How To Clean Gas Bbq Grill

How Often Should You Clean A Gas Grill

How to Clean a Gas Grill | The Home Depot

I recommend giving your grill a quick clean every time you use it.

Scraping down your grates and wiping down the control face, end tables, and hood after every use only takes minutes, but the payoff is significant.

Quick cleans keep your grill healthy and reduce the effort youll put in during your annual deep cleaning.

Deep cleanings are a bit more rigorous, so I tackle this job twice annually. At the very least, I recommend that you do a thorough cleaning once a year, before the start of a heavy-use grill season.

Other Grill Brush Alternatives

Sometimes, the issue with your grill brush has less to do with the grills metal and more to do with whether you have a brush at all. If you find yourself short a grill brush after cooking, one alternative to use is aluminum foil. Like most grill masters, you likely have a few sheets of foil handy, especially if you just grilled up some tasty veggies.

Wad the aluminum up into a ball and use a pair of tongs to gently scrub it over the grates. An alternative to this method employs the aid of onion instead, though in a similar fashion. Simply cut the onion in half, stick it on the end of a grill fork or pair of tongs, and scrub away!

Protect Your Barbecue From The Elements

Rust usually starts because the metal surfaces of a BBQ get damaged and then damp. So the the ideal place to store your BBQ is in a shed or garage, away from rain, frost and freezing temperatures.

Otherwise it’s wise to invest in a BBQ cover, which will cost from £15 to £60. Look for a cover that fits well and is easy to put on and take off. Covers have a habit of blowing off in strong winds, so look for one that has strong ties to attach it to the frame or use a rope to tie it on.

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Burn Away Food Scraps

The first step in cleaning your grill gratesis to burn off any food scraps left from cooking by heating it on high for5-10 minutes. Once youve done this, turn off the grill and allow it to cool.Iron grill grates and other heavy-duty grates can hold onto heat for a while,so make sure your grill is completely cool before proceeding.

How To Clean The Outside Of A Gas Grill

How To Clean a Gas Grill, Start to Finish

Do you love to grill? Is it hard to imagine a world without grilling? If so, you might want to take a little time to give it a quick clean. Especially if youre grilling every day, youd be surprised at how greasy and dirty the outside of a gas grill can get.

Heres our quick and easy strategy to keep the outside of your gas grill clean and fresh.

If you want to deep clean your grill inside and out, check out the video below.

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Cover Your Gas Grill Between Use

Be sure to cover your grill in between uses with a cover as this will help to keep it clean and presentable, as well as prolonging its life.

A cover stops dust collecting, insects and even animals getting inside, and just generally protects it from the elements.

A good grill cover might seem like an unnecessary expense, but they more than pay for themselves by lengthening the time between grill replacements.

Clean The Grills Exterior

Grills that are left uncovered year-round will develop rust spots.

Stainless steel grills: Use a mild abrasive to clean stainless steel grills. This homemade soft scrub cleaner works and so does Bar Keepers Friend. Stainless steel does not rust, so any such spots you see are probably particles of some other substance and will disappear with gentle scrubbing.

Enameled or painted grills: Use plain, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush to wash your grills exterior, then rinse it well. Lightly sand and prime rust spots, then paint them using a matching paint designed to withstand high heat.

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How To Clean Grill Grates

You dont have to clean every part of yourgrill every time, but you should always clean the grate. Food, grease and watercan build up on it quickly, causing corrosion in some cases. Steel grates canbe particularly vulnerable to damage as their coating wears off, but evenceramic-coated high-quality cast iron grill grates can be damaged byimproper handling, causing the coating to chip, and making the whole gratesusceptible to rust. Frequent cleaning will help ensure that it has a longlife, and keep your food tasting great, every time.

Before you clean your grill, its a good ideato check the manufacturers recommendation for which brush to use. Stainlesssteel and uncoated cast iron grates generally wont be damaged by a wire brush,but any grill grate that is porcelain coated may be vulnerable. If youre unsurewhether your grill might be damaged, use a nylon grill brush rather than asteel one. It may take a bit more elbow grease, but youll still be able to getyour grill sparkling clean.

Not quite sure how to clean your grill grates?Heres the basic process to get you started:

How Often Do I Clean The Outside Of My Grill

How to Clean Your Gas Grill

If you use your grill daily, clean the outside every one to two weeks. If you use the grill three to four times a week, clean it every two to four weeks. If you dont grill often, clean it every couple of months. Maybe once when you pull it out in the spring and right before you put it away for the fall. If the outside starts to look grimy and greasy, its time to clean your grill.

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How To Care For Your Barbecue

Keeping your BBQ clean won’t only help to prevent nasty stomach upsets, it can also keep it in a good working condition for longer.

Many gas BBQs have to be replaced because the gas burners or metal body succumb to rust.

Follow our tips to keep your BBQ running smoothly, or find out which ones have excelled in our tests with our guide to the.

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Clean A Bbq Grill With Baking Soda

Baking soda/bicarbonate of soda is a wonder ingredient for dissolving all kinds of organic substances, and is brilliant at tackling grease and stuck-on food. Sprinkle liberally all over a damp barbecue grate and let sit for 10 minutes. Then activate the soda with warm water and a scourer sponge. Rinse and you should be ready to go.

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How To Clean A Bbq

Grilling is fun and its one of the best ways to spend the day, but when all the fun is over, youre left with a grimy barbeque. Read on to know how to clean a BBQ.

If there is one thing that Australians love, it’s barbequing. Friends and family come together on the balcony, garden or in the park to make fun and belly-filling memories. But there is a downside, cleaning the grease and grime from the grill. Grilling on a dirty barbeque isnt just nasty, its a health hazard. The number one cause of flare-ups when cooking with a dirty BBQ is the built-up grease and food particles. Also, a grimy cooking surface gives your food an unpleasant flavour that can ruin your grilling experience. No worries though, weve created a list of simple tips on how to clean a BBQ.

Cleaning a BBQ is a straightforward process follow these steps:

  • Open up the grill and remove all the parts. If you have a gas grill, make sure that you disconnect the gas before opening it up.
  • Clean the trays
  • Clear the burner tubes
  • Clean the interior before putting back the racks
  • Apply oil to the grill plates to keep them in good condition
  • Put fat absorber to the drip tray to collect fat and prevent fat fires.
  • Clean the outside of the barbeque
  • Now that we have the steps to follow check out these hacks to keep your grill sparkling clean.

    The Importance Of Cleaning Your Grill Regularly

    How To Clean a Gas Grill, Start to Finish

    Why is gas grill cleaning so important?

    Frequent grill maintenance can more than double the lifespan of your grill.

    I frequently read grill reviews written by frustrated consumers who complain that their burners, tubes, and cast iron grates rusted out after only a season or two.

    While it is true that some gas and charcoal grills are better manufactured than others, the simple fact is that even the most inexpensive grills will last for years if they are cared for properly.

    So protect your investment, save your burners and grates, continue producing those Instagram-worthy sear marks, and get rid of those ugly carbon deposits!

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    Tips For A Long Lasting Barbeque Grill

    Maintenance is a continuous thing and a little cleaning can make a world of difference in your grills upkeep. There are somethings you can do after each use, so that cleaning doesnt get overwhelming.

    • Oiling the surface of the grill before each use with a paper towel dipped in vegetable oil makes sure that your grates are clean and food does not stick to them that easily.
    • Grill grates are easiest to clean while they are still hot. You can clean the grates after each use by running a bristled wire brush along the length of the grates this helps dislodge any food particles that are likely to get stuck to the grates after drying.
    • Make it a point to check your gas line for leaks at the start of a new grilling season, and more regularly in months when your usage is high.
    • You can check for gas leaks by applying soapy water along the length of the gas line using a rag or brush. Concentrate more around connections and valves. Look for a bubbles this indicates leaking gas. Typically you can smell leaking propane or natural gas so that is usually your first indicator.
    • Between every 3-4 uses, heat up the grill without any food in it. Allowing the heat to build inside the grill for 10-15 minutes effectively burns off any drippings and helps prevent grime build-up.
    • Grills are not something you buy every day. Make sure you cover your grill between uses, so that it is protected from external elements.

    Clean All Parts Once Each Year

    At the beginning and end of each grilling season, or at least once a year if you grill year-round, give your charcoal grill a thorough cleaning with hot soapy water and a stiff nylon brush or fiber scrub pad.

    For complete cleaning, perform this work systematically, beginning with the surfaces up under the hood and moving down to the side walls and bottom of the cooking chamber. Make sure to thoroughly clean the drip pan.

    Conclude by wiping down the outside of the grill from top to bottom, using warm water. Wipe dry to prevent rust.

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    How To Clean A Bbq With Steam

    Cleaning a BBQ with a household steam cleaner is easy and takes less time than removing the grills and scrubbing them by hand.

    Clear the steam from the steam cleaner by pushing the steam button down.

    Attach the grill brush to the steam nozzle. If your steam cleaner doesnt have a steam brush addon, you can use the grill brush in one hand and hold the steam cleaner with the other.

    Fill a measuring cup with 160ml of water and pour it into the water hole of the steam cleaner.

    Clear the charcoal and food remnants from the grill. If its a gas BBQ, disconnect it from the gas tank.

    Connect the steam cleaner to an electrical outlet. Once the steamer is ready, work on the grills, the walls, burners, and the top cover.

    Steam and scrub the grills to loosen the debris.

    Unplug the steamer after cleaning all areas of the grill.

    Use Glass And Stainless Cleaner To Polish Such Surfaces

    How To Clean Your Gas Grill | Weber Grills

    If your grill has any glass windows or stainless steel surfaces, spray with glass or stainless steel cleaner, wipe them with a sponge and wash away with the hose again.

    Be sure not to use standard detergents as they can make your grill look dull, or even worse, cause damage.

    Youve gone through this whole process to make your grill look fantastic, so be sure to treat your grill with specific cleaners that are right for the job if they do have glass or stainless steel components.

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    How To Clean Gas Grill Burners Effectively

    Scrape off food residue that has been baked on for several days with a putty knife. Use fine steel wool to remove rust or burnt pieces of food. Never use scouring pads when cleaning your grates they will scratch the surface and make it hard to achieve a smooth finish. Using soap and water, scrub down the grates with a fine-bristled brush to remove any caked-on residue or burnt-on bits of food. Make sure the grates are completely dry before storing them.

    How To Clean A Bbq With Coffee

    Having some coffee in the morning is the best way to start your day off right but did you know that you can use this beverage to clean your BBQ?

    Coffee is good on your grill grates the acidic nature of coffee loosens the grease on mildly dirty grills.

    Cleaning a BBQ with coffee is easy, brew some coffee and pour it in a basin. Soak the grill grates, grilling utensils and oven burners in the coffee and let them sit for one hour.

    Scrub and rinse with warm water and your grill grates should be sparkling.

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    Cover Your Outdoor Grill

    It may seem obvious, but covering your grill is a must if you’re keeping it outdoors. Without a cover, all the dust, dirt, pollen, cobwebs, and insect mess that covers your deck or patio during the off-season will equally cover your grill. Also, grills stay dryer under a cover, which helps reduce corrosion of the metal parts.

    How To Clean Bbq Burners

    How to Clean a Barbecue Grill


    Turn the gas supply off and disconnect the gas tank. Remove all the BBQ parts blocking the access to the burners grill, grates, any trays or containers. Remove the burners.


    For the actual cleaning:

    Brush off any dirt and food debris from the burner tube using a stainless brush or scrub. For clogged ports, you can use drill bit, toothpick or cleaning rod. For infrared ceramic burners, turn the heat on maximum to burn away all residues.


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    Prep The Grill For Cleaning

    The first step to take in the cleaning process is to shut off the gas line between the propane tank in the grill. Leaving the gas supply running while cleaning exposes you and those around you to harmful chemicals.

    Not only does it pose a threat in terms of fire safety, but it also creates health complications, so make this step priority number one. Begin by locating the valve on the propane.

    Turn the knob or lever, depending on the type of grill you own, clockwise to ensure it is off. If youve recently used the device, let it cool down a little before cleaning, though not too much. A bit of heat helps break down food particles and makes it even easier to clean.

    How To Clean A Gas Grill With Minimal Effort

    You bought your new gas grill a while ago and its getting pretty gross. Theres baked-on food everywhere and grease burnt on the grill. Its not coming off anytime soon, and youve tried everything.

    Even worse, every time you cook, the baked-on food catches fire in the bottom of the grill pan. Not to mention that it smells of old food.

    Luckily, you can clean a gas grill with minimal effort with the right strategy. Heres how.

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    How To Clean A Bbq Grill Exterior

    OK, youve got your products and tools covered, so its time to get into the techniques. Im going to go over exactly how to clean a BBQ and the techniques youll be using to do so. Before you know it youll be watching your in-laws argue over if that burger is cooked. Grilling can get messy. Whether youre cooking up steaks or beyond burgers, oil and fat sizzle and splatter all over the BBQ, so were going to start by degreasing. Always work top to bottom so you dont have to reclean anything. And before you get to work, make sure to disconnect any gas hookups.

    Add about a tablespoon of degreaser to your sponge and apply it anywhere you see or feel grease. Pay extra attention to knobs, handles, and side panels. Use more degreaser where necessary. Let the degreaser sit and work its magic for five to 10 minutes. And yes, I do have a DIY degreaser recipe Im so glad you asked.

    While you wait for your degreaser to work its magic, we can take care of a few more exterior cleaning tasks. Fill your bucket halfway with warm water and mix in 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Soak a rag in the soapy water and clean the propane tank area. It doesnt need to be spotless but removing cobwebs and dust buildup is essential to barbecue maintenance. While youre down there, check your propane tank and hoses as per your barbecues safety instructions.

    Rub Down Inside The Lid And Sides

    How to Clean Gas Grill Burners

    Scrub the inside lid and sides down gently with a scourer and warm soapy water.

    Make sure that you start with the lid and work your way down the sides, with the bottom of the grill being the last bit to clean later, otherwise youll end up cleaning it twice.

    Dont aim for factory new looking here, it is not going to happen. Just make sure any build up is largely removed so it cannot flake onto your food during regular use.

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