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Natural Gas BBQ Grill Gas Line Install

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Gas-burning appliances, including outdoor barbecue grills, gas fireplaces, and patio space heaters, are designed to burn one of two different types of fuel. The majority of grills and outdoor appliances are designed to burn liquid propane fuelthe fuel that comes in tanks or bottles that you periodically must refill or replace. But homeowners increasingly are turning to outdoor appliances that burn the same natural gas that serves the indoor gas appliancesmostly because natural gas is a more plentiful, cheaper fuel. For a family that grills frequently, the cost savings can total hundreds of dollars each year. And because natural gas appliances can usually be tapped into the home’s natural gas lines, it eliminates the need for cumbersome tanks that always seem to run empty just when you’re grilling a big meal.

The Benefits Of A Natural Gas Barbeque Hook Up

Having a natural gas line for your barbeque is very convenient. Instead of worrying about your propane running out in the middle of cooking dinner, youll have a non-stop supply from your utilitys natural gas line. Once installed, your hook up will be located near where your grill is. When you want to use the barbeque, simply turn on the valve, light the grill and away you go.

The natural gas you use for your barbeque will be cheaper than how much youll pay for propane. Youll experience substantial savings over the years, not to mention the headache of having to fill or swap your tank.

Natural gas is lighter than air, and it rises. Propane is heavier and tends to build up when it is used. This factor makes natural gas a safer fuel to use compared to propane. You dont have to worry about built-up gas igniting unexpectantly. It also burns cleaner than propane, which means fewer toxins are released in the air and in your food.

Propane also gives off a wet heat, which can change the texture of the food you are cooking. Some people think this type of heat has a negative impact on the food and prefer how natural gas cooks instead.

This article will discuss the cost of having a professional gasfitter hook install a line out for your barbeque. Before getting to that, we will cover some important information.

Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive

Natural gas grills are more expensive than other options but they are with the money. They are very convenient and easy to work with.;

The reason why natural gas grills are more expensive is that they come with long and fast connection fittings. These features cost more to make thus resulting in their higher price range.;

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Mistake No : Going Too Much Over Budget

As you plan for the gas grill, make sure you stay within your budget. Compared with the charcoal grill, a gas line system will add additional parts, gas installation, and equipment. As you start using the gas pipe line grill, you will notice a slight increase in your gas bill to use it frequently. But there is no need to buy any extra propane or charcoal. By keeping into consideration all the gas grill expenses, you should stay within your budget.You can also try Buffalo Wild Wings if you want one of the best Buffalo wings.

How Natural Gas And Propane Stack Up

How to Install a Natural Gas Shutoff Valve for a Grill ...

One cubic foot of Natural Gas equals 1030 BTUs and Propane equals 2516 BTUs.

This means Propane burns hotter than Natural Gas.

Bar-b-que chefs and grillers know how quickly a propane gas grill heats up as well as how it maintains temperature easily.

It takes more Natural Gas to heat the same amount of food as it does propane, however, there are some distinct differences that should be considered.

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Things You Need To Know About Your Natural Gas Grill

After youve taken the grill out of the box, assembled it and are ready to start impressing people with your grilling skills there are a couple of things to keep in mind.; These tips will get your natural gas;grill ready to go from day one!

1) Water column pressure – Natural gas;grills are designed to run off certain water column pressures . The WCP for your grill is listed in your owners guide. This should to be tested at the supply line by a gas professional.;

2) Natural gas fittings – If fittings are needed on your gas line it is important to use straight pipe nipples as opposed to flare fittings.; Flare fittings can damage the end of your natural gas;hose and reduce the gas flow going to your grill.; For example, if your grill connection is 1/2″ and your gas line is 3/8″ you would need a 1/2″ straight pipe nipple, a bell reducer and a 3/8″ straight pipe nipple to complete the setup.;

3) Shut off valves For safety reasons we recommend you have both an inside and outside shut off valve.; When using the grill you need to be sure these are both in the full open position and when not using the grill we recommend they be closed stopping the flow of gas.

For more information about your natural gas grill, please check out the “gas” section of your owner’s guide.;

How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane

If you want to convert the natural gas grill to propane at home, we recommend you to start the procedure with precautions. It is essential since not adopting safety measurements can be detrimental for the conversion and your health as well.

Things you will need:

  • Soapy solution

Step 1:

Even before you start the conversion, is it essential to identify if you can convert natural gas BBQ to propane. You can know about it from the user manual that will come along with the natural gas BBQ grills.

Read through the guideline and see if the model is convertible or not. If you cant find the right information in the user manual, you may search the manufacturer website with the particular model number and see through the information.

Alternatively, you can contact the local provider of the unit.

Step 2:

Then you will need to purchase the necessary conversion kit from natural gas to propane. You can get it at the nearest hardware shop or get it from the grill supplier.

Step 3:

Before you start the conversion, turn off the natural gas supply line. Then find the connector of the gas line with the BBQ grill. Disconnect the supply line using a screwdriver or wrench.

Then, you need to curve your pathway through the interior of the BBQ grill. For this, use a quality screwdriver to remove the nuts and bolts from the grill outside. Then access the internal parts of the device.

Step 4:

A natural gas run BBQ grill comes with a natural gas use gear. These are:

  • Gas valves
  • Regulators
  • Orifices

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The Difference Between Natural Gas And Propane

We are using the term natural gas to distinguish it from propane gas which is for entirely different grills. Some propane grills have converter kits so you can use your natural gas stub-out and leave those canisters behind, but it is not safe to convert it yourself. It is always recommended to use one supplied by the manufacturing company for your specific grill.;

Natural gas is the same gas you have for your water heater and probably a gas stove, furnace, or fireplace in your house. It is provided as a utility so if you arent currently using it you will set that up first. If you have a natural gas line that goes outside to be used for pool heating or grilling, you will see a capped stub out protruding from an exterior wall.

Why Should You Convert To Natural Gas

How to Install a Natural Gas Barbecue Grill | Ask This Old House

Converting to natural gas ensures that you always have a constant supply of gas without the need to constantly be restocking on propane tanks and propane tank gauges.

This does present challenges in manoeuvrability however, as your grill be essentially fixed to the area immediately around your natural gas supply. So if you like to take your grill camping or tailgating then converting to natural gas wont be a practical course of action.

However if you only only tend to grill at home and are keen to save money on propane costs, then converting to natural gas is certainly something to consider.

The most important tool youll need for converting your propane grill to natural gas is a conversion kit. This is essentially a hose with brass fittings on either ends which can connect your propane grill to your natural gas pipe. The fitting for your grills manifold will however be specific to your brand, so be sure to buy one that is compatible with your gas grill.

Install your chosen conversion kit in line with the kits owners manual.

Here are some examples of brand or model-specific conversion kits that should work with your grill:

  • Tap directly into your natural gas supply and convert a propane gas grill…
  • Perfect for hooking up the grill, fire pit, pizza oven, patio heater, and…
  • Made of 100% solid brass fittings and sturdy rubber hose, provides a secure…

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Not Calling Your Gas Company Or A Licensed Plumber To Do The Gas Connections

In addition to permitting and code restrictions from your community, your gas company in all likelihood prefers if you call them to turn gas off and back on unless there is an immediate emergency. If you are running a new gas line from your house to the grill, you may need to turn off the gas to the whole house. Gas connections require special pipes, valves, tools, and supplies. If youre setting up a separate line or a quick-connect shut-off valve where none existed before, call a licensed plumber to do the work.

Are Natural Gas And Propane Grills The Same

No. They look the same but operate in a different way.

Propane is much more combustible than Natural Gas.

As its name implies, Natural Gas occurs in nature as the result of decayed plant and animal compounds.

Propane is a by-product of the fuel refinement process by cleaning contaminants out of impure natural gas. As a man-made accelerant, propane is more efficient at burning and produces more heat.

I wasnt sure which one worked better so I thought I would do some homework.

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Direct Gas Grill Lines

When my husband and I first decided to go with a natural gas grill that hooked up directly to our home gas system, we were thrilled to say farewell to propane canisters and the hassle of refilling them. But a 600° overnight mistake has me wondering if it was such a great idea.

We had family visiting and, after enjoying a delicious steak dinner, my husband, the grill master, failed to turn off the grill. This was after he had turned it up to high to burn off the steak remnants left on the grill.

The next morning as we readied for a day of boating, my sister-in-law went outside to retrieve something and made the discovery. The grill was so hot the siding on our house behind it was melting.

I shudder to think what might have happened if she hadnt gone out there and we had left the grill on all day long . We might have had a serious fire with our pet dog and cat at home to face it alone. So, what are the pros and cons of connecting a grill to your natural gas line?

Hire A Pro For Safety And Peace Of Mind

Can I tap into this main gas line for my natural gas grill ...

The risk of gas explosion means this is a risky choice and you should only take on this task if you are confident in your skills. What we have shared here is the freely available information on the internet, but we do not recommend any of these steps be taken by anyone without proper skills and experience. If you want to have this work done by pros who can get it done quickly and safely, just reach out to us by calling .

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Can Propane Grills Use Natural Gas

Not by default. Each type of grill uses different nozzles and pressure regulators to distribute its gas.

Propane starts as a liquid and becomes a gas as soon as it is introduced into the atmosphere.

Natural gas remains a gas from the source to the burner.

Portable grills tend to use Liquid Propane and built-in home or commercial grills tend to use natural gas from municipal gas networks. The same is true for RV grills.

How To Connect Natural Gas Line To Grill

If you have a natural gas line in your home, getting a natural gas grill will help you save costs and never run of out fuel mid-cook.

Before you start using your natural gas, however, youll need to first hook it up to your grill. This hookup process is relatively simple and you can do it on your own.

But youll need to follow the correct procedure and take maximum precaution for safety purposes.

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Hiring The Right Gas Line Installer

Not all contractors are equal when it comes to installing gas lines. Although contractors specialize in many areas, installing gas lines needs to be done by professionals. We specialize in the installation, repair or replacement of gas lines.

Check reviews, their website, and local building departments to find which contractor can meet the needs of your project.

The Gas Connection is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We offer our Colorado customers the best natural gas line installation possible. When you need this type of installation, contact us!

If you are thinking of installing a gas grill, contact us at 303-466-4206. We will be happy to discuss your needs for getting a safe, economical, and reliable gas grill installation.

What To Know Before You Go For It

How to Install a Natural Gas Grill | Ask This Old House

If you decide to go with a natural gas grill connected to your home gas system, there are some things you should know before you make your grill purchase.

First, natural gas grills and propane grills are not the same thing, so be sure to shop for the right type.

Some areas require a permit. If you live in a community that has a homeowners association, certain types of grills may be subject to restrictions. So youll want to check on these things.; Hopefully your locale only requires that you install a quick connect shut-off valve at the house.

Speaking of the installation, there are a couple of different methods of hooking up your grill to the gas line. The safest is with a gas plug safety quick disconnect. ;Your best bet is to hire a natural gas plumber to do this for you.

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Choosing The Right Gas Grill For Your Needs

Natural gas is a winner by far when it comes to installing a natural gas grill. This eliminates the need for replacing propane tanks, starting charcoal or an electric outlet that can be in short supply.

Using your homes gas line you will have an endless supply of clean-burning natural gas and maintain a constant heat as you enjoy grilling in your own backyard.

When you purchase your grill from your favorite retailer, rest assured we can professionally install any needed gas line and perform the final hookup.

Do you love your current propane grill but dont like having to keep switching out the propane bottles? The Gas Connection can convert it to natural gas and hook it up to the natural gas line in your home.

Todays grill grates are another thing to consider and are available in both metal and ceramic materials. If you want easy to clean grates, ceramic is the choice as they do not rust as metal ones do. Remember that ceramic grates can chip.

Determine The Capacity Of The Gas Line Running To Your Home By Looking At The Gas Meter

The gas meter should have a CFH reading or cubic feet per hour. Take the CFH reading and multiply it by 1000 to get the approximate capacity of your natural gas line.

This capacity can vary dramatically depending on the pressure of your natural gas line. For example, in the video, the meter is 210 cubic feet per hour, but the licensed professional said that 400,000 BTUs is running through the line.

Calculating this capacity can get complex, so be sure to consult an expert.

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What Is The Difference Between Propane And Natural Gas Grills

Both propane and natural gas grills are super popular and accessible to everyone. As charcoal grills are slowly exiting the market, propane and natural grills are dominating the industry.;

Both of these grill types are excellent but each comes with its advantages and disadvantages.;

Propane grills are more affordable and powerful. So you can use them at super high temperatures. They have more than twice the BTU of natural grills.;

Natural gas grills on the other hand are safer and more convenient for a busy household. If you have kids, you want something that is childproof.;

Propane tanks are known to cause fire hazards if not being very careful. They are also quite a pain to fill up. These bulky tanks are not easy to move around.;

Natural grills save a lot of energy and power. As it gets connected to your main gas line, you dont have to worry about refilling every month. Its cost-effective in the long run.;;

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