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How to light your Lynx Grill

Besides doing Lynx barbecue repair, we also specialize in grill cleaning and restoration. We can take an old dirty grill and make it look like new again. We do miracles when it comes to grill restoration. Our clients are always amazed what you can do with an old grill for a fraction of a price of buying a new one.

Its not only barbecue grills that we work on. We also do the entire outdoor kitchen repair and outdoor kitchen cleaning. That includes any outdoor appliances such as:

  • Lynx post-mounted infrared patio heater
  • Lynx eave mounted patio heater
  • Lynx outdoor refrigerator
  • Lynx cooktop Asado built-in grill
  • Lynx Sonoma Smoker

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Clean And Safe Solutions With Asko Laundry

Now more than ever, we want a clean and safe environment. Some appliances not only clean, but sanitize and provide hypoallergenic solutions. Scandinavian company Asko is a bold example. They have won many awards for their commitment to the environment by making efficient and recyclable products which help preserve our natural resources. The hygienic

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How To Clean A Moldy Grill

Believe it or not, its possible to salvage a grill that has developed mold. This nasty stuff forms when moisture combines with grease inside a grill. Inhaling mold spores could be harmful, so its best to kill mold with heat rather than cleaners or brushes.

As with a normal burn-off to clean your grill grates, turn all burners to high and close your lid. Let your burners go for at least 20 minutes, just to be sure the mold has been killed. Allow the grill to cool, then go through the entire deep-cleaning process described above. Once everything is back inside the grill, perform another burn-off for about 20 more minutes.

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  • Innovative Trident infrared burner offers infinite temperature control between high and low
  • Sturdy ceramic burners will never rust or corrode, while providing superior heat retention and delivery
  • Lift assist and fluid handle rotation make raising the hood effortless
  • Unique two-position, three-speed rotisserie with infrared burner produces slow roasted perfection
  • Large capacity smoker box lets you add unique flavor to grilled foods

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Best Gas Grill: Are High End Grills Worth It

The Lynx Grill Brings Smart Searing to Your Back Yard

If youâre in the market for a high-end gas grill, chances are youâre probably also designing or redesigning your outdoor kitchen and entertaining space. Congratulations! Your summers are about to get a whole lot sweeter. Kalamazoo, Lynx, DCS, and Hestan stand out from the long list of competing grill brands, with offerings that go beyond the grates to equip your alfresco hangout in style and convenience. At a glance, however, it can be tricky to distinguish what makes each of them unique. Read on to learn about the differences among these gold-standard grills, to find the system that suits you best.

First, the basics: Weâre not talking about something you wheel around the backyard. Professional-style, built-in grill heads are mounted atop a stone island, and often flanked by outdoor versions of equipment youâd find in an regular home kitchen: side burners, cocktail and beverage centers, refrigeration, sinks, cabinetry, and surfaces for food prep and service. There are just as many options for outdoor cooking, too, from electric, charcoal, infrared, and teppanyaki grills to smokers, pizza ovens, and much more, but there is little argument that any outdoor kitchen revolves around a built-in gas grill.

You have more than 200 built-in gas grills to choose from. Weve narrowed down the selection to four leading brands, to take a closer look at their top models.

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Why Lynx Makes Some Of Our Favorite Grills

Summer is coming and that means grilling.For some, that also means buying a new grill. If youre looking for awell-built grill that will last season after season, one of our favorite brandsis Lynx.

The American made Lynx grill that is known forits ability to turn whatever food thats tossed onto it into a masterpiece.With its highly professional capabilities, a Lynx grill is sure to impress justabout any cook regardless of if youre a weekend grilling warrior or aprofessional looking for some R& R at home.

What Is An Infrared Grill How Do They Work

To understand this fully we need to understand the difference between infrared and your usual go-to cooking method, which is usually either grilling with charcoal or gas-fired grilling.

Both these methods are convection cooking, in that the charcoal or gas flames heat the air between the fire and the food.

This hot air circulates around the food as it heats, which is known as a convection current.

This is the reason you close the lid while cooking, as it stops the hot air from escaping and allows the temperature to sit at a reasonably constant temperature, much like a traditional oven.

Infrared is different.

In simple terms, it is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which measures the length and speed of waves. Only a small part of the spectrum is visible to the human eye as visible light, and IR is just outside of this scope, and thus it is invisible to us. However, because it heats things, we can feel, see and taste the effect of it.

It is a lot like the sun. The suns energy is made up of around 50% infrared, and this is why pavements are hot to the touch in summer, yet we cannot see the heating process.

An IR grill uses a gas burner to heat a plate made of metal, ceramic, or glass and in turn produces infrared waves as opposed to just hot air. This plate heats quicker than just air and reaches a much higher temperature much faster.

The infrared waves created are what heats the surface of an object, such as meat, quicker than circulating hot air can.

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Traeger Roasted Pork With Balsamic Strawberry Sauce

Make this romantic Valentines Day dinner for two in your own backyard: tender rosemary pork & seared strawberries, drizzled with a reduced balsamic vinegar glaze. XOXO. Prep Time: 15minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Pellets: Hickory Ingredients 1.81 kg pork tenderloin salt and pepper 4 Tablespoon dried rosemary 12 Teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil 24 Large fresh strawberries 473 ml balsamic vinegar 8 Tablespoon sugar Steps When ready

Shop For Lynx Grills With The Bbqdepot

Lynx Gas Grill Ignition Features – By

At BBQ Depot, weve been selling Lynx grillssince their inception. For over two decades weve sold their products. We haveextensive experience with their grills and know their parts and accessories byheart. There is noone else who has the experience in repairing Lynx Grills like The BBQ Depot.

Whether you choose the Lynx Professional or Sedona grill, were thefolks you want to call. Contact us today!

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Advanced Heat Retention And Distribution

As we all learned in chemistry class, metal conducts heat. Lets say you have four burners that together produce a whopping 100,000 BTUs. Under a thin metal dome , heat travels away from the cavity of the grill. To combat this, pro grill manufacturers use the following high-quality materials and construction techniques to retain and reflect the heat for cooking:

  • Heavy duty stainless steel grates: These retain heat and transfer it to your food efficiently. Kalamazoo and Hestan offer laser cut stainless steel grates, which cook up to 25 percent faster than rod-style grates. Kalamazoo also lets you customize your grates and offers different designs optimized for meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Ceramic briquettes: These also help retain and distribute heat evenly. Because ceramic briquettes tend to crack when you choose to use coal as a fuel source, Kalamazoo uses steel baffles instead for its multifuel grill.
  • Heavy duty lid and construction: The lid or hood is another important factor in maintaining an even temperature ecosystem, of course. The hood on a pro-style grill can weigh 50 pounds or more. Worried about the heave-ho? Innovative spring systems let you lift the hood up with one finger.
  • Convection effect in the firebox: Manufacturers have optimized these grillsâ air flow from intake to exhaust to generate the maximum convection effect. That means there are no cold spots in the cavity. Kalamazoo is a stand out in this category with its extra deep firebox.
  • What Is A Rotisserie Burner Doing On My Grill

    6 minute read|Grills

    If after upgrading your outdoor gas grill someone asks: What is an infrared rotisserie burner doing on your propane BBQ? Tell them . . . Winning.

    The addition of an infrared rotisserie burner to an existing PGS propane BBQ grill has become a popular trend that allows backyard chefs the ability to expand their menu repertoires vastly. The infrared elements are fired up by propane, but the technology converts it into a form of radiant heat. That science provides advanced cooking control and the ability to slow-cook choice cuts of beef, chickens, fruit, vegetables and other selections.

    The rotisserie option on a propane BBQ functions as you might expect. It steadily rotates thick cuts of beef, whole chickens, fruits, veggies and others under intense radiant heat. Many grilling enthusiasts further enhance their control by strategically installing a grill timer to shut the system down and avoid overcooking. The use of a grill timer with an outdoor gas grill also gives home cooks a safety failsafe and peace of mind.

    Does Adding An Infrared Rotisserie Burner Makes Sense?

    It may come as something of a surprise, but infrared burners, in general, are more energy efficient than many standard gas counterparts. Infrared rotisseries allow grilling enthusiasts to spend less money on propane or natural gas than you would ordinarily need to accomplish similar grilling tasks.

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    Why Is My Flame Yellow /orange

    In a gas grill you want your flame to be blue with yellow tips. If you have yellow or orange flames, this is a sign where there may not be a good mixture of air and gas or there may be insects or an obstruction in the burner.

    1. Check the burner inlet for obstructionex. Spiders, insects, etc.

    The air adjustment can be found by the bottom burner or if your burner uses venturi tubes, at the base of the tubes. If your gas grill is generating yellow or orange flame, you should adjust the air shutter by following these steps:

    • At the end of the burner, there should be a screw located by metal shutter. You will need to loosen the screw to allow the shutter to slide open or closed. Gas)
    • Ignite the grill to see of your flame pattern is blue with yellow tips
    • Once you have a blue flame, tighten the screw to keep the shutter in place

    , you may find the air shutter at the bottom of the burner. Follow the same steps above.)

    A yellow and orange flame can also be caused by an incorrect gas type on the orifice. If the grill is set for natural gas and you are trying to use propane, this can cause too much gas to come from the orifice nozzle and can create a yellow flame.

    Overview Of Professional Vs Sedona Series Lynx Grills

    Lynx L42TR Grill Review
    Freestanding models come fully assembled with the cart Cart and grill head need to be assembled on site
    FlameTrak Safety on Select Models N/A

    Exterior Construction

    Lynx Professional series gas grills are constructed with superior-quality 14 gauge, 304 steel. This is measurably better than Sedona models, which feature a still-impressive 16-gauge 201 steel construction.


    Pro series grills boast incredibly durable ceramic burners with a max output of 25,000 BTUs. The advantage of ceramic is that it protects the power source and nozzles from clogging or expanding over time. That being said, Sedona series grills still feature 23,000 BTU burners crafted from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel.

    Trident Technology on Infrared Burners

    The good news for those looking to buy a Lynx grill on a budget is that the Sedona series features their patented Trident technology, allowing for excellent searing. However, Pro series grills offer the even more advanced Trident system that prevents flare ups by up to 60% . Trident burners are also made with inconel wire for enhanced durability and longevity. This is arguably the most impressive feature available on Lynx grills, and it makes the Pro series remarkably attractive to serious grillers.

    The dome shaped stainless steel mesh on Trident burners is a superior design for protecting the burner from juices and food debris.


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    Why Hire Us To Do Your Lynx Grill Repair

    We are number one when it comes to skills and knowledge in connection with Lynx grill repair. Our technicians are all factory trained and certified. They know everything about older models that are 20 or 30 years old as well as the brand new models that just came out this year. They are always educated and on top of all the new BBQ grill technology. Because of this knowledge and experience they work fast and do the job right! Our customer service is excellent as well. You will be happy, and your Lynx BBQ grill will be working just like new!

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    How To Fix A Gas Line Clog In A Propane Grill

    Owning a propane grill can provide the user with a great way to prepare food and enjoy the outdoors. For individuals who own propane grills, it is important to know how to do some basic maintenance to keep their grill in good working order. One of the more common problems that can occur with a propane grill is a clogged gas line.

    The most common time an individual will find a problem with their propane grill is after it has gone unused for a few months. When the grill is sitting unused during the winter, a problem may occur and it goes unchecked due to the lack of use. When better weather comes around and you go to enjoy your grill, you might find that it either is not working as well as it did last year or that it is not working at all.

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    To Change The Microswitch:

    The microswitch is located on top of the valve. Unplug the power harness and electrode from top of the microswitch. Remove the 2 screws that bot the switch to the valve. Take the new switch and re bolt to the valve . Plug in the power harness to the left most prong and electrode to the center prong . Do not worry about the third prong. Test the electrodes by pressing the knob. Make sure they glow. Turn the knob to ignite.

    Bbq Grill Cleaning Restoration

    Changing the LED Light Strands on a Lynx Grill
    • If your barbecue is old and worn and has seen better days, you dont necessarily have to rush to get a new one. We can save you some much needed money with our grill restoration service. We can replace or restore the grill on your barbecue, can give your barbecue the much-needed face lift it requires, along with helping you make sure your grill is safe for use. This can be a much better alternative, that lowers your replacement costs.
    • Call Us 843-351-6444

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    Sedona By Lynx Gas Grills

    Sedona grills are available in natural gas or propane and with 2 or 3 burner options in either built-in or freestanding configurations. You can choose from 30, 36, or 42-inch grills with 733, 891 or 1049 square inches of grilling space respectively. The 42-inch grill has a burger count of 24, where as the 36-inch you can cook 21 burgers, and the 30-inch you can cook 15 burgers at a time.

    The exterior is built with 201 stainless steel. The main burners are made of 304 stainless steel. The ProSear infrared burner gives you a nice sear on steak, but can also handle more delicate foods like vegetables and seafood on a low temperature.

    The illuminated knobs make it easy to set your burner levels at night. You wont have any problem seeing your food when grilling after dark. The halogen lights turn on as soon as you lift the lid. Lynxs Hood Assist makes lifting the lid feel weightless.

    If you love rotisserie, check out the Sedona grills with a rotisserie system. The rotisserie system has a dedicated burner and optional rotisserie basket for small foods. This allows balanced heat distribution when cooking meat or smaller items with the basket.

    Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

    Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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    Lynx Grills: 2022 Sedona Vs Professional Gas Grills Reviewed

    Lynx grills recognize that todays pleasures are about enjoying time outdoors with family and friends regardless of the season or the weather. Lnyx earned its reputation through a dedication to crafting high-end gas grills of unmatched quality. With the Professional and the Sedona series, the company always keeps an eye on the future by pushing forward and innovating.

    Lynx’s signature design innovations such as the fully adjustable sear burners are unique giving a nod to user-friendly accessibility. High-quality construction, exquisite design, and unmatched features are guaranteed to dramatically enhance your barbecue experience.

    But sifting through Lynx grill offerings can be tough, especially when it comes to choosing between the Professional vs. Sedona series. Considering the outdoor kitchen is going to serve your family for more than 15 years, you will not want to miss out on features that might be made for you. This article examines the features offered by both series and compares how they stack up against one another.

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