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What Metal Is Used For Griddles

The Best BBQ Grills for 2021 – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

Modern outdoor griddles are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, cold-rolled steel, cast-iron, or chrome steel. The most common type of stainless steel used for griddles is 304 stainless steel which contains chromium and nickel . This is the so-called food-grade stainless steel, meaning it is considered to be safe for food preparation and storage. What actually determines the effectiveness of one material or other is its thermal conductivity which describes the materials ability to transfer heat. As such, the thermal conductivity of 304 stainless steel is only 8 BTU/ compared to the higher measure of the cast-iron that sits at about 46 BTU/. Other materials show even higher numbers: the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 136 BTU/ and that of copper is 231 BTU/. This is why certain materials used in a single griddle need to be complementary, in particular the burners and the cooktop. When the difference in thermal conductivity from part to part is too great, it can cause hot spots and lead to loss of heat. Some stainless steel cooktops incorporate aluminum heat spreaders to raise the thermal conductivity and smooth out hot spots.

Types Of Outdoor Griddles:

What is the best outdoor griddle?; Depending on what Size of Griddle you need, the best full-size griddle we recommend is the Blackstone 1554 with LP gas. For tailgating or camping the best Mid-size Griddle is the Cuisinart CG-501 portable LP gas griddle, and lastly, the Best Griddle Pan is The Sizzle SQ180.;.

Best Outdoor Charcoal Grill

  • Cook Area:;576 sq inches Primary and a 240 sq-inch Secondary
  • Side Tables: Two fixed painted metal shelves
  • Other: Dividable fire box

The stylish Dyna-Glo Charcoal stainless grill provides a dual chamber firebox fitted to a rolling cart flanked by two fixed side tables.

Easy to maneuver enameled cast iron grates retain heat and there are options to scale down cooking as needed.

The coolest feature of the Dyna-Glo is the dual-chamber firebox. In the firebox are two charcoal baskets, which adjust from hand cranks in the front, and a removable divider rests between them.

The divided the firebox creates a single or dual cooking zone so you can control if you are using the whole grill or just part of it. If you manage a fire in one basket you can cook indirectly over the other which adds versatility.

Two heavy painted stainless steel front facing doors give you easy access to monitor and add fuel without disturbing the food or opening the lid.

The option to divide the space is a good fit for someone who waffles between needing space for 20 burgers, and cooking smaller choice cuts of meat.

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Outdoor Electric Grill Comparison Table

Electric Grill

Barbecue enthusiasts, however, frequently debate which type of barbecue is the best. Gas, charcoal, pellet and the electric barbecue grill all have loyal followers who passionately defend the nuances of their chosen grill.

Now that you have a better idea of what might be the best electric BBQ grill for you, lets dig a little deeper into the features which youll want to pay particular attention to.

Best Pellet Grill: Traeger Pro Series 780 Grill

Grilling Season Is Here. These Are the Best Gas Grills

Perfect for fish and more tender cuts of meat, this wood-pellet-powered option offers six versatile functions for grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and barbecuing, all in one unit. Igniting the pellets creates a vortex of heat and smoke inside the Traeger Pro’s convection-based rectangular grilling chamber, infusing your food with a robust natural wood-fired flavor.;

Its smart digital controller minimizes the monitoring process by allowing you to adjust and set temperatures straight from your smartphone. Instead of incessantly checking up on the progress of your slow-smoked contents, you can feel free to sit back and relax with a drink or keep dinner guests entertained.

To buy: Traeger Pro Series Grill & Smoker, $600 at

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How Do You Cook Fish On A Griddle

A great alternative to frying fish is to cook it on a griddle with minimal amounts of oil. Compared to fried fish, grilled or griddled fish retains more nutrients and doesnt absorb the oil fumes. Most types of fish can be griddled, though some come out more flavorful than the others. One of the most common types of fish for griddling is the salmon fillet. On top of being rich in taste and texture, it simply goes well with a variety of side dishes and beverages.

Kamado Joe Classic Iii Ceramic Charcoal Grill: Best Kamado Grill

Chances are, youve seen Kamado Joes grills before be it on your Instagram feed or a glossy luxury magazine.;

Offering a novel spin on the classic, simple outdoor charcoal grill, Kamado Joe Classic III in blaze red, textured ceramic is one stylish BBQ grill that will catch your attention for all the right reasons.;

With three tiers of cooking racks inside, a vented top, and a grease collection and management system for easy clean-up, the Kamado Joe Classic III Grill allows you to cook several different foods at the same time. The levels of rocks offer differing temperatures for specific, precise control of varying doneness and crispness for your entrées.

Although its made of solid ceramic, the Patented Air Lift Hinge technology allows the weight to be distributed so flawlessly that you can lift the lid with a single finger.;

Seated on a cart with lockable caster wheels, this kamado grill can be moved from place to place easily, and it has fold-out side tables for simple, accessible plating and tool storage.

Best for: A charcoal grill that is not your average Joe.

BBQ fuel: CharcoalGrill surface: 3,290 cm2 ;Weight: 119 kg Dimensions: 76.2 x 118.1 x 128.3 cmCooking grates: Stainless steel

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Theres Something Special About The Smell Of Food Being Grilled Over Charcoal Or Wood

It isnt really the smell of the food, of course; its the smell of the burning fuel, which somehow feels more authentic and might even evoke memories of Dad or Grandpa standing over the barbeque with a can of lighter fluid in one hand and a grilling fork in the other.

Of course, the rest of the charcoal grilling experience isnt quite as special at least, not in a good way. Aside from the lighter fluid, theres the heavy bag of charcoal, the long wait for the coals to reach cooking temperature, the uneven heat from coals burning unequally, and the messy chore of dumping the ashes and washing the grill after the meal has been cooked.;Also, lets not;forget the battle to actually get the charcoal lit in windy weather.

Whats Your Grilling Style

Best Portable Grills of 2019 – Review Of The 7 Top Rated Grills For Camping Or Your RV.

Before you decide which kind of grill is best for your lifestyle, consider your space and cooking style.

  • Is your deck or patio wired or within range of an extension cord? Without a plug-in outlet, a pellet grill is not going to be the ideal choice.
  • Are you feeding a small army? Consider some of the gas options with lots of cook space and side burners for keeping everything from baked beans to chili or chowder ready to serve whenever the gang is ready to eat.
  • Do you have space and proper support for a heavy grill? A kamado is a commitment, in terms of weight and space, depending on the size. But, its a fantastic grill to choose.
  • Do you grill on the fly? If spontaneity is your style, a slow-heating and stabilizing grill probably isnt a good fit.
  • Are you a purist who wouldnt dream of serving a burger without grill marks and a smoky flavor? Gas may not bring the best flavor, but it is clean, affordable, and fast to get to temperature.

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Upgrade Grill Pick: Weber Genesis Ii E

*At the time of publishing, the price was $780.

The Weber Genesis II E-310 gas grill is also an exceptional performer, and it offers several clever, life-improving design elements that we love. The grates are about 20 percent bigger, too, but overall the Genesis II takes up barely more area than the Spirit II, so theres no appreciable trade-off between the two if your patio space is tight. Essentially, the decision comes down to how youll use your grill: If you often cook for crowds, the Genesis II is worth the extra couple hundred dollars.

Performance-wise, we found the two Weber models nearly identical, with the Spirit just slightly edging the Genesis II on burger-searing performance. And that gap would probably close with a bit more time to learn the Genesis IIs finer points. In terms of materials, the two are almost twins, offering heavy cast-aluminum fireboxes and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. The Genesis II, however, features a frame made of welded rails, while the Spirit II is made of folded metal . Theyre both sturdy enough, but the Genesis II is appreciably stiffer and more solid-feeling. And we like that it has casters: Its easier to swivel into a corner for storage than the casterless Spirit.

Moving the tank to the outside also frees up space below the grill, which Weber fills with a generous and sturdy storage shelf. Thats a nice feature; you can keep trays, grill tools, or even a small cooler there.

Aoocan Grill Mats Set Of 5

We won’t lie. Aoocan grill mat doesn’t come close to our top 3 picks, but price is the name of the game for someone like Aoocan.

The Aoocan grill mat is a very affordable and apt option for those who use grill mats often. While others come in a set of 2, this comes in a set of five for less than $13!

Despite its low price, it’s capable of withstanding temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s LFGB and FDA approved and is very much safe for use. Each mat measures 15.75 inches by 13 inches. It’s thick and easy to clean.

It might not be as durable as the other options but it’s a good quality for its price!

  • Usable in microwaves and different grills.
  • Very affordable and comes in a set of 5.
  • FDA-approved, PFOA-free

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Everdure By Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas Bbq

Best high-end BBQ

Comes in three beautiful colours Capable cooking for large groups Accessories included High hood for convection cooking

Reasons to avoid: No side burner

Last years must-have BBQ is back. The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas BBQ has Hestons approval, and its got lots of home chef-approved elements such as the high hood that can accommodate a whole turkey for cooking slow and low. This gas BBQ can be removed from the stand, making it portable for tabletop use, and the servery drops down for more easy transportation.

Other things we love include the enamel-coated grates and hood that can be cleaned easily and are rust-proof. Although it has a large cooking area it is powered by only two burners, which is less than some of the other BBQs in our guide. This smaller size does mean its perfect for heating up fast, and its ready to cook only five minutes after ignition.

Weber 2840301 Summit S

6 Best Outdoor Electric Grills of 2019 (Reviewed & Rated ...
  • Company: Weber
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$$

Thinking of making a bit of an investment into a grill that has pretty much everything , a grill that will be the last grill youll need to buy?;This Weber Summit is one such grill, available in liquid propane or natural gas options. The Summit Line is Webers crown jewels if you want the best, these are they!

This grill is nice and big! The cooking area is It claims to be able to cook for 8-10 people with ease, and because it has the handy side burner , you can cook your full meal at the grill with ease!

One of the things youll love on this grill is the full rotisserie system! It comes with a flip-up motor and separate spit and fork, has;storage in the enclosed;cart, and can be tucked;completely;away out of the way when you arent;using it!

This grill includes all of the standard awesome Weber goods and then some!

  • SS Flavorizer Bars,;4 SS burners,;grease management system, 9mm Stainless Steel cooking grates
  • Extra burners:;a;sear station, smoke burner, and rear-mounted Infrared rotisserie burner
  • Center mounted thermometer built into the hood
  • Enclosed tank storage area for the LP models
  • Large prep areas made of stainless steel
  • Grill-Out handle light and;control knob lights;for night time grilling ease
  • Snap-Jet igniters for each burner, letting you do direct or indirect heat per your preference

This grill certainly has it all! Check out this video for some extra details!

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What Should I Know Before Buying A Gas Griddle


  • In Conclusion
  • Most modern gas griddles can be divided into two main categories as defined by design: portable and cart-style.

    Portable griddles usually come with one burner or dual burners and can be moved easily since they weigh much less and can be set up on any safe surface as opposed to models with legs.

    Cart-style griddles or full-size griddles resemble restaurant-type griddles in design and feature multiple burners, usually between 3 and 8.

    Other defining features that should factor in your search are the heat output, the cooking area, the materials, and mobility.

    Naturally, portable and full-size griddles showcase different ranges of power. Usually, the heat output of a griddle is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Portable griddles can start at 12,000 BTUs and go up to 36,000 BTUs depending on the number of burners they have and material conductivity. Full-size griddles pack more serious heat, going up to 120,000 BTUs.

    Then there is the issue of burners. If you plan to cook for large crowds of people on a regular basis, it may be worth looking into models with 4, 6, or even 8 burners. Multiple burners not only add to the overall power of the griddle but also give the opportunity to control separate heat zones for cooking different types of food at once.

    Do You Put Oil On A Griddle

    Putting oil on a gas griddle is essential for its durability and general effectiveness. The process of seasoning involves the generous application of oil to the surface in order to protect the flat-top from rust, corrosion, or other damage caused by the elements. Which oil to use and how to apply it depends on your personal preference, so most types of cooking oils work just fine. You can either sprinkle oil directly on the griddle or use cooking spray. Those who want to avoid a mess can rub the oil in with paper towels. This method usually helps to keep oil grease to a minimum.

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    Oklahoma Joes Charcoal/lp Gas/smoker Combo: Best Gas And Charcoal Grill

    Why choose between gas and charcoal grills when you can have the best of both worlds. The Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo Charcoal Gas Smoker & Grill is equipped with separate charcoal and gas cooking chambers and an attached offset firebox for smoking, charcoal grilling or gas grilling.

    Durable, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and heavy-gauge steel construction make this ingenious hybrid grill the perfect choice for all alfresco grilling scenarios.;

    Best for: Texas-style barbecuing.

    BBQ fuel: Charcoal and gasGrill surface: 6,839 cm2 Weight: 93 kg Dimensions: 80 x 188 x 128.5 cmCooking grates: Porcelain-coated cast iron grates

    Best For Patios: Char

    The Best Gas Grills Of 2019 Reviewed – 6 Top Rated Grills For Your Steaks
    • Gives food a smoky flavor

    • Easy to clean

    • No handle for moving the grill

    • Thermometer placement could be better

    If you have dedicated outdoor space where you can place a grill, the Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro is a highly rated outdoor electric model. This electric grill features infrared technology that heats food directly to minimize hot spots, and it has 240 square inches of primary cooking space to hold around eight to 12 burgers at a time. There’s an additional removable warming rack for a total of 320 square inches of cooking space.

    This electric grill delivers 1750 watts of power and plugs into a standard outlet. It features a porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grate, as well as a lid-mounted temperature gauge and wheels for increased mobility. Our tester said this electric grill has a small learning curve if you’re switching from charcoal or gas grilling, but overall, controlling this device was pretty intuitive. The ability to smoke foods adds to its value.

    Note: The model tested by The Spruce Eats included folding side shelves, which the most recent models do not.;

    Dimensions: 26 x 38.5 x 24.2 inches | Cooking Area: 320 square inches | Watts: 1750 |Use: outdoor

    “While its not quite the same as a dedicated smoker, we thought this grill worked surprisingly well; because the smoke is closer to the food, its a very efficient system.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

    • Grill grate and lid are dishwasher safe

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    Why Would I Want A Griddle

    Griddles give you outdoor cooking versatility thats hard to achieve with any other tool. If you want to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for a large group, for instance, neither your grill or smoker will do the trick. Heck, you can even toast your bread on a griddle!

    An outdoor griddle, though, will in both instances give you precisely what you need, and it gives you one more excuse to get outside when its hot inside!

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