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Gas Grill: Best Propane Gas Grills 2021 (Buying Guide)

Grillers and gas grills are like a match made in heaven. In any case, these grills come equipped with high-end features that make them easier to operate, and you can cook delicious meals without having to stock a fire.

However, do not be mistaken. Lighting up a gas grill is not as straightforward as it looks, and it takes more than just turning a knob.

In this post, we discuss how to turn on a gas grill safely and precautions to take when operating your grill.

Best Compact Gas Grill: Kenmore 3 Burner Propane Grill

The folding side tables and cylindrical base of this Kenmore grill make it an excellent option for smaller decks and patios. Although youll sacrifice the cabinet storage offered in other models, the hooks provided let you hang all your grilling accessories for easy access. Although compact, this grill still gives you a sizeable 512 square inches of grilling area with a 30,000 BTU heat output.

What Are The Best Grills

After extensive research, we’ve found the best gas grill to be the Weber Genesis II S-335. Whatever you want to cook, be it hotdogs, burgers or steaks, this grill will produce perfectly-seared results. It’s app connected and features both a sear burner and side burner. Unfortunately, the best does come at a price however.

If you’re a fan of charcoal, then the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22 is worth your consideration. The design features vents and a hinged grate to improve your control when you grill.

If you’re looking for versatility, then the Kamado Joe Classic II 18 KJ23RHC might be the one for you. Unlike other grills, it’s made from ceramic and can be used for unconventional recipes, such as pizza or even desserts.

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Blossomz Dual Fuel Combination Gas And Charcoal Grill Top Pick

Do you want to take the taste of both gas and charcoal grills at a time? Then this combination gas and charcoal grill are perfect for you, and this can be the best item for you.

In this grill, you get a total of 3 burners, which are stainless steel made, and the total heating capacity is 24,000 BTU of heat. And different types of foods can be cooked on different burners. That means you get different variations of taste.

All the burners have got the ignition bar, and these three burners can be controlled independently as the burners have different control knobs. The control knobs are equipped with rubber for providing the optimum grip.

Different cooking areas are also located in this grill, the primary and secondary. The charcoal portion has 89 square inches cooking area, and the gas portion also has the same area. On the other hand, the primary cooking is for the charcoal is 262 square inches, and 295 square inches are reserved for the gas burner. That means the cooking area is almost equal for both options.

The grill has a side burner, and on the other side, it contains a side table for putting the grilling items or other necessary tools. Finlay, you will get a complete and highly effective stainless steel charcoal and gas grill combo. It should be known to you the LP tank is not supplied at this price. You just need to pay extra for it.

Best Overall Gas Grill: Weber Genesis Ii E

Who has the best deal on Gas Grills?

The Weber brand is synonymous with excellent grills of any sort, and this Genesis II-315, 3-Burner gas grill is no exception. This model comes in both propane and natural gas models. It offers smart technology with the iGrill 3 smart accessories . With 513 inches of grilling area, you get ample cooking space without breaking the bank. The storage cabinets, tuck-away warming rack area, and propane gas gauge are all thoughtful design features. At a total 39,000 BTUs, this grill can provide a heavy, crisp sear in minutes.

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Best Grills: Bells And Whistles

If youre investing in a higher-end gas grill, Anderson appreciates the added perk of rotisseries, which he said are a must for the best tasting grilled chicken the rotating grill cage bastes the meat in its own juices. Otherwise, youll find options like built-in lights for night cooking, side burners, ceramic infrared burners, warming doors for finished foods, porcelain coating, searing stations, smart connectivity and easy-packing features.

Best Grill Deals For January 2022

This is an excellent time of the year to find the best cheap grill deals. During the winter, most retailers still have new model grills from most brands in inventory and its time to move them out before the new year. Getting outside and grilling is a great way to enjoy the weather while making a delicious meal. If youre looking for a new outdoor grill, search no more. Youll find all of our top picks, and more, below!

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Weber 62011001 Genesis Ii E

  • Company: Weber
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars

Once again, Weber adds another sleek and stylish, top quality grill to our Best Of list. This particular model, the Genesis II E-410, is one of the few that comes in a variety of colors , and also in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, so you can really customize to make it exactly to suit you!

The Genesis II E-410 is a large grill, able to cook enough to feed a crowd! It has one of the largest grilling areas of any of the grills featured here, coming in at 646 square inches . Itll be great for cooking complicated meals that require various settings , or for foods that are best cooked via indirect heat.

As you can see in the pic here, this grill has the open cart design. The Natural Gas model is pictured the LP model has a steel shield of sorts on the right side under the shelf that hides the propane tank from view. The open cart shelves design is great for easy grease tray removal, for storage of grilling tools, and more!

For the pretty impressive price, you get a LOT with this popular Weber:

While this grill doesnt have a ton of bells and whistles , if the large grilling area size and top quality burners/grates are whats most important to you, this grill is one you shouldnt pass up!

Is It True That Propane Burns Hotter Than Natural Gas

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide

Yes, it is true. As we mentioned earlier, one cubic foot of propane produces 2,516 BTUs when burned, while natural gas produces just 1,030 BTUs when the same amount is consumed.

This discrepancy has led to some pitmasters claiming that natural gas grills just dont get hot enough to properly sear. While this might have been true for earlier models, modern natural gas grills have overcome this issue by increasing the amount of gas released by their burners, thereby increasing the temperature.

A lot of high-end models, and most of the grills weve reviewed here today, also include an infrared high-temperature searing station. These searing stations present a more convenient solution to getting the perfect reverse sear than heating your entire grill up to a high temperature.

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Best Compact: Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill With Versastand

  • Transitions from tabletop to ground use

  • Nice grill lines

Not a lot of space for your grill? Then the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill, which can be used freestanding or as a tabletop model thanks to its VersaStand, is perfect for your needs. The whole unit is only around 16 x 32-inches, but it has a 145-square-inch grilling surface and a 5,500-BTU burner that lets you cook for four to six people at a time.

This gas grill runs on liquid propane, and the whole unit weighs just 17 pounds, making it a good choice to bring camping or tailgating. It includes a twist-start electronic ignition and a temperature gauge, but what makes this grill unique is its telescoping stand, which sets up and breaks down in seconds. You cant beat the compact size and versatility of this gas grill, and reviewers say its sturdy, easy to use, and the perfect size for a small group of people.

Dimensions: 28 x 17.5 x 32.5 inches | TotalCooking Area: 145 square inches | BTUs: 5,500

“The burgers and chicken thighs had beautiful grill lines, and the veggies were perfectly charred on the outside. Thanks to the porcelain-coated grill grates, the food came right off without any sticking .” Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

When Is The Best Time To Buy

Like most things you buy for your yard, fall is the best time to get a great deal on a grill thanks to the end-of-season sales that follow Labor Day. This is definitely not the only good time, though. We see deals starting as early as Presidents’ Day as retailers get rid of last year’s models and run promos on some of the newer releases. Plus, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are big holidays for shopping grills as well.

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Our Favorite Natural Gas Grills For 2022

Weve trimmed the fat to give you five recommendations based on overall quality, budget, and having a built-in option.

Weve chosen the Weber s Genesis II as our best overall natural gas grill because of its outstanding combination of fantastic features and excellent build quality.

The four high-performance burners mounted on the E-435, in combination with the side burner and searing station, deliver a total of 69,000 BTUs of heat.

Theres also a more budget-friendly E-335 version of the Genesis II that comes with three burners at a reduced cost.

To use that massive amount of heat to its best advantage, the E-435 comes with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates to provide both superior heat retention and easier cleanup. The after-grilling clean-down is also made easier by Weber s grease management system.

The E-435 has up to 844 square inches of cooking surface, more than enough to cook a familys worth of food. This includes the fold-out warming rack to let you cook in stages without food going cold.

Assembling the Genesis II is an easy task made all the more simple by the 3D interactive assembly instructions available through the free BILT app. Weber s 10-year warranty covers the whole package.

What we like:

  • With a combined output of 69,000 BTUs and 844 square inches of cooking surface, the E-435 has both the power and space to cook up a tremendous amount of food.
  • The porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates have great heat retention and are non-stick.

Can Your Grill Be Converted To Run On Natural Gas


Yes, most propane grills can be converted to run on natural gas with the addition of a natural gas conversion kit. The kit normally contains new gas jets, a longer flexible gas hose, the brass quick-disconnect gas fittings we mentioned earlier, and gas valve limiter stops.

However, there are other considerations to take into account if you are thinking about converting your propane grill.

  • It is essential to check with your local plumbing inspector to make sure that youre allowed to connect your grill to your household supply with a flexible hose. Some state regulations require a more permanent fixture.
  • If youre installing a new gas line specifically for your grill, you may require a permit from your local planning authority. Failing to get the right licenses might result in some fairly hefty fines.
  • Youll want to make sure that using a conversion kit doesnt void your warranty. Weber , for instance, refuses to sell conversion kits for their grills and using one completely voids their warranty.

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How To Clean The Gas Grill After Use

Note that you can only clean when the grill has cooled down.

  • The first is for the heating part. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the oil if it gets oily. Before baking a new time, turn on the stove to dry the heating element. This helps to deodorize the food leftover from the past.

  • Then wipe the cooktop surface clean and dry again.

  • You can take off the grill and wash it with dishwashing liquid as usual to excess grease.

  • You need to dry it and put it back in the dry place for the next use.

  • Keep in dry places

Cleaning after use will help the kitchen work better. In particular, it helps prolong the life and durability of the product in the most effective way. On the other hand, it also ensures food safety and food safety!

Best Gas Grills : Our Top 6 For Backyard Grilling

Find the best gas grills for your yard with our top 6 picks from Weber, Saber, Napoleon, and Alfresco

Prestige PRO 500 Propane Gas Grill
Genesis II E-310 Gas Grill
Magic Echelon Diamond E790s 36-inch Natural Gas Grill
ALXE-42-NG 42″ Built-In Standard Grill

ByAlex Tembladorpublished 19 November 21

Buy the best gas grill with our guide to the top six options on the market. Those who are hoping to invest in a gas grill will want something generously sized and capable of catering to a crowd. In our best gas grill guide we’ve included a range of sizes, from three to six burners, that can elevate your outdoor cooking with smart controls and even app compatibility.

Top brands such as Weber, Saber, and Napoleon often produce gas grills that look very similar, but our best gas grill guide will show you the key differences and help you decide which gas grill to buy for your home.

Cooking on a gas grill is very easy thanks to the electric ignition which will switch the flames on with the twist of a button. It’s also easy to switch your grill off when you are finished, and while many prefer the best grills for smokey flavor, brands like Weber are adding features such as Flavorizer bars and cast iron seasoning to make sure that your meat is packed with flavor after being grilled.

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Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

Weighing in at 42.5 pounds and sporting two folding side tables, this small grill is easy to take on camping trips or tailgating adventures but still has enough cooking space and power to prepare a delicious meal for four. It has a heavy-duty cast-aluminum cook box, providing an even convection heat inside it, said Phan. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron, which not only maintains many features of cast iron, such as great searing, but also includes a porcelain outer layer for easy cleaning and rust resistance.

Bull Outdoor Products Bbq 44001 Angus 75000 Btu Grill With Cart

Grill: Best Gas Grill (Buying Guide)
  • Company: Bull Outdoor Products
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Rating: 4.8 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$$$

This is one of the top high end natural gas grills on the market. You CAN find even bigger, pricier models, but this amazing grill by Bull Outdoor Products is an awesome option for you if youre a serious back patio griller who want some of the fancy extras and a grill that cooks food thatll knock the socks off your guests.

Jumping right to the many features that make this Angus grill one you need to take a look at:

  • 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel construction throughout! This is the SERIOUS quality stainless steel the thickest used in the grill industry making it extremely resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • The cooking area is an impressive 810 sq inches, with an additional 210 sq inch warming rack you can cook up a huge feast all at once!
  • 4 wheels with locking castors to let you move it fairly easily
  • Dual-lined single-piece roll-top hood with seamless welded edges
  • Fun extras on the hood: a full length stainless steel handle, twin interior lights for better visibility, thermometer
  • Piezo igniters on each burner, with the spark area protected against food or grease drips with stainless steel housing
  • A rotisserie grill and 15,000 BTU infrared back burner
  • Lifetime warranty on the grates and firebox, and 20 year warranty on the 4 cast stainless steel burners!

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Best Budget Natural Gas Grill Weber Spirit E

Natural gas grills are far from wallet-friendly, but the Weber Spirit E-310 manages to combine a decent range of features with good build quality to make it our pick for best budget natural gas grill.

The E-310 is the smallest of the grills on our list, with a total cooking area of 529 square inches, which combines 424 square inches of primary cooking area with a 105 square inch warming rack.

Three stainless steel burners provide 32,000 BTUs of heat, which, combined with the cooking space, is perfect for hosting a standard BBQ or everyday family grilling, but is probably going to be a little small for a grand cookout.

The cast-iron cooking grates are porcelain-enameled for corrosion resistance and to make them non-stick. The lid and cook box are also porcelain-enameled to make them equally corrosion resistant.

The E-310 doesnt have a vast amount of features, but it does have two side tables, six tool hooks, a below grill cabinet, and an easy-to-clean grease management system.

What we like:

  • The total cooking area of 529 square inches and 32,000 BTUs of heat is more than enough to handle standard family cooking.
  • The cook box, grill plates, and lid are all porcelain-enameled.
  • The E-310 has a grease management system for easier cleanup.

What we dont like:

  • The E-310 is a little on the small side if you are looking to cater for significant events regularly.
  • Not all of the E-310 is made of stainless steel, some of it is just painted steel.

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