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Pros And Cons Of Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Wood Pellet Smoker

Pit Boss 820 Pellet Grill / smoker – 2 YEAR Review!

Being an electric smoker, the Pit Boss Pro Series 1600 Wood Pellet Smoker has lots of features that you would not find on a traditional offset smoker. Some of the features that you can find have pros and cons.

Some features that the Pit Boss has include:

  • 1,598 Square Inch Cooking Surface
  • Digital Control Board
  • Grease Draining Bucket with hook
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Technology

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The Pit Boss 820 Review

When it comes to finding the right grill, the options can seem endless!!

There are a lot of different grill styles, types, and brands out there. but which one is for you?

I have the Pit Boss 820 and want to tell you about the main features, specifications, and what I liked about it.

One of my favorite things is the SPACE!I like having a BIG grill for big cookouts.

I was able to feed 18 hungry adults and 5 kids at my wifes 40th birthday party.

I also thought it was easy to clean. Plus it was easy to control the temperature with the built-in thermometer

Want to know more? Continue reading my Pit Boss 820 deluxe review!

What Is A Pit Boss Kamado Grill

Kamado grills are known for their ability to hold a consistent temperature for an extended period of time. The exterior of the grill is made up of a glossy coating that makes cleanup easy, but the real magic is located just under the lid.

The grill is shaped like an egg, and the heart inside the grill is a ceramic egg shaped insert that lines both the lid, sides and bottom of the interior of the grill.

This body of this ceramic charcoal grill allows the it to hold and control heat unlike any other charcoal grill.

The kamado grill lets air in with a small damper vent on the bottom front of the grill, and is the primary way that heat is controlled within the unit.

There is also a top damper vent on the lid that controls how much heat and smoke can escape the grill. This top setting is rather sensitive, and even small changes to the opening can change the temperature of the grill by 20 degrees or more.

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Pit Boss 700fb 700 Sq Inch Pellet Grill


The Pit Boss 700FB square inch pellet grill spoils you with an expansive cooking surface that is sure to satisfy all of your cooking needs. Designed with an innovative flame broiler you can cook your steaks and burgers to the standard that you would expect to receive in your favorite steakhouse. As you are left in complete control throughout the cooking process you can grill your meats at your desired temperature.

Constructed using porcelain-coated cast iron grids, this is a durable pellet grill that is likely to see you through many uses without any significant deterioration to the quality.

Fueled by using 100% natural wood pellets, this is a natural source that isnt reliant upon gas, propane, or charcoal, designed to reach your chosen temperature with immediacy.

Impressively, these wood pellets have been sourced from America so you can be confident in the root of your fuel.

Featuring a digitally controlled burn system, this grill is easy to operate leaving you in complete control when reaching your chosen temperature which ranges from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit.



  • Unfortunately, this grill begins to struggle with maintaining its temperature after a few uses.


Other Grills To Consider

Christmas Prime Rib Pit Boss : It S Always A Good Day When There S ...

This grill size is in direct competition with the Weber Smokefire EX6 that I tested a while back.

Both grills boast a large cooking area, and both carry a bit larger pellet consumption rate. I definitely favored the Black Label grates over those on the Weber s grates are not bad by any means.

Innovations and technology would definitely go to Weber . They have several innovative features including a low pellet sensor, a smoke boost mode, and cook recipe settings already built into the app. With that said, the Smokefire severely lacks a food prep area unless you purchase additional components.

Temperature consistency is very good for both of these grills. Though both have searing capability, the edge goes to the Black Label series with the direct searing mode capable of up to 1100°F. I think its fair to say that the competition between these two is fierce!

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Pit Boss Pellets Cons

If theres one argument I hear about wood pellets over and over again its that any wood pellet that isnt from Traeger.

Now, sure, Traeger is the original pellet grill creators, who held a patent on it for 20 years, allowing them to be the sole operators in the pellet grill field.

And while I dont agree with the strength of that argument, I do understand the sentiment.

When you look at a company like Traeger that has been developing wood pellets for years, its clear to see why some people would rely on them more.

Theyre more experienced, better practiced, and know their product inside and out.

Thats a pretty convincing reason to choose them over pellets like the ones developed by the pit boss.

The other major con to pit boss pellets is that there are no artificial flavors.

For many people who are used to this artificial smokey, wood flavor, theyll find these pellets to be a little weaker in flavor.

For me, that isnt a bad thing because its all authentic, but too many people it will be a problem, so its worth pointing it out here.

If youve never used wood pellets with artificial flavors before though, youll find the food cooked over pit boss pellets to be absolutely delicious!

Why You Should Buy A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are quickly becoming the most popular grills amongst barbecue enthusiasts, thanks to their precise temperature control, overall versatility, and durable construction. The best pellet grills can give you professional-quality barbecue without a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, pellet grills have traditionally been incredibly expensive, making them a hefty investment outside of most peoples interest.

If youre looking for an affordable entry point into pellet grill cooking, then you cant go wrong with a Pit Boss BBQ pellet grill. Thanks to their overall reliable design quality, a reasonable price range, and low maximum footprint as compared to competitors, the best pellet grills from this company are excellent for barbecue enthusiasts on a budget.

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Cooking On The Louisiana Grills Black Label

TheBlack Label grills from Louisiana falls right in line with what you would expect from pellet grills these days. Its very easy to use. Fill with pellets, hit the on button, set your temp, and away you go!

You can also change the desired temperature from the display panel or the app at any time. Start-up and shutdown are very predictable and mostly autonomous.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying Pit Boss Grills Pellet And Smokers

Review: Pit Boss 1000 Pellet Grill – Rancher 1000Xl, Walmart Austin

Once you have decided to choose a Pit Boss grill, you must keep in mind some very important features. These will make sure that you choose only the best among Pit Boss grills.

So lets take a look at some simple, but essential things you need to pay attention to, to find only the best grill out there!

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Pit Boss 72700s Pellet Grill With Upgraded Cart

Why youll love this:

The top Pit Boss wood pellet grill that money can buy is the 72700S, which now comes with an upgraded cart.

That cart is more dependable than previous carts and comes with rugged wheels for pushing or moving the grill across any type of floor or ground and a small area for storage. Though it comes with a more standard temperature knob, it does have a digital screen that shows you the temperature you selected.

Cast-iron grids coated in porcelain sit directly over the heat for even cooking and further from the heat for warming. Youll get 700 square inches of cooking room too.

Traeger Vs Pit Boss An Overview

Pellet grills use engineered wood pellets to deliver heat and smoke to the cooking area, resulting in incredibly flavorful meat with a hard smoke ring. The ease of use and the absence of a learning curve can make this an ideal choice for beginners. At the same time, the flexibility of choosing different wood pellets and the resultant flavors can satiate the refined tastes of seasoned BBQ veterans.

Trager and Pit Boss are both well-known for creating excellent pellet grills. In order to take a deeper dive into their products and strengths, let us first take a look at the two companies.

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Is Green Mountain Better Than Pit Boss

Both Pit Boss and Green Mountain Grills are an investment worth making if you want to start using a pellet grill. The Green Mountain Grill on this list is more portable and is smaller overall. Both Pit Boss grills are much larger and more durable, offering 8-in-1 cooking over extremely large cook areas.

Are Pit Boss Grills Any Good

Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Ultimate Guide 2021 August

If youre looking for a reasonably priced pellet grill, here is a fantastic place to start your search. Pit Boss manufactures a high-quality product, and the cooking experience it provides is significantly superior than that of a traditional barbecue. The signature series features simple grills that are easy to use to begin started. They arent terribly complicated, but they are excellent for family barbecues.

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Are Pit Boss Grills Made In China

Smoker and barbecue grills are a booming business, in fact, this website shows that pellet grills have experienced a 9.1 percent growth in 2016 and expect the growth to continue.

The pellet grilling business is a booming business with tons of competition. Therefore more grill companies are moving their manufacturing to China, to help them cut costs.

Unfortunately, there isnt a ton of information available online about the company. However, I did read that the grills are manufactured in China.

Pit Boss Lp Gas Vertical Smoker


The pit boss lp gas vertical smoker/grill is a game-changing grill that looks exactly like a mini-fridge. It has a smooth design and the glass door seals the high temperature of the grill inside. The transparent door makes it easier to check the progress of the food without opening the door.


The performance of the grill is smooth and impressive as it has 3 porcelain-coated cooking grids that provide a whopping 800 square inches of cooking surface. It has external access to the grease tray which makes it easier to clean.


When compared with other vertical smokers, this is the most affordable vertical smoker that provides the large cooking area with great value for money.


This grill can be used easily. You can arrange the food on 3 trays and set the temperature to anywhere between 100-350 degrees. Then just wait for the food to be cooked.


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What Should I Look For When Shopping For A Pellet Grill

To help you get started, heres a list of the most pertinent features and benefits of a pellet smoker. Bear in mind that some of these qualities are subjective. For example, the amount of grilling space should be proportionate to the size of your group, or how often you grill. A couple who rarely entertains will have no need of a grill with 800 square inches of cooking space, whereas a larger family would have a more difficult time with a smaller unit.

  • ValueConsider how much youre willing and able to spend on a pellet grill
  • DurabilityPay close attention to the quality of the materials, as well as the efficiency of the overall construction
  • Pellet EfficiencyTake note of how quickly the auger component feeds pellets into the chamber
  • SizeThe amount of grilling space thats available
  • Type of Control PanelLook for sophisticated technology that makes for a largely hands-free operation
  • Temperature ProbesThe best grills will offer dual probes that report the internal temperature of the meat, as well as the cooking chamber itself
  • Ease of SetupAssembly should take no more than two hours for a single person
  • Ease of UseOperation should be straightforward and efficient, with minimal cleanup duties required

About Pit Boss Kamado Grills

Are Pellet Grills Any Good? Are Pellet Smokers Worth It?

Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado Series grills are manufactured by Dansons, which is also the parent group to Louisiana Grills pellet grills and smokers.

We here at The Barbecue Lab have had our fair share of experience working with Dansons customer support. We found them to be very responsive and helpful with the issue we were having with another one of their grills not featured in this review. The issue was taken care of with expediency and care and that level of customer service is worth noting.

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Z Grills Vs Pit Boss Build Quality Reliability And Durability

Both Z Grills and Pit Boss Grills are built out of steel, either powder coated or painted, depending on the grill models construction. These two grills are very similar and is expected in budget grills.

Pit Bosss newer grills, the Pro Two models, feature thicker, heavy-duty steel construction, and their high temperature resistant coating is also better. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron and sit on top of a direct flame grilling system. Dont expect the high-quality stainless steel construction found in premium pellet grill models.

Z grills, however, have upped their game and are building new grill models and adding quality stainless steel complements to them, such as stainless steel lid doors, side tables, and other components. This is quite impressive to see from a budget pellet grill manufacturer.

Z Grills builds their grills using heavy duty powder coated steel, and the grill grates are porcelain coated steel. During our research, we found that Z Grills approach to simple, affordable grills is resulting in better working and more reliable grills. By keeping many bells and whistles out of their grills, they have managed to also keep reliability and durability up.

Pit Boss Sportsman Portable Wood

This is Pit Boss version of a portable wood-pellet grill. It has 387 square inches of cooking space, and the hopper holds 19 pounds of pellets. The legs fold up and the lid latches, so its more suitable to load in the back of your car.

The temperature is set by a simple dial, and the digital control center has a large LED readout. Overall, the Pit Boss Sportsman is a straightforward, easy-to-use grill thats simple to transport.

So who stands on top of the battle between Traeger vs. Pit Boss? Let us know what smoker or grill you use and prefer.

By Justice Sahaydak

Justice is an avid outdoors-lover who has dabbled in camping, hiking, cross country skiing, and more. She has been mountain biking for over a decade and has raced competitively for several years. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in English at the University of Minnesota, and shes always up for talking about either bikes or books.

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Best Pit Boss Gen 1 Pro Series Review

Pit Boss currently sells the widest range of vertical pellet smokers, and for many years Gen 1 Pro Series vertical smokers have been the most commonly available. Today there are Gen 2 Pro Series vertical pellet smokers with WiFi/SmokeIT integration and there is also a Platinum model the Brunswick. However, good reviews of those vertical smokers are a bit thin on the ground. Therefore, I thought I would include what I think is the best review of the Gen 1 Pro Series vertical smoker from Andrew, the Grill Sergeant.

The Grill Sergeants review of his one year old Gen 1 Pro Series vertical pellet smoker

The reasons I like Andrews review the best is that over the year of ownership he has clearly used the smoker quite a lot, and the review is also about how to clean/maintain the smoker. I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew as I discuss in my article on BBQ wood pellets, sifting pellets to removes small bits/fines is best practice and will help the unit run better and more efficiently.

Other than an initial auger blockage error which Andrew thinks may have been due to not initially sieving his pellets, he has found the smoker to be very reliable. When it comes to cooking areas, Pit Boss vertical pellet smokers for the money provide a lot of space. As I discuss in my article on the best vertical pellet smokers, if you already own a gas grill, a vertical pellet smoker may actually be a better choice over a horizontal pellet grill/smoker.

Which Pit Boss Model Is The Best

Pit Boss Lexington 540 sq. in. Wood Pellet Grill w/ Flame Broiler and ...

We have also included a buying guide so you know how to choose the best model for yourself.

  • Editors Choice: Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate Smoking Grill.
  • Best Wood Pellet Grill: Pit Boss 820FB Wood Pellet Grill.
  • Best Portable Grill: Pit Boss PB440TGR1.
  • Best Grill for Big Groups: Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill.

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Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000 Wood Pellet Grill Review

We all know that all that standing is the most punishing part of the grilling experience.

But the Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000 Wood Pellet Grillhas you covered: with its digital control panel that can be accessed with the Pit Boss app, you can control it remotely while putting your feet up and avoiding unnecessary calorie burn.

Seriously though, this slick-looking, heavy-duty Pit Boss grill gives you everything you need for your outdoor cooking needs. With 1,006 square inches of cooking surface, a hopper capacity of 26 lbs, and even built-in grill lighting for nighttime cooks.

You can get the Pit Boss Platinum Laredo 1000 Wood Pellet Grill through Walmart, for a very reasonable $500.

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