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There has been a growing demand for outdoor cooking in recent years, which means that the need for barbecues has also grown. Napoleon Grills are one of the most popular brands in the market today.

Napoleon introduced its line of grill products in 1995 and has since become one of the most renowned companies for outdoor grills.

Their range of barbecues is varied, with different sizes and features that make them the perfect choice for different types of needs.

Summarizing the whole discussion, Napoleon, like other concerns, has started to adopt a hybrid approach to manufacturing. Management might think of the possible opening of its production houses in other countries, but that is the companys sole discretion.

Currently, the company serves the European and American markets with quality and affordable grills.

In the end, I hope this article was helpful to you in determining where are Napoleon Grills made? Tell us about your experience regarding Americas favorite grill.

Constructed For The True Outdoor Griller

Lion understands the need for an all-weather grill that can stand up to the elements and this Lion Premium Grill solves this problem. They have built this grill with a 304 stainless steel grade frame and housing to withstand all weather conditions so you can have a built in grill on the patio, poolside, or wherever you desire to grill!

Standing Behind Their Product

The last thing you want to encounter when dealing with a broken grill is a poor customer service experience from the company and no warranty.

Lion stands behind their products 100% and builds their grills to last. The burners, cooking grids, and stainless-steel housing on the lion l75623 grill are all covered under a lifetime warranty.

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Lion Premium Grills Reviews By Consumer Reports 2022

For grillers looking to purchase or upgrade their built-in machine, the sheer number of units present at the moment make the decision process overwhelming and a daunting one.

Not all products live up to their hype. Some brands just offer a low-quality grilling machine with great promises that only end up in the trash.

Luckily, the Lion Premium is one of the reputable brands in this space known for offering reliable and high-quality grills to host exclusive birthday parties, family reunions, get together, etc.

In this post, well review the best Lion Premium grills offering outstanding versatility, functionality, and simplicity.

Construction & Ease Of Assembly

Lion Premium Grills L75623 Review

The Lion Grills L75623 32 Natural Gas Grill is built largely from quality stainless steel and other materials. The stainless steel grill grates look visually appealing when its fresh and new out of the box. However, they are very sticky. As time goes on they lose their gleam. Cast iron grill grates with a porcelain coating would have been nice, even if they wouldnt 100% match the visuals of the brand.

One minor flaw to note is that during long, high heat grilling sessions the knobs and the metal on the face of the grill can start to get a little hot. This doesnt happen as much with shorter sessions. If you are just grilling up a steak, you might never notice it. If you are using the natural gas burners to augment the rear mounted rotisserie, the knobs can soak up a lot of heat.

Assembly itself isnt all that complicated. With an outdoor drop-in grill like this, its the installation that can be tricky. Lion Grills claims that its exactly 32-inches with an overall thorn remover length of 2-inches as well as an overall handle length of 4.5-inches. The drop in size of the lower firebox is tight, and it might be fairer to say that its 32.25-inches. If you are looking for a grill to drop straight into an existing spot, you might have to make some minor adjustments. If you are building a brand new outdoor grilling station, you might want to wait until the grill is delivered to finish the drop-in frame.

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Using The Lion L75623 Grill

This grill is built to be dropped into an enclosure with the dimensions of 31 x 21 1/2 x 10. You will also want to ensure that the enclosure and the space above the grill are made from non-combustible materials. Lastly, always make sure there is proper ventilation where the grill is installed to prevent a hazard.

Why We Like It Lion Premium Grills 40 Natural Gas Grill

Lion Premium Grills 40 Natural Gas Grills are about as premium as premium can get. Exceptionally powerful and easily controllable burners make searing your meat to perfection easy, and the vast amount of cooking space allows you to cook for a backyard full of people.

  • Cooking Grates Arent Porcelain-Coated
  • Lots of Additional Accessories for A lot of Money

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Lion 90000 40 Inch Stainless Steel Built

In many respects, the Lion 90000 40 Inch Built-In is quite similar to the 32 inch model, with the obvious main difference that this grill has more cooking surface area. Specifically, the main grilling area for this grill is 802 square inches and the elevated rack has 228 square inches for a grand total of 1,030 square inches of cooking surface area.

An extra main burner can be found under the main grate for a total of 5 burners plus the rear infrared burner. Power wise each burner produces 15,000 BTUs for a total of 75,000 BTUs of heating power on the main grate.

The extra space is probably not a necessity for most kitchens, but its hard to overstate how nice it is to have the extra space. This grill can fit over 30 burgers on it at once, so its great for feeding decent sized crowds. Even if you dont foresee yourself cooking for that many people, the extra grate area gives you a ton of flexibility in your cook specifically you can quite easily create multiple heat zones with a grill this big.

Otherwise, this grill comes with all of the same design features as its 32 inch counterpart, including the quality stainless steel build and included accessory bundle.

The Useable Cooking Surface Is Not Exactly 32 Inches:

Lion Premium Grills on HGTV’s Spontaneous Construction

Although the specifications everywhere describe the L75623 as a 32-inch grill, the usable cooking surface is a little above 30 inches.

Its best to measure your cutout size and then decide whether this model suits you. The recommended cutout size for Lion 32 gas grill is 31 inches.

The installation instructions are available online. Do give it a go before making your purchase.

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What Are Lion Grills

Lion grills are made up of 304 stainless steel and have a double-lined hood for enhanced durability. The lion grills can withstand higher temperatures without losing sweat and maintain temperature three times better than other kinds of barbecue grills. This opens a lot of doors for barbecue grillers and offers them much more opportunities to make their barbecue dishes much tastier.

Lion grills are considered to be premium-type grills. However, mastering to cook on a lion grill is much easier and more straightforward than learning to cook on other premium-grade lion grills. However, if you are going to buy a lion grill, make sure you have read the lion grills review to know whether it is in the premium tier or not.

Lion grills are mostly powered with gas. This offers uniform cooking and evenly weighted heat across the whole panel. However, cooking with a gas-powered grill doesnt give the chance to cook charcoal-flavored barbecue foods. But its not certainly the case with Lion grills. Lion grills can be used as a gas-powered barbecue or can also be used with charcoal or fruitwood as fuel. But what distinguishes Lion grills from other traditional barbecue grills is that they can be gas-powered and used with charcoal at the same time.

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What Do People Say About It

We snooped around the internet and pooled common user reviews and feedbacks about the Lion Premium Grills L75623.

And theres no doubt about it, based on a lot of the reviews this is a good quality grill. People are pleased about how easy it is to maintain and it is indeed as durable as advertised. And it cooks all sorts of food really well.

Contrary to most grills with stainless steel knobs or handles this one is relatively cool, and even when it is firing at all cylinders, burning your hands is not common. Everything dumps directly into a pull-out tray so that has made things really simple.

It is also very easy to install and dismantle, and the accessories also come in handy. The customer support team for the brand though can improve on a few things as weve seen a few complaints about them, but other than that people are satisfied with this product.

There Is A Good Warranty Coverage In Place:

Lion Premium Grills Review!  Lion BBQ Direct

The deal with the warranty tends to get a bit confusing. So, heres how Lion Gas Grills warranty looks like, straight from the manual:

  • Cast Stainless Burner: Lifetime
  • Stainless Steel Frame, Housing: Lifetime
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids: Lifetime
  • Stainless Steel Flame Tamer: 3 Years
  • Gas Valves and all other parts and components: 1 Year

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Top 4 Lion Premium Grills 40

Your best bet is this 40-inch propane grill with a single-side burner if you want more cooking functionality. Its an excellent choice for grilling looking to cough up on a premium grilling machine.

This beast checks all the boxes and leaves its customers impressed with its cooking performance. It is equipped with 5 full-fledged burners that deliver a whopping 90,000 BTUs.

This unit has a primary 802 sq inches grilling area and 228 sq inches of secondary cooking area. Hence, you get a total grilling area of 1030 sq inches plenty enough to cook a feast for birthday parties and big family reunions.

More importantly, this premium grill is engineered with 304 commercial grade stainless steel like the other models on this list. Each burner comes with push-to-turn knobs for easy and total control over the cooking process. Besides, they are backed by a lifetime warranty, which shows the manufacturers high level of confidence in this model.

Furthermore, it rocks the dual-layered hood similar to the L75000 and has a sturdy temperature gauge for an authentic cooking experience. In addition, it has a full-size bottom drip tray to collect the ashes for a convenient cleaning experience.

Above all, this unit comes with a gourmet package including a 17-inch Spatula, 16-inch BBQ fork, Cork Screw, Basting Brush, and Rosewood Handle. Plus, its easy to light up, use, and clean.


  • Comes with a side burner
  • 5 stainless steel burners with a lifetime warranty


  • On the heavier side

Lion Premium Grills 40

Lions L90000 propane gas grill is built for form and function! This 40-inch premium BBQ grill features a user-friendly push start to fire up its five cast stainless steel burners and built-in infrared rotisserie. With 75,000 BTUs of cooking power lit by two internal lights, you can easily run your grill from morning and night. Monitor your feast with an XL commercial-grade temperature gauge built into the 304-grade stainless steel grill as its steady flames cook your meal with consistency. If its durability youre looking for, this Lion grill delivers. Seamless welds on its double-layer stainless steel grill head add a polished look to any outdoor kitchen with longevity to match. These Lion grills are made to last while delivering a perfect flame every time. Plus, theyre the complete package! Your Lion L9000 grill includes a rotisserie backburner, attachable smoker box, griddle, and griddle remover.

  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Exterior Stainless Grade: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
  • Main Burner Material: 304 Cast Stainless Steel
  • Flame Tamer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Grate Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Grid Dimensions: 37 1/2″ x 19 1/4″
  • Main Grilling Area: 802 Sq. Inches
  • Secondary Area: 228 Sq. Inches
  • Total Area: 1030 Sq. Inches
  • Rotisserie BTUs: 15,000

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Top 1 Lion L75000 Built

Equipped with four cast iron burners offering a massive cooking power of 75,000 BTU, this gas grill can handle anything thrown at it. The LION L75000 features a 304 16-gauge heavy-duty stainless steel for long-lasting performance and durability.

The 180-pound premium grill has a wide 830 sq inches of cooking space coupled with premium sturdy stainless steel cooking grates to let you grill and cook various foods. Aside from its established durability, this grill is flexible and practical.

Whats more? It comes with 5 QuickLite valves to guarantee even heat distribution without worrying about heat loss or hot spots. This way, you can bet on grilling your food to perfection.

Another impressive feature of this model is its adjustable warming rack and infrared rotisserie back burner. More so, it features two interior lights to illuminate your cooking space and ensure an easy cooking experience.

Even better, LION L75000 Built-in Premium BBQ Liquid Propane Grill features a simple ash management system, including a large bottom drip tray to catch the ashes for a mess-free grilling experience. In addition, it comes with a griddle remover, canvas cover, and stainless steel smoker box.


  • The ignition system could be better

Production Plants Of Napoleon In The United States:

Lion Grill Review: Texas Style Cuisine

The USA houses one of Napoleons manufacturing facilities in Kentucky. The production plant was opened in Crittenden, Kentucky, to cater to the needs of the American market.

The plant was opened in 1999 with only 23 employees and had a total space of 39,000 square feet.

This facility was expanded to over 180,000 square feet and employed 82 employees over the next twenty years.

Recently in July 2019, the company announced to further invest more than US$5.9 million in their Crittenden manufacturing house.

This investment has now opened new gateways for Napoleon USA operations as it has strengthened its position in the USA.

Over the years, Napoleon has diversified its operations and products, adding new products such as the heating and cooling ones into their existing range. The Kentucky facility continues to produce Napoleon grills for the American market.

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What Are The Best Lion Grills

The best Lion grills depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular models include the Lion L75000 propane gas grill, the Lion L2000 natural gas grill, and the Lion CUB master series charcoal grill. Regardless of which model you choose, you can be confident that you’re getting a high-quality product that will provide years of grilling enjoyment.

Lion Gas Grills Vs The Competition

Our customer service reps are real people offering great service, backed by 8 weeks of hands-on training with all of our products.

Founded in Baton Rouge in 1998, BBQGuys is proud to call South Louisiana home .

If you can dream it, we can design it. Our outdoor kitchen design experts have helped thousands of customers transform their backyards at no extra cost.

Great innovations build great products. Our R& D department develops high-quality, fairly priced grilling equipment.

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We strive for the perfect balance of workplace and community to create a fun, enjoyable environment for all of our employees.

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Lion Stainless Steel Bar Center

Its hard to overstate just how much easier prep and cooking become when you have the right equipment. The Lion Built-in Bar Center adds a ton of value to any outdoor kitchen design by adding a functional space to clean and contain the inevitable mess which comes while cooking.

This bar center set up comes with a sink which has a 1/2 inch drain which is plenty big for many tasks but you probably shouldnt be stuffing huge solids down it. There are a couple of catch areas on the front panel which can hold anything from tools to trash to freshly popped bottle tops opened on the built-in bottle opener.

Next to the sink is a cooler which can be filled with ice for drinks or also used to store food in the sort term. Food storage containers sit next to the cooler which can be utilized for serving toppings, sides, or as a salad bar.

Lion 90000 40 Inch Freestanding Grill

Lion Premium Grills Review!  Lion BBQ Direct

Simply put, the Lion 90000 40 Inch freestanding grill is an absolute unit. Like the other grills on this list, it delivers professional quality grilling results and has plenty of cooking surface area to get the job done on just about any cook you have ambitions for.

The main grate is heated by 5 stainless steel burners which deliver 75,000 BTUs of heating power. Similar to its built-in counterpart, this grill has a total of 1,030 square inches of cooking surface area across the main cooking grate and an elevated rack. It also has a rear infrared burner, built-in lighting, and comes with the accessory bundle.

The cabinet is split with an access door to cabin space on one side and two drawers on the other side. The drawer/cabinet space combination comes in really handy and makes for an excellent system of organizing your grilling tools.

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