How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Griddle

Hardtop & Griddle Cover Options:

Cleaning a Cast Iron Grill/Griddle

The Royal Gourmet doesnt include a top, so you get to decide what type of cover you want. Plus, you control how much money you spend.

First, you can get a hardtop lid, which fits snugly over the griddle plate itself. By the way, this stainless steel diamond plate lid fits on other 36 griddles as well, like the Blackstone.

These hard covers provide the best protection from weather and moisture, plus they last a really long time. However, they cost significantly more than a soft cover.

Alternatively, you can buy a waterproof polyester grill cover. This fabric version will save you about $50, but the material tends to not last as long.

Soft covers protect the entire grill . Plus, they give your outdoor kitchen a neat, clean look when not in use. In fact, some people buy both the lid and cover to keep their gear looking better for longer.

Note: You cannot convert the Royal Gourmet to natural gas. This model runs on propane only.

However, you can get a natural gas conversion kit for the Blackstone Griddle, which has the same 36 size and 4-burner design.

How To Season A Blackstone Griddle

One of the best things you can do to your grill before you even use it is season it. Dont be thrown by the terminology here: this isnt a process of adding salt to its surface. Instead, its where we apply a thin layer of oil to the surface of the griddle. We then heat the oil and allow it to set.

What this does is create a thin layer shield over its surface, helping to prevent food sticking to it, and protect it against the threat of rust or wear.

Simply fill a bucket with warm soapy water, and use a dishcloth or rag to wash down the surface of the grill. This will help to remove any residue or dirt from it being in storage.

Leave the griddle out to dry for about an hour.

Now its time to start seasoning it. Apply a thin layer of oil across the surface of the grill, and use a cloth to spread it as evenly as possible. Cover every inch of the griddle, working into every area you can.

Turn the heat up on the griddle, onto medium-high heat. Allow it to heat and for the oil to smoke.

Once it starts to smoke, turn the heat off and allow it to cool. Wash down once again with warm soapy water. Allow to dry completely.

Your griddle is now ready to use.

Ways To Maintenance A Cast Iron Grill Pan

  • Dishwasher Unfortunately, a cast iron grill pan is not dishwasher friendly cookware. While some non-stick pans only stay without protective seasoning after such a cleaning, a grill skillet will probably rust after a few cycles.
  • High heat Luckily, cast iron grill pans can take high temperatures so that you can prepare your food even on the open flame.
  • Metal utensils If your pan has a non-stick coating, you should avoid metal utensils while cooking to prevent scratching the surface. On the other hand, plastic wont damage your skillet.
  • Steel scrubbers Never wash your pan with steel wool to prevent any damages to the surface. Wash it with nylon scrubbers instead.
  • Lid Never store your skillet with a lid on to prevent trapping moisture from the air inside. The result will probably be the appearance of rust on your cookware.
  • Water Never leave water in your cast iron grill pan after cooking. Unlike other cookware, which you can wash after soaking, this skillet will probably rust instead of becoming clean.
  • Acidic food It is highly recommended to avoid preparing acidic goods in a cast iron grill pan, especially before seasoning. You can wait for a while a seasoning builds up. So when you get a new cast iron pan, you should season it first. After that, even tomatoes cant ruin the protective coat.

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How To Repair Rust On Cast Iron Cookware

Repairing rusted cast iron entails about 20 to 30 minutes of real work. Some cast iron fans use Yellow Cap Oven Cleaner and a trash bag to fully strip seasoning, while others opt for electrolysis. I skipped both, as my pan wasn’t in dire need of a full strip. If you choose to use oven cleaner, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. And as for electrolysis…well, you’re combining water and electricity. Make sure you know what you’re doing.

In my novice approach, the majority of the rust removal and re-seasoning involves soaking and seasoning, with a little bit of scrubbing in between.

  • Fully submerge the cast iron in a 50/50 vinegar solution
  • Allow the pan to soak for about an hour
  • Scrub the pan with steel wool, and use baking soda for extra scrubbing power
  • Rinse the pan and soak again, if needed
  • Dry the pan with a dish towel and either heat in oven or on stove top to evaporate all remaining water
  • Allow pan to cool, then coat with a thin layer of cooking oil
  • Place pan in oven at 450 degrees for an hour
  • Allow pan to cool completely in oven, possibly overnight
  • Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9, if necessary
  • To remove rust, soak the cast iron cookware in a 50/50 vinegar solution.

    Place the cast iron in a 50/50 vinegar solution

    Find a container big enough to fully submerge your pan in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Vinegar will dissolve rust, but you don’t want it to eat away too much of the pan, so it’s better to use a diluted solution.

    Soak the pan for about an hour

    Applying Salt Without Water

    How To Clean Cast Iron Griddle

    If you want to keep your cast iron away from water, then this process is for you. It works like the same method above and makes it effective for combating stuck-on food.

  • Sprinkle the coarse kosher salt on the surface of the pan
  • Take a folded paper towel to rub the kosher salt into the stuck food on the surface of the cast iron griddle
  • Add more salt if needed and continuously scrub the salt with a paper towel
  • Use one more towel to remove all the salt and food particles. Dump all residue and salt into the trash
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    Maintaining Your Cast Iron Grill Pan

    If youve been dealing with rust and other issues with your cast iron cookware, these tips will help avoid them in the future.

    • Avoid using soap or detergent as much as possible when cleaning your grill pan.
    • Avoid using metal utensils and stick to wooden or silicone spatulas and spoons.
    • Store your cast iron grill pan in a clean, cool, and dry place.
    • Dont store any food in your pan, especially when cooking things like sauces that have tomatoes, vinegar, lemon juice, or other acidic ingredients.
    • Always keep your cast iron pan coated with a light layer of neutral oil.
    • Clean your cast iron pan immediately after each use, and do not leave it to soak overnight, as this encourages rusting.
    • Never use a steel wool scrubber to clean your pan after cooking-instead use a gentle scrubber or dish sponge to dislodge bits of food.

    How To Season A New Cast Iron Skillet

    As tempting as it may be to just throw food straight in the skillet and get to cooking, cast iron skillets require some care before you can get started. Seasoning your cookware creates a clean surface to evenly cook veggies, meats, and desserts. Follow this step-by-step unless you opt for pre-seasoned cookware, of course.

  • Wash your new cookware with hot, soapy water . Dry it thoroughly.
  • Using a cloth soaked in vegetable oil, rub the entire surface of the pan, including the exterior.
  • Heat upside down in a 350ºF oven for one hour. Turn off the oven and let the cast iron cool down completely in the oven.
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    What About Rust On Cast Iron

    Aside from burning meals by using the wrong temperature, novice cooks are intimidated by maintaining cast iron. It’s far easier than it seems, but if it starts to rust, as it did in this case, most people wouldn’t be bothered to repair the damage. It’s just $30 for a new pan or grill, after all.

    But my dad was a TV repairman in the 1970s, and I come from a long line of poor hillbillies who fix things. To me, rusted cast iron screams “WEEKEND PROJECT.” I did something similar about three years ago, when I also found a Lodge 9-inch cast iron skillet on the curb. People really just don’t take care of the things they buy, and find it’s easier to just buy new things instead of fixing broken ones. Alas.

    How To Clean A Cast

    How to clean your built-in cast iron griddle

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    Cleaning a cast iron griddle can be such a pain, but it’s worth the time. With the right cleaning tips, you’ll keep your cast iron griddle looking and cooking like new for years to come.

    In this article, you will learn how to clean a cast-iron griddle or pan so that it looks new, and is ready for cooking again.

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    Grill Cleaner Or Oven Cleaner

    If your grill has a lot of rust and/or baked on crud, and you dont think any of the above methods will work for you, then a specialized grill cleaner, or even a standard oven cleaner is the be-all end-all way of stripping all your cast iron down to bare metal.

    Before you start, assemble all required materials:

    • Oven cleaner
    • Garbage bags
    • A large enough box or container to store the grills for a couple of days while the oven cleaner works its magic
    • Some safety glasses and gloves.

    In a well-ventilated area, spray an even coating on your grates, place them inside garbage bags, and seal the bags airtight. Now store them for a couple of days in a warm place where no children or pets could possibly get at them.

    Once the crud has all broken down, rinse the cast iron and follow it up with a wash in soapy water.

    The Proper Procedure For Drying A Cast Iron Pan

    Since cast iron is highly susceptible to rust, its important to remember the following:

    • Never let the pan drip dry.
    • Never leave water sitting in the pan.
    • Never store the pan with a lid sitting on top.

    All of these actions can cause moisture to seep into the cast iron and can cause rusting. The best way to dry your cast iron is to ensure that all water is evaporated before storing it.

    Once your pan is clean, place it on top of your stove or in your oven and turn up the heat. On average, the drying process can take up to an hour before all of the water is evaporated. Remove your pan from the oven and allow it to cool for a few minutes before seasoning.

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    Spray Water On The Hot Griddle Surface

    Immediately after cooking , youre going to want to squirt some water on the hot griddle to steam and loosen off any other remaining food or oil.

    Most people keep two griddle bottles at their griddle cooking station. If you ever wondered what people are putting in those griddle bottles, it is usually one for water and for cooking oil.

    From there, you get to admire and watch as the worlds most satisfying thing happens .

    You should notice a lot of the grime and bits of food that had been created from your previously cooked meal will come right off. This instant change from the burners heat to the water is a great way to remove the first little bits of food.

    However, make sure you wear heat gloves as its going to be incredibly hot to touch if you do it as soon as the food comes out.

    How Do You Clean A Flat Top Grill With Vinegar

    Smells Like Food in Here: Cast Iron Grill Pan, A Cleaning ...

    A: Vinegar is a great cleaner for grills. It can be used to clean the grill, the drip tray, and even the inside of the unit. To clean the grill, pour vinegar on a paper towel and then wipe it down with the towel. For any other parts of your grill, simply pour vinegar in a bowl or cup and dip a sponge into it.

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    Cleaning A Cast Iron Grill Pan With Salt And Hot Water:

    If your cast iron grill pan is dirtier than expected, using salt and hot water together will work well to scrape bits of food without scratching the cast iron surface.


  • After use, allow the cast iron pan to cool down a little.
  • Once the pan is just warm, pour some coarse salt into the grill pan, making sure the entire surface is covered.
  • Then, pour a small amount of hot water into the salt. This will turn the salt into a sort of paste.
  • Use your dish sponge to scrub the salt-paste into the grill pan surface. Clean between the ridges, as well as the sides as these areas often have hardened residue.
  • Once all the gunk is loosened up, rinse the salt mix and debris off with hot water, then dry with a kitchen towel or paper napkin.
  • How To Clean My Emerilware Cast Iron Reversible Grill/griddle

    Hello everybody!

    My husband and I LOVE our double burner cast iron from emerilware. The grilled chicken & veggies come out great!

    however, we have issues with cleaning it – its difficult to clean. Everything is still caked on from the past 2 times using it because we don’t know how to clean it and have RUINED a bunch of sponges trying to clean it.

    Does anybody have any tips on how to get the caked on food off it so I can get it clean and try to actually season the sucker???

    our sink isn’t big enough for soaking either – and I know you’re not supposed to soak cast iron.

    some help would be great!! thanks in advance!

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    How Often To Clean A Cast Iron Grill

    Ideally, a cast iron grill should be cleaned after every use. Leaving grease and stuck-on food on the surface will make the surface more difficult to clean and can contribute to bacterial growth and food poisoning.

    Even if the grill cannot be cleaned completely after every use, allow the grill to cool slightly and take the time to wipe down the grill grates with a paper towel to remove food residue.

    How To Remove Rust From Cast Iron Grates

    Quick Tip: How To Clean Your Cast Iron Griddle With Grates || Steffanie’s Journey

    Sometimes accidents or unintentional neglect can happen, and your grates will sadly become rusty.

    This can occur if you accidentally leave the cover off your grill, or if you simply dont use it for a prolonged period and moisture gets inside the grill.

    If this happens, dont panic there are several ways you can remove rust and restore your cast iron grates to their former glory.

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    Scrub Any Extra Stuck Food

    If you can’t remove cooked-on food with a non-abrasive scrubber, try cleaning cast-iron grill pan surfaces with a salt scrub.

    Remove the griddle from the sink and place it on the counter. Place some coarse kosher salt in the pan and add extra water as needed to make a paste. Use the salt scrub for cleaning cast-iron griddle surfaces by scrubbing the paste over stuck-on foods until they come loose.

    Rinse the griddle well when finished.

    How To Clean Cast Iron Griddle

    Do you know how to clean cast iron griddles properly?

    Cast iron cookware is an ideal choice for cooking. It is great for baking, frying, and searing food. As cast iron griddle develops a naturally nonstick, and it can last for a long time if you properly care about it. To take care of your pan, you have to clean and maintain your pan thoroughly.

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    The Best Ways To Clean A Cast Iron Grill Pan

    Because cast iron has a seasoned surface, it is very important to make sure that the cleaning process doesnt damage this protective coating. If this layer is scratched off, the pan loses its nonstick surface and will need to be seasoned intensively, which is labor and time-consuming.

    Instead, work gently and use substances that are very mildly abrasive to remove the gunk and debris from your cast iron grill pan. Although the process may take longer, it is worth it as it will be better for your cookware in the long run.

    Heres what you will need:

    • Salt
    • A soft cloth or dish sponge

    Why Restore Cast Iron

    How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan The Right Way

    Cast iron has a bunch of advantages that even a novice cook can appreciate:

    • It cooks food more evenly than stainless steel
    • It excels both on the stovetop and inside the oven
    • It’s easy to clean
    • With routine maintenance, it’ll last forever

    That last point isn’t an exaggeration Romans used cast iron in Pompeii 2,000 years ago, and there are copious online forums dedicated to using, preserving and restoring cast iron cookware. It’s truly a buy-it-for-life product, and then some.

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    Remove All Food Residue From The Griddle With A Stiff Brush

    The first step to cleaning a cast iron griddle is to remove any food residue. If you have an indoor grill, you can use some of its equipment to clean your griddle as well. Use a stiff brush, such as a grill brush or scouring pad, to scrub the pan until all the debris has been removed and the surface of your griddle looks shiny again. A little bit of rust should appear on the surface of your griddle that is a sign that all the debris and food residue has been removed.

    Also consider, if the cast iron griddle is very greasy, place a sheet of paper towel down before using the brush. This will absorb some of the greases that get smeared across your griddle as you clean.

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