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Filling Up my LP Grill Cylinder From My Propane Tank

Refilling or Exchanging Propane Tanks

When your propane tank starts to get low it is time to start thinking about if you want to refill the tank or exchange the tank for a pre-filled one. At Ace Hardware we give you the freedom to choose which option you prefer we offer refill services as well as exchange services.

# Propane Cylinder Exchange

Ever wonder why they call barbecue propane tanks 20-pounders? Its because those particular propane cylinders can hold approximately 20 pounds of propane which equates to 4.7 gallons of propane. Propane weighs 4.24 pounds per gallon so now you get the 20 pound reference.

Now, if youd just like to refill or exchange your 20# propane gas cylinder, its as easy as just swapping them out at a distribution center. These 20# cylinders hold 4.7 gallons of propane when full. That said, realize if you are exchanging your gas cylinder that still has propane in it, youre losing money. In fact, True Value Rental posted an article, Propane Exchange vs. Refill: Myth Busted and The Story Behind the Propane Tank Swap Scam that proves just that.

For example, the cost of refilling a propane tank varies from $3-$4 per gallon at most U-Haul propane refill locations. On average, you will be spending $1.76 less per gallon by refilling your propane tank rather than exchanging it. Hence, the reason wed prefer to buy our own 20# propane gas cylinder and refill it when we refill our motorhomes propane tank.

But, if you prefer the convenience and dont mind losing a couple bucks, you can simply exchange your 20# propane gas cylinder.

How To Refill Your Motorhome Propane Tank

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Most RVs carry propane to use for cooking, heating, and generating hot water. And, for some, it also provides cooling for the refrigeration process. So, keeping your motorhome propane tank sufficiently filled to carry out these functions is very important.

There are a number of questions people frequently ask about how to manage various aspects of RVing, and among those questions is how to refill a motorhome propane tank. Its a very good question, and the answer is that its easier than you may think!

But because the idea of refilling a motorhome propane tank has a pretty high intimidation factor, today were laying it all out for you to take all the mystery away.

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Do You Exchange Or Refill Your Propane Tanks

All you have to do is exchange your empty tank with a full one . Its not time-consuming, and some companies offer home delivery/exchange services as well. Although exchanging comes with its benefits, refilling will ultimately save you a few bucks. Propane tanks come in different sizes, but Ill be talking about a standard 20-lb one in this post.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill A Propane Tank At Lowes

How to Refill One

Not all of the Lowes branches offer propane services when they do they generally partner with a nationwide propane gas distributor like Blue Rhino.

How much does it cost to refill a propane tank at Lowes? You can either do a tank exchange by having an attendant swap your tank or charge you for a new-filled tank They do not offer propane refill services.

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How Long Does A Propane Gas Grill Last

The life you get out of it depends on the size of your grill and how often you use your heater or fireplace. As a rule of thumb, a medium-sized grill on high heat will use approximately two pounds of fuel per meal. Following this rule, a 20lb propane tank will provide 18-20 hours of cooking time on a medium grill.

Where Can I Dispose Of An Empty Propane Tank

Bring your old propane tank to a propane tank supplier such as Home Depot. Most suppliers will take your old tank for disposal when you purchase a new one. Empty your propane tank completely and check with your local waste management company. Some companies might take propane tanks in the trash as long as they are empty.

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How To Empty An Rv Propane Tank

Emptying a propane tank i snot a difficult process to do. If you have an empty portable tank, you can do the tank to tank method described above and empty the permanent tanks contents into the empty tank.

Or you can unhook your portable tanks and place them on a slight slant. Then you can open the valve and let the propane find its way out. You will need to stand back when you do this as the gas will come out at a very high pressure.

Once the tank is empty, just close the valve and put your tank back. Also, dont have open heat sources or cigarettes, etc. Near by when you do this, Propane is highly flammable.

Where Can I Find A Propane Refill Near Me Location

How I fill my propane tank

Most gas stations will have a propane refill station, but be careful because not all of them will! There are many big names that will have a separate section on their lot for propane, often tucked in the back or on the side. A lot of times even a convenience store or box store will have one too. Check out the map to see what comes up in your area.

Not usually. Due to many safety regulations, especially in Canada, USA, UK and Australia , the store owner will likely need to do the refill for you. That way they can make sure the gas is handled properly and you dont accidently overfill your tank. It might seem like an inconvenience when your grill fires out and youre in a hurry, but its best for everyone. Its simply due to the complex compound structure of propane that you dont often get to handle it on your own especially within someone elses business!

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Where Can I Get A 20

Come Admiral Propanes two locations are located in Blountville & Greeneville and we will fill your cylinder with up to 20-100 pounds of propane. No need to wait in long lines at your home improvement store or to drive around looking for a convenience store, plus we re-certify cylinders.Note: If you swap your bottle, you will not get a full bottle, but all refills will be filled full!

Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Click the map for directions:

How Do You Monitor Your Rvs Propane Usage

Larger motorhomes have a dual propane tank system. Talking with several motor coach owners, theyll wait to take on propane once their LP switches from the empty tank to the other filled tank.

Since our RV only has one propane tank, until less than 1/4 tank, then refill it at a propane filling station. Unless we are headed to unfamiliar area, we monitor our propane level using our Mopeka propane monitoring system via bluetooth app.

While we are refilling our motorhome, well also have them refill our bbq grill and fire pit LP cylinder while we are there.

For what its worth, your RV propane monitors are prone to giving false tank level readings. For peace of mind we use our aftermarket propane tank monitoring system instead which has proven to be 100% reliable even down to a pint!

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Important Things To Keep In Mind

There are some things that you should never try to do on your own, like refilling a propane tank. As with most things, there are tutorials online showing you how to refill a propane tank, but this is extremely dangerous and can easily lead to you getting hurt if done incorrectly. So please just avoid the $15 savings by letting professionals handle it for you.

If youre looking into exchanging a propane tank, remember that most of the time they dont come full-filled with 20 pounds of gas like what would be expecting. According to Blue Rhinos website even their tanks only contain 15 pounds of gas, which equals to around 3 gallons. Home Depot on the other hand claims that theirs have an 80% capacity.

Who Uses Propane And For What Purposes

36+ Can You Use A Forklift Propane Tank On A Grill Gif

Propane is commonly used for space and water heating, for cooking, and as fuel for engine applications such as forklifts, farm irrigation engines, fleet vehicles, and buses however, its applications are rapidly growing due to new technology developments. When used as vehicle fuel, propane is known as propane autogas.

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How Much Does It Cost To Refill A 20 Lb Propane Tank

How much does it cost to refill a 20 Lb propane tank? So a refill would be somewhere around 4.73 gallons at an average cost of $3.44 per gallon, so you are looking at around $16 a refill. Bear in mind that, like petrol, propane prices may rise and fall over time.

Although a 20-lb propane tank can hold 5 gallons of propane, propane suppliers will never fill your tank to capacity.

They will always leave a percentage of your tank free, to allow for the pressure in propane to expand under temperature from 60 psi to 200 psi .

Whats The Difference Between Propane Gas And Butane Gas

Butane is also a highly flammable hydrocarbon gas that comes from natural gas processing and oil refining, just like propane. The most significant difference between these two gases is the point of boiling, as propane has a boiling temperature of -42°C, whilst butane has a much higher boiling point at -2°C.

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There Are Two Very Common Options For A Refill In Terms Of What It Will Cost Youhow Am I Charged For A Propane Refill

Flat Rate: This is when no matter how full your tank is you will pay the same amount anytime you want a store to top it up. If you let your tank run empty this is often the best option in terms of value. If youre being proactive and refilling it before its empty theres a chance its not as low as you thought and youre paying a high fixed fee to top up not much gas.

Variable Rate: This depends on the cost of the propane and how much you need. If youre worried you have at least a half tank left, then it might not cost you that much. Places are getting out of variable pricing for propane and moving towards refill charges.

Replacement Costs: This is more common at your local convenience store. Youll ofte need to purchase a propane rank with a large deposit. Then you can bring it in and exchange the old tank for a new one for a replacement cost. If you then decide you dont want the tank anymore you can sometimes get the deposit back, but oddly enough not always. This was more common many years ago but is slowly being faced out as refill costs are declining relative to replacement costs.

Is It Safe To Refill 1

How To Refill And Attach Your Propane Tank

The safety factor of refilling a 1-lb propane gas bottle depends on what kind of propane bottle it is. The 1-lb disposable propane bottles that are the nightmare of every national park clean up crew and landfill operator are not safe to refill.

The metal walls are very thin and not manufactured for the repeated expansion and contraction of repeated refilling.

The disposable valve is designed for one-time use and is not made to withstand the rigors of refills.there is also no bleeder valve to ascertain where the overfill limits are. All in all, the disposable 1-Lb bottles are a disaster waiting to happen.

The internet is riddled with tutorials on how to refill a disposable 1-lb bottle, but for what end? To save you $8?

There is an alternative to possibly blowing yourself up, and that is the refillable 1-lb propane bottles such as the Flame King.

It is built to withstand the pressures of refilling and fits neatly onto your larger propane tanks for refills

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How Do I Remove An Empty Cylinder From My Grill

Heres a step-by-step guide to safely removing and replacing the gas cylinder on your propane grill:

  • Turn off your grill.
  • Locate your propane cylinder it may be behind a door .
  • There are two basic parts of your grill that are important when changing a propane cylinder: the cylinders tank valve and the grills pressure regulator.
  • Before you disconnect the pressure regulator, make sure that the tank valve is closed .
  • Once the tank valve is closed, unscrew the threaded pressure regulator . It is now safe to remove the propane cylinder .
  • To reconnect your propane tank, simply reverse the disconnection processmaking sure that the tank valve is closed when you reconnect the pressure regulator. Replacement propane cylinders often come with a plastic safety cap over the tank valve assembly. Just remove this.
  • Tanks Older Than 12 Years Cannot Be Refilled

    There is a federal law requiring any tank older than 12 years of age to be re-certified for continued use, otherwise it can no longer be refilled. Recertification can be done at a propane supply company like Ferrellgas, AmeriGas, Suburban, etc. However, the cost of recertification can sometimes cost as much as a new tank.

    You can verify the age of your tank by looking at its collar. You should see some numbers like 02 17, which means February 2017.

    A service attendant is supposed to check the tanks age before refilling. They are also supposed to inspect the tank for damage. However in our experience, its very rare for an attendant to do this.

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    Truck Stops And Travel Centers

    You can find propane filling stations at various travel centers and truck stops.

    • Pilot Flying J has RV services such as fueling lanes and propane filling stations. They also have overnight RV parking and RV dump stations too! Also, if you have their RV Plus credit card , you get 10cents off per gallon of propane as well as fuel and dump station discounts. Check out their iPhone and Android apps.
    • Loves has more RV parking spots and amenities including propane refill, RV dump, private showers, laundry facilities and more. As well, I noticed they have a propane tank exchange program .

    Do You Oil A Propane Bbq

    How Do I Check The Level Of My Propane Tank?

    Oiling your grill grate helps prevent food from sticking when cooking. To to this, dip a wadded paper towel in a little oil and, using tongs, wipe the oil evenly over the grate. Be careful not to use too much oil, because thats a sure fire way to start a good flare-upa little goes a long way here.

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    How Do You Refill A Bbq Propane Tank

    #1 Plug the refill adapter on the big tank FIRST. #2 Screw the little thank on the adapter. #3 Flip the tank over like on the picture. #4 Open the valve. The instruction say to let in open for 1 minute but you will hear the flow of propane stop after 30-40 seconds. When the sound of the flow stop, close the valve.

    Can I Use A Forklift Propane Tank For My Grill

    4/5your forklift tanktankgrill tanksof the answer

    About 90% of forklifts use an eight gallon tank of liquid propane. If your LPG forklift has a four-cylinder engine, the tank should last about eight hours. If you’re running an 8,000lb or larger LPG forklift with a V6 or V8 engine, your machine might have a larger, ten gallon propane tank.

    Also Know, can you use a propane tank sideways? If cylinders are stored improperly, such as on their side with the relief valve in contact with propane liquid and the safety relief valve opens for any reason, liquid will be escaping instead of vapor posing a much greater danger. All consumer propane cylinders should be stored vertically upright in all circumstances.

    Also, how much is a propane tank for a forklift?

    Propane Tank Specifications

    Used 20# Steel Gas Grill Cylinder 4 Gallons
    Used 40# Steel Vapor Cylinder 8 Gallons $99

    How big is a residential propane tank?

    A standard 57 gallon tank holds 46 gallons of propane and is generally installed for residential cooking and clothes drying. Each tank is 43 in height and 24 in diameter. Also known as a 200 lb.

    Procedure for changing propane cylinders:

  • Wear eye protection and insulated, loose fitting gloves such as leather or insulated neoprene.
  • Close the valve on the cylinder.
  • Run the engine until it stops.
  • Shut off the engine.
  • Open the connecting nut and inspect valves for leaking.
  • Disconnect the hose.
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    How Do I Dispose Of Old Propane Tanks

    Here are some things to know when disposing of an old propane tank. Bring your old propane tank to a propane tank supplier such as Home Depot. Most suppliers will take your old tank for disposal when you purchase a new one. Empty your propane tank completely and check with your local waste management company.

    Weigh Your Propane Bbq Tank

    How to fill your own propane tank

    Look at the handle of your propane BBQ tank. There should be two numbers stamped on it. One of them is for water capacity and the other is for tare weight , which is the weight of the tank when empty. Most propane BBQ grill tanks weigh around 17 pounds when empty and can hold about 20 pounds of propane. Heres how weight can show you how much propane you have left:

    • Put the scale on a tank and note the weight.
    • Subtract the tare weight number.

    The number you get is how many pounds of propane you have remaining in the propane BBQ tank.

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