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How Much More Expensive Is Propane Than Natural Gas

How to Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas

The U.S. average cost for propane is $2.41 per gallon. One million BTUs of natural gas is roughly 11.20 gallons of propane. Which means for the same amount of fuel, youll pay $6.23 for natural gas and $26.99 for propane. The more efficient the fuel is, the less youll use, which plays a role in overall cost.

Convert A Propane Grill To Natural Gas In 3 Easy Steps

There is a question we see frequently: can you hook a propane grill to natural gas? Although propane is still the most popular gas grill choice, natural gas has become increasingly more popular in recent years. Once a natural gas line is installed, you will no longer have to worry about running out of gas mid-cook or frequently replacing propane tanks.

While you should never hook a propane gas grill to a natural gas line without first converting it for natural gas, it is a relatively easy process. Follow these simple steps below.

The Advantages Of Natural Gas For Grilling

Cooking with natural gas is quite advantageous as you will never run out of fuel.

The gas is usually supplied by a gas utility company or the local government.

You can cook as much as you want. Great isnt it?

The only drawback of using natural gas is its immobile nature.

Since natural gas systems are fixed, you wont be able to move the grill around much. Of course, you can use a flexible pipe for some mobility but its reach is still limited.

Using your propane grill with natural gas also requires some effort but once you get this done, you will be able to cook more with minimal disturbance.

Lets now take a look at how to convert a propane grill to natural gas.

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How Do I Convert A Propane Grill To Natural Gas

You can convert your propane grill to natural gas with a simple procedure and some help from your grill dealer and natural gas company. Whether converting a barbecue grill, mobile home grill or propane stove to natural gas, you only need to change the size of the orifice that allows gas to meet the flame and burn. With mobile home grills and stoves, you buy kits that include simple instructions you can do yourself. With barbecue grills, you will need some help to convert your propane grill the natural gas.

The reason different sized orifices are needed to convert a propane stove or grill to natural gas has to do with the composition of these two different gases. Natural gas requires 40% more air to burn than propane does and it is delivered at a lower pressure than propane. This means the orifice must be 2.5 times bigger to allow for the additional air and lower gas pressure.

Kits can be difficult to find for converting a propane grill to natural gas. Homeowners must either drill out the present orifice to make it larger, or purchase a new orifice of the proper size if they want a natural gas grill. Drilling an orifice can be difficult and is best done with a drill press. Check with your dealer to find out the correct orifice size to drill.

How Do You Change From Propane To Natural Gas

Kenmore Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Elite 550 600 and ...

Now, you have to do everything including the pit boss natural gas conversion kit to start converting your propane grill into a natural gas grill.

Step 1 Before starting work make sure your gas is disconnected then open the burner box using a screwdriver

Step 2 It is better to replace the burner gas valve otherwise drill the gas knob according to the gas pressure.

For example Most of the building has a 7-inch wall with 10,000 BTU of pressure and if you have a three-burner gas grill with 10,000 BTU, before the start drilling make sure gas pressure using the monometer, each produces one burner. So you need to know which drill bit is needed.

Step 3 Now its time to carefully refix the burner box as before

Step 4 Remove the propane connected hose

Step 5 Fix the new pit boss natural gas conversion kit where you remove the propane hose. that is it. Now the end of your work.

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Can You Convert A Weber Propane Grill To Natural Gas

It used to be that you could convert any Weber LPG grill to NG. However, in recent years they have started to sell separate LPG and NG models.

Again though, pretty much any Weber grill CAN be converted, with required parts and instructions on how to do so readily available. However, Id be hesitant as it may invalidate your home insurance if you convert a grill thats not officially marked up convertible.

Are You Sure You Want To Convert To Natural Gas A Recap Of The Benefits

Aside from never running out of fuel mid grill, natural gas grills come with many other benefits over propane:

  • Lower energy costs NG is more economical.
  • Better for the environment NG is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.
  • Convenience no need to schedule deliveries or pick up new and return empty canisters.
  • Natural gas piped straight to the grill is safer and easier with no more canisters.
  • Some would say the taste is better too.

Need more details and persuasion? Be sure to check out our Propane Vs. Natural Gas Grill comparison guide.Are you already decided?

Well, read on to find out the main things to consider before you start the conversion work, and more importantly, exactly how to do it!

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Converting A Pit Boss 1230 Combo From Propane To Natural Gas

This is an instructional video on how to convert a Pit Boss PB1230 Pellet/Propane Gas Combo Grill to Natural Gas. To see this particular model of grill, go here:

Special thanks to our friend, licensed journeyman gas fitter Ryan Keith for helping us with this conversion. Converting a propane grill to natural gas makes it much more convenient, so we hope this video helps you pick the right professional if you are considering this modification. Our goal is for everyone to be able to make world class barbecue at home and with the right tools, anybody can grill like a champion.

Which Way To Go

Converting a Gas Grill to Natural Gas

Ive found circumstances dictate options for gas grilling.

If portability is important, Propane makes the most sense.

If a home or office already has a natural gas line for heaters and/or other appliances, it becomes the fuel of choice.

Many rural homeowners appreciate the value of Propane because it doesnt require a municipal resource for supply. Propane can even be delivered to remote locations.

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What Is Us Y Atwola

This substantial cost difference may lead homeowners to consider converting from propane to natural gas once natural gas becomes available in their neighborhood. The conversion process can be complicated, and the cost can range from under $1,000 to more than $5,000.

Thereof, How do I convert my BBQ from natural gas to LPG?

Check if the natural gas grill can be converted to propane use. Shut off the natural gas supply to the BBQ, then disconnect the gas line. Remove any orifices, regulators or gas valves marked for natural gas use.

Also to know is, Can any propane BBQ be converted to natural gas? Make sure your grill is designed for dual fuel and able to run off of natural gas. Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual.

Subsequently, question is, Can you convert a Broil King propane BBQ to natural gas? If you change your mind and want to hook up to natural gas after purchasing a propane grill, you will need to purchase different burner tubes, change every small orifice fitting by replacing the entire valve manifold and purchase a longer hose to convert the grill.

Also, Can I use LPG for BBQ?

So if youre grilling in winter, propane is the way to go. So in theory, because LPG is a combination of propane and butane and these gases are suitable for use with a barbecue grill then theres no reason why you cant use LPG. Certainly there is no issue with smells or odours contaminating the food.

How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane

If you want to convert the natural gas grill to propane at home, we recommend you to start the procedure with precautions. It is essential since not adopting safety measurements can be detrimental for the conversion and your health as well.

Things you will need:

  • Soapy solution

Step 1:

Even before you start the conversion, is it essential to identify if you can convert natural gas BBQ to propane. You can know about it from the user manual that will come along with the natural gas BBQ grills.

Read through the guideline and see if the model is convertible or not. If you cant find the right information in the user manual, you may search the manufacturer website with the particular model number and see through the information.

Alternatively, you can contact the local provider of the unit.

Step 2:

Then you will need to purchase the necessary conversion kit from natural gas to propane. You can get it at the nearest hardware shop or get it from the grill supplier.

Step 3:

Before you start the conversion, turn off the natural gas supply line. Then find the connector of the gas line with the BBQ grill. Disconnect the supply line using a screwdriver or wrench.

Then, you need to curve your pathway through the interior of the BBQ grill. For this, use a quality screwdriver to remove the nuts and bolts from the grill outside. Then access the internal parts of the device.

Step 4:

A natural gas run BBQ grill comes with a natural gas use gear. These are:

  • Gas valves
  • Regulators
  • Orifices

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How Do You Convert A Propane Grill To A Natural Gas Grill

To convert a propane grill to natural gas, find out whether or not you can do it by using the ways listed above and see if the conversion is even possible. If not, theres no reason to take any further steps.

If you can convert the grill, the next step is to run a new gas line. Without a new gas line thats dedicated to the grill, theres no reason to go through all the hassle of converting the grill because a natural gas grill is utterly useless without a gas line.

Youll want to purchase a conversion kit thats specific to the grill being converted. Not just any conversion kit will do!

For example, if someone is converting a Char-Broil model 8216842R04 grill bought in 2020 or later, the Char-Broil 8216842R04 Natural Gas Conversion Kit is the one he would need.

Youll need to gather any tools youll need to perform the conversion, which could include pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, socket, drills, and more.

Once you have all that stuff together, youre ready to make the conversion.

  • Start by removing the jets. The old jets must be removed and replaced with the new jets from the conversion kit. Then youll need to limit the valve flow by removing the knob, putting on the limiter stop, and replacing the knob.
  • Here is a video that shows you the complete propane to natural gas grill conversion using a conversion kit for people who are looking for pointers:

    Converting A Natural Gas Grill Topropane

    How to Use a Gas Grill

    A common reason that someone might want toconvert their natural gas grill to a propane grill may be that theyve moved toan area where there is no natural gas.

    Propane is a higher pressured gas than naturalgas. Therefore, the orifice drill size will be substantially smaller thana natural gas orifice.

    You definitely do NOT want to hook up aNatural Gas Grill to a LP tank. You will have way too much gas flowing throughthe orifice and can be potentially dangerous.

    Using manufacturers conversion kits is a saferand more convenient method than piecing together the parts. Making sure you have thecorrect sized fittings, hoses, and orifices can be a pain, but the premade kitswill take care of all that work for you.

    If a conversion kit is available for yourgrill, be sure to ask your installer to give you the natural gas orifices backin the event you want to convert it back.

    If a conversion kit is not available for yourgrill model, there may be blank orifices that will have a starter hole. Theseorifices must be drilled by a licensed professional. This is because it is aspecial gauging drill that is used to drill the hole. They are not meant to bedrilled with an electric tool as brass is soft and you do not want tocompromise the orifice.

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    How To Convert Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Not sure where to begin with converting your propane grill to natural gas? In my guide today I lay out everything you need to know to make the change.

    You might have considered changing gas sources from propane to natural gas to help save on ongoing fuel costs, and to move to a more reliable means of fuelling your grill.

    This can be daunting though, as you need to take into account potential issues like practicality and safety.

    In most cases, its quite simple and straightforward to convert to natural gas, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so.

    Want to invest in a natural gas grill? Check out my natural gas grill reviews.

    Before you begin, here are some important checks to make before attempting to convert your grill.

    Can You Convert Any Grill To Natural Gas

    Can you convert any grill to natural gas? Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual. Many LP grills have manufacturer dual-fuel labels showing they can be converted to NG. If so, then the manufacturer will offer conversion kits via their website or other retail outlets. Youll need to buy a natural gas grill.

    How much does it cost to convert a propane grill to natural gas? They will usually run you between $50 and $100. Another safety note: Never hook up your natural gas line to your grill without converting it beforehand.

    Can you hook up a gas grill to natural gas? You can hook a propane gas grill to a natural gas line, but youll first need to convert the grill for natural gas use.

    Can you convert all propane BBQ to natural gas? Not all gas grills are compatible with natural gas. Youll want to review your owners manual to make sure that you can convert from propane to natural gas. If purchasing a new grill, be sure to ask for the Natural Gas model, which will already come converted.

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    How Do I Convert My Weber Grill From Natural Gas To Propane

    . Moreover, can you convert a BBQ from natural gas to propane?

    Some still utilize charcoal, while others run on propane or natural gas. Additionally, propane is readily available for purchase at gas stations and home improvement stores. Converting a natural gas BBQ to use propane can be done at home however, caution should be taken.

    Secondly, why are natural gas grills more expensive? Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. You’ll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

    People also ask, can a Weber Spirit grill be converted to natural gas?

    In order to convert a Weber barbecue grill to use Natural Gas or to use Propane we will need to change all the orifices in the barbecue. This 88832 orifice was used in Weber Spirit and Genesis models with side-mounted control valves Only when the original orifice is three-eighths hex-head diameter.

    Can you convert a Napoleon BBQ from propane to natural gas?

    Napoleon N370-0956 Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Prestige P500RB. This kit is to convert your Prestige 500 from Propane to Natural Gas.

    Can Dyna Glo Grills Be Converted To Natural Gas

    How to Convert a Grill from Propane to Natural Gas (

    4.5/5DynaGloNatural Gas Grillnatural gascannatural gas

    In order to convert a Weber barbecue grill to use Natural Gas or to use Propane we will need to change all the orifices in the barbecue. Remove the orifice in the tip of the control valve.

    Likewise, how do I convert my KitchenAid grill to natural gas? Tap directly into your property’s natural gas supply line and forget about refilling those propane tanks at the store. This conversion kit turns your KitchenAid liquid propane grill into a natural gas grilling machine by swapping out the existing components with an NG regulator and hose.

    Consequently, do you need a regulator on a natural gas grill?

    Many, if not most, residential natural gas appliances have their own individual regulator. Most often this regulator is built into the automatic gas valve. The appliance itself usually calls for a gas pressure of 3.5 inches of water column at the burner and that is set by the internal regulator.

    Why are natural gas grills more expensive?

    Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. You’ll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

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