What To Grill This Weekend

Grilled Salad Heck Yes Grilled Salad

Safety tips for grilling this holiday weekend
  • Allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite TMP recipes, this grilled romaine caesar salad. Yup, you read that right! You put the hearts of romaine right on the grill to get a wilty, smoky, char-y and just all kinds of delicious. Its a main dish salad thats dinner party-ready.
  • Grill up some chicken and add it to this Waldorf salad for a smoky, summery riff on the crunchy classic.
  • A grilled curried chicken salad with goat cheese and a delicious herby vinaigrette is about as healthy and delicious as can be.

Grilling Recipes For Labor Day Weekend 2021

Our 59 Grilling Recipes for Labor Day Weekend will get you ready to enjoy the final days of summer! With the help of some great fellow bloggers, we have all kinds of tasty ideas for you.

We have updated this post just in time for Labor Day 2021. This has certainly been a challenging year in many ways. Labor Day Weekend is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps including a little safely distanced visiting time with family and friends before we need to retreat back inside our homes during the cooler weather.;

Scroll through all these great recipes, or click ahead to the section of interest: Meat ;| Veggies & Vegetarian | Seafood | Poultry | Drinks and Dessert

If you are looking for side dish ideas for your cookout, our collection What to serve with pork ribs has many ideas that would work well with these grilling recipes.

The Meat And Seafood You Need To Be Grilling This Weekend

10 Sep, 2021

Nothing says summer in Texas like grilling in the backyard with friends and family. With so many options available to grill, which meat and seafood should you be cooking this weekend?

You can’t go wrong with steak or pork chops to get that much needed protein. Both of these meats were practically made for grilling, and relatively easy on the budget.

A fun option to try with your loved ones is this Sirloin Sampler Package. Its a great way to experiment on the grill, all while trying different delicious steaks.

Another option on the grill is cooking up some seafood. Although it may be a bit more unconventional, grilled salmon and shrimp is always a good idea. We love shrimp for how quick and easy they are. They also offer much versatility in dishes such as pasta, salad, or ceviche. These Argentine Red Shrimp make for a delicious, simple meal. Since they are already peeled and deveined, all it takes is popping them on some skewers and throwing them on the grill.

Something many people may not know is that different meats require different heat settings. A key component in grilling is using the correct temperature, as well as technique.

For steak, pork chops, and salmon you’ll want to keep the flame on medium-high heat.

It is best to use steak or pork chops that are about an inch thick, to ensure that all the sides get cooked at once.

Chad Hensley

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Best Grilled Seafood For Labor Day

We will kickoff the seafood section with this one from Cooking Chat. I like tilapia on the grill, and it is delicious with this combo of tomatoes and olives. This tilapia recipe pairs very nicely with a Greek white wine.

Grilled Halibut with Mango Salsa;I tried grilling halibut for the first time this year, and love the way it came out topped with a mango salsa.

Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Soy Marinade

Swordfish is one of those things I have pretty much exclusively from the grill. You can see a variety of ways to prepare it here in this collection, but the simple Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Soy Marinade is probably my most frequently made version.

Grilled Swordfish and Eggplant with Fusilli and Tomatoes;Im a fairly new convert to the virtues of eggplant. Grilling is the key for me. This Sicilian inspired combination was very good. For more swordfish ideas, see our 16 Best Grilled Swordfish Recipes collection.

Simple Grilled Shrimp

Our Simple Grilled Shrimp is ready to go in about 20 minutes! That includes 10 minutes for a quick marinade. Serve as a main course or appetizer.

Grilled Swordfish with Pineapple Salsa;Gotta love salsa! The pineapple in this one gets grilled along with the fish. Grilling pineapple create a delicious, complex fruit flavor!

Simple Grilled Tilapia;;Though its a fairly light fish, tilapia grills up nicely. This is a simple recipe to try.

Everything You Need For Grilling This Labor Day Weekend

The Smaller Size: Weekend Grill

Labor Day weekend is upon us. And as;we start to see friends and family more in-person, the upcoming holiday is the perfect time to make the most of your outdoor space and cook up a delicious BBQ meal for loved ones.

While summer might be behind us, many prime grilling days still lie ahead, which means it’s as good a time as any to make sure you have everything you need for grilling up a storm. This of course means a grilling apron, stainless-steel spatula set and a meat thermometer. But don’t forget about a cooking glove made for outdoor use, a grill brush and the perfect sauces to take your grilled masterpiece over the edge. Having trouble deciding exactly what to grill? Not to worry: You can sign up for a meat subscription service and taste selections you might not have discovered otherwise. Your Labor Day weekend just got a whole lot yummier!;

To help you find all the essentials you need, ET Style gathered a bunch of staples for outdoor grilling like;accessories, tools and, of course, grills if you don’t already have one.

To further prep for more end of summer fun, check out our top picks of swimsuits, patio furniture and camping gear. Shop the best grilling season staples, below.;

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Keep Fire Safety In Mind

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2011 and 2016 US fire departments responded to an average of 9,600 home fires started by grills per year. Dont let your cookout turn into one of those fires.

Whether youre cooking indoors or out, its always important to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. If you dont have a good place to store one outdoors, keep it inside the nearest entrance to your home.;

Fire safety when grilling also means making sure the area around the grill is clear of any flammable objects, as well as checking the grills grease collection tray. A full tray should be emptied to avoid a grease fire.;

Always keep a fire extinguisher close by while grilling.

Grilled Salmon With A Sweet Glaze

Get The Full Recipe On Vindulge

Grilled Salmon with a Sweet Glaze is a great meal to ring in the new year. Healthy, yet indulgent enough to eat on a date night! Throw in a glass of Prosecco Superiore and youve got yourself a perfect meal.

Get The Full Recipe On;W Bunnys Warm Oven

Grilled Pork Chop Marinade one more delicious reason to use your grill!

Get The Full Recipe On Gimme Some Grilling

This tender, juicy Asian Pork Tenderloin is marinated then grilled to perfection. It only takes 30 minutes and the result is a grilled pork tenderloin everyone will be raving about. Whip up the marinade in the morning, marinate it while you are busy during the day and then grill it when you are ready for dinner. Pair it with grilled vegetables and potatoes for an easy meal.

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What To Throw On The Grill This Weekend

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Wondering what to throw on the grill this weekend? Heres how to cook just about everything. From burgers to chicken to shrimp everything tastes better on the grill.

Now that were officially in the middle of the summer, you probably want to be outside grilling just about everything. Here are recipes for everything you could ever want to throw on the grill.

About Christine

Hi! Im Christine. My passion is creating recipes that take less time in the kitchen, so that we can all spend more time enjoying life! Im a busy single mom of two, so I totally get how tough it can be. Thats why Ive been figuring things out for my own family, and thats why I want to share this knowledge with others. I now help over 2 million people a month get delicious meals onto their tables. Come along with me and see how much easier it can be!

About Christine

Hi! Im Christine. My passion is creating recipes that take less time in the kitchen, so that we can all spend more time enjoying life! Im a busy single mom of two, so I totally get how tough it can be. Thats why Ive been figuring things out for my own family, and thats why I want to share this knowledge with others. I now help over 2 million people a month get delicious meals onto their tables. Come along with me and see how much easier it can be!

5 secrets to the Juiciest grilled meats!

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Teriyaki Grilled Shrimp And Pineapple

Sacramento Grill Cheese Festival Happening This Weekend

Get The Full Recipe On Closet Cooking

Pineapple and sriracha teriyaki grilled shrimp and pineapple skewers!

.Get The Full Recipe On Eating on a Dime

This;Grilled Bacon Wrapped Chicken Recipe;is so tender and delicious! The bacon adds an extra layer of flavor that is amazing! Get ready to grill because this recipe does not disappoint!

Get The Full Recipe On Mom on Timeout

Look no further for the Best Chicken Marinade recipe ever! This easy chicken marinade recipe is going to quickly become your favorite go-to marinade! This marinade produces so much flavor and keeps the chicken incredibly moist and outrageously delicious try it today!

Get The Full Recipe On Gimme Some Grilling

These sausages and Grilled Shrimp Kabobs are packed with flavor and super easy! They are the perfect way to make dinner on the grill when you are busy yet these skewers are fancy enough to serve at your next BBQ!

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More Grilled Dinner Ideas

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant, page 179 of Love & Lemons Every DayServe this stuffed eggplant for dinner, and no one will leave the table hungry. French green lentils and bulgur make the filling nice and hearty, while sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, and fresh basil pack it with flavor.

Vegan Burrito BowlMove over, Chipotle! This homemade burrito bowl will knock the socks off any bowl youd get out to eat. Pineapple salsa offers a delicious sweet contrast to the spicy grilled mushrooms and peppers. If you dont have pineapple on hand, mango salsa or fresh tomato salsa would be great here too.

Spicy Black Bean & Mango Stuffed Peppers, page 165 of Love & Lemons Every DayI make stuffed peppers in the oven in the fall, but in the summer, I always throw them on the grill. It gives the peppers a nice char, which adds extra dimension to the bright mango, black bean, and corn filling here.

Grilled Corn TacosI bill this as a taco recipe, but the filling here is so tasty that Id be happy eating it as a salad, too! Its a zesty mix of feta cheese, tomatillo salsa verde, and summer bounty like cherry tomatoes, grilled green beans, and corn.

Reasons To Fire Up Your Grill This Weekend

Let the grilling season begin.

Step up your grilling game by grilling in cloth — I promise you won’t be sorry. Get the recipe.

Memorial Day might as well be National Burger Day. This recipe’s a classic choice for that. Get the recipe.

Spice up your okra with a salty, lime-y Sriracha that you’ll want to add to just about everything. Get the recipe.

If you’re lucky and caught a whole fish today, this is the recipe for you. Get the recipe.

Take your chicken cutlets out of the oven and put ’em on the grill. Get the recipe.

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The Best Easy Grilled Vegetables

Get The Full Recipe On Foodie Crush

After years of practice on the grill, these are my tips for the best easy grilled vegetables, enhancing the natural sweetness of summers favorite vegetables with each smoky bite.

Get The Full Recipe On Sweet Simple Vegan

If youre on the hunt for a good vegan grilling recipe, look no further! These 2-Ingredient Grilled Barbecue Tofu Skewers are perfect for your summer cookouts. Its so easy to make, ready in just 20 minutes and so dang good!

Get The Full Recipe On The Endless Meal

Grilled Garlic Butter Mushrooms are a super easy-to-make, healthy, and delicious summer BBQ recipe. They make the perfect side dish recipe or vegan main. Make them paleo + Whole 30 with a simple substitute.

Set Up Your Space Right

Weekend Grill!

Preparation is the key to success with grilling . Make sure your meat and vegetables are ready to go, your cooking area is set up for safety, and you have the right tools.

That means chopping your veggies and prepping patties, seasoning your grill so your food doesn’t stick, and grabbing a fire extinguisher to keep close to the grill.

Take these five steps before you fire up the grill to make your next BBQ perfect.

Always keep a fire extinguisher close by while grilling.

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Fireball Whiskey Glazed Chicken

Get The Full Recipe On Plain Chicken

This stuff is ridiculously good! You can make the Fireball Whiskey Glaze ahead of time and just reheat it a bit before cooking the chicken. Season the chicken with a little bit of BBQ seasoning before throwing it on the grill and brush the Fireball Whiskey Glaze on the chicken a few minutes before its done.

Get The Full Recipe On Life in the Lofthouse

These Grilled Steak Kebabs are out of this world delicious. The steak marinade is simple and what makes these kebabs so amazing. Sometimes the best recipes are the simple ones and these kebabs are just that!

Get The Full Recipe On Gimme Some Oven

Learn how to make the juiciest grilled chicken kabobs with this easy chicken recipe.; Multiple seasoning options are included!

Get The Full Recipe On Chili Pepper Madness

This Thai chicken satay recipe marinates chopped chicken for maximum flavor, threads them onto skewers for the grill then slathers them with spicy Thai peanut sauce.

Get The Full Recipe On Miss in the Kitchen

Smoked Sausage, Chicken, and Potato Kabobs are the perfect dinner on the grill. Easy enough for busy weeknights or weekend cookouts.

Get The Full Recipe On Amanda Cooks and Styles

Get The Full Recipe On The Cafe Sucre Farine

These Barbecued Chicken Skewers are beyond delicious, with tender chunks of spice-rubbed chicken breast, smoky bacon, and crisp red onion. Theyre grilled to perfection, then charred with a super-easy Bourbon Barbecue Sauce.

Did Someone Say Dessert

While the coals are still hot, make the most of your time together and make dessert on the open fire too.

Pop open a can of biscuits and get everyone rolling to make these gooey Caramel Apple Grilled Mini Monkey Breads.

Food Network Kitchens Caramel Apple Grilled Mini Monkey Breads.

Matt Armendariz

Or do it up camping-style in your yard with a pie iron a fun gadget that allows you to approach the fire from a distance. This Pie Iron Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast makes a great dessert. Or sub the filling for chocolate and marshmallows and youve got a gooey delight!

Food Network Kitchens Pie Iron Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast.

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The Best Grilled Hot Dogs Recipe

Get The Full Recipe On Plain Chicken

THE BEST Grilled Hot Dogs hot dogs sliced and marinated before grilling you will never grill hot dogs any other way! These are seriously amazing!!

Get The Full Recipe On Gimme Some Grilling

Red Wine Steak Marinade is the perfect steak marinade recipe to use with all your steak when grilling if you love red wine! It adds a subtle hint of red wine flavor without being overpowering. Its easy, delicious, and makes the perfect juicy steak! Red wine and steak is a classic combination and now you can incorporate that amazing flavoring in your marinade!

Get The Full Recipe On Life Love and Good Food

Perfectly grilled salmon with a slightly sweet and smoky flavor.

The Best Grill Recipes Start Right Here

Fire Safety Tips You Need To Know When Operating a Grill This Holiday Weekend

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Grilled And Glazed Carrots Recipe

Get The Full Recipe On Vindulge

Grilled Carrots;finished with a Honey Brown Sugar Glaze are a fantastic side dish to any holiday or casual meal. These grilled and glazed carrots are sure to win your guests over .

Get The Full Recipe On A Farmgirls Kitchen

Get grilling this summer with these sweet and spicy Honey Chipotle Ribs. These sticky goodness are sweet with a kick of spice and will have you licking every bit of these delicious ribs!

Get The Full Recipe On Dinner at the Zoo

This recipe for the grilled lobster tail is a fresh lobster thats cooked to tender perfection, then topped with garlic and herb butter. A simple yet elegant meal option thats sure to get rave reviews from family and friends.

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