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On the scaling of 1-10, can you guess how confident you are in picking the best flat top grill? Im sure those who choose ten would not be so confused, but the bottom ones sure need guidelines on the product.

To make it clear and accessible for all, weve sent down a series of guidelines to help your thinking and image crystal clear.

First, start with the most crucial thing needed in a grill, then march towards other essential factors.

Best Flat Top Grills 2021 For Unlimited Cooking

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Are you searching for the best flat-top grills? You must need the best grill with a flat top that is sturdy, easy to use, and excellent in performance.

Is it possible to get any? Yes! By reading this guide on top flat top grills, youll come across the top flat top grills by Blackstone and some other brands too.

Lets begin with reading the reviews and additional buying guide in our 15 min read. Here we go.


Grill Vs Griddle: Whats The Difference

One of the main differences between a regular grill and a skillet is that griddles are flat, while grills usually have grates. A grill is made of raised edges, while a griddle is a flat cooking surface similar to a pan. The ridges allow juices from the food to seep down on a grill, giving a more smoky flavor.

The griddles flat surface will allow you to cook more delicate foods such as an omelet, a pancake, or food that needs a flat surface. Also, grills are usually operated at much higher temperatures than griddles. A griddle will produce food that looks like it has been baked or slow-roasted, while a grill will give you food that is cooked at a much higher temperature and may have grill marks. To sum it up, here are the main differences:

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Accessories For A Flat Top Grill

Flat top grill cooking tools are often the same as those for your outdoor grill.

  • Large, long-handled spatulas and tongs for moving food around.
  • A meat thermometer to ensure food safety. You can also use an infrared thermometer to check the surface temperature of the cooking surface.
  • A well-fitting cover is a must if you keep a flat-top grill outside to protect it from the elements, animals and bugs.

How Easy Were The Grills To Use

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill &  Griddle (3 Burner)

While most of the grills with rectangular cooktops turned out beautifully cooked food, we experienced some usability issues. One model featured small holes next to its burner knobs for users to look through to see if each burner was lit, but we disliked putting our faces so close to the grill. This grill also had a finicky regulatorthe part that attaches the gas tank to the grillthat resulted in all of the burners shutting down in the middle of cooking. This safety function was triggered if we didnt completely tighten the regulator and then turn it very slowly to allow the gas to flow. It was the only grill to have this issue.

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The Modern Outdoor Griddle Grill

Dedicated flattop griddles are seldom seen in homes because they are large, they need a powerful venting system, they are expensive, and they require natural gas. Fortunately, manufacturers are now making flattop griddles fueled by propane that are perfect for outdoor use where venting is not an issue. I call them griddle grills. Put one in your back yard, take it to a tailgater, or take it to the beach.

Griddle grills come in sizes as small as 17 long with a single burner. The Blackstone 36 length is a great size for your backyard with four burners that can put out a combined 60,000 BTUs. And it wont break the bank at about $250.

Since they are made of uncoated steel, they can rust, but when you use a griddle grill, the oils get into microscopic pores in the metal and bond to it forming a hard non-stick surface. Called seasoning, this is the same process by which cast iron pans and griddles become non-stick. Some manufacturers offer griddle grills that are seasoned right out of the box, while others require you to season them before cooking. Either way, it is important to follow the manufacturers instructions for getting started.

Take Your Outdoor Cooking Up A Notch With These Top Picks

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While they may not be as popular as classic grills with grates, flat-top grills are a great outdoor cooking appliance that can effectively cook lots of your favorite foods. From burgers to veggies to eggs to breakfast meat, there are endless ways to put your flat-top grill to great use. It may not give you the signature sear marks that youll get from grill grates, but it is extremely effective in searing foods at high temperatures to create deeply caramelizedmeats and veggies. Whether you want another fun toy for your outdoor cooking setup or youre looking to up your outdoor entertaining, a flat-top grill is a great way to kick your grill game up a notch.

From built-in models to budget-friendly options, here are the best flat-top grills.

  • Only two burners

At under $250, you can get a restaurant-quality, 2-burner flat top. Each stainless steel burner has 15,000 BTUs for a super-powerful flame that you can turn easily from low heat to high heat. Wheels on the bottom make it a breeze to transport and the battery-powered push ignition is super straightforward for novice grillers. There is also an additional rack for storage and added convenience.

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Evo Affinity Classic 30g Built

View in gallery

The Evo Affinity 30G is the perfect grill for large patios. You should know that it comes in natural gas and propane. As far as the cooking surface, you get 650 square inches which is pretty big if you are going to be cooking for a crowd soon. It also features a 3/16 inch of oil seasoned nonstick grates which is good because there is nothing worse than having foods suck to it. It has 40,095 BTUs over the stainless-steel dual burners, so you know that its pretty durable.


Is It Necessary To Clean A Flat Top Grill Before Use

Camp Chef Griddle 1 Year Review (Best Flat Top Grill Review)

You should wash your new flat top grill with some hot soapy water before you use it. This will get rid of any residue. As soon as your grill is seasoned, you should refrain from using any soap on the griddle surface. For grills that comes pre-seasoned we review several of these simply rub the grill clear of food residue then wash it down without any soap at all. Ensure the griddle is thoroughly dried to prevent rust.

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Recipes For Cooking On A Flat Top Grill

The grill is great for anything from sandwiches to vegetables and meat. You can even cook breakfast on your flat top grill with eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles and more!

Recipes for cooking on a flat top grill are endless, as are the possibilities for creating your own recipes. You can cook anything on a flat top grill, from steaks and burgers to pizza and pancakes

What can I cook on a flat top grill? One of the great things about cooking on a flat top grill is that you can cook multiple items at once. This makes it perfect for feeding a large group of people. You can also adjust the cooking temperature to accommodate whatever you are cooking.

If you are new to cooking on a flat top grill, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Tip 1: Make sure to preheat the grill before adding food. This will help ensure that your food cooks evenly.

Tip 2: Dont overcrowd the grill. Leave enough space between each piece of food so that the heat can circulate evenly.

Tip 3: Use a high heat when cooking meats and a low heat when cooking vegetables.

Tip 4: Dont forget to use oil or butter to prevent sticking.

Tip 5: Experiment with different recipes and techniques. The possibilities are endless!

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for cooking on a flat top grill:

Recipe 2: Grilled Steak Grilling steak on a flat top grill is the perfect way to get a nice char on the outside while keeping the inside nice and juicy.

Recipe 6: Grilling shrimp on a flat top grill.

Best Flat Top Grill Review

Even if youve hosted a boatload of barbeques, and even if youre a grizzled grilling veteran, choosing the best flat top grill takes a lot of effort. But dont stress! Were about to brainstorm the 9 best flat top grill options for 2020 so you can grill and chill with style.

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What Is The Best Flat Top Grill For You

Out of all the flat top grill reviews weve covered here, how do you decide which is the best flat top grill for you?

Thats easy: Choose the model you can see yourself using the most.

Consider your preferred barbecuing style:

If youre investing hundreds of dollars on a new flat-top grill, you want to be sure it gets LOTS of usages. So pick one with the options you really need, even if it costs a little more.

If youre having trouble deciding, go with the best overall choice: The Blackstone 36 Flat Top Gas Grill. With the features you get for this models price, you can hardly go wrong.

Happy grilling!

Whats Great About Flat Top Grills

Blackstone 36"  Hibachi Griddle Portable Flat Top Outdoor ...

What I love most about flat top grills is their versatility.

You wake up on a Sunday morning craving some bacon and eggs. Maybe some pancakes too?

Just light up that flat top gas grill and your breakfast will be done in no time.

Well, soon its time for lunch. Maybe some burgers? Or how about some Mexican food this time maybe fajitas or tacos?

Whichever you choose, one of the best ways to cook it is on a flat top grill.

Then later in the evening, you might wanna surprise your family with a steak dinner. On the other hand, something lighter, like a fish fillet could also be nice. With a flat top grill, you can cook either one.

Next, I recommend that you watch this short video with great tips for flat top grilling:

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What Is A Griddle

If youve ever been to an old-fashioned diner, then that colossal hissing hot plate in the kitchen is an excellent example of a griddle.

To put it simply, a griddle is a flat metal cooking surface that is heated from underneath. Essentially, its a big square frying pan.

The flat cooking surface suits foods that are granular, like rice, or liquid heavy, like pancakes or eggs. However, much like a frying pan, you can cook almost anything on it.

Types Of Food To Cook

A flat top grill isnt your regular outdoor grill. Its designed to grill different types of foods from eggs and pancakes to meats to tapas and kebabs.

Now, heres the catch. A good number of these grills are designed to work as just griddles, providing you with a pan-like surface to make foods like vegetables and breakfast items. Well, there are others designed to provide you with both regular grilling and pan-like grilling. This means you can grill your pork chops and beef the traditional way and get those sear marks. It depends on what you want.

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Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill

Another best flat top grill by Camp Chef for the people who are looking for something that is not too big and portable. With features like collapsible legs, foldable shelves, taking it to more places other than the backyard, it will be easy. If you want to take this grill set even to a 3-day music festival, it can be done with ease. In a nutshell, with the Camp Chef portable flat top grill, you can enjoy your cooking and favorite snacks anywhere and everywhere.

Why you should prefer this?

  • The cooking surface is non-stick.
  • The shelves and legs can be folded and can be taken to different places easily.
  • Grease management system to make cleaning easy.
  • Matchless ignition and burners made from stainless steel.
  • The small size does not lack power and produces a heat of 12000 BTU per hour.

How To Choose A Flat Top Grill

How to Cook Breakfast on the Flat Top Grill

If you know you want a flat top grill, consider these things:

  • What will you be cooking and in what quantity? Flat top grills are typically rated based on the total cooking surface area, listed in square inches. A larger surface gives you more room to cook, while a smaller surface is better for camping or tailgates.
  • What is the BTU number? British Thermal Units measure the output of the burners. A higher BTU number means more heat.
  • How is the grease managed? Youll need to clean grease traps often, so its important they work well.

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Country Smokes Horizon Series Plains 2

Big things come in small packages, and this griddle proves that in spades. This is a fantastic starter burner since it has two 11,000 IBU burners and is portable. The Country Smokes Horizon Series is a lightweight option that can prove to newcomers the practical superiority of the flat top. Its made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, so it can take outdoor punishment. With 373 square inches of open workspace, the Plains 2-Burner gives you enough space to cook for your family, and weighing just under 32 pounds, the Plains 2-Burner is light enough to carry anywhere. Its steel griddle top comes pre-seasoned, so it is ready to use right when you open it, and it has built-in burner covers to prevent the wind and snow from disrupting its flame.

Razor Griddle: Best With Gas Griddle

  • 730 square inches of cumulative cooking surface
  • More of a flat top griddle
  • Stainless steel burners

The Razor Griddle is meant for users who are invested in griddle cooking and prefer flat top griddle paired along with the grill. This gas griddle offers 730 square inches of cooking area followed by an overall cooking capacity of 62,000 BTUs. While this entails uniform heat management and even cooking, it also offers reliable family cooking capacity.

As far as the structural facets are concerned, the Razor flat top griddle comes equipped with a push ignition system, which makes the griddle cooking easier than ever. In addition to that, you also get access to a bottom-shelf for additional storage followed by side shelves, which can double up as usable gas grills, in case you want to cook pancakes, eggs, and breads.

Retailed as a flat griddle, this product also features a secure clasp and two lockable caster wheels for making outdoor usage easier.

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Pit Boss Lp Gas Griddle

  • Total cooking surface area: 748 square inches
  • Dimensions: 77 x 24 x 35 inches

Pit Boss makes a wide variety of highly effective grills, BBQs, and smokers. How does this liquid propane gas griddle differentiate itself, then?

The first thing that strikes you is the expansive cooking area on this flat top grill. Totaling almost 750 square inches, you can whip up scrambled eggs, quesadillas, fajitas, or seared steaks, among many other delicacies.

In addition to this spacious cooking real estate, you can also fold down shelves on either side, ideal for prepping food or for plating it up before serving. The legs also fold, so you can stash the grill between uses if you dont want to leave it outside.

There are 4 burners and you can control the output of each independently. With a total rated output of 62,000 BTU, you wont be caught lacking on the power front.

Unlike some griddles, this one comes pre-seasoned, so youll be good to get going without standing on ceremony. In all respects, this is a user-friendly griddle thats ideally suited to beginners as well as more experienced practitioners.

The grease tray is positioned at the front of this grill and it helps to keep things clean as you cook. Maintaining this grill is straightforward. As long as you clean it down after each cookout, you shouldnt need to do much more than deep-clean it once a month.

A handful of customers complain about receiving damaged grills, so we would suggest you closely check your package upon receipt.

Charcoal Or Flat Top Grill

Flat Top Gas Grills You

Like we said, much of this comes down to preference.

If you like the smoky flavor and the thicker charred layers on your Burger, then the charcoal grill is likely the best choice for you. Cooking a Burger to perfection will require learning how to build the perfect charcoal coal bed and the art of grilling. The rewards are amazing Burgers and the entire social gamut that goes along with outdoor grilling.

If you enjoy a consistent and evenly cooked Burger, then the flat top grill is likely your best bet. It too can include the social attributes of outdoor cooking, and it requires less skill to create amazing Burgers. Plus, for those who like to control every element of the cooking process, the flat top grills more precise heat can streamline the process of whipping up something amazing.

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