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We aim to hold each and every product to a high standard standard in quality assurance testing. In other words, our grills are built to last. Thats why we use a durable steel and test our grill coatings in harsh environmental conditions. No such thing as perfection? We do our best to disprove that with every Weber grill we create.

Weber Genesis Ii Vs Charcoal Bbq Grills

Weber Charcoal BBQ Grill

Charcoal has the heat and adds texture that gas cannot.

Gas grills are more precise, consistent, and easy to clean than charcoal.

You also do not have to add charcoal every time using the grill.

Gas is the easiest and the most precise way to grill, while charcoal will give you better flavor with a bit more prep and clean up.

Weber Summit Gas Grills

The Weber Summit lineup of grills is designed with the true grilling enthusiasts in mind although some of their more basic models are a little too basic and pricey to buy. Their higher end ones are the best of the best. Prices range between $1600 to about $2600. The top of the line Weber Summit grill is the Weber Summit S-670 grill.

Seriously, if you have loads of cash to spare and a real grilling fanatic or a masterchef of some sort specializing in grilling, you will not compromise nor will you save but you will only choose the best of the best grills and the Weber Summit lineup of grills will not disappoint you!

There are about 10 different grills you can find with Weber Summit grills. Two of them are insert grills while the rest are freestanding ones. They come with alphabets to annotate the differences between grills again. E and S are the annotations used. E refers to enameled painted grills while S refers to stainless steel made grill.

This is what you will expect to get from their E type Summit grills.

  • MADE IN USA explains the price difference.
  • Even, high heat from all their burners
  • Brushed stainless steel finish wont show marks as easily
  • Quality construction of cast aluminum, stainless steel, and porcelain coated steel

For starters who want a large Weber gas grill, I suggest looking into the Weber Spirit before moving to better grills. I hope this article can help you decide better on choosing a Weber grill.

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Where Are Weber Grills Made

Webers headquarters are located in Palatine, Illinois, and the company has a manufacturing facility in nearby Huntley. However, most Weber grills are made from globally sourced components, and some are actually manufactured in China and Taiwan. The Weber SmokeFire is the only one thats exclusively American made.

Are All Imported Grills Bad

NEW Weber Genesis II S

Does this mean all imported grills are bad? Notnecessarily. But as mentioned earlier, they are not held to the same standardsthat American-made grills are held to. You can feel the quality difference.

BBQ Depot does sell some imported brandsincluding Summerset and Blaze.This is because these brands have shown product support. It may take months andmonths for parts, but eventually those parts become available. With that being said, there are definitely quality issues as well asmanufacturing choices that can end up turning into a headache for the consumer.For example, these grills use flame thrower valves. If you need to replaceyour ignition electrode, you will have to replace the entire valve. Thiscreates a large expense for an inexpensive part. Since the electrode is builtinto the valve, there is not a replacement for it.

There is much that could be said about eachindividual brand that imports their grills. Since a large part of our businessinvolves service and selling replacement parts, we are frequently put in thedifficult position of explaining to customers why there is no product supportfor their grills.

Because of this, we have had to make thedifficult choice of not displaying imported grills in our showroom. When wedisplay a grill and a customer purchases that grill, they hold us accountablefor the quality of the product. Due to the many inconsistencies, we had noalternative but to display products we can stand behind, like our American-madegrills.

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The Weber Made In The Usa Lawsuit

Many consumers look for products made in the USA. They often feel that these products are of a higher quality, or they are motivated by a desire to support American businesses and their local economies. Marketers understand these consumers, and often actively promote products as being made domestically, knowing that this kind of label can boost sales, as well as promoting a companys image to American buyers.

In 2011, Weber faced a class-action lawsuit after consumers discovered that grills sold under the made in the USA label included parts and components made in China and Taiwan. Some of Webers customers felt deceived by the made in the USA label, and took their grievance to court.

At the time, Weber claimed that their made in the USA labeling was not deceptive marketing, issuing the following statement:

Weber believes that because all Weber grills and the disputed accessories are designed and engineered in the USA, and all grills save for one line are manufactured and assembled in the USA using component parts primarily made in the USA, it did nothing wrong.

In a certain sense, if the products are designed in the United States, and contractors in other countries make them to the same standards and quality, perhaps it doesnt matter where they are actually made. But theres no doubt that such practices to make a made in the USA claim ambiguous at best.

Natural Gas Vs Liquid Propane Weber Genesis Grills

Most Genesis II series grills are available in natural gas, but the colors may vary. You cannot place an LP grill or wood pellet grill on your roof deck or balcony by code for Bostonians.

When you think about it, carrying a liquid propane tank up five flights is a bad idea .

You can, however, run a gas line and have a natural gas grill.

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History Of Weber Grills

Weber grills trace its innovative history to the suburbs of Chicago. George Steven invented this incredible grilling machine back in the year 1952. He happens to be the former person to put forward the Kettle style grill to its consumers.

The innovative design of the grill made it easier to use and highly efficient. The family successfully ran the business and its operation for decades until one day, and they decided to sell off their controlling stakes. The reason is simply the competition which the Weber Company faced now. The Weber Company was losing the international market due to steep competition. The company sold off its stakes to BDT. Today the world knows this kettle-style grill like a Weber kettle. The Weber Company has continued to fulfill their customers perfect grilling with their innovative gas grills, charcoal grills, and even the efficient electric grill over the years. In todays era, there is none whose house does not contain a Weber Product. Most households use portable weber products at the local park campsite or any barbecue party where they love to cook.

With such humble beginnings, the Weber Company is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world. It has its hub in Illinois and continues to engineer and design all kinds of drilling equipment.

Is Weber Or Napoleon Better

Top 5 gas grill brands made in the USA (or Canada) Not made in china

There are not that many significant differences between the two. One the one hand, Napoleon is slightly less expensive and does give you a larger primary cooking area, but the Weber is also great and has some cool features. While they are both easy to use, the Weber will probably suit the beginner better than Napoleon.

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Warming Racks With Every Grill

All the grills have warming racks for your grills. This is the best place to keep food warm as you are whipping up culinary masterpieces. Its an amazing feature to have, especially when you are cooking for large crowds or at large family gatherings.

The warming rack can also be placed perfectly above the grill in the perfect place to toast buns for your burgers. This is very convenient because it means you dont have to take the buns inside to toast in the toaster or the oven. It also keeps them from getting too charred if you cook directly on the grill.

Is A Weber Worth The Money

The quick answer is that almost all Weber grills are worth the money. The value comes from the long term cost of ownership combined with amazing grilling performance. When Weber grills are compared directly against other brands of similar quality it becomes clear that the price of a Weber grill is very reasonable.

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Are Dyna Glo Grills Made In Usa

Weber Genesis II E


. Similarly one may ask, are Weber grills still made in the USA?

Weber grills have been made in the United States since 1952, when George Stephen built his kettle grill from a buoy at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Ill. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.

Additionally, which grills are made in the USA? Primo Grills are the only ceramic grills that are made in the USA, Georgia to be exact. Sawtooth Pellet Grills are made in Boise, Idaho. Some of Weber’s grills, like the Classic charcoal kettle grill and the Summit series of gas grills, are manufactured in Palatine, Illinois.

In this regard, is Dyna Glo a good grill brand?

There’s no need to choose when you buy DynaGlo’s dual fuel grill. You’ll have the best of both worlds with a grill that is charcoal on one side and gas on the other. Best for: DynaGlo grills are best for homeowners with a medium to large outdoor living space.

Where is Dyna Glo grills made?

Most gas grills are made in China, but Vermont Castings Signature Series grills are made, as the name implies, in Vermont and Weber’s Summit and Genesis lines are manufactured in Illinois.

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What Size Is The Best For Me

The size will mainly depend on your yards size, the size of meals you want to cook and the importance of portability to you. If a few burgers are enough and you would like to carry the grill, the smaller portable gas grill models are the right choice. But if you want an outdoor kitchen that will be useful for every weekend of grilling, the bigger sizes are more suitable. You can choose the ones that have enough space for up to 20 burgers, or the biggest ones which will accommodate even more than 20 pieces or even more.

Americana The Swinger Grill

The next option is the Americana Swinger which has an old-school look that perfectly defines a USA-made grill. The cooking surface is about 332-square inches, so youll have some breathing room when cooking for an average-sized group.

The surface should be able to fit a reasonable amount of meats without any difficulty. The rugged wooden side tables will also give you some more space that can be used for food preparation. Unlike some of the foreign grills, this American grill will be able to avoid burnouts with the elevated fire grates.

You can take this grill wherever you need to go thanks to its portable features. When its time to move the grill to its next destination, you can fold the wood side tables to reduce the overall size. From there, the two wheels on the bottom will be able to help you roll the grill to your destination without straining yourself.

The adjustable air vents and tilt-away hood will allow you to check up on your food without any crazy flare-ups that could potentially hurt you. The combination of portability, ease-of-use, and a generous cooking space help make this one of the best USA-made grills available.


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Comprehensive Temperature Magnet With 80+ Important Temps

Winner of the National BBQ Associations product of the year award. This 8.5 x 11 magnet contains more that 80 benchmark temperatures for meats , fats and oils, sugars, sous vide, eggs, collagens, wood combustion, breads, and more. Although it is not certified as all-weather, we have tested it outdoors in Chicago weather and it has not delaminated in three years, but there is minor fading.

Weber Genesis Ii Series Vs Professional Outdoor Grills

The Best BBQ Grill: Broil King Beats Weber! Made in the Good Old USA!

Aspire by Hestan Built-In BBQ Grill at Yale Appliance in Framingham

So how much better is a pro grill?

Professional grills have higher BTU output at 23-25,000 BTUs per burner, so you cook much faster than Genesis at 12-13,000 output per burner.

There is a much better sear as well. Pro grills use infrared technology, a hotter, more direct heat for much faster searing.

The Aspire by Hestan has a rotisserie that can fit up to 50 pounds of food with a much hotter 14,000 BTU infrared burner. Even the Weber Summit can only hold 20 pounds with a 10,600 BTU rotisserie burner.

Sounds good? It should.

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Our Favorite Weber Grills

  • This product is a Liquid Propane unit
  • Equipped with the powerful Gs4 high performance grilling system
  • Use the side burner to Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies Infinite…
  • Sear station creates an intense heat zone to quickly add sear marks on…
  • Dimensions: Lid Open 62″H x 59″W x 31″D || Lid Closed 47″H x 59″W x…
  • Boasts the GS4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition,…
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space over three burners. Left Table down…
  • 30, 000 BTU-per-hour input main burners with fuel gauge
  • Open cart design with six tool hooks and two large wheels.Built-in lid…

Jim Pfefferle Pewaukee Wi

Date Code: C

I rescued this bad boy from the back porch of my sisters place, where it had gathered dust since my fathers passing five years ago. Before looking, I was pretty confident it would be a C model, since my Dad was always trying out new grills and loved Weber products. I now consider this WSM a family heirloom.

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What Is Weber’s Smart Grill Hub And Why Is It Useful

Weber’s Smart Grilling Hub is a connectivity accessory that mounts to the side of your grill. The way to “connect” the accessory piece is by downloading the Smart Grilling Hub app on your phone. The app is Bluetooth connected and will send alerts to your phone, such as temperature readings for four different meat types.

This includes alarming you when it reaches a minimum or maximum temperature. This allows you to know when your food is done cooking without cutting into the meat, checking the color, or standing by the grill.

All this functionality is now built into the Smart grills.

Buying Usa Made Grills


When coming to a final decision for the best USA made grills, there a few factors to consider. The quality of your grill is one of the most important things to look for. Luckily for consumers, USA made grills are known to have excellent, long-lasting quality.

One factor to think about is the cooking surface area. Primo and Holland both have decent sized cooking area while the Americana and PK Grills have less surface area. If you plan on cooking for a large group, more space is always better.

While most USA-made grills are built with high-quality materials, rust and durability should also be a concern. The Holland Freedom grill comes with a 5-year rust warranty and a lifetime warranty on the grates. PK Grills is built out of cast aluminum, including the joints, so rust won’t be an issue here.

Portability may also be a concern, especially if you need to transport the grill. The Swinger grill is the most portable option on this list, but several others also include wheels on the legs to help you move the grill. PK grills have a good system for breakdown for when you want to take your grill on an adventure. The cast iron will be be heavier than cast aluminum though!

Watch out for fakes!

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Edward Dannewitz Overland Park Ks

Date Code: C

Although its not in top shape, my C model WSM still cooks up a storm. My father found this gem for me approximately 12 years ago sitting in a moving sale. Asking price was $15.00 and he talked them down to $5.00. Didnt fully appreciate what he had gotten me until I found out what it was and what real Qing was about. I now own three, and all are being used in competitions yearly.

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