What Is The Best Pellet Grill For The Money

Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone Prime Plus

What’s the BEST PELLET SMOKER for your money?
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Must purchase through a licensed dealership

The upgraded version of the standard Daniel Boone comes with Wi-Fi controls, which takes the pellet grill from a slightly hands-off grilling experience to a completely hands-off grilling experience. The Prime Plus also comes with handy quality of life improvements like a built-in rotisserie, collapsible front shelf and the perhaps the best sleeper grill feature there is: an under-hood light. Its motor and pellet-efficiency is better, too. If you’re struggling to decide between the two, consider how often you might expect to use the grill. If the answer is less than once every other week, the more affordable option should do the trick. More than that, though, the convenience and options presented by the Prime Plus make the few hundred dollar price hike worth it.

Rectec 590

  • Bottom storage space is great
  • All-steel build; no plastic component parts

Is A Pellet Smoker Worth The Money

Because pellet grills produce an indirect, convection-like heat, they require no more attention than a conventional oven. With their simple controls, just set it and forget it. And if you want the flavor of great food but dont have the time to tend a charcoal grill, pellets are definitely the way to go.

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Bbq Grill Review

Portable Grill

The Traeger grill and smoker is extremely easy to transport. It comes with EZ-fold legs which allow you to easily pack it up and throw it in your car trunk, ready to go. With a height of 38 inches, width of 35 inches, and weight of 76 pounds, this can quickly be transported to even the most rugged terrain.

Medium Cooking Space

Being portable doesnt mean it has to be extra small. This smoker boasts an accommodating 300 square inches of grilling space. This is enough to cook around twelve burgers or three racks of ribs. Perfect for families going on camping!

Consistent Temperature Range

With its Integrated Digital Elite Controller, temperature is kept constant within + / 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It also allows for low/slow and hot/fast smoking for up to 450 degrees. Checking up on your foods temperature is also made easy with the LED display, which clearly shows the temperature even under bright daylight.

Authentic, Smoky Flavor

Using 100% hardwood pellets, this smoker gives you authentic, smoky flavored foods whatever you do with it, whether its smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, braising, or BBQing. You get the wood-fired taste all of your guests are looking forward to each time.


Best Under $700

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Grill

With a 6-in-1 feature, this smoker and grill lets you cook whatever your heart desires. Get ready for some pro-level cooking.


Pro-level cooking for the non-pros

Camp Chef SE Pellet Grill

Simplified Smoking Process

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Is Pellet Grill Better Than Charcoal

For flavor, charcoal and pellet grills are generally accepted as the better options, but they will require more maintenance and higher running costs. Plus, youll need time for your grill to get hot enough to start cooking. With a pellet grill, youre basically getting a two-in-one deal for a grill and smoker.

Are Pellet Grills Worth The Money

Best Pellet Grills For Searing  2020 Guide

Yes, if you love grilling outdoors, youll love a pellet grill. Depending on the brand and temperature of the grill, the indirect heat allows you to cook, smoke, braise, roast, grill, and seer foods without a lot of interaction from you.

To better understand what a pellet smoker is, you first need to know what they are and how they work.

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Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill And Smoker

If youre a sports fan whos always planning their next tailgate, the Traeger Tailgater is the best wood pellet smoker for you. With almost 50% more space than the portable Davy Crockett, plus;Traegers Digital Elite Controller, youll have nothing to worry about beyond your teams performance.

With fold-away legs, a stainless-steel unit, and compact size, this baby is designed to be easily transported. And therell still be plenty of room in your trunk for a few extra beers. Traegers inverter is needed to get you locked into the power source, but when you can use it to charge your phone and hook up a mini sound system for some pre-game power tunes, its hardly an inconvenience.

The range of pellets on offer from Traeger wont get boring any time soon either. And, their Signature Blend Pellets are;sure to have all your neighbors and friends marveling at your sensational skills. Combining maple, hickory and cherry, itll add a sweet, smoky flavor to your favorite cut of meat. Take this bad boy on your next tailgate and prepare to be the envy of parking lot.

Best Semi-Professional Pellet Smoker:

Final Thoughts On Inexpensive Pellet Grills Under $500

As I have shown above, reliable pellet grills dont have to be expensive.

You can enjoy a fun and satisfying barbecue party with your family by choosing the best pellet grill for under 500 dollars.

When choosing an affordable pellet grill, always make sure that safety is not compromised.

For instance, the grill has to be stable enough to avoid tipping.

Avoid grills that have sharp metal corners and edges.

Another safety tip is to always unplug your pellet grill when its not in use.;

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The 11 Best Pellet Smokers And Grills You Can Buy In 2021

The absolute best pellet smokers, whether youre on a budget, tailgating or setting up your backyard dream kitchen.

This definitive guide to the best pellet smokers and grills of 2021 explores everything you need to know to find a pellet grill best suited to your needs, including features to look for, materials and price.

Pellet grills are no longer just for nerds. Invented in the 80s by the folks who would eventually found Traeger, which remains one of the most popular brands in the category, they work by pushing tiny pieces of compressed would from a hopper and into a firebox under a tray, which is fixed under the grates. Most have onboard computers and fans that regulate temperature, even feeding cooking and temperature data to smartphone apps. It is the only category in grilling to wholeheartedly embrace such technology into even its entry-level products, technology that has made the category as a whole the easiest, most relaxed path to properly smoked meat there is. But as pellet grilling has become more popular, so have the grills that make it happen. From great value to just plain great, these are the best pellet grills and smokers you can buy.

Runner Up: Camp Chef 24

Pit Boss Pellet Grill Vs Traeger – What’s The Best Pellet Smoker For Your Money In 2018?

The 24-inch Woodwind Pellet Grill, just like the previous models, has a stainless steel stylish body and comes with wheels for portability. Compared to others, it offers 40% extra chamber space and comes with the option for 20, 24, and 36-inch pellet grills.

Besides this, you can even select either direct flame or indirect flame with just a twist of your knob, allowing you to reach temperatures ranging from 160 to 650°F. The grill comes with four built-in meat probes to measure the temperature of your meat accurately and displays it on its digital LED.

Most importantly, this grill can be connected to the Camp Chef app on your phone via the Wi-Fi and PID controller. It allows you to monitor, set alert notifications, control, and alter the smoke settings according to your needs. Such that, you can choose a number from one to 10 to select the degree of smoke you want in your chamber.

Apart from this, the grill offers easy clean-up by installing a removable cup right below the grill. It collects all the ash with a pull of one knob, allowing you to dispose of it before cooking a new batch of steak or burgers. Furthermore, the grill offers a convenient bottom and side shelf for storing utensils.


  • Bottom and side shelf for storage
  • Remote smoke control through Wi-Fi
  • Easy ash clean-up
  • No automatic start-up from the app

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Traeger Grills Tfb57clb In 2021

First of all, this Traeger Grills breakthrough factor is its ample grilling area with a large surface to cook the food preventing time consumption. Moreover, with the cooking time of two hours, its warming stainless-steel cover keeps the food hot for consistent hours.

Similarly, while talking about the durability of the grill, this Trager TFB57 CLB is unmatched. Hence, it comes with a two-year warranty having high-end stainless-steel. Hence, the average durability lies for five to seven years without any apparent malfunction.

Moreover, it comes with pure wood pellets that offer an enhanced smoking experience with brilliant food choices. In addition, Traeger possesses precise temperature control with the Non-PID temperature control. However, it is not best for high-intensity temperature control.

  • Need maintenance
  • No for high-intensity temperature

Finally, if you want an efficient and large surface grill, this Traeger Grill TFB57CLB is your best pellet grill. Hence, it offers excellent durability with a large grilling area that makes it time savor with the best temperature controls enhanced performance potential.

How Good Is The Temp Accuracy & Consistency

While smoking at low temperatures, the accuracy seems to be pretty close.

But in my tests, the Woodwind appeared to be off quite a bit as the temps increase toward grilling temperatures. On the plus side, the grill was fairly consistent once it reached its set temperature.

Ive included more detailed testing details in a section below.

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Do Pellet Grills Produce A Lot Of Smoke

As previously stated, pellet smokers are not known for producing a strong smoke flavor, no matter what pellets you use. Though, some brands can be more pronounced than others. Hardwood pellets provide longer overall burn times per pound than fruit wood pellets.

Choose the Right Cut of Meat. The Colder the Better. Use Mesquite or Hickory Pellets. Set Your Pellet Grill at 225°F or Below. Avoid Dense, White Smoke. Smoke Your Food Over Indirect Heat. Stop Opening Your Lid.

Best Pellet Smoker Under $500 Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill


The Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill is another Camp Chef product that is widely popular for its multiple features. To start, the grill is available in stainless steel, black, and even bronze lid covers for the customers.

Just like the other Camp Chef grills, this model also has a sturdy stainless steel body, making it durable as well as rust-resistant. The two caster wheels make it easy to move the 140-pound grill from your storage to the backyard too.

When it comes to the cooking surface, the grill offers a total of 570 square inches in a 3778 cubic inches chamber capacity. The grill contains a lower 429 square inches rack and an upper smoking area measuring 141 square inches.

Besides this, it features a stainless steel temperature probe, a dual LED temperature control, and an automatic auger to feed the wood pellets to the grill. Moreover, you even get a built-in sensor gauge to keep an eye out on the cooking temperature. All these features allow you to maintain the temperature of the grill between 160 to 500° F by choosing the desired settings.

The hopper can hold 18 pounds of wood pellets, which supports fewer refills and prolonged smoking. Along with this, the grill includes smart grease management and a lever system for cleaning out the ash and hopper. If all this was not enough, you get a side-shelf and an electronic ignition system for your convenience.


  • Automatic auger for wood pellets
  • Temperature probe

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Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate Wood Pellet Grill

If you dont want to splash out on a Traeger grill and youre looking for a sensible alternative, the Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate Wood Pellet Grill is perfect. This well-design grill shouldnt be seen as a budget option though. Just because its not a Traeger, doesnt mean its not a really high-quality pellet grill. You can tell immediately that this steel-constructed grill is built to last a lifetime. It has a large grill with space for cooking large racks of ribs, briskets, and more.;

One of the most impressive features of this grill is the Sense-Mate thermal sensor. It constantly monitors the internal temperature of the grill. This information is then sent to the smartphone app, allowing you to keep a constant eye on the food without having to open the lid. It also has a peaked lid for rib racks, making them much easier to cook. Oh, and on top of that, it folds down to fit into any trunk, making it perfect for tailgating parties.;

Dimensions -29.92 x 14.96 x 21.65 inches

Sense-Mate thermal sensor;

110V or 12V with adapters for 3 power options

Camp Chef Xxl Wifi Vertical Pellet Smoker

If you want good value + A LOT of space, the Camp Chef XXL WiFi Vertical is where its at.

The upright design of this smoker gives you a whopping 2,408 square inches of cooking space, pretty much twice the more expensive smokers. And, it not only comes with 4 cooking grates, theres also 3 jerky racks and 12 hanging hooks so you can smoke anything from jerky to salmon, sausages, brisket and even whole turkeys.

The temperature is precisely looked after by Camp Chefs latest PID controller. Itll reliably keep the heat within +/-5°F of your target consistently throughout your cook. But, Camp Chef also let you separately set the smoke level between 1 and 10 for even greater control. Theres also 2 meat probes included for precise feedback on when your meat is ready without having to open the door.

The Grease Management System coupled with the Ash Clean-Out feature make the worst job of clean-up really easy.

And, it also comes with a cover. And WiFi. Its really great value and is why this smoker is so popular.

Just keep in mind that being a vertical design, the Camp Chef XXL WiFi is a dedicated smoker. The fire is too far away for grilling. But, low and slow itll do to perfection.

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Wood Pellet Usage Per Hour

For these tests, I used Camp Chef premium hardwood pellets but I would assume similar performance with other pellets.

The tests were conducted on an 80°F day.

  • ;Average consumption rate at 225°F: ~¾ lb per hour
  • ;Average consumption rate at 500°F: ~1¾ 2 lb per hour

Im happy with these results, although you should expect worse efficiency with the larger Woodwind or if cooking in cold weather.

Are Wood Pellet Smokers Good

Best Pellet Smokers in 2018 – Which Is The best Pellet Smoker?

Pellet grills are excellent if its flavor youre looking for in your barbecue results. The pellets produce both heat and smoke to cook foods slowly developing more flavors.

Wood pellet smokers allow you to experiment with different types of wood, to yield different tasting barbecue products. You can choose from oak, cherry, and maple, among others to get different results.

One thing these grills excel at is letting you set the temperature, close the lid and walk away. Most of these grills also have a meat probe to check internal meat temperatures, and an ash cleanout pail or box that collects the ash from the pounds of pellets burned, leaving the grill easy to move and clean up.

Leading brands include

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Memphis Grills Elite Pellet Smoker


Memphis Grills

Memphis Grillss Elite model is the Rolls Royce of pellet smokers. The grill packs some impressive features and spec, but what really makes it the best pellet grill is build quality. The Elite is made of 100% dual-walled, sealed stainless steel. This premium construction means it can sit your backyard for years without rusting, but it also cultivates the tastiest meals possible.

One of the benefits of this high-quality build is a scorching max temperature of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can also go as low as 180 for extra-slow cooking and is controlled via Memphiss smartphone app.

The Elite grill also features a large 24-pound hopper that can keep the smoker going for up to 62 hours all by itself. As for the cooking area, its not the biggest on our list with 844 square inches, but thats enough for most families and small gatherings.


Cuisinarts Clermont is an all-in-one grill and smoker whose multi-functionality actually works. The high-tech grill runs on wood pellets, which Cuisinart offers in an assortment of styles. The auger feeds pellets into the hopper at a sustained rate, so all you have to do is set the temperature, and wait for the Clermont to get hot enough.

Best Cheap Pellet Smoker

  • Side prep table is helpful
  • Ash catch makes cleanup much simpler than others
  • Occasionally out of stock

A healthy balance of technology, quality materials and clever design. In line with most quality pellet grills, Camp Chefs SmokePro operates between 160 and 500 degrees hot enough to smoke and grill anything other than steak. Three quality of life improvements that come standard with the grill: a computer control screen you can actually read, a pellet hopper with a window built-in to see how much fuel is in the grill and a stupid-simple ash cleaning system, which amounts to pulling a small cup away from a trapdoor on the underside of the grill. Unlike other grills in the price range, Camp Chef pellet grills go on sale fairly regularly, too. The SmokePro covers the pellet smoking bases effectively and is backed by a legitimate company in Camp Chef, which is more than most budget-focused pellet grills can claim. We like it for the price and then some.

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