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Cleaning Gas Vs Charcoal Grills

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Overall, experts said there are not many differences between cleaning the surface of gas and charcoal grills. Lyman said you can clean grill grates on gas and charcoal grills with the same tools. However, West said cleaning charcoal grills is a more grimy endeavor, which is one reason why people prefer gas grills. From lighting the charcoal to clearing away the dust, charcoal grills are just a lot more work, West said.

Gas grills have extra parts to clean compared to charcoal grills, like burners, ignitors and rotisserie attachments, Lyman said. He noted that these parts of gas grills are a haven to spiders and other pests and can cause trouble with gas flow and air circulation, causing inconsistent heat. He recommended using a blower to get rid of any bugs and spider webs that you find on your grill.

What To Look For In A Grill Brush

When it comes to choosing a good grill brush, there are a couple of important factors you should consider.

  • Handle length The best way to clean grill grates is when they are hot, so you want to look for long enough handle to keep your hands at a safe distance. Anything over 16 inches should be fine and try and avoid anything shorter than 12 inches.
  • Brush head material We will cover the dangers of metal bristles in a second, but for the most part we recommend avoiding brushes with bristles. Stainless steel wire is a safe choice.
  • Scraping option Unless you buy a separate scraper like Chargon, it might be helpful to get a brush that includes an integrated scraping option like the one from Grillaholics.
  • Avoid plastic near cleaning area You will most likely be cleaning your grill while its hot, so plastic near the grill head can easily melt and damage the integrity of the brush.

Runner Up Grillaholics Bristle Free Grill Brush

This brush from Grillaholics has a similar design to the Kona brush, plus an additional scraper on the brush head to dislodge extra tough grit.

The bristle free design does require more elbow grease than traditional wire brushes that we have tried, even when cleaning a hot grill and dipping the brush in water as the instructions recommend.

If you have any concern about stray bristles getting in your food, this brush is a good option.

Grillaholics also make bristled versions, such as this stainless steel wire grill brush if you prefer.

What we like:

  • Scraper head Bristle free brushes can struggle to get a deep clean, so its nice addition to have the scraper attached to losen the grit before the brush finishes the job.
  • 18 Inch handle The long handle gives you good leverage and lets you keep a distance from a hot grill surface.

What we dont like:

  • Struggles with grooves Unlike some of the best grill brushes, this one can struggle to clean the gunk out of grooves and other hard to reach areas although the scraper on the head does help.

While the manufacturer claims this brush will work on porcelain and cast iron grill grates, weve heard some people have had an issue using this brush with those materials.

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Nexgrill Grill Brush 530

Price: $10.87Score: Very GoodCRs take: This Nexgrill is one of the best grill brushes of the batch. The long handle and angled head keep your hands safely away from the heat. The wire bristles are effective at removing food, particularly from hot grates, and a small knob on the back of the cleaner head can be grasped to gain extra leverage while cleaning. You can also remove and replace the individual wire brush heads.

Best Bristle Grill Brush Weber 18

Grill Brush Scraper BBQ Grate Cleaner  Modern Beyond

Despite concerns around losing bristles, some grillers simply prefer to use an old school bristle grill cleaning brush.

You cant deny traditional bristle brushes do a better job deep cleaning a grill.

With its 18-inch bamboo handle this grill brush is an attractive option, especially for Weber fans.

The bristles are thick and strong and do an excellent job cleaning your grill.

The bamboo handle is durable and long lasting. For those who are environmentally conscious, it is worth noting that bamboo is also a renewable source.

Another thoughtful touch is the inclusion of a loop at the end of the handle, which makes it nice and easy to hang the brush on your barbecue as you clean it.

All going well, this brush should not shed bristles. If this the case, the bristles will slowly wear down over time.

You will get better results if you use this brush while the grates of your barbecue are still hot, and the residue has not had time to become hard.

What we like:

  • Bamboo handle The handle will not melt, is sturdier, and tends to hold on to the bristles better than plastic handled brushes which have the tendency to fall apart or warp.
  • Shaped to get between grates The metal scraper is shaped to hug the grates and gets right in between the rods.
  • Low risk of loose bristles Being solid metal, the scraper feature can be used without any worry of losing bristles.

What we dont like:

This brush comes with the option of a 12 or 18 inch handle.

Get the latest price on Amazon.

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Benefits Of Grill Brush

If you want to know what benefits you receive from using a quality grill brush, here is a list of advantages:

  • It helps prevent rust. Rusting is caused by constant exposure to moisture which eventually leads to metal corrosion. Since a grill brush is made from stainless steel, it wont rust.
  • It prevents damage to your appliances. The heat produced by a grill causes friction between the grill and the elements surrounding it. In time, this friction produces smoke and other harmful substances. A good grill brush keeps the sides of the grill free of all these materials.
  • It protects your hands. Just like the rest of your kitchen appliance, your grill too needs to be washed after each use. However, if you dont wash the grill properly, youll end up making holes in it that will cause it to leak. The only way to avoid these kinds of problems is to keep a good quality grill brush nearby.
  • It ensures even cooking. Since a quality grill brush is designed to evenly distribute heat, it allows foods to cook evenly. There wont be unevenly cooked parts of the meat or vegetables.
  • It prevents food sticking. After a thorough cleaning, you can expect the grill to work perfectly without any sticking

How To Get Rid Of Rust

A common issue people face when caring for grills is rust, which Lyman said comes from moisture on exposed metal surfaces. A rusty grill is generally avoidable if you take care of it, but if you notice rust on your grill grate especially, you should work to get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

West said you can soak rusty grill grates overnight in a salt and vinegar solution and then use steel wool to scrub it down. Afterwards, coat the previously rusted area with oil. He noted that patches of rust on the exterior or bottom of grills are generally not a concern.

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Top 5 Best Grill Brushes

Are you looking for a grill brush that will actually get your grill clean?

Then youre in the right place!

Because in this TheGrillingDad.com guide, youll learn:

  • The top 5 grill brushes on the market
  • What material really works
  • Why you should avoid metal bristles
  • And much more!

Grills are one of the most challenging items to clean after use.

The grates can gather a mix of coal, sauce, food bits, and other gunk.

When it goes cold and dries up, the mixture latches onto the grill.

A grill brush is a solution that allows you to clean it while its still warm without risking a burn.

There are different types of grill brushes, and they are not equal.

Some will work better than others, depending on the grill.

Learning about their use and their materials can help you get the best cleaning implement for easier cleaning.

  • Uses Steam For Prestine Clean
  • Easy To Use – No Scrubbing
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  • Uses Steam For Prestine Clean
  • Easy To Use – No Scrubbing
  • Quickly Knocks All The Residue Off
  • Long Design For No Burnt Hands
  • Durable Design
  • Quickly Knocks All The Residue Off
  • Long Design For No Burnt Hands
  • Grips The Grates For Cleaning
  • Bristle Free Alternative
  • Designed To Get Nooks and Crannies
  • Durable Bristles

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Our top pick is the Grill Rescue Grill Brush because it is the highest quality and safest grill brush you can find.

This thing is amazing. It offers:

Cook Time Safe Bbq Grill Cleaning Brushes

Best BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool Costs Only $1 How To Clean Grill Grates Property

This is one of the most powerful brushes to clean BBQ grills. It contains wire pieces that can remove food particles, residues, and other elements from the machine. Besides that, this brush is easy to clean. The bristles do not break or bend while cleaning, even the huge BBQ grilling machines.

Further, this brush has a solid handle so that you do not feel the heat of the grilling machine. It is easy to store this brush in any corner of your home or backyard. In addition to that, this brush can remove the bad odor of foods from BBQ grills within few minutes.

  • Not as effective as others.

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Best Grill Brush To Clean Your Grill This 2021

Nothing beats a Sunday afternoon other than having the best grill in town, good food, and good people to enjoy it with.

Until it’s cleaning time. Charred and scrape marks cover your beautiful grill, making it less effective in creating the perfect barbecue.

Not to worry! We have your back. We listed some of the best grill brushes this year around to have an amazing barbecue experience with your family.

Here Are Three Simple And Effective Ways To Test Out Your Brush:

Do a once over: If at first glance you see that your brush head bristles are worn down, caked with grease or clogged with buildup, its time to throw it out and replace it you dont want that anywhere near your food!

Bristles: Look to see if there is any visible decay, splitting or rust in the bristles. If yes, it is also time to replace. Brass grill brushes will eventually rust over time, Stainless steel will not. Rust weakens bristles, thus losing its effectiveness.

A simple test tip: grab a pair of tweezers or a small pair of pliers. Using moderate and gentle pressure, tug on a few bristles. A good brush should keep the bristles in place and last for much longer.

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Grillart Grill Brush And Scraper

To clean your grill traeger faster, this model is the perfect one for you as it has enough lateral flex to clean the stains and wastes off smoother and 5 times quicker than any other conventional brush. Thus, it saves you from extra time and effort.

GRILLART comes with a 360-degree brush to clean every area and corner of the grill. Additionally, it can get the debris and junk off from each stroke.

The 18″ brush handle is well-built and robust. This handle can help you to clean effortlessly. It comes with stainless steel ring for you to hold on to while using. Thus, it is considered the best grill brush for traeger.

Speaking of stainless steel, this unit is made of high-standard steel to make the brush stronger and durable. The brush won’t rust or flex for a more extended period.

On the other side of the coin, the price is higher than other grill brushes. But it’s worth the money because of its great features.

Thanks to a premium quality metal scraper feature, this brush won’t scratch your desired grates. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the brush damaging your grill. It ensures the safety of your grill grate.

Highlighted Features

Grillart Grill Brush By Weetiee

What Is the Best Grill Cleaning Brush? Our 2019 Product ...

Your BBQ grills will not smell bad after using this brush. It includes strong bristles of stainless steel. They can remove residue as well as the bad smell from the grates and surface of the machine. Further, the lightweight brush gives you comfort while cleaning the grill.

Whether you own a porcelain BBQ machine or traditional charcoal one, this brush is perfect for any grill. The wide mouth of the brush can effectively remove all the food particles from the grates. It saves time, and you will get a sparkling BBQ grill ready for the next party. This brush is durable as well.

  • The cleaning is not perfect.

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Best Grill Brushes As Recommended By Us

Personally, I still use a bristle brush on my grates. I just find they do a better job, are cheaper and tend to last longer. Or maybe Im just stuck in my ways?

Anyhow, I usually replace mine once or twice per year, and after going through 15 to 20 in my life, Ive been able to come up with a short list of requirements when I set out to purchase a new one:

  • I want a long handle, so I dont burn my hand.
  • I want the closest part to the grill to be either wooden or metal, so not to melt onto the grate like plastic might.
  • I want the bristles to be stiff and secure or not have bristles at all
  • And finally, I want to be able to hang the brush up when not in use.

Below is a selection of brushes that meet these requirements, and I give my thoughts on each.

  • Works only with round grates.
  • You may need to use a brush afterward.
  • The head has been reported to loosen or fall off, but customer service will provide a replacement.

If youre looking for the perfect tool for your rounded grates, then look no further. The GrillFloss could be exactly what you need. It may require some extra patience at first, but it seems to be well worth it.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie is a cookbook author who reviews products and writes roundups for The Spruce Eats. She grills snow or shine, has tested numerous grills of all kindsincluding gas, charcoal, pellet, and kamadoand personally reviewed three of the wire grill brushes included in this roundup.

This roundup was updated by Camryn Rabideau, product tester and grill expert for The Spruce Eats. She’s done firsthand testing of the Weber Q2200, Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, and more, and she currently uses a product very similar to the BBQ-Aid Grill Brush to clean her grill. While researching this article, she spoke with Jess Pryles, grilling expert and author of “Hardcore Carnivore” for tips on how to maintain your grill.

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Grillaholics Pro Brass Grill Brush


A gentler alternative to stainless steel, the brass Grillaholics Pro Brass Grill Brush wont scratch delicate ceramic or porcelain surfaces. Though you might need to put a little more arm power into your scrubbing, its sturdy 18-inch handle with excellent grip points stands up to the extra muscle. Because of its softer brass bristles, its better suited for use on regularly cleaned grills . A lifetime warranty allows you to replace it at any time in case you do end up using it for an extra dirty job.

Why Its Important To Clean Your Grill

Grill Rescue – The World’s Best Grill Brush

Wolf, author of the recently released Food by Fire, said its common for people to add fat to foods while barbecuing, like butter on steak or oily marinades on chicken. Wolf said grilling these foods is perfectly fine, but if you dont clean your grill after it gets covered in grease, you may face problems later on. Sugar an ingredient common in barbecue marinades and sauces also burns quickly and, if it sits on a grills grate, can cause food to have a bitter taste the next time you cook.

The problem is that heat and fat are friends, Wolf said. Having a clean grill really helps to prevent flare ups while cooking. If you dont clean your grill grate, residual fat will drip into the grill.

A dirty grill grate may also prevent your barbecue from cooking food evenly. A clean grill grate ensures a consistent cooking temperature throughout, which Wolf said ensures all sides of your hamburger, hot dogs or ribs are as done as you want them to be, equally. Clean grill grates also help create crisp sear marks on food from meat to vegetables.

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Best Brass Wire: Grillaholics Essentials Brass Grill Brush

  • Brass bristles are softer on porcelain or ceramic grates

  • Several rows of bristles for faster cleaning

  • Bristles wear down faster than stainless steel

  • Requires more elbow grease on tough grime

Brass is a softer material than stainless steel, so a brass wire brush like this one from Grillaholics Essentials is ideal for any grill with grates that can be damaged from hard scraping. The brush is 18 inches long with a 5-1/2 inch brush head, and its wires are made from heavy-duty stainless brass. If your grill has porcelain or ceramic grates, the brass bristles are gentle enough to prevent damage to the cooking surface, yet they’ll still scrape off any burnt-on food.

Dimensions: 18 x 3 inches | Weight: 14.4 ounces | Brush Material: Stainless brass | Warranty: Lifetime

We awarded the Kona 360° Clean Grill Brush the top spot because of its efficient design and high-quality construction: It’s able to withstand frequent, vigorous use. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly to get you through the season, our tester loved the Weber 12-Inch 3-Sided Grill Brush. Her recommendation? “Buy a few.”

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