Does Nexgrill Make Good Grills

Is Nexgrill Owned By Home Depot

Nexgrill Deluxe 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill (Home Depot)

Owing to the blurred classification of grill lines by Nexgrill, and the fact that these grills are sometimes sold under other manufactures as well, Nexgrill is often confused to be owned by Home Depot. In reality, Home Depot is an online home improvement retailer that offers its customers an assortment of building materials, home improvement products, and caters to home improvement installation services.

Home Depot is an important supplier of various products and accessories under Nexgrill, but by no means owns the brand. Nexgrill is owned by Nexgrill Industries Inc. that manufactures and supplies grills and heaters.

Where Is Nexgrill Made


. In this regard, does nexgrill make good grills?

The heat output is good, there is a large cooking area, and it does come with a pretty good side burner. There is an enclosed cart and lots of stainless steel, some of it of good quality. On paper, this looks like a reasonably good gas grill at a very good price. In reality, however, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Furthermore, is nexgrill at Home Depot brand? We test grills from nearly every brand sold at Home Depot, including Napoleon, Weber, Char-Broil, Nexgrill, KitchenAid, Huntington, and Dyna-Glo. One of the models below is exclusive to Home Depot.

what grills are made in the USA?

Top 5 USA Made Grills

  • Huntington 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill.
  • Americana The Swinger Grill.
  • Primo 778 XL Ceramic Smoker Charcoal Grill.
  • Holland Freedom Grill.
  • PK Grills Griller & Smoker.

Is Weber better than nexgrill?

Comparing Weber vs Nexgrill regarding heat output, then Nexgrill is a clear winner. As it delivers a total heat output of 28,000 BTU, while the Weber model yields slightly less, i.e., 26,500 BTU. Apart from this, they both shares similarity when it comes over price tag.

How Do You Choose Between Propane And Natural Gas

Both propane and gas grills will achieve the same results in taste, some pretty big differences between them that are worth mentioning.

Propane gas grills contain more energy than the natural gas option and they will heat up extremely faster probably the main reason most people prefer propane gas over the natural alternative. They also allow you the option of using indirect heating and or different levels of temperatures at the same time. Best of all, the quick startup with the simple push of an ignition button.

On the other hand, natural gas will be cheaper than propane but not as easily accessible. You can go to just about any supermarket and pick up a propane tank for your BBQ. Dont forget that when choosing natural gas you will need to install the necessary pipes for delivering the natural gas to your grill.

Both are environmentally friendly and provide the same results while cooking. The natural gas option might cost more initially due to the installation process but could save you more money in the long run and the headache that comes with running out of propane right in the middle of cooking.

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Soaking: The Method For Procrastinators:

For the most stubborn food bits or the procrastinators out there, your savior is here! You dont have to clean the grill instantly with this method.

The first step is to find a large tub that will fit your grates and fill that up with hot detergent water. Soak the grates overnight or for at least two hours and take them out. Lastly, scrub with a brush or foil and hose it down to get it ready for the next session!

Friendly tip: Add a dash of baking soda or vinegar to the soapy solution to get that extra bit of cleanliness.

Two Burner Dyna Glo Grills

Nexgrill 720

There are two options for two burner grills Open Cart and Smart Space.

The two burner Open Cart grill, pictured on the left above is the cheapest grill offered by Dyna Glo.

2 Burner Open Cart Specifications

  • 310 Square Inch Primary Grilling Area
  • Two burners each rated at 10,000 BTU/hr
  • 64 BTU per square inch of grilling space
  • Porcelain-Coated Steel Cooking Grids

2 Burner Smart Space Specifications

  • 350 Square Inch Primary Grilling Area
  • Two burners each rated at 15,000 BTU/hr
  • 85 BTU per square inch of grilling space
  • Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates
  • Double wall lid and firebox
  • Foldable Side Tables

Between the two grills the Smart Space is the much better product. It has over 30% more heating power on a per square inch basis, longer lasting cast iron grates and double walled construction for better heat retention.

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What We Dont Like

  • Lower build quality: The Nexgrill 4-burner gas grill is made of lower-grade, thin stainless steel that isnt made to last. That may make it more susceptible to corrosion and denting. The cookbox is steel, which isnt as durable as cast aluminum used by many higher-end grills. The grates are stainless steel wrapped as opposed to fully stainless steel.
  • Unreliable thermometer: This grill comes with a stainless-steel lid with a built-in thermometer for monitoring the temperature. However, the thermometer is not very reliable, as it doesnt always show an accurate reading.

Which Is Better Char Broil Or Nexgrill

It is hard to decide whihc is better between these grills. When it comes to buying a grill, there are many brands and models out on the market. But if you have your budget-restricted, then NexGrill would be better as they offer excellent grills at low prices, which can fit any need for an excellent barbecue experience without breaking bank accounts too much!

However, those with extra cash may want something more high-end like Char-Broilthey provide great features such as cast iron burners which increase durability while also giving off intense heat output when needed most).

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Key Features And Specifications

  • Large liquid-propane grill with a primary grilling area of 462.3 in2, capable of holding up to 22 burgers
  • 4 main stainless-steel burners, each providing 12,000 BTUs of heat
  • 1 side burner with a warming rack, providing additional 12,000 BTUs
  • Cooking grates: stainless steel wrapped
  • Stainless-steel lid with a built-in thermometer

Our Rating: 4.7/5

The Number Of Burners

Nexgrill Deluxe 2-Burner Grill Review

The next thing you want to consider is the number of burners on your grill. You will need to assess this based on the desired grilling surface. For example, the Nexgrill 2-burner should be enough for a small barbecuing area. But what if you need to cook food for large parties at once and require a bigger grilling surface? That is also when you will need more burners, so dont go with less than four.

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What Is The Best Brand Of Grill

Broil KingGasGasColemanDyna-GloGasThe best BBQs you can buy right now

  • Landmann Smoker Charcoal BBQ 31426: Best charcoal smoker.
  • Argos Premium Four-Burner Gas BBQ With Side Burner: Best affordable family gas BBQ.
  • Char-Broil Big Easy Smoker: Best gas smoker.
  • Napoleon TravelQ PRO285: Best portable BBQ.
    • Best Overall: Weber 45020001 Spirit II E-310 Sapphire LP Outdoor Gas Grill.
    • Best Char Broil: Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill.
    • Best Outdoor Grill: Blackstone 1554 Propane Gas Burner Grill.
    • Best Portable: Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill.

    Final Thoughts On Nexgrill Vs Weber

    When comparing Nexgrill vs Weber, its never an easy decision because both of these manufacturers offer quality, state-of-the-art grills that outrank most of the competition. So when having to choose who is the best, well weve narrowed it down to this:

    It actually gets personal when choosing Nexgrill vs Weber because the specs and performance are generally in line with each other, its the design and the extras that make it more personal.

    If you want something that will impress the neighbors, then by all means, definitely go with the Weber but if you just want a really great tasting steak, the Nexgrill will satisfy your taste buds just as well.

    We gave you all the details, now you decide what will work best for you!

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    Natural Gas Dyna Glo Grills

    There are three natural gas versions of these grills and unfortunately I cannot recommend any of them. At these prices you can get a natural gas fired Weber Spirit II and have a spectacular grill with a 10 year warranty.

    All of the Dyna Glo grills come with a five year warranty for the burners and a one year warranty for everything else. While the five year warranty on the burners is a nice touch it really is meaningless as the rest of the grill will rust away long before the five years are reached.

    Dyna Glo Dgb 4 Burner

    Duro NXR Table Top Gas BBQ Grill

    Dyna Glo has 6 different models of 4 burner grills with 3 different series available. The differences between the 3 series are mostly cosmetic with little difference in the functionality of the grill. All the grills also have a side burner, so you get this feature no matter what series you decide to purchase from.

    The grills in the DGB series are the cheapest models and are sold as open-car models. Its only slightly smaller than the grills in the other series, but you get more power and more versatility in your grilling options.

    The main features include:

    • 461 square inches of grilling area
    • Burners are 12,000 BTU each
    • 104 BTU per square inch
    • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grate

    Compared to the DGE series, you get 26% more cooking power per square inch. It also gets hotter much faster, and you can have better grill marks than the other models from other series.

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    Nexgrill Gas Grills Reviews

    We hope you love the products we recommend. may earn a commission on qualifying purchases from Amazon Associates or other vendors. Read more here.

    If youre looking for a no frills, reliable grill that you wont have to spend a ton of money on, and that you can get at any of your local big box retailers, Nexgrill is a good option for you.

    Nexgrill is a great basic line of grills that offer a variety of options in a reasonable package, for an affordable price. They arent particularly fancy, but they do the job of cooking well, and can stand up to the elements.

    Nexgrill is a smaller company, based in Chino, California. While the companys headquarters are US based, youll find that most of their grills are manufactured in China, which for some consumers is a deal breaker.

    They are considered a middle of the road option for backyard grill masters. With Nexgrill you wont get the innovation or comfort extras that youll find on higher end grills, but they have plenty of great features that you wont find in bargain grills.

    Nexgrills are made from 430 gauge stainless steel, which is fine for most backyard applications, but be aware that it isnt as durable as some other grill cabinets on the market.

    We do really like the design of the Nexgrill line. While they arent the most expensive grills on the market, they are attractive, and have plenty of comfort features that make them stand above some of the other grill brands on the market.

    Nexgrill Vs Dyna Glo: Which One Will Burn Brighter In 2021

    When youre shopping for a gas grill, you want a product that will deliver a solid performance. This is especially true if youre looking for a mid-priced option rather than a bargain-basement model. In this roundup, well pit Nexgrill vs Dyna Glo to find out which one is worth a second look.


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    Nexgrill 6 Burner Deluxe

    If youre looking for a larger grill with more power, check out the deluxe options with 6 burners. The grills also come with a standard side burner so you can heat sauces or side dishes. The features on the deluxe grills such as the high heat ceramic infrared rotisseries burner and the side burners are something you would expect from more high-end grills.

    With NexGrill though, you get all the high-end features at a much lower price. Since not all components are stainless steel though, you could potentially start having rust problems with a few years. Maybe even months if you use the grill often it leaves it in the rain.

    Dyna Glo Dgp 4 Burner

    Nexgrill 5-Burner Gas Grill w/ Stainless Steel Side Burner (720-0888A)

    The DGP models are the most powerful with the most advanced cooking power. This is the best choice for you if you prefer to have high cooking power and want to put amazing sear marks on your food. The main features include:

    • 483 square inches of grilling area
    • 4 burners of 12,000 BTU
    • 102 BTU per square inch
    • Porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grate

    Dyna Glo also has 5 burner models, but their display is the exact same as the 4 burner models. They also offer the same design and features, just with an extra burner. The burner models are more powerful and will allow you to cook for larger groups of people.

    However, they dont have much more to offer than the 4 burner models. The more expensive ones have a higher price point because they look more elegant and modern. They would be a better choice if you have an outdoor living area that needs some sprucing up.

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    Nexgrill Deluxe 5 Burner Review Is It The Right Choice

    You just want to enjoy a nice summer evening with your family and friends, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning up after dinner.

    Grilling is the answer to your problem – but what grill do you need?

    You want one with all the features needed for an amazing backyard BBQ – plenty of cooking power, fast heating, even cooking results, and a large cooking area, so you have plenty of room for food prep.

    The Nexgrill Deluxe 5 Burner propane gas grill may be your solution.

    As a grill master, I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned about this grill so you can decide if it’s right for your next outdoor event.

    Are Nexgrill Gas Grills Any Good

    SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page. Learn more.

    Nexgrill is a name youve probably seen popping up on the shelves of Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, Sams club, and a host of other big box stores.

    The brand offers a large selection of gas grills at a fraction of an equivalent Weber s price and competes with brands like Brinkmann and Master Forge at the budget end of the market.

    But are they great value, or just a false economy?

  • Wrapping it up
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    Dyna Glo Grills Overview

    Most of the Dyna grills are under $1000, but you still get a solidly built grill with all the specifications you need. Dyna Glo has many different grills including propane and natural gas options.

    The most basic model comes with 2 burners and the larger models have 5 burners. With the large variety in sizes, you can get a grill to fit all your needs. Keep in mind that since the Dyna grills are cheap options, they are not built to last as long as other grill brands. Using them every day or for large amounts of food will cause them not to last as long.

    For this reason, many people choose to go with the smaller models. They are cheaper and perfect for grilling for small families or parties. Spending the extra money on a larger model might not be worth it unless you want to have a nicer-looking grill for your outdoor area.

    Nexgrill Vs Char Broil Grills Overview

    Easy Homemade BBQ Smoker Plans {Make For Under $1.00}

    Nexgrill and Char-Broil have been around for decades and. They are two of Americas most popular brands when it comes to grilling equipment, but did you know that they both have their unique histories?

    This section will give some ideas about what these companies stand for, then get into more detail with a discussion on how each operated before merging years ago under one roof!

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    Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 5

    Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill

    The future of grilling is now. The Evolution Infrared Plus 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill lets you cook with either direct heat for hard searing or with infrared heat plates for a slower, simmering cook. Did you ever think that any of us would live long enough to see this glorious day?

    The five stainless steel burners combine to produce a total of 57,000 BTUs over the nearly 670 square-inch cooking surface, while the 12,000 BTU side burner lets you keep each batch warm as you keep moving through the grilling production line. The Nexgrill Evolution is all yours for $400, pardner.

    How To Find The Best Nexgrill Grill

    Are you thinking about purchasing a Nexgrill 5-burner, but you are unsure if it is the right fit? The manufacturer is famous for making top-quality units, but we are talking about suitability to your personal preference. Our experts focused on critical factors you should consider during the selection process. We analyzed everything from configuration to grilling power and dimensions to help you with choosing the right product. It is crucial to invest time and effort into learning more about these grills. Once you have all the information, it will be easy to choose a unit you will be happy with for years.

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