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Cuisinart Griddler Grills (GR-4N) Demo Video

this is the best griddler i have ever found. it grills, cooks, makes paninis and so much more! its sturdy, heats up quickly and has even cooking temps across both plates. i have been using this for a couple of months and it is holding up perfectly! we make pancakes at least once a week. grilled sandwich several times a month and use it to cook hamburgers. it gives you that perfect grilled taste without all the mess. its a very heavy grill so its hard to move around but in my opinion that makes it sturdier. the plates are very easy to remove with just the push of a button. it heats up very quickly and cools down just as fast. this will be my new favorite gift to give for wedding showers and housewarmings!Ease of Cleaningthe non stick plates make this a breeze to clean just wipe off or place in dishwasher. the drain is good at trapping the liquids and grease that flow off just make sure you have it positioned just right on the bottom.


What Temperature To Grill Steak On A Gas Grill

Whether you like your steak rare or well-done is a matter of personal preference. But you dont want to undercook/overcook those steaks since there are serious health issues from consuming raw/charred meat. Thus, you should strictly adhere to the appropriate cooking temperatures for different items to lower the risks of food-borne bacteria.

Lets talk specifics: the optimal internal temperature for steaks should be no less than 145°F with a 3-minute rest. While theres nothing wrong in playing things safe with the recommendation, its okay to make small tweaks here and there. But whether the steak is blood red or golden brown with sear marks, there is no wrong answer here.

Setup Process: Almost Non

The Cuisinart Petite Gas Grill was almost ready to go right out of the box. All I had to do was remove some plastic and cardboard from the inner grates and attach the feetthey slide right onto the telescoping legs and have red arrows that indicate exactly where they goand I was ready to connect the propane.

The manufacturer says that the grill can hold eight steaks, eight hamburgers, or six to 10 chicken breasts, but unless youre crowding them in , thats a stretch.

The grill operates with a 1-pound propane tank thats not included, but I had one handy. The propane tank attaches to a valve on the back of the grill. It screws right in and lies flush with the backside of the grill, so you dont have to find a place to rest it on the floor or tabletop. If you want to extend the propane tank out, you can buy the grill and an adapter hose together.

The manual does recommend turning on the grill and letting it heat for 15 minutes before the first use to let any manufacturing materials burn off and dissipate odor before cooking, so the initial setup process is a little lengthier than subsequent grilling was. After the first use, I let the grill heat up for about 10 minutes before cooking.

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Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

Weighing in at 42.5 pounds and sporting two folding side tables, this small grill is easy to take on camping trips or tailgating adventures but still has enough cooking space and power to prepare a delicious meal for four. It has a heavy-duty cast-aluminum cook box, providing an even convection heat inside it, said Phan. The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron, which not only maintains many features of cast iron, such as great searing, but also includes a porcelain outer layer for easy cleaning and rust resistance.

What Makes A Good Charcoal Grill

The Cuisinart Griddler® Deluxe offers six cooking options ...

We looked at the following criteria when compiling our list of the best portable charcoal grills.

Composition: First and foremost, you want your grill to be worth the investment, so make sure to do some research and see what your potential grill is made out of. Stainless steel is considered the best of the best when it comes to grills, due to its high resistance and durability. Not to mention, its easier to clean. An added bonus is that stainless steel grills tend to last a lot longer if taken care of properly, these grills can be kept anywhere from five to 15 years before having to be replaced.

We also recommend selecting a portable grill that is outfitted with legs. Otherwise, you may have to purchase something to set it down on and give it extra stability while you cook. Handles and wheels also come in handy when youre looking to easily transport your grill from one place to the next.

Size: Though we are discussing portable grills, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, you want to select a grill that is comparable to what youre looking to use it for. One that may be perfect for a solo camping trip may not be the best at accommodating guests for a cookout. Make sure to evaluate your potential grills cooking grate diameter when making your selection.

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Cuisinart Portable Gas Outdoor Grill

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Gas Grill CGG-180T

This Cuisinart Petit portable gas grill is one of the small table-top grill models manufactured by the brand Cuisinart. This product features a smaller surface for cooking with 145 square inches. Since the size of the cooking surface is smaller, it means that it can heat up pretty fast, which is a big plus for this model.

This Cuisinart gas grill is super convenient if you are looking for a good quality product that also has the ability to be transported easly. There is only one burner, but its power of 5,500 BTUs makes it powerful enough to cook different types of food. The grate that come with this Cuisinart tabletop gas grill are super easy to clean because they are constructed with stainless steel that has been additionly covered with some porcelain.

This good quality small gas grill comes with a manufacturers warranty that lasts for three whole years. The assembly is required for this model, but it is quite easy if you follow the instructions that come in the manual. Additional features are the lid latch and spill resistant drip tray. A temperature gauge is also not included, which means that you wont be able to grill your food at a specific temperature, as you dont know what the exact temperature is.


  • A single burner with 5,500 BTUs output
  • 145 sq. inches area for cooking
  • The base is foldable
  • High-quality, easy to clean grates
  • Includes a lid latch and a drip tray

Grilling Guide: These Portable Charcoal Grills Could Make You Switch From Gas Grills For Good

Summer and grilling are like peanut butter and jelly, or grilled cheese and tomato soup they just go together. So whether youre planning a camping trip or a cookout in the park or at the beach, one thing youll definitely want to pack with you is a portable grill. Whats better than being able to cook a delicious meal for a get together with family and friends? Or grilling up something delicious to enjoy as you watch the sunset from the comfort of your campsite?

Portable grills can either be powered by electricity, gas or charcoal, though we recommend the latter. The best charcoal grills are generally cheaper, easier to use and transport no matter where youre planning on using it. But most importantly, they produce the most delicious results. This is due to the fact that they can burn a lot hotter than their gas or electric counterparts. Even if the external part of your meat is on the crispier side, the center remains tender and full of flavor.

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How Much Does A Bbq Grill Cost

You can pick up a cheap gas grill for under a hundred bucks. They work. They might not last very long. If that’s your budget, we feel you’d be better off investing in a quality charcoal barbecue. You’re not really going to benefit from the advantages of gas grilling at that price.

So how much do you need to spend?

You can get a very good, entry-level grill for around $200. It’ll be big enough for the average family and will have all the basic features. If you look after it, you’ll get several years of great food which is the main reason you buy one, after all.

And what about a really stylish grill, from one of the top brands?

If you have $300 to $400 to invest, you have a whole world of BBQ delights to choose from: great-looking, high-quality grills with exceptional build quality. At this price, it’s pretty much a question of putting together your wish list and taking your pick. Just about everything you want falls within this price bracket.

The only reason to spend any more would be if you want a giant. $500 will get you a huge BBQ grill with enough cooking space to feed the whole neighbourhood!

What We Dont Like

Cuisinart Griddler GR-4N 5-in-1 Review and Weeknight Meal Recipe

Considering this is a budget gas grill, some issues can be expected. While the Cuisinart CGG-7400 appears to be a mostly durable grill, there are a few exposed components that will rust without proper attention. A grill cover is recommended to help prevent damage from the elements. The wheel bars are not protected by stainless steel, so expect rust to form over time. Storing in a garage or shed helps to extend the life of any grill, and this one is no exception. Additionally, some of the metal is thin and creates a feeling of cheap and flimsy material. The lid also has a small gap in the back that allows heat to escape. This is troublesome as it can lead to uneven cooking, but it doesnt appear to cause any issues in this particular case. Finally, while this is somewhere between light and medium weight for ease of movement, it sometimes feels too lightweight. A strong wind could blow it over, so ensure it is located in a secure location.

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Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill Best Tabletop Gas Grill

The Weber Q1200 is a travel-size gas grill that can whip up a decent meal in minutes. The space-saving design means you wont have much trouble fitting this grill inside a car or finding a spot for it on an outdoor table.

  • Solid performance

  • Flimsy side shelves

Cooking Area

Since the Q1200s selling points are compactness, the grilling surface offers 189 square inches with no warming rack. Weber claims it can cook for two or three adults.


The cooking grate is porcelain-enameled cast iron. Other components include a glass-reinforced nylon frame, cast aluminum lid and body. There is also a grease tray, though its smaller than ones found in full-size gas grills.

Burner Layout

A single stainless steel burner handles all cooking tasks. Its heating capacity of 8,500 BTUs per hour is understandably inferior compared to others. Though the heat isnt intense enough for searing, you can still make other common BBQ dishes. The ignition uses one triple-A battery cell to start the fire.

Additional Features

The two fold-down side shelves are a nice touch, but they can hold no more than a few lightweight items. Besides, if you can find a table for the grill, you wouldnt need these shelves anyway. Youll also spot a lid-mounted thermometer.


Though there are certain aspects that could have been improved, the Weber Q1200 nonetheless delivers results. Itd be hard to pass on this grill,which passes as a quick cooking option on the road or small gatherings.

Blackstone Grills Tailgater Two Open Burners & Griddle Top

This Blackstone Tailgater Grill and Griller Combo measures 52 x 24 x 38.5 inches and weighs 75 pounds. It includes customizable and adjustable legs terrains which are rough. Unfold it wherever you go. You might not believe it, but this is perfect for tailgating grill for all your events. It is for traveling. Get to have fun with various combination of set up. It works as a stovetop, griddle, and grill. It cooks anything.

Noticeable Features

It is easy to begin cooking. It surely goes with all types of weather. It does balance cooking and has direct instructions for configuration, and youre ready to cook. It ensures excellent outdoor and home use.

Even if youre not an outdoor lover, this grill is for everyone who wants to experience versatile cooking. This product guarantees your satisfaction as a result, that you will find no thoughts of regretting why you purchased this item. It is sturdy, and it is nicely packed up. It works perfectly 24/7, and its never difficult to assemble it. With the design it has, no one goes wrong with it.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Charcoal/lp Gas/smoker Combo Best Gas Grill Smoker Combo

A grill-smoker combo is already a rare sight, let alone a gas-fueled model. The Oklahoma Joe Longhorn has something to say about that. This massive grill-smoker hybrid runs on both charcoal and propane, and is a sight to behold.

  • 3-in-1 design

  • Non-swivelable caster

Cooking Area

Youll find 750 square inches of primary surface and another 310 square inches from the secondary surface. Thats 1,060 square inches in total, the largest to be featured in this article. You can cook several slabs of briskets, racks of ribs, or chickens with plenty of room to spare.

Oklahoma Joes official website also provides visualization of the dimensions, putting things into perspective.


The Longhorn has three separate cooking chambers with distinct functions, including one smoker box, one charcoal cookbox, and one propane cookbox.

Both the cooking grates and charcoal grates are porcelain-enameled cast iron. These grates are second only to stainless steel ones in terms of heating, and thats close enough for us.

Other components include a black painted side shelf, cool-touch handles, and a grease tray.

Burner Layout

The trio of stainless steel burners handles the Longhorns gas department. Each burner has its own ignition sparker and a temperature knob for easy management. Theres also a side burner on the right registering 12,000 BTUs as well.

Additional Features

Except for the smoker box, each cooking chamber has a thermometer mounted on the lid to call its own.


Isumer Portable Charcoal Grill

Cuisinart GR


Having a large get together in your backyard or an outing at the park? Look no further than ISUMERs portable grill. Boasting a large grilling area this grill is great for large group activities. There are even two additional baskets to store seasonings or additional food should you need it. The high-quality stainless steel is easy to clean, and will protect against rusting over an extended period of time.

The larger size of this grill may give you the idea that it might be more difficult to transport, though were extremely pleased to report that couldnt be further from the truth. The foldable and detachable design means assembly and disassembly is a breeze, while the anti-slip rubber feet promise added stability, wherever you happen to be grilling.

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Can Cook So Many Different Things

I love this griddler! We use it all the time to make panini sandwiches, and they always turn out perfectly. It heats up quickly, cooks the paninis well, and is really simple to clean. The griddle plates pop right out and can go in the dishwasher. They can also be turned around to give a flat surface, which works really well for cooking pancakes and french toast. The press can open flat and be used as a griddle with the flat side of the plates up. We haven’t used it as much for grilling meat, but when we have it works really well. The drip pan catches the grease, and is simple to pull out to empty and clean.Ease of CleaningI was really surprised at how easy this was to clean. You just pop the plates out and stick them in the dishwasher. If necessary you can remove the drip tray and put it in the dishwasher too. I love that it’s so easy to clean, because it means I’m much more likely to use it regularly.Ease of UseSo easy to use! Heats up really quickly, and can be used for cooking so many different types of foods.


Grill Grates Lids And Other Materials

The two most common materials used for grates are stainless steel and cast iron. Although stainless steel is rust-resistant , they dont conduct heat as well as cast iron. You can sear steak better on a cast iron grate, but one caveat is that you have to spend more time caring for it or else it will rust, Phan said. If you cook a lot of steaks, go with cast iron, but if you cook a lot of burgers, brats and seafood, stainless steel is a better choice.

High-quality gas grills are made from durable stainless steel but not all stainless steel is created equal. Stainless steel is an alloy that comes in different numerical grades, depending on its composition, which impacts its overall strength, heat durability and rust resistance. Among the different grades, Phan said 304 and 430 stainless steel are most common. Grade 304 is much better than 430 and that comes with a higher price tag, he explained. That said, if you take care of your 430 grill, it will probably last a bit longer.

Not all gas grill models come with a lid. Phan emphasized its importance for backyard cooks, though. With a lid, you can turn your grill into an oven, meaning that you can cook food with convection heat, he says. It will cook your food more evenly than conduction and radiant heat.

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