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Its finally time to enjoy some BBQ food and for that to happen youll want a BBQ grill. There are so many great brands out there but today we want to talk about Broil King grills. Not only are they one of the leading BBQ grill companies in the world, but their grills are also high-quality, and you get the best bang for your buck.

Read on to see why you should consider getting a Broil King grill and see which ones are the best on the market today.

Ultimate Cooking Control & Versatility

Precise Control

Linear-Flow valves with 180-degree control knobs give you infinite heat control allowing you to set the grill to the perfect temperature for searing, roasting, or slow cooking. This control ensures that you will always be able to set your grill to the perfect cooking temperature no matter what the season or weather is like outside.

Stainless Steel Side Burner

The integrated 10,000 BTU stainless steel side burner is perfect for heating up BBQ sauce, boiling a pot of water, or even sauteing your favorite veggies. The side burner is flush-mounted to the shelf giving you more usable work space when the side burner is not in use.

Rear Burner & Premium Rotisserie Kit

Cook something different with the 12,000 BTU stainless steel rear burner and premium rotisserie kit on Monarch 390 models. The burner stretches across the full width of the back of the grill letting you rotisserie cook juicy large cuts of meat. The premium rotisserie kit includes the spit rod, premium meat forks, counterbalance weight, and a powerful auto-reversing motor, ensuring your food doesn’t get stuck.

Electronic Ignition

Starting your grill is simple with the Sure-Lite electronic ignition system. Start your gas and hit the igniter button and your grill will spark to life!

How Much Do Broil King Grills Cost

The Broil King range is huge. Grills range from top-of-the-line built ins to camping models. The price range is also huge.

Broil King grills in the tailgating line, Porta-Chef, start at $180. Medium sized lines like Baron, Signet, Monarch and Gem collections range from $300 up to $1,200. The Sovereign models start at $850 and range to $1200.

The Broil King Regal collection starts at $500 with the charcoal model and goes up to $2,300 for a freestanding gas grill. The Regal pellet grill/smokers start at $800 and go up to $1,700. At the top of the line, the Imperial collection starts at $1,800 and goes up to $2,500.

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Why Should I Try A Broil King

A barbecue is a big purchase and you probably dont want to make this purchase again too soon. Broil Kings last a very, very long time. Like a couple decades kind of long. For their prices, theyre a great value and we recommend checking a few out if youre looking for an awesome barbecue at less than $1000. Broil King also offers tons of impressive accessories that we recommend to everyone with any barbecue. The special thing about Broil King and their accessories is that theyve designed them so you can fit them in your Broil King in so many ways. Like a delicious puzzle or a yummy game of Tetris. One of our favorites is their cast iron Rib Roaster or their standing Chicken Roaster with a pan.

How To Choose A Grill

Broil King 5 Burner Imperial 590 Liquid Propane Powered Grill ...

Grills are possibly the most American cooking appliances, and their popularity paired with their variety has made selecting one more complicated than ever. The right grill helps make every step of cooking easier, from lighting it to finishing the perfect sear.

A good grill brand offers a variety of sizes, options and upgrades, has plenty of models within your price range and receives positive reviews. The type and size of the cooker you choose should be based on how and where you plan on using it.

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Best Portable: Broil King Porta

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If you’re looking for a top-quality, portable grill that’s perfect for tailgating, camping, or picnicking, look no further than the Broil King Porta-Chef 320 series. This freestanding grill features durable legs that snap into place for a stable platform, and a powerful stainless steel burner that provides even heat distribution and superior cooking results. With easy set up and a hose/regulator for use with 5, 10, or 20 lb. propane tanks, the Porta-Chef is perfect for any grilling occasion. Plus, it features ample cooking space with 430 square inches of total cooking surface and 295 square inches of primary cooking surface.


  • Therma-cast⢠aluminium cook box with stainless steel lid insert

Broil King Grills Vs Weber

Weber and Broil King are two well-known brands in the BBQ world. These grills each offer their own unique sense of style and comfort. They both have a lot to offer.

In terms of versatility, from both companies, you can find things like wood pellet grills, gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, and even portable grills. Our focus today will be on traditional outdoor grills that fall specifically into the propane / natural gas category.

Just a heads up. Both companies have a very large offering of grills from introductory to high end. Lets cover the basics of what each manufacturer offers.

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Heres Why You Should Avoidimported Grills

1. Manufacturing, environmental and laborstandards. Companies building grills in the United States are subject tostringent regulations. This means that if your grill is built in the US, itslikely to be built by people who have been compensated fairly. Likewise, theenvironment likely wasnt harmed in its creation.

2. The frustration of not having access toparts such as grease trays, valves, manifolds, knobs, wheels, and bodyparts. These are just some of the parts you may not be able to replace. Many ofthe parts are only available on the aftermarket . Remember when you import products, you are subject to minimum quantity orders.When you have dozens of models using the same burners and heat shields, meetingthat MOQ is easier than other replacement parts thatare specific to model sizes.

3. There is no commitment to manufacturingequipment. When manufacturing is subcontracted, you are relying on thecontractor to stay in business and have quality and consistent manufacturing. Often, if they change equipment, the engineering of your grill model willchange thus making replacement parts obsolete. Then, when you need areplacement part, it no longer exists.

At that point, what are the replacementoptions? Often there is no replacement. Modification of the outdoor kitchen andcountertop becomes necessary, creating a huge expense. This situation rarelyoccurs in a US-manufactured grill, as we sell at the BBQ Depot.

Best Splurge: Broil King Regal S 690 Pro Infrared 70 Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Grill

Crown Pellet Overview – EU Model – Broil King

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The Broil King Regal S 690 PRO infrared gas grill is perfect for those who love to entertain. With two totally independent ovens, this grill provides ample cooking space to accommodate large gatherings. The stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system ensures even heat distribution, while the six stainless steel Dual-Tube burners provide powerful cooking performance. The enclosed cabinet base offers convenient storage space for all your grilling accessories, and the built-in control knob lights make it easy to keep track of your cooking temperatures. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or an intimate outdoor dinner party, the Broil King Regal S 690 PRO infrared gas grill will help you create unforgettable memories with family and friends.


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Who Makes Broil King Gas Grills

gas grillsBroil King gas grills

Consequently, are Broil King grills any good?

The Broil King Baron 440 is easily one of the best gas grills we tested in terms of overall grilling experience. It’s not the most spacious or fastest-heating grill in our reviews, but it performs well in the area that matters most: grilling your meat.

Secondly, are Char Broil grills made in USA? CharBroil, based in Columbus, Georgia, is a manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric outdoor grills, smokers, fryers and related accessories. More CharBroil® gas grills are sold in the United States than any other brand, including those with CharBroil®’s best-selling TRU-Infrared⢠cooking system.

Beside this, is Broil King made by Weber?

Broil King, just like Weber, went for manufacturing high quality gas grills. It’s not another manufacturer that mostly bases their products on marketing. When it comes to the entire grill offer, both companies have a wide selection of models in their offer.

Where are Char Broil gas grills made?


Our Top Picks

  • Best Overall: Monument Propane Gas Grill at Home Depot.
  • Best Budget: Char-Broil Classic 280 2-Burner Gas Grill at Amazon.
  • Best Natural Gas: Weber-Stephen Genesis Ii E210 Grill at Home Depot.
  • Best Small: Broil King Baron 320 3-Burner Gas Grill at Amazon.

BestGrillBestGrillBestgrillGrillBestgrillGrillBroil KingmanufacturedNapoleonWeberWeberbetter than NapoleonHow to buy the best barbecue for you

  • Napoleon Pro 22. Best barbecue bar none.
  • Most Reliable Gas Grill Brands

    How to find a model that lasts based on CR members’ ratings of more than 38,000 gas grills

    When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

    Compared with other appliances, gas grills take a beating.

    Some of that comes with the turf. You’d never expect your fridge to hum along smoothly or your range to light effortlessly if you shifted it around your deck, moved it in and out of your garage for storage twice a year, or left it out in the rain. But that’s what we ask of our gas grillsand it shows. In Consumer Reports’ latest survey, members reported on just over 38,000 gas grills. We found that many brands eventually suffer from problems with ignitions as well as with rusting and corrosion. What’s more, we found that the rate of problems far exceeds other categories of appliances we test.

    “When you browse our ratings, you’ll see that our survey responses have been translated into predicted brand reliability ratings for the gas grills we test,” says Simon Slater, CR’s associate director of survey research.

    “And those ratings are now integrated into our Overall Scores, which, in turn, paint a much more robust picture of product quality,” he says. These changes will help you make a more informed choice when looking for a grill that will hold up for years to come.

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    Proudly Built In North America

    We are committed to producing gas grills that you can count on for the utmost in performance, built with quality materials for years of durability. Broil King gas grills are manufactured in North American factories located in Huntington Indiana, Dickson Tennessee and Waterloo Ontario.

    When it comes to quality, there can be no compromise. Improvement to quality is a never ending journey. Onward was the first grill company to embrace ISO quality standards and remains committed to insuring and continuously improving the quality of every process, component, product and service to deliver an exceptional experience our customers have grown to trust.

    What Do The Reviews Say About These Grills

    Broil King Baron 320 S Natural Gas Barbecue Grill

    We looked at Amazon, BBQ Guys and Grill Collection for reviews. We used real people reviews, not expert ones.

    Broil King grills are hugely popular grills, so we found hundreds of reviews. Broil Kings closest competition is Weber.

    We found 610 reviews from verified purchasers. Of those, Broil King grills rated 4 stars out of 5.

    Reviews run the gamut. Most verified purchasers love their Broil King grills. They thought they were good value and well-made. One reviewer said the grill was awesome. Another reviewer loved the looks and the grill was a good size.

    Another reviewer called their grill a beast because it went from zero to 700°F in 12 minutes.

    Critical reviewers didnt like the smaller grills construction. They needed to replace rusty parts and the parts were hard to get. They thought the grills were hard to assemble one reviewer said youd be lucky if you could. They found the instructions hard to read and needed some illustrations.

    Another reviewer LOVED the grill but admitted it was a nightmare to assemble.

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    The Bottom Line Broil King Regal Pellet Grill

    Broil King took time to think this grill out. It took a while to get the software working. This is an excellent pellet grill. It comes in 26 and 32 inch versions. Both have great capacity. The price ranges are higher than a lot of the competition, but most of the competition doesnt have these features or quality of constructions. This pellet grill was designed to hit 600° F during a Canadian winter. It can perform so much better than any of the cheaper pellet grills. If you are looking to buy a pellet grill, I really recommend taking a serious look at the Broil King.

    If the Broil King Regal Pellet Grill is too expensive, consider the Broil King Crown Pellet Grill.

    Weber Vs Broil King Warranty Comparison

    One of the most frustrating things is when you try to fire up your grill, and you hear an annoying clicking sound. The BBQ click of death. Oh no! Your grills burner is busted!

    Luckily, both Weber and Broil King offer outstanding warranties compared to other BBQ grill manufacturers. No more trying to tussle and fix your BBQ grill with a rusty ole Buck knife!

    Thats because Weber offers a generous 10-year warranty on many of their grill components. However, some of their grill components only have a 5-year or 2-year warranty.

    Broil King also offers generous 10-year warranties and limited-lifetime warranties on many of their grilling components. But, just like with Weber, some of the grill components have a much shorter warranty span of only 2 to 5 years.

    Regardless of which grill you choose, always double-check your model at the time of purchase for full warranty information.

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    What Products Are In The Broil King Grills Range

    Broil King offers a huge range of superior, versatile grills, from professional grade to portable camping models. This popular range of hard-working grills satisfy all grilling needs from professional to backyard grillmaster to tailgater.

    The basic collection includes the Baron, Signet, Monarch and Gem grills. Portable grills are in the Porta-Chef line.

    The high-end collection starts with the Sovereign collection, goes up to Regal and then to top of the line Imperial.

    The Broil King Sovereign series has two freestanding gas grills, the XLS 90 and the XLS 20. Gas connections are for natural gas and propane. They have 4 and 3, Tube in Tube burner options with propane or natural gas. The Sovereign series features a Therma-Cast aluminum oven with solid stainless steel grates.

    The Sovereign grills offer the exclusive Flav-R-Wave flame tamers that vaporize drippings and create smoke. The Linear-Flow 180° Sensi-Touch control knobs allow you to sear, roast or slow cook. Grates are solid 9mm stainless steel. The Sovereign models have a side burner and a rotisserie included. Some models offer a rear rotisserie burner.

    The Regal collection is available in freestanding, 3 built ins gas grills with connections for natural gas and propane. The Regal gas grills have 4, 5 and 6 burner models. Broil King has a wide selection of freestanding gas grills, in two colors stainless and black.

    Deep & Durable Cook Box For Amazing Heat Retention

    Regal Pellet Overview – Broil King

    Made from die-cast aluminum, the durable cook box of the Monarch series provides unmatched heat retention and long-lasting durability. The cook box is designed to ensure even heat distribution and lasting heat retention for precise control. Rust-proof cast aluminum stands up to the outdoor elements and ensures that you will be grilling for years to come!

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    Broil King Pellet Grills

    Broil King Pellet Grills were designed to make it easy to smoke your favorite meats. A pellet grill is a type of grill that uses pellets made from wood or other biomass materials to create heat. The pellets are fed into the grill, where they are then lit and used to cook food.

    Smoking meats is easy with a Broil King Pellet Grill. Just load the pellets into the hopper, set the temperature, and let the grill do the work. The result is perfectly cooked meat every time.

    Pellet grills are a popular choice for those who want the flavor and aroma of smoked meat without having to spend hours tending a fire.

    What About Warranties

    Extended warranties rarely make sense for gas grills. In our survey, the median out-of-pocket cost charged to fix an out-of-warranty grill was just $54. That’s less than the median price paid for an extended warranty, $71 in our survey.

    On top of that, of those who bought an extended warranty that was in effect or had expired at the time of our survey, less than a third had used it to cover repairs, parts, or service.

    Bottom line? Skip the extended warranty and choose a model with a strong mark for predicted reliabilitywe highlight six belowand, if possible, one that carries a longer warranty on the burners.

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    Broil King Grill Faqs

    Weve given you tons of grilling options and ideas for your outdoor kitchen, but you still may be skeptical moving forward with your Broil King grill purchase. So, weve compiled some of the frequently asked questions we get from our grilling masters.

    Q:Where are broil king grills made?

    Broil King grills are manufactured in North America. They are built in both the United States as well as Canada .

    Q: Where can you get additional Broil king grill parts?

    No matter if you need a new accessory or a replacement control knob, Friedmans Appliance has your back. Check out our Broil King brand pages accessories & parts category.

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