Where To Find Model Number On Char Broil Grill

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Char-Broil Charcoal Grill – Box Style – Lowe’s Exclusive

Since 1948 Char-Broil has been Americaâs favorite grill brand. Yet somehow, it feels like Char-Broil is still only getting started. Perhaps itâs because we know that making our products better also makes your cookouts better. And as long as thatâs true, itâs all the motivation we need to continue innovating and improving what we make.

Hello Fellow Grill Fanatics And Welcome To The First Warm Breath Of Air In 2015 Was This Weekend Not Beautiful

I cannot wait to get our grill back into working order for the Spring and Summer seasons! Did you know that right now is the best time to pull out your grill and check it for working parts?

Keep the grill you love in your backyard and out of the landfill this year by replacing the old parts instead of the whole grill! You will save money and, in many cases, end up with a grill that works better than ever!

What Is The Difference Between Char

The BTU output for the Performance unit is 36,000 on the main surface. The side burner offers an additional 10,000 BTUs. … By contrast, the 4-Burner Commercial model offers a total BTU output of 45,000. The main grilling surface is equipped with four burners, each with a BTU output of 8,000 apiece.

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Find Your Make Model & Serial Number


The information on the gas grill tag is important for many services offered at this site

This article will help you find your:

  • Make
  • Model number
  • Serial number

Your gas grill should have some sort of aluminum tag. The location of this tag is generally on the body of the frame at ground level, it should be approximately at ankle height. However, if it is a built in grill the tag will most likely be on the post of your grill.

Example of an aluminum grill tag

Tag Placement for Charbroil and Thermos models.

Model: Big Easy

Tag can be found on the back of the front panel.

Model: Front Avenue, Commercial Series Grills

Tag can be found at the back above vents.

Model: Grill2Go

Tag can be found on the gray plinth, where the regulator goes into the burner assembly.

Model: Professional Series

Tag can be found at the back above vents

Model: Quickset

Tag can be located at back of support brace.

Model: Quickset Traditional 7000/ 8000/ 9000 Series

Tag located on back of the bottom shelf in between the wheel and the leg extender.

Model: Quickset Widebody 7000/ 8000/ 9000 Series

Tag located on back of the bottom shelf in between the wheel and the leg extender.

How Can I Replace The Grease Tray / Drip Pan

Professional TRU

To see if we have a grease tray / drip pan for your gas grill, visit GrillPartsSearch.com, 1. Enter in the brand and model of your grill. 2. Press GO.

We now have a number of styles available. This is because you called us and let us know what you needed! Our response was to inform our suppliers and get the parts made.

We sell a variety of drip trays for Dyna-Glo, Members Mark, Vermont Castings and more!

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What’s The Difference Between Grilled And Charbroiled

Charbroilers. … Charbroilers are larger than grills and can cook more substantial quantities of food at one time. They operate by using a gas flame to heat a heating element that radiates to a grill grate. Their design provides quick and consistent heat, allowing the temperature to be more easily controlled than grills.

**if You Dont Know Which Gas Grill Rail Burner You Need As A Replacement You Can Measure It Now That Your Old Burner Is Removed You Can Measure The Entire Length And Width Of It**

  • With your brand new burner in hand, slide the venturi, or tube-looking, end back over the valve at the front side of your grill.**Make sure to guide the tube over the valve of your grill. You may have to kneel down again to make sure it fits over properly. This is how the gas gets into your burner.
  • Rest the back end of the burner on the bracket and put the nub into place.**There should be a little hole on the bracket where it fits in.
  • Place the new hitch pin into the nub under the bracket to hold the burner securely in place.

Thats all there is to it, folks!! Again, this tutorial will work for any rail-style burner, but for those of you who want specifics here they are, all linked up if you need parts:

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Commercial Infrared Charbroil Grill Parts

A staple in many backyards and summertime parties is the charbroil barbecue. Infrared grills are a great idea if you don’t have time to wait for the charcoal to cool, but once they start showing wear and tear, it may be time for some of those tried and true parts to be replaced. There are plenty of affordable replacement parts on eBay.

How do you know charbroil grill parts need to be replaced?

There are various reasons why charbroil parts may need to be repaired, and they are fairly easy to see. If there is a lot of rust or cracks in the heat source, the heat source should be repaired or replaced for better cooking and safety. If there is too much grease on the burners or igniters or they appear corroded, that’s also a sign. Flaking or cracked grill grates or a cracked gas hose or regulator are other signs that you should definitely consider obtaining charbroil replacement parts and having the necessary repairs completed to continue to enjoy the grill safely. Perhaps the most obvious sign, though, is how the grill works. If something seems off during your cookout, it might be time for a new part or two.

Grill safetyHow expensive is it to replace parts on your own?

So What Is A Gas Grill Burner

Find the Model Number on Your Grill

Our customer described it pretty well. Not all burners are tubes, but all gas grill burner have holes where fire comes out to cook your food. There are many different styles of burners. Grill manufacturers often use this part of the grill to differentiate themselves from other grills. Some of the most common styles of burner are H, oval, tube, rail.

Gas grill burners can be made out of stainless steel, steel, cast iron, brass and even have ceramic elements.

If you dont have a model number for your grill , you can use your original burner to find the correct replacement. You will, however, need to take the burner out of your grill to get the best measurement. Youll need to be able to describe what the shape of your burner is and the dimensions of it.

So, just remember, its the thing in your grill where the fire comes out. THATS the gas grill burner.

Happy grilling!!

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Wondering How To Find Your Grill Manual If You Misplaced The Paper Copy

As you pull your beloved grill from its winter storage, you may find yourself with some uncertainties. Did this part always look like this? How do I clean this? When should I replace that? You might try to find your grill manual only to discoveryouve misplaced it. Then again, you might know youve never had one or lost it years ago.

I think cities and states across the country are FINALLY ready to start grilling. Of course, Ive been grilling since January, but you know, Im kinda weird.

Most grills are fairly simple and straight forward. With a little bit of time, patience and maybe a measuring tape you can solve most grill dilemmas. But we live in an age of convenience and there are a few time saving resources to help you out when your manual has gone missing.

A lot of times you can find your grill manual online in a .pdf format. This might be available from your manufacturer directly, or from another third party manual supplier. A quick online search of the brand name and the word manual, or the extension .pdf should bring up the correct site.

However, we now offer a manual printing service. The cost is $14.97 which includes postage. You need to provide your model number and grill manufacturer. We will do all the searching for you. If your manual is available, we will find it!

Then, we print it, bind it and ship it to you. Voila!

And even if your manual is no longer available anywhere, we can also help you troubleshoot some issues with your grill.

Heres Your Checklist For Grill Spring Cleaning:

  • Remove cover and make sure there are no bugs who used it as their cover over the winter! Dont have a cover for your grill? You should definitely get one! Covering your grill will help it cook better for longer!
  • Look on the back of the grill for a model number. This will help immensely as you look for replacement parts on the internet.
  • Take the cooking grids off your grill and inspect them. Your grid could be cast iron, steel bar, or stainless steel and coated in a variety of things. It might be hard to determine any of that if you have rusting or other corrosion. Clean the grids with a Brass Bristled Brush. If you notice a large amount of rusting or any breakage, put them on your list to replace!
  • Under the grids youll see some system that covers the actual flame of the grill burners. This could be metal heat plates, shields, angles, or another grate that holds briquettes. Drippings and the heat of normal grilling will cause these to discolor and corrode. Since your food doesnt go on these directly, you dont need to worry about rust. However, if your heat plates have large holes, are breaking or if your grates dont hold up the briquettes, its time to replace those as well.
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    Hey Yall Grill Girl Here

    Today were going to be finding the model number on a Charbroil 463268606

    You can use these tips to find the model number on most types of grills. And dont worry if you cant find the model number or the number is illegible, we can still help you fix your grill.

    On grills with front doors, the best place to check first is inside the doors. If the model number isnt there, try going around the the back of the grill.

    Youll be looking for a label or sticker that has tiny print. Usually the model number will be listed along with certification information and maybe even a serial number.

    Weve also written post about how different manufacturers format their model numbers so you know what to look for. You can find that post here: Whats a Model Number?

    Thanks for watching!!

    Thanks to RutgerMuller for our beats

    Where Do I Find The Model Number On My Kenmore Grill


    The label is usually located in one of three places: the back of the front panel, the back of the back brace or the inside of the back panel. Look for the model number. On the label, the model number will be a series of numbers and/or letters. Write down the model number exactly as it appears on the label.

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    Gas Grill Rail Burner Replacement

    • The first step to replacing your old grill burners is to remove the cooking grids and heat plates covering your burners. Once you have done that, your grill should look similar to the one in the above photo.
    • Remove the hitch pin from the burner bracket to loosen the burner itself.**The hitch pin connects the burner to the burner bracket to holds it in place. It feeds through a little knot on the underside of the burner. The easiest way to remove it is by using needle nose pliers.
    • Now the burner is free at the back end, but still connected through the steel plates in the front of your grill.**In the case of rail-type burners, the burner is not attached to the valve, it simply fits over the valve. The valve system is right behind your knobs on the front of your grill, so if you want to make sure theres nothing else connected to your burner, you can kneel down and look under the knobs and face plate of your grill. Youll see the burner fit over the valve.
    • Once nothing is holding onto your burner, lift up the back end and pull!!!**Its okay to use a little force. I had to!! This is a gas grill were talking about here, not a china cabinet.

    We Have Nine Different Dyna


    If you need a different part than the ones listed above or are in a jam, heres our best suggestion: You MAY be able to line your original rusty grease tray with one of those aluminum baking pans from a local grocery store. The cost is low and they are easy to find and manipulate into place.

    Good luck, and remember, if you need any burners, heat plate, cooking grids, accessories.contact us!

    PHONE: Were open 9:00 AM 5:00 PM, Mon-Fri EST. Call 272-2451CHAT: On the bottom right window, chat with us online 9:00 AM 5:00 PM, Mon-Fri EST

    Happy Grilling!!!

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    What Is The Bottom Part Of The Grill Called

    The bottom of the grill is called a grease tray / drip pan. It is a separate part in some grills that catches the grease and drippings from the delicious food you cook on your gas grill. If you have a little cup that catches all the grease, that is called a grease cup and count yourself lucky. They are easier to empty, clean and replace than an entire grease tray.

    Example of a Grease Tray / Drip Pan

    After a few years of use, a lot of grill owners find the grease tray / drip pan is rusting and failing to do its job. This results in greasy gas tanks and become a fire hazard. So, what to do? Easy replace it. Right?

    And How To Keep Yours Running

    How to Assemble the Performance Series⢠Gas Grill | Char-Broil®
    Looks yummy right?

    Char-broil is one of the oldest grill companies that is still in business today. The grills they build range from cheap to expensive, basic to fancy. They sell grills in big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. This makes the grills very accessible and popular. However, because of their contracts with these huge retailers, Charbroil has to get a grill available to the public at a very low price point. Stainless steel is very expensive and still going up in price. To combat the high price of stainless, manufacturers will use thinner stainless steel and/or a lower quality of stainless steel. This is why many parts rust out in 1-3 years of use and need replacing.

    What does that mean for all of us? Basically that there are a lot of different models numbers and a lot of different replacement parts available. When you know that you might need Char-Broil burners, cooking grids, heat plates, briquette grates, carry-over tubes, or knobs, it can seem very overwhelming. The good news is that we are dedicated to making your search for replacement Charbroil gas grill parts as easy as throwing a steak on the grill!

    There is a great selection of high quality parts for Charbroil gas grills available on our website, including new stainless steel burners, carry-over tubes, and cooking grids that were added to our line this year!

    Click CHAR-BROIL to get started, or give us a call at 877-244-0737.

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    Why Isnt My Grill Getting As Hot As It Used To Get

    This is one of our most frequently asked questions.

    Once you know youre cooking with gas, if you use propane , the answer is almost always one of the easiest and cheapest things to fix : your gas regulator. Regulators go bad over time, slowly shutting down the amount of gas getting to your grill. Thats why it might not seem like something broke all the sudden, but theres still an issue with the heat in your grill.

    Gas grill liquid propane regulators are a standard part. That means, in almost every case, you can use the regulator we sell for the grill you have.

    When you order this part and it arrives, you can simply unscrew the old regulator from your tank and your grill. Then screw on the new regulator to your grill and your tank.

    See? I told you it was easy to fix.

    Why not just go get a new one at a big box store? Well, not all parts are created equal, and we strive to supply the best quality available. We stock regulators in high quantities, so they should always be ready to ship out as soon as you place your order. If they arent, youll see that listed directly on the website.

    Well save you a trip now by sending this part directly to your front door, and a trip in a year, because our parts outlast the generic ones sold at big box stores.

    The Gas Grill Burner What It It And How To Find A Replacement

    Once I had this conversation with a customer:

    Customer: Hi I need something but I dont know what its called. Its a long tube where the fire come out?Me: Oh, yes! The burner?Customer: Um, hmm, no. Its not the burner. Its this long tube with holes in it and its where the fires comes out to cook the foodWell maybe thats the burner, I dont know.

    Let me assure you all.


    That is the burner.

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