What Is The Best Grill Cleaner

No Scrub Baking Soda And Vinegar Grate Cleaning

The BEST and SAFEST Way to Clean Your Grill Grates

If you have an extremely dirty grill with stubborn, caked-on grease or grime that doesnt loosen right away soaking the grimy grates overnight in baking soda and white vinegar can save the labor of scrubbing.

Try this method to deep clean your grates at the beginning of grilling season or use it after a cookout, especially if you cant scrub the grates right away.

  • Once your grates are completely cool, remove from the grill.
  • In a large garbage bag , combine 2 cups of white vinegar and one cup of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. The mixture will begin foaming right away.
  • Place all the grates into the trash bag and seal it with a tight rubber band or knotted string. Place the bag with the grates and the solution in a cool, out-of-the-way place and wait 8-12 hours or overnight.
  • Remove the grates from the bag and rinse in a large sink or with a hose. Most, if not all of the grime should fall away from the grates. Rub any stubborn residue away with a ball of aluminum foil or sponge it will be much easier and looser than before soaking.
  • Seal the garbage bag and discard it and any remaining solution.
  • Return your grates to your grill.

What Is The Best Grill Grate Cleaner

The 11 Best Grill Cleaners to Buy in 2021

  • Best for Grates: Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner.
  • Best for Grease: Kingsford BB0131 Grill & Oven Cleaner.
  • Best for Rust: Evapo-Rust ER004 Rust Remover.
  • Best for Interiors: Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner Spray.
  • Best for Exteriors: Simple Green Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish.


What Do You Look For When Buying A Grill Brush

The best way to clean your grill is to do it while its still warm.

With that in consideration, the first thing you need to look for in a good grill brush is a long handle. It keeps you safe from any burns and allows you to brush the grill at all angles.

Also, look for a brush handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

The next thing to consider is a sturdy material.

You want a sturdy brush and one you can use for a long time. The material of the brush head and handle can range from high-quality, food-grade plastic to metal.

While metal wire brushes are a popular option, they are not always advisable.

Go for a brush that has no metal bristles.

  • These bristles can break off easily and remain in the grill.
  • They can then contaminate the food youre cooking.
  • Theyre small enough that you wont notice them until they cause damage.

The last thing to check is if the brush is versatile enough to clean at many angles.

It eases the work you need to do if it can work the sides and underside of the grill and easily clean in between the grills.

It should also have some form of scraper for those harder to clean areas. The best grill brushes often have this feature included.

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Components On The Product

As grill cleaners have to fight with stubborn oily, greasy areas, so they are made with toxic chemicals. Heavy-duty elements like 2,2′-iminodiethanol or Surfactants help to clean the surface deeply. However, these heavy-duty materials are toxic to the eyes and skin and can cause severe discomfort if they come into direct contact.

Some cleaning products are mild since they are made from biodegradable components. These mild products can take a long time to clean thoroughly, but they are not harmful to human health.

How To Get Rid Of Rust

Best Grill Cleaner for Shiny Barbeque Grates (Top 5 Reviews)

A common issue people face when caring for grills is rust, which Lyman said comes from moisture on exposed metal surfaces. A rusty grill is generally avoidable if you take care of it, but if you notice rust on your grill grate especially, you should work to get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

West said you can soak rusty grill grates overnight in a salt and vinegar solution and then use steel wool to scrub it down. Afterwards, coat the previously rusted area with oil. He noted that patches of rust on the exterior or bottom of grills are generally not a concern.

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The Best Way To Clean A Propane Grill

How do you clean your grill and maintain it in the best possible condition?

There are a few things that you can do in this regard and this article will help you with the best way to clean a propane grill.

The ultimate outdoor grilling experience is only possible with a clean and well-maintained cooking device.

Most people overlook washing their grills and this is the reason why some of the meals prepared this way are tasteless.

Dirty grills are also full of germs and bacteria and can easily catch fire so these are the reasons why you should make an effort to regularly clean your outdoor device. Lets take a look at how to do the job without too much hassle.

Cast Iron Grill Grates

If you ask me, these grates can be perfect for getting non-stick grilling if you are very careful. Heres why this happens and why so many people think cast iron is some magical metal. The surface has a very nice quality of holding cooking oil. Its iron, so the little imperfections in the metal will allow the oil to remain on the surface evenly. But when you add heat, this changes everything. That oil can burn-off and then you get fat and food sticking to the grate.

Youll have to clean these more often when the heat is getting too hot. Even though they hold up great for higher heat, they will need scrubbing and oiling after every use. They can be a headache over the other alternatives. If you want to keep it simple, dont invest in cast iron grates unless you are prepared to do more prepping to keep these grates well oiled and properly cleaned.

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Chrome / Nickel Plated Wire Grates

If you own a standard Weber grill, youve seen these shiny cheap grates before. They work well for a while but after a couple of good years of service, theyre ready to toss out. The plating eventually comes off and they tend to rust quickly. Not too much loss, but then again theyre made to be replaced. These grates work excellent since the grate is thin enough to get a good sear on your meat.

Weber/Kettle Grill Hinged Grates

The 9 Best Grill Cleaners: Keep It Sparkling Clean

Best BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool Costs Only $1 How To Clean Grill Grates Property

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We all love grilling its a great way to cook food, and produces delicious results for everything from meat, to vegetables, to more surprising dishes .

But theres one unfortunate thing about grilling that it shares with all cooking: grilling is messy. And even more than regular cooking, you can end up with burnt on, nasty messes even if you do everything right. It just happens when your heat source is pretty much also your direct cooking surface.

So you need a few things to keep a grill clean. One is a grill brush , but that will only take you so far. When just water wont cut it, you need a grill cleaner.

But what kind? There are as many types and brands on the market as there are grills and all are used for different purposes.

So lets take a quick look at what makes all different kinds of cleaners unique, and some examples of each type, shall we?

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What Kind Of Brush Should I Use To Clean My Grill

Depending on how often you use your grill, you should have different options for materials.

Nylon bristles work best for porcelain grills, while a metal brush can work with most other grills.

You can use electric brushes for electric grills but avoid using them at very high temperatures.

You cant go wrong using a grill brush that works on any grill like the brush and scraper from Grill Rescue .

What Is The Best Cleaner For Stainless Steel Grills

The Kona Grill Cleaner is a heavy duty degreaser and stainless steel cleaner that works like a charm. The fast acting formula cuts tough grease and baked-on food in no time. Instead of dripping off of the grill, it clings to the surface to break down difficult stains. This grill cleaner is all purpose, so you can use it on the inside, outside, wheels, grates pretty much anywhere!

Here are a couple of other cleaners that work great on stainless steel grills:

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Homemade Grill Cleaners For A Spotless Grill

Theres nothing better than a meal cooked on the grill, except maybe when your grill is so clean it shines like new. To enjoy those grilled meats and sides, you have to get your grill a bit dirty. Every slather of sauce and flip of a burger adds up on your grill. Luckily, you can erase these messes with homemade grill cleaner.

You could go out and spend money on grill-specific cleaners, but why do that when you have what you need at home? Plenty of household items make a great DIY grill cleaner and dont involve an extra trip to the store. With these items already at your disposal, you can have an easy grill cleaning job done in no time. While a benefit of a clean grill is how amazing it looks, there are even more reasons to keep your grill clean.

Carbona 320 Carbona 2

Whats The Best Oven Cleaner? Top 7 Revealed 2021

Cleaning the grill is often a rather messy and tedious experience. Fortunately, the Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack and Barbeque Cleaner makes this process easy and mess-free. Simply pour a little of the product onto the grill, wait for a while, and then rise it off.

The product comes complete with a special cleaning bag and a pair of disposable gloves. This helps to eliminate mess and saves your hands from becoming sticky. As an added bonus, this special cleaner is suitable for both stainless steel and enamel.

But, theres a catch

In order to remove tough grease and stains from the grill, it may be necessary to soak it. It can take up to eight hours for the Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Cleaner to work. However, this is a small price to pay to receive a sparkling clean grill.

In terms of ease of use, Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack and Barbeque Cleaner works great. Tough jobs may require a little extra time. However, users will be saved effort as the cleaner does all the work.

Our rating:

  • It is necessary to soak the grill.
  • A little scrubbing may be required.
  • Can take time to soak away tough grease.

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Quick Comparison: The 10 Best Grill Cleaners

Product Name

This Weiman will effortlessly clean the exterior of your stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, grill, sink, range-hood, and trash can. Only a quick spray, wipe and buff on your stainless appliances will give a shiny and polishing effect.

This barbecue cleaner is made with pH neutral elements so that you don’t get any rashes or itchiness by using it.

Cleaning the surface with Weiman cleaner leaves a protective coating on the surface to protect from potential fingerprints, watermarks, stains, and grease. The spray comes with a large nozzle that makes it easier to spray.


  • pH neutral formula protects the skin from irritation.
  • Instantly cleans any stainless surface.
  • Removes fingerprints, haze, grease, streak, and residues.
  • The protective layer protects black stainless steel from future smears, dirt, and smudges.


  • Hard to remove the steak marks.
  • Only use on the exterior surface.

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Kona Safe/clean Grill Brush

Whats better than one grill brush? Three, of course. Konas clever design features a trio of brushes at the head to give you the best possible clean. Crafted from hardwearing stainless steel, its said to be 125 percent more rigid than a conventional brush and will last five times longer. The brush doesnt actually have any bristles, instead, it uses looped steel to clean. That means you dont have to worry about any dangerous metal bristles falling out and contaminating your food. The brush is fitted with a nice long handle to keep your hand away from the heat while you clean and is safe to use on all types of grills.


Best For Indoor Grills: Oxo Good Grips Electric Grill And Panini Press Brush

How to Clean Grill | What Worked Best
  • Soft bristles are safe for nonstick surfaces

  • Silicone wiper blade

  • Very small

  • Can’t be used on outdoor grills

Great for those who do their grilling indoors using an electric grill or nonstick grill pan. The bristles are soft, flexible, and completely safe for all of your nonstick cookware, while the bristles fit neatly into the grooves of your ridged grill. A silicone wiper blade lets you scrape off difficult bits of food without damaging your cookware.

The handle is comfortable to hold and gives you a secure fit, even if your hands are wet and soapy. While this should not be used for outdoor grills, its safe for use up to 600 degrees, so you can start cleaning your electric grill while its still hot from cooking. When youre done, this is completely dishwasher safe, so it will be ready for you the next time you grill.

Bristle Material: Flexible plastic | Dimensions: 3 x 6 inches

  • Cleans faster thanks to perpendicular bristles

  • Replaceable brush head

  • Can break under heavy pressure

A long, 14-inch handle and a unique brush-head design make this grill great for all your outdoor cooking, even when youre cleaning a large grill. The grill head has brushes that are oriented in two different directions and the bristles are two different lengths, so they clean the top of the grates and between the rods at the same time. A scraper at the end of the brush lets you scrape off any stubborn bits of food that wont release easily.

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Clear The Burner Tubes

If you have a gas grill, one part that often gets clogged are its burner tubes. One symptom of dirty burners is reduced flame size. They may also burn with an orange color instead of the usual blue. Both indicate abnormally low temperatures and an underpowered grill.

Typically a gas grill has multiple burner tubes, though some may have only one. Use a nylon or steel wire brush to gently clean the small holes on the tubes. Be sure to brush from the center of the tube outward, moving sideways . Otherwise you may push debris into the tube or holes themselves instead of clearing them.

Use a metal scraper instead of a steel brush with bristles.

Trinova Grill Cleaner Spray For Bbq

Made of phosphate-free elements, Trinova Grill Cleaner Spray has the professional strength to extract the lingering grease from your barbecue. The spray is easy to apply and does not cause any harm if it comes in contact with your skin.

This degreaser has no unpleasant smell and can be used with cleaning tools like pads, brushes, and bristle free wooden or steel tools to clean your barbecue. Spray on the surface of stainless steel or porcelain, wait a few minutes and then wipe that leftover food with a cloth or paper towel.

The product comes in a non-stick 18 oz spray bottle. Its straightforward composition does not emit choking fumes and cleans a grill that shines like fresh as new.


  • Easy to get rid of greasy and burnt food with just a few sprays.
  • Suitable to use with any type of cleaning tool.
  • Can be used to clean stainless steel and porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates.


  • Not very effective as it requires a lot of scrubbing for deep cleaning.

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The 11 Best Grill Cleaners To Keep Your Bbq Spotless

.Emily Belfiore

Nothing compares to the taste of a freshly barbecued hamburger or hot dog. While grilling up a few burgers and dogs is an easy feat, any grill master will tell you that the grease clean-up can be anything but simple. That’s where a good grill cleaner comes in handy. Built with heavy-duty ingredients and materials, these innovative products do the hard work for you by loosening up and dissolving all the grime, gunk, and grease that your favorite BBQ foods left behind, so all that’s left for you to do is wipe them away.

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There are countless options when it comes to selecting a grill cleaner. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a standard, all-purpose cleaning solution to scrub away the mess, or you can find something that’s more specifically tailored to your needs. There are grill cleaning products that cater to the interiors and exteriors of your BBQ, plus options that are better for removing rust and caked-on grease stains and food bits. For those who prefer to steer clear of chemicals, you can enlist the help of non-toxic grill cleaners, grill brushes, and cleaning stones to get your barbecue looking brand new again. If you’re someone that likes versatility, you’ll definitely want a grill cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces and appliances.

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