What Is The Best Indoor Electric Grill

The Best Indoor Grill Can Pull Double Duty As An Air Fryer

Best Indoor Electric Grills in 2022 – How to Choose the Best Grill for an Indoor BBQ?

While most indoor grills are single-purpose appliances, there are a few high-quality models that also air fry. Air frying is a method of cooking that circulates hot air around the food and uses a minimal amount of oil. Its slightly healthier and easier than deep frying. And best of all, the food tastes great.

The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 indoor grill is a good example of a multifunction grill. It can grill, air fry, roast, and bake. Do you need a grill with such robust talent? It depends. These features can be nice to have but unnecessary if you only want a quick, no-nonsense way to grill a steak. Some people swear by their beloved air fryer. Some think this is just the current culinary fad. The choice is yours.

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The Best Indoor Grills

There are a lot of options to choose from when shopping for the best indoor grill. Look for a dependable electric grill, one that has user-friendly controls, and a strong, consistent heat source. From there, think about the extra features youd like to try, and always carefully consider your space. Some are small enough to fit anywhere, others may need a lot of counter space.

The Ninja Foodi indoor grill rises to the top of the list thanks to its five-in-one versatility. Its a fantastic grill, but thats just the start. Its also a great air fryer, perfect for cooking fries and veggies. The Ninja Foodi grill can also bake, roast, and dehydrate, but grilling and air frying are its two best features. The grill heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for searing steak and does a good job at eliminating smoke. That said, the Ninja Foodi grill isnt cheap. Its a versatile kitchen tool thats worth the money, but only if you plan on using all its features.

Runner up: Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Kenyon B70082 Floridian Electric Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: A compact but tank-like build designed specifically for portability with a heating element capable of extremely high heat grilling for impressive results in a camping and travel-friendly package.


  • Extremely hot cooking surface not safe for kids
  • High price point in class

The Kenyon Floridian is a stainless steel 1300W electric grill with a cast metal direct contract heating element that reaches 600 degrees in 10 minutes for fast setup and professional-level grilling and searing results. Its compact, tank-like design is purpose-built for portability and easy storage, especially for camping and other outdoor trips, and its included accessories like an additional griddle-style cooking tray and high temp rated nylon grill utensils make it even more versatile.

Its extremely high top temperature and quick-heating design make it potentially less than safe for kids, and its fairly small rectangular cooking surface means you wont be serving large groups simultaneously. However, its impressive level of performance, including professional accessories, and heavy-duty design along with its exceptional portability justify the high price point. For more camping options, check out our best camping grills buying guide.

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How Do You Clean A Smokeless Grill

Before cleaning your electric, its important to ensure that the grill is unplugged, powered off, and completely cooled down. From there, you should take off any grates or attachments that can be washed separately. Check the users manual to see if the parts are dishwasher safe. If not, you should wash them in warm, soapy water. Wipe any surface that comes into contact with food as well as the exterior of the grill. Let it air dry before plugging in for usage.

Ptfe And Pfoa In Electric Grills

CHEFMAN Countertop Indoor Electric Grill Black RJ01

In general, if a grill is marketed as non-stick, beware. Check to see what makes the surface non-stick, and if you cant find an answer, move on to another product. Thats because many non-stick grill cook surfaces are coated with polytetrafluoroethylene . DuPont Co. discovered PTFE in 1938 and the coating quickly gained popularity for its non-stick properties.

Watch out for PTFE and PFAS

Unfortunately, PTFE and other poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances were originally applied to cookware using solvents such as perfluorooctanoic acid . Its now known that PFOA is a greenhouse gas and has significant undesirable health effects, leading to lawsuits and to the creation of the PFOA Stewardship Program.

Under this EPA-led program, DuPont and other manufacturers voluntarily phased out their use of PFOA in the production of non-stick coatings like Teflon. However, dont be bamboozled by companies proudly proclaiming that their grills are PFOA-free. Yes, this is a good thing, but its also the minimum standard in the U.S., as required by law.

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Why Should I Buy An Electric Grill

It’s no secret that these handy kitchen appliances not only make cooking some of your favourites less of a chore, it also rids your meals of any excess fat and oils – making it a healthy option too.

Thanks to technology, many of the options on the market won’t just give you a leaner steak or burger patty either, enjoy a host of yummy and most importantly, healthy recipes.

If you’re ready to implement a healthier diet, an electric grill is a great addition to add to your kitchen. Whilst it certainly won’t replace your oven, it’s a handy gadget to keep in the house for simpler meals.

Build Quality And Storage

Top electric grills need to be made of high-quality materials and be stable, with non-slip designs that are as comfortable and reliable as possible.

Each grill was inspected and judged for its build quality, and those with uncomfortable edges, loose parts or fiddly buttons were penalised. Those that are thoughtfully made, clearly labelled and easy to store were praised.

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Gotham Steel 1619 Smokeless Electric Grill

The Gotham Steel 1619 is another affordable smokeless electric grill, with 120 sq. in. of grilling space and a sweet non-stick surface made from a Titanium-Ceramic combo essential to grilling chicken. It also has a removable drip tray that blocks grease from getting onto the heating element and burning, which prevents it from making much smoke.

Unfortunately, thats about the best part of this grill. Its small, easy-to-clean and doesnt stick well, and doesnt create much smoke, but isnt very good at cooking chicken. Its not hot enough to create a good sear or browning, and the heating surface is very inconsistent, cooking foods very unevenly.

If youd just like an inexpensive electric grill that wont create smoke, and dont need a lot of grill space, it might do the trick – but there are better options out there.

Years Accidental Damage And Extended Warranty Cover

Best Indoor Electric Smokeless Grill: Does it Work?
  • XCover’s Product Protection provides coverage for a large range of products. Product Protection expands and extends the warranty from the manufacturer and covers damages, stains, mechanical/electrical breakdowns, cracks and other types of damage that arenât covered elsewhere.
  • XCover will arrange a technician to repair your product from our mail-in service or in your home or weâll either replace it or reimburse you with a payment into any bank account worldwide.
  • Fully digital claim process backed by 24/7 multilingual call centre, easy online claim filing and instant payment of approved claims. XCover aims to complete 95% of claims and settle payments within 3 days.
  • This policy does not cover any loss or damages sustained during transit to your address, any pre-existing damage or general wear and tear, any cosmetic damage or any policy excess.
  • Cancel anytime within 45 days of the estimated shipping date for a full refund. Cover is for UK residents who are over 18 years old. For a full product description, please read the Insurance Product Information Document and policy terms and conditions by following the link provided. Please note that another insurance product which has different terms might be available on our website when accessed on a laptop or desktop PC.

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Which Infrared Grill Is The Best

The best-infrared grill will include high-quality stainless steel housing, a minimum cooking temperature of 600 degrees, a smokeless or low-smoke design that keeps flames away from direct food contact, and radiant glass or porcelain-coated heating components for simple, secure heat cleaning. It’s also a good idea to search for extra features like cool-touch casing or handles, light indicators for preheating, parts that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, and attachments with more usefulness, including smoking chambers.

Top Choice For Beginners Cuisinart 5

Why youll love it:

This is the best indoor electric grill for those beginners wanting a multipurpose appliance. This versatile tool is a grill, griddle, and a panini press all in one giving you tons of options to experiment with.

Dual temperature controls ensure your food is properly cooked every time on the removable dishwasher safe BPA free, nonstick cooking plates for easy meals and clean up.

What we liked

  • Ease of Use. Adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights.
  • Size. At 100sq in closed / 200sq in open plenty of space for a variety of foods.
  • Versatile Cooking. A grill, griddle, and a panini press all in one.

What we didnt like

  • Takes longer to heat up than others.
  • Grease draining system is lacking.

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Other Indoor Grills We Tested

If youre dead set on an open grill, our first choice is the Hamilton Beach Searing Grill with Lid Window, which is big enough to cook six hamburgers at a time. Burgers, chicken, and fish came out with deep grill marks closely resembling the ones you get from your outdoor grill. The lid doesnt press down on food, but rather it helps to hold in heat to speed up cooking a little and also contain smoke and cooking odors. The grill grate and the drip pan are dishwasher safe and the lid comes off for hand washing.


  • Contains odors and smoke well


The Final Word On The Best Indoor Grills

Chefman Indoor Electric Grill $29.99 (Reg. $50)

The big benefit of indoor electric grills is the ability to grill food any time, any day. They are convenient and remarkably user-friendly. Simple knobs and easy-to-read buttons control the temperature. You wont need a master class in grilling science to cook a burger or steak just right. When shopping for an indoor grill, make sure its big enough and hot enough for your needs. Seek out a multi-function grill if you want to experiment with new foods and flavors. And if you only need a basic indoor model, you should be able to find a budget-friendly option. The best indoor grill is a quick, simple way to enjoy outdoor BBQ, family picnic-style food, and even breakfast whenever you want.

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What Can You Cook On An Electric Grill

You can cook the same foods on an electric grill that you would on a gas or charcoal grill. Electric grills are great for making hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and grilled vegetables, but depending on the grill you have, there might not be as much room for liquids to drain, so use marinades and dressings sparingly.

Ninja Foodi Ag301uk Health Grill And Air Fryer

Cheapest price: £179, available at

Size and weight: 23.5 x 35.6 x 45cm 8.1kg

Removable cooking plates: Yes

Temperature control: Yes

Approx. heat-up time: 7 mins

Other key features: Air fryer, dehydrator, baker, roaster, timer, removable cooking plates, recipes included, bristle brush/scraper combo

The Ninja Foodi AG301UK comes at a premium but has plenty of extra strings to its bow, so if you’re keen on air frying, roasting or even dehydrating your food, it could be worth snapping up.

We cooked a steak, halloumi and sliced courgette with it to see how it compares to the other grills we tested.

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Best With Lid: Powerxl Smokeless Grill

  • Includes grill plate and griddle

  • Heavy

This grill boasts an affordable price tag, a tight sealing lid, and a powerful fan that traps smoke before it escapes. While you might not use the lid for grilling steaks , it is definitely desirable when youre trying to melt cheese on a burger and or keep food warm after its been cooked. The well designed water tray eliminates any dangerous flare-ups while taking in any smoke odor. This way, your food will stay moist and juicy while it cooks. This grill includes both a grill plate and griddle plate, so you can use it for sear marks on your steak or for a crispy fried egg in the morning. Both of these plates are nonstick ceramic coated, making them just as easy to use as they are to clean.

Our tester noted that the fan on this model did a stellar job removing smoke and steam while the lid sealed surprisingly well. This way, the smoke didnt have a chance to escape. When the tester fired up the grill to cook a steak, there wasnt even a wisp of visible smoke, which is great news for you and your smoke detector.

Size : 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches | Weight: 15.47 Pounds

  • Removable drip tray for easy clean up

  • Can cook for 4-6 people at once

  • Cooks faster than most models

  • Offers convenient vertical storage

  • Does not include a griddle or other cooking surface

Size : 16 x 7 x 13.7 Inches | Weight: 13.7 pounds

How Do I Clean An Electric Grill

The 10 Best Electric Indoor Grills in 2021

The high and less controlled heat of charcoal and gas grills produce great results for restaurant-quality food but can burn food and leave residue and generally tend to be a chore to clean. The same goes for electric grills with cast iron cooking surfaces, cast iron requiring special care to clean and not being dishwasher safe, to say the least. Many electric grills that dont use cast iron feature removable parts that are either easy to clean simply by wiping with a wet cloth, or are fully dishwasher safe. You can have beautifully grilled meat and perfectly cooked press sandwiches regularly without the headache of spending just as much time cleaning them. Electric grills and panini presses with dishwasher-safe parts will usually mention such a feature in their product descriptions.

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If You Want To Be Able To Grill In Inclement Weather Or During The Off

While their function is the same, indoor and outdoor grills are as different as night and day. You see, indoor grills usually are the only types of grills powered by electricity. Theyre designed to minimize smoke, as no one needs the fire alarm going off while cooking! And while you wont get the same smoky flavor as you would cooking on a charcoal grill , indoor grills are a great option for cooks looking for an easy, fuss-free grilling experience in the kitchen.

Buying Guide For Electric Grills

When you are deciding on buying an electric indoor grill, there are certain important features and benefits that you may need to consider. You must remember that not all grills work the same way. Therefore, you must look at certain features which address your specific requirements. Below are some important features that you should consider

1. Power Switch:The power switch is one of the important features that you need to look out for in a grill. It is advisable to have a power switch on your grill than a direct-to-wall plug. Any model which does not have a power switch has a risk of encountering fire.

2. Temperature control:Temperature is of high importance when cooking. A typical grill should be powerful enough to cook meat with the power of up to 1500watts as well as low temperature. This would be able to sear or brown your meat. Cooking at a very low temperature may cause you to lose the desired texture of your meat, thats why taking a look at instruction manual of grill for reference of indoor grill temperature guide is important for cooking at ideal temperature.

3. Removable plates for grilling:The benefit of this is that it makes cleaning a lot easier. This is of particular importance if you plan to cook meat at its raw form.

4. Cleaning process:It is important that you find an electric grill which you can clean easily after fusing. There are a couple of brands which offer non-stick surfaces and prevents hard to clean spills and stains from sticking to your grill.

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Best For Outdoors: Weber Electric Grill

Weber’s electric grill might be compact enough to fit on your outdoor table, but it doesn’t skimp out on surface area: It has 280 square inches of grilling space, which is enough to fit 12 burgers. Customers were impressed by the porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, and one person confirmed they “heat evenly and provide great results.” The six-foot cord leaves plenty of room to reach the nearest outlet, and the brand sells a portable grill cart that gives you even more flexibility on placement. “We purchased this grill about two months ago and we have grilled more in this time than ever before,” wrote another shopper. “The Weber electric grill fits nicely on a table on the front porch, has ample grill space, and an extremely efficient heat control. I can’t stop telling friends about it.”

Buy it: $319

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Indoor Grill

Ninja Foodi Grill Review â The Best Indoor Electric Grill for 2021

Outdoor grills give food a distinct taste that up until recently was difficult to replicate in the kitchen. But modern indoor electric grills are giving outdoor grills real competition thanks to improvements in cooking surfaces and temperature control. For those looking to ditch the gas grill, or who simply want a way to grill hot cheeseburgers on a cold winters night, the best indoor grill is the perfect appliance you didnt realize you needed.

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