How To Start My Traeger Grill

Why Is My Grill Smoking But Not Igniting

Traeger Grill Startup Instructions | How To Fire Up Your Traeger!

If your grill is getting pellets to the firepot and producing small amounts of smoke, the most likely scenario is that the induction fan is not feeding air to the fire. Look underneath the pellet hopper and locate the 4″ induction fan to see if it is running. If the fan is not running, turn the grill off, then spin the fan around manually about 5-10 times each way to loosen the grease on the shaft of the fan. Sometimes, if the grill sits unused for some time or it is really cold out, it can cause the grease on the fan to seize, which prevents the fan from moving.

How To Grill Steak On Traeger

Steak is the easiest and desirable food for grilling. When someone starts thinking about grilling, the first food he would think about steak.

Lets see the process

  • I am assuming that you got a fresh and well-marbled steak.
  • You got all the ingredients like oil, seasoning around your hand.
  • Take the steak on a plate and pour the seasoning on it then rub with your palm on the steak.
  • Then start the Trager and set the temperature to 4500F for 5-10 minutes until it gets smoked with the lid closed. After that take your seasoned steak and put it in the Traeger to 4500F temperature and close the lid.
  • Wait for 10 minutes and flip the steak to another side then close the lid again and wait. After 10 minutes put the steak back and you will see the marked, seared, and juicy steak on your plate.

The Fire Goes Out Mid

Another common Traeger Grill problem is the fire going out mid-cook. This problem is usually rooted in the same issues that create abnormal temperature swings.

The top cause? bad pellets that produce excessive ash. If too much ash builds up in the fire pot over the course of a cook, it can cut off airflow and suffocate the fire, snuffing it out.

Likewise, a bad RTD relaying inaccurate readings can cause the controller to dump too few pellets, preventing it from maintaining a proper fire.

Finally, look at the induction fan. As it helps feed oxygen to the flames, if it isnt working, that could cause the fire to go out.

Give a listen. You should hear the fan humming while your Traeger is cooking.

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Why Is Proper Shutdown Important

Following the correct shutdown process is especially important for grill maintenance and for your safety as improper shutdowns lead to backburn and grill fires. It can also lead to temperature fluctuations on the following cooks.

Backburn and Grill Fires

Backburn is when the pellets in the auger ignite and begin to burn. When you turn off the grill without using the shutdown feature, mechanical components like the auger stop functioning meanwhile, the fire is still burning at full force in the firepot. This can lead to a warped auger, a jammed auger, and grill fires.

Improper shutdowns can also prevent the grill from burning out the build-up of pellets in the firepot at the end of your cook. The next time you start your grill, there may be too many pellets in the firepot, causing a grill fire.

We Have Put Together A Simple

Traeger Pellet Grill Smoker Pro model 124 for Sale in ...

Welcome to the modern era of cooking. Thanks to wood pellets, grilling to perfection while infusing distinct flavor is easier and more effective than ever before.

The art of smoking foods is all about consistent and level temperatures which starts with your fuel of the fire. Whether in the form of chunks, chips, or wood pellets, its best to use some type of hardwood for smoking.

Traditionally, wood chips or chunks have been used in grills and outdoor ovens large enough to use them. Grillers with smaller setups can also use wood chips or wood pellets in gas or charcoal grills by using a smokebox, and recently, wood pellet grills have been making BBQ magic at homes as much as at restaurants. Many grillers enjoy using hardwood pellets because of their convenience and effectiveness compared to other fuels.

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How Does A Traeger Grill Work

A Traeger grill is a pellet type of grilling unit. How does it work? Well, the pellets for the Traeger are placed in an auger that feeds them into a firepot.

The hopper needs to be filled with wood pellets and then once lit by the HotRod igniter system, they will get turned into a smokeless flame that you can use on your food.

How Often Should I Clean My Pellet Grill How Do I Maintain It While Using It

Regardless if youre a diehard griller or just use your Traeger on occasion, there are some general guidelines that will help to ensure optimal performance:

Cleaning after each usage and at least once every season with spring cleanup as well.

This includes removing any grease from the burners by turning them on high for ten minutes vacuuming out any ash remaining inside the cooker

wiping down all surfaces including the lid handle unplugging the cooker.

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Traeger Auger And Auger Motor Replacement

Now, even if the auger is the cause of your control panel blowing a fuse the auger motor may actually be fine, the auger its self may simply be blocked. The most common cause for this is water got into the hopper. The grill pellets absorbed the water, expanded and jammed the auger.

I have a post on how to replace a Traeger auger motor. However, within that post, I also discuss how to free up a jammed auger. Once unjammed before you purchase a new auger motor connect it back up to the control panel and try again. You may find after inserting a new fuse into the control panel youre good to go!

The auger motor on your Traeger may not actually be faulty, it may simply be blocked which is causing the motor to overload and blow the control panel fuse: Image

Pellets Arent Being Fed To The Fire Pot

Traeger Grills – Troubleshooting: Start Up Process

Wood pellets are fed to the fire pot from the hopper by a rotating auger thats powered by a motor. After turning on your Traeger, you should hear it begin to move .

You can also look down into an empty hopper and see a section of the auger. If its not moving, it could be a faulty motor.

If the auger isnt moving but the motor is fine, there could be a pellet jam preventing the auger from spinning. Clearing the jam requires removing the hopper and doing some light mechanical work youll find plenty of step-by-step videos that simplify the process and show exactly you how to do this.

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You Should Purchase A Traeger Grill Based Upon What You Will Prepare

The dimension and also features you need will certainly be greatly impacted by this factor, which is among the most vital to bear in mind.

To conform to the larger cuts of meat at a block party or picnic, choose a larger roast with even more internal space, such as a huge barbecue with a larger firebox. How To Start A Traeger Grill

Smaller barbecue are more probable to be appropriate for people who only wish to cook the occasional burger or sausage sometimes.

The Grills Fan Is Not Turning On

It is a common problem that the induction is not working. It happens for several reasons. Firstly, this can happen for the lack of power from the controller to the orange wires. Lastly, similar obstructions can restrain the fan from spinning.


The induction fan is the essential component of the grill. If it doesnt work, then you will be unable to do anything on your grill. If you notice the fan is not working due to some obstructions, you can withdraw it manually, and the fan should start again. This way, the induction fan will do its work.

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How Long Should A Traeger Grill Take To Ignite

Two to five minutes should be ideal, but with internal and external factors that come into play for some Traeger grill models, it should not exceed 15 to 20 minutes.

Do note that for some models, it takes time for the auger to push the pellets while the fan circulates, this can extend the time of fire ignition in some cases.

Although for some models, even with a properly primed auger, it takes up to 15 minutes for the grill to ignite. One can also try testing another method by setting the temperature low, this enables the grill to startup gradually .

If the weather is extremely cold, and the grill is utilized outdoors, the cold temperature can cause the grill to ignite after a long time or overshoot upon ignition. To achieve a stable time frame during grill ignition, try setting it on an average temperature following your instructional sheet that came with the grill.

Also, if you just got a new Traeger grill, it should take 6 to 10 minutes for it to ignite, this is due to the electrical automated framework it operates with.

Can You Use A Traeger As A Grill Or Just A Smoker

traeger smoke setting temperature too high

Absolutely. It can do both of those things and more!

Traeger boasts their grills are a 6-in-1 grill. All of their grills can:

  • Grill
  • Braise
  • Barbeque

Because it heats using indirect heat, grilling is a bit slower than on a traditional grill.

Because it is an electric grill, it cant get as hot as a charcoal grill or even a propane grill. Trager grills get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit .

Charcoal grills can get well over 650 degrees and gas grills can get between 600 to 650 degrees.

Of course, charcoal and gas grills also allow for two-zone cooking, where you can leave one side cooler than the other. This lets you grill over direct, very hot heat or indirect, lower heat.

So while you can grill on a Traeger, if you are only going to use it for grilling, you may be better off purchasing a gas or charcoal grill. You may not have as much control over the temperature setting itself, but you have more control over whether you cook with direct or indirect heat.

You can even grill veggies on it, just like you would your traditional grill.

But you dont want to burn them. Read this recent article on my site for tips on how to grill delicious, perfectly cooked veggies.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

Note: You cant actually burn anything in the Traeger. Again, because it uses indirect heat. But you can overcook it. Wood pellet grills produce a varying amount of smoke based on the cooking temperature.

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Getting The Grill Ready

  • 1Assemble your grill if necessary. If this is your first time starting a new Traeger grill, check to make sure that it is completely assembled. For most models, this involves putting together the lower cabinet, grill body, heat baffle, grease drain pan, flue pipe, chimney cap, grill grates, and grease bucket.
  • Every Traeger grill is different, so follow the assembly instructions listed in your owners manual.
  • When igniting your grill for the first time, remove the grill grates, grease drain pan, and heat baffle. This will allow you to troubleshoot any initial start-up issues.
  • 2Plug your grill into an electrical outlet. Unlike traditional wood-burning grills, Traeger equipment requires power to operate the internal thermostat, fan, igniter rod, and wood pellet auger. To avoid starting the grill accidentally, leave it unplugged when not in use.XResearch source
  • 3Purchase Traeger-brand wood pellets. To operate your grill, youll need specially designed wood pellets available for purchase from Traegers official website. These wood pellets come in a variety of flavors, including hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan, oak, maple, alder, and cherry, and each type of pellet will make your food taste different. For safety, only use Traeger-brand wood pellets with your grill.
  • You can use the same batch of wood pellets for up to 1 week.
  • If your temperature probe is dirty, it may cause unwanted heat fluctuations while grilling.
  • How To Turn Off A Traeger Pellet Grill

    After you have finished cooking your food, dont just turn off and unplug the Traeger pellet grill .

    Turn the dial on your Traeger pellet grills to the Shut Down Cycle setting.

    This setting will stop the auger from turning, and quickly turn up the temperature of your fire rod and the speed of your fan.

    The reason for this is to rapidly burn off any pellets remaining in the firepot so that they dont just sit and smolder for hours like hot coals.

    You cant smother and re-light pellets that have already ignited once like you can with charcoal.

    So any pellets that have already made it into the fire pot need to be burned up.

    The Shut Down Cycle feature makes quick work of this and leaves you with a nice clean firepot for your next cook.

    Do not power down or unplug the pellet grill or this process cannot happen. The fan will turn off automatically after about 5-10 minutes when it is done, and then you can turn off and unplug the grill.

    Once the remaining pellets have burned off, the fan has stopped, and the grill is cool again, empty the remaining pellets left in the auger and the hopper and put them in a nice dry resealable 5 gallon bucket you keep inside.

    • Heavy-duty bucket and lid offer a variety of uses, both aquatic & non-aquatic
    • 5 gallon capacity

    Yes, we know how tempting it is to just throw the cover back on and leave the unused pellets in the Traeger grill.

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    Maintenance Tips For Your Traeger

    Besides cleaning your grill after each use, and spring cleaning it every grilling season, you also need to focus on maintaining it. This will prevent serious issues from taking over your Traeger and even slow down rusting, corrosion, and exposure.

    • Invest in a grill cover, and use it to cover the Traeger whenever it isnt in use.
    • Keep your grill grates clean by removing grease and debris after each use. Once in a while, fire up the grill and keep it going on high for 10 to 15 minutes, burning out any bits of food and debris. Once it has cooled down again, vacuum the ash out from the grill.
    • Store your grill in a cool and dry place during the winter. Make sure it isnt kept in humidity or damp conditions.
    • Use a grill mat to minimize mess and simplify cleanup.
    • Periodically get rid of old foil lining the drip trays and other components.
    • To keep your grill looking new and shiny wipe down the exterior of your grill after each cooking session.
    • Make sure the wiring isnt frayed and that the plug has all the screws attached. Replace worn-out wiring as soon as possible.
    • Avoid using bleach, steel wool, wire brushes, and other harsh and abrasive materials when cleaning your Traeger.

    S For Seasoning Your Grill

    Traeger Grill Start Up Process – Traeger Maintenance
    • Step 1 – Prime your auger tube with pellets
    • Step 2 – Plug in grill to an electrical outlet and turn on
    • Step 3 – Add hardwood pellets to hopper
    • Step 4 – Turn the main power switch on
    • Step 5 – Turn dial to Select Auger then choose Prime Auger
    • Step 6 – Once pellets begin to fall into firepot, select Done to turn off auger
    • Step 7 Turn selection dial clockwise to 350°F and press the dial
    • Step 8 Press ignite, close the lid, and when the temperature reaches 350°F, run for 20 minutes
    • Step 9 Adjust temperature to 450°F
    • Step 10 – When the temperature reaches 450°F, run for an additional 30 minutes
    • Step 11 Shut down grill by pressing the Selection dial for three seconds on a Pro Series Grill. For an Ironwood or Timberline, press the Standby button for three seconds to initiate the shutdown cycle.
    • Step 12 Once the shutdown cycle finishes, seasoning of your grill is complete

    Now that youve finished seasoning your grill, get ready to create mouthwatering brisket, fall-off-the-bone baby-back ribs, and juicy pulled pork.


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    You Can Set It And Ignore It

    When a Traeger grill is enabled to warmth and smoke food for extended amount of times, it can yield the ideal results.

    If the hopper has fresh solid wood pellets, it can maintain a steady temperature as long as the firebox is fed.

    It is feasible to set up the grill right after that as well as to leave it there for a few minutes, a pair of hrs, or for also longer. Another cooking system doesnt have the ability to do this.

    Therefore, Traeger grills have a substantial merit over their competitors.

    Close The Traeger Lid When It Starts To Roar

    When the grill completes preheating, youll hear an immediate roaring from the main unit body. Dont worry this is a good sign. The sound resembles the roaring of an engine. Close the Traeger grill lid when you hear the roaring to pack in the smoke and heat.

    If your grill hasnt started roaring or heating up, check the auger, fan or grill hotrod. There might be a problem with one of the following components. The grill hotrod is located at the bottom of the grill grate. You can identify the auger and grill fan below the hopper.

    Check if there is any dirt or debris that might be clogging them up. If there is, clean it out and start running it out again. Is it still not working? You can contact the Traeger support for more help.

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