely hot, and most dont set to low very well. So conventional grills can often hold temperatures as low as 200 degrees Fahrenheit, while infrared grills cannot go much below 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Cooking Time: Because of the higher heat involved, infrared cooking times will be much less than conventional grills. Preheat times are also much shorter.

    Fuel Consumption: Infrared burners use more fuel than conventional burners, especially when set to high power. But because they are left on for shorter lengths of time, you will probably end up consuming less gas.

    Price: No matter how you cut it, infrared burners are more expensive. They are both a newer, premium technology and more complex to manufacture. So even though infrared grills have been on the market for quite a while, the price is still higher than regular burners.

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    Types Of Infrared Burner Systems

    There are several infrared brands out there, but they don’t all utilize the same infrared cooking system. This is important to understand to ensure you are getting the perfect infrared grill to fit your cooking needs. Furthermore, it’s important to consider the quality of the infrared grill you are buying. Some infrared grills are built with more economical, lower quality components, which might cause you to have to constantly replace parts, or the whole grill, much quicker than you might think. We’ve had several customers share their stories with us about this very fact. Contrast that with the commercial quality construction of the higher end brands, where you may pay more up front but enjoy better performance and longevity in the long run.

    Cons: Infrared Grills Are Expensive

    Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Performance 3 Burner Gas Grill

    A portable infrared grill can be purchased for under $500, but a full-sized infrared grill one thats comparable in size to a standard four burner gas grill can run upwards of $1,000 .

    Thats a lot of money to spend on a tool that basically does one thing well, which is cook steaks. Anything else anything whether its chicken, vegetables, fish, seafood, hamburgers is going to need to be cooked at a lower temperature.

    And yes, there are infrared grills with variable temperature systems that allow you to cook at temperatures as low as 200 F, which is what youd need to barbecue a brisket or pork shoulder, for instance. There are also hybrid models with infrared burners on one side and conventional ones on the other. These grills allow your infrared grill to cook at the normal temperatures of a conventional gas or charcoal grill. But all that means is that youre spending infrared grill money to do something you can do with a conventional gas or charcoal grill, which, depending on how you feel about your money, might not be the very best use of it.

    Even when it comes to cooking steaks, which is the one thing an infrared grill indisputably excels at, its not exactly foolproof. Because the temperatures are so high higher than most people are accustomed to dealing with its easy to accidentally overcook or even burn your steaks by leaving them on there too long.

    In other words, Im approaching this subject with humility.

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