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The 7 Best Electric Grills Reviews And Buying Guide

5 Best Electric Grills You Can Buy In 2020

Electric Grill ; is the easiest, convenient and hassle-free way to grill your favourite foods.

But there are several models and designs, making it difficult to choose among them.

To make the best out your investment, we recommend to purchase an electric grill that suits your living space and lifestyle. For that, you can consider below factors

  • Size

Electric grills are available in two models table top and free-standing. Table top is suitable for families with 2 to 5 members while free-standing models are suitable for large families with more than 10 members.

  • Grates

An ideal cooking grate should withstand high temperatures without getting damaged. Ideal grate options are cast iron and stainless steel. Among them stainless steel is considered the best as it is rust and corrosion resistant.

  • Power Consumption

The power rating or wattage of a grill will influence the temperature range and how much time it takes to cook. The higher the wattage of your grill, the hotter the temperature it can reach to cook food.

For more information on how to choose an electric grill, you can check out the Buying Guide.

Based on the same inputs and a lot of testing, we have gathered the Best Electric Grills in this article.

A Final Word On Electric Grills

No two grills are the same because no two people are the same, which has led to a vast selection of electric grills available for purchase. Both complex and simple grills are out there with various size options and features.

No matter which grill you decide to go with, choosing it should be based on your preferences, your living arrangements, and how you like cooking.

Once you figure out what you require, you will have a large list of various grills to choose from, all of which have many attributes available to align with your specific tastesthe best of which are outlined above. Now get grilling!

What Electric Grill Gets The Hottest

If youre looking to achieve searing hot temperatures, pay attention to the wattage. The higher the wattage, the more heat your electric grill will produce.

If you like bold sear lines and high heat output, check out the Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill. At its highest setting, this unit soars to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in under 20 minutes. Thats impressive, especially for an outdoor electric grill.

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Best For Patios: Char

  • Gives food a smoky flavor

  • Easy to clean

  • No handle for moving the grill

  • Thermometer placement could be better

If you have dedicated outdoor space where you can place a grill, the Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro is a highly rated outdoor electric model. This electric grill features infrared technology that heats food directly to minimize hot spots, and it has 240 square inches of primary cooking space to hold around eight to 12 burgers at a time. There’s an additional removable warming rack for a total of 320 square inches of cooking space.

This electric grill delivers 1750 watts of power and plugs into a standard outlet. It features a porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grate, as well as a lid-mounted temperature gauge and wheels for increased mobility. Our tester said this electric grill has a small learning curve if you’re switching from charcoal or gas grilling, but overall, controlling this device was pretty intuitive. The ability to smoke foods adds to its value.

Note: The model tested by The Spruce Eats included folding side shelves, which the most recent models do not.;

Dimensions: 26 x 38.5 x 24.2 inches | Cooking Area: 320 square inches | Watts: 1750 |Use: outdoor

“While its not quite the same as a dedicated smoker, we thought this grill worked surprisingly well; because the smoke is closer to the food, its a very efficient system.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

  • Grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe

If You Want To Be Able To Grill In Inclement Weather Or During The Off

Best Outdoor Electric Grills That You Can Buy Under $300 ...

While their function is the same, indoor and outdoor grills are as different as night and day. You see, indoor grills usually are the only types of grills powered by electricity. Theyre designed to minimize smoke, as no one needs the fire alarm going off while cooking! And while you wont get the same smoky flavor as you would cooking on a charcoal grill , indoor grills are a great option for cooks looking for an easy, fuss-free grilling experience in the kitchen.

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George Foreman Evolve Grill: Grp4842mb Model

Best for multi-choice cooking

Okay, this electric Multi-plate Evolve grill is a little different from the others on our list as its listed as an indoor grill on Amazon but its a beauty nonetheless.

Friends have used this on an outside table next to an electric output to great effect especially with the different plates available.

Their verdict was that although it was designed only for indoor use it works just as good as any of the other outdoor electric grills.

Just check the manufactures details to make sure there are no warranty exclusions.

Included are waffle plates, ceramic grilling plates, and a muffin maker.

All plates are interchangeable, so you can prepare a variety of meals that tastes great, right from your own home.

While the basic unit is a three-in-one, those are not the only possibilities.

Numerous other contact grill options are available . But they make this an even more versatile tool.

If youre a fan of grilled food, especially sandwiches, wraps, and that sort of thing, youre going to love the George Foreman Evolve Grill with its multi plates.

It features a built-in adjustable hinge, connecting the top and bottom grills.

What this means is that you can cook to perfection any standard-size grilled sandwich, just as easily as a large, stuffed burrito.

For variety and kitchen versatility, this grill is tough to beat.

Best Contact Option: Cuisinart 5

This multifunctional appliance from Cuisinart;works as a contact grill, open grill, griddle, panini press, and half-grill/half-griddle thanks to its reversible plates. The sturdy, dual-sided grill cooks both sides of your food at the same time when closed, but if you’re feeding a crowd, you can easily double the grill’s surface area by leaving it open flat. There are three easy-to-use knobs for selecting settings and adjusting the temperature. Customers also love that they can purchase waffle plates separately, which adds an extra feature to the already multifunctional grill. But best of all, they love how much time this appliance saves them. “If we’re in a hurry and want a quick tasty meal, the cooks both sides at once so we’re only minutes away from grilled sandwiches with melted cheese and soup, quesadillas, a quick burger; the possibilities are endless.”

Buy it: $80;

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Weber Multipurpose Q1400 Electric Grill

Restyled from Weber Q140 to Weber Q1400 in 2014, the grill still offers the same great performance and sleek styling as its predecessors but adds new aesthetics which are both functional and fun. Some of these include a larger grip handle and control knob, sturdy front and rear cradles, ergonomic side handles, etc. The grill raises the bar on flavor expectations and performance of an electric grill.The Weber Q1400 comes with tremendous features yet it is space saving and portable. It is the perfect appliance for grillers living in condos or residence that has restrictions on gas and charcoal grill usage.

Pellet Grills: Factors To Consider

âElectric Grill: Best Electric Grill 2021 (Buying Guide)

Pellet grills blend the flexibility of a charcoal grill and smoker with the convenience of a gas grill. These grills all look about the same, and feature a large metal bin, or hopper, to which you add pellets made from the compressed sawdust of flavorful woods, such as oak, hickory, and mesquite. You can buy the pellets at a home center or hardware store. An electronic igniter draws out these pellets and lights them, creating heat and smoke, which imparts a distinct flavor to your food. An especially convenient feature: A thermostat allows you to adjust the heat to a precise temperature, something you cant do with gas or charcoal grills. Prices for models in our tests range from $400 to $1,200.

Hopper: The hopper size determines how many pellets a grill can hold, and in turn, how long the grill will run before you need to add fuel. The larger the hopper, the longer the grill can cook from a single load.;

Temperature range: Look for a pellet grill with the broadest possible temperature range. Those in our tests run as low as 160° F and as high as 600° F, and even hotter on a dedicated searing zone. These models are more versatile because they can sear at high temperatures and slow-smoke foods at low temperatures. Its worth noting that they generally cant get as hot, or sear as well, as the best gas, charcoal, and kamado grills.;

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George Foreman Gio2000bk Indoor/outdoor Electric Grill

Our pick for the best overall outdoor electric grill is the GIO2000BK Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill from George Foreman. It features a 240 inch circular grilling surface that can cook up to 15 servings for those large gatherings.

The grill plate is coated with a non-stick material, so theres no need to use oil or butter, which means healthier food, yet your food wont stick to the surface, so it tastes better, too. The non-stick cook plate is removable, too, which makes for fast clean up.

The cook surface stands on a removable stand, so you can go from cooking outdoor to indoor grilling in just a few seconds. The temperature control allows the grill to be heated to five different settings so you can perfectly prepare your food. It heats up quick, too; all you need to do is plug it into an outlet, set the temperature to the desired setting, and it will be ready to use in just a few short minutes.

A lid contains the heat for faster cooking and traps in odors, too. This George Foreman electric outdoor grill is also apartment approved, too.

What We Liked

What Is The Best Outdoor Electric Grill To Buy

Whats the best outdoor electric grill on the market? That depends on your budget and preferences, but if I had to choose one standout unit, itd be the George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

The George Foreman is a versatile, circular-style electric grill that provides an ample cooking surface and is very mobile.

The grates are removable and made with a nonstick coating. So clean-up is quick, easy, and healthier. No butter or oil is needed.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the best outdoor electric grills. Happy grilling!

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Best Electric Grills 2021 Reviews & Guide

Some of the best summer food comes off the grill from perfectly seared vegetables to juicy burgers. These delicious food are the hallmark of barbeques, pool parties, and other warm-weather gatherings. With an electric grill, you can bring summer indoors all year long. Not only are these grills suitable for outdoors but as well as indoors. You can use one for hosting summer barbeque parties in your backyard, serving the smoky, juicy, tasty recipes.

These are fast and flavorful, and with a turn of a dial, you can be grilling in less than five minutes. Second, the electric grills are clean and user friendly, and you wont have to put up with the mess that comes with charcoal grills. Everybody wants an instant meal on the plate, but thats not possible with charcoal or gas grills. However, the electric grills heat up quickly and cook the food evenly.

Also, these grills are much more convenient with excellent portability and durability. There are easier to clean due to their removable grill surfaces. Since there is so much variety in the electric grill, its hard to find one at a reasonable price. To make things easier for you, I am reviewing the best electric grills that you can buy for grilling.

Outdoor Electric Grill Comparison Table

CHEFMAN Countertop Indoor Electric Grill Black RJ01 ...
Electric Grill

Barbecue enthusiasts, however, frequently debate which type of barbecue is the best. Gas, charcoal, pellet and the electric barbecue grill all have loyal followers who passionately defend the nuances of their chosen grill.

Now that you have a better idea of what might be the best electric BBQ grill for you, lets dig a little deeper into the features which youll want to pay particular attention to.

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George Foreman Ggr50b Best Outdoor Electric Grill

People often assume electric grills are for indoor use only, but thats not always the case, as with the George Foreman GGR50B here. You can enjoy cooking year-round BBQ on this grill either indoors or outdoors as you please as long as theres an outlet without much worry and hassle.

  • Cant check food without opening the lid


The GGR50B measures 22.2 inches by 20.5 inches by 13 inches, with the cooking surface offering 240 square inches of space. The George Foreman official website claims this grill can supposedly cook portions fit 15 people, but we find this to be an overestimation, if not straight up exaggeration.

Overall, the whole unit weighs 21 pounds.


The grill has a domed lid with vents that let steam escape through.

The most prominent feature about the GGR50B is the sloped ridges on the grilling surface, which help guide grease away from the food and into the awaiting grease trap right below. The manufacturer claims its patented design trims off 42% of fat from a quarter pound of uncooked 80/20 ground chuck. Whether this is reliable statistics remains to be seen, further reviewed and confirmed by those with authority and qualifications.

The removable grate is treated with a non-stick coating dubbed the George Tough by the manufacturer.

Temperature Control

Cleaning Ease


Though the smoke is kept to the level safe for indoor use, steam can still escape through the vents on the lid, so approach with caution and use mitts as needed.


Best Electric Grill : Best George Foreman Grill For Lower

All-in-one grills for lower-fat cooking with plug and play convenience

ByLeon Poultney Last updated 2020-12-11T17:22:55.915Z

The George Foreman may or may not be the best electric grill you can get, but it is synonymous with the category. Little wonder, since over 100 million griddles bearing the former world heavyweight champs name sold worldwide, Big George’s device is the market leader, but when it comes to choosing the best portable grill for healthy cooking there are numerous other contenders its no longer a unanimous decision in favour of Foreman.

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Best Features: Ninja Foodi Pro 5

Ninja keeps adding more and more innovative items to its product line, like this indoor grill. With a temperature-controlled grill grate, a spatter shield, and a cool-air zone, the smoke is significantly reduced, while the lid keeps any remaining smoke inside the cooking chamber and out of the kitchen. The shape of this cooker looks like a slow cooker, but this is designed for grilling and searing, along with air frying, roasting, baking, and dehydrating. Cyclonic technology circulates heated airâup to 500 degreesâaround the interior of the cooking space for fast, even cooking. Not just for high heat, it can cook as low as 105 degrees for air frying without overheating the food.

The grate can reach up to 500 degrees for attractive grill marks on the serving side, while the technology means food doesnât need to be flipped during cooking, so cooking can continue without a pause. The included temperature probe lets the cook monitor the food easily without having to lift the lid and lose the heat. When the food reaches the set temperature, the grill signals that itâs done. The digital display makes it easy to set the cooking mode, time, and temperature, and is easy to wipe clean. A version without the temperature probe is also available.

About Electric Grills For Apartment Balconies

Best Electric Grills Reviews In 2018

Gas grills are a good option for many apartments, but there are a handful of reasons why electric grills are your best bet when grilling right outside your living area.

Electric powered grills are actually one of the easiest and safest grills to control. Unlike gas grills where you need to put on the propane the right way, or charcoal where you need to stack up a pyramid and wait for the coals to turn gray, electric grills can be started at the twist of a knob, as long as they have a valid power source. In addition, electric grills dont release overwhelming amounts of chemicals, such as carbon monoxide.

Electric grills tend to be more economical compared to other types of grills. With an electric grill, there is no need to spend money on propane or charcoal for your grill to work. All you really have to do is plug in the grill and get to work. While this is a very simple procedure, it also implies that you need to be around an electric outlet in order to use the grill.

Cleaning electric grills is easy as well. Most charcoal or gas grills have food particles and other residues occupying the grates, causing a mess. If you let that material sit on the grates too long, they will harden and you will have to aggressively scrape it off the grates until the cooking surface is fully clean. With electric grills, all youll have to do is let the cooking surface cool down, and wipe it with a rag or sponge so that no residue sticks around.

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