How Long To Grill Steak On Charcoal

Easy And Delicious Grilled Rib Eye Steak

Ultimate Guide to Grilling a STEAK on a Charcoal Grill

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Nothing beats a fabulously grilled rib eye steak, hot and delicious from right off of the barbecue! Not to mention nothing says its time for summertime weather and deck dinners like treating yourself to a great steak as well. Bone in rib eye steaks are my very favorite steak to grill, the extra fat marbling in the meat yields the most tender, juicy steak ever and giving it a good sear on the grill adds that charcoal flavor we know and love.

Serve it with my Asian Sesame Grilled Steak Salad and Easy Homemade Asian Salad Dressing for a seriously wholesome meal. This recipe is equally easy AND delicious, so lets get started!

The Best Way To Cook Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steak is a popular, high-quality steak. But it can be tough to cook it right. Here are three tips to help make your ribeye steak the perfect dish.

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before cooking the steak. This will help keep it juicy and delicious.

2. Season the steak with salt and pepper before cooking it. This will give it a nice, crusty texture.

3. Place the ribeye steak in a baking dish and bake it for 10-12 minutes per side, or until its cooked through.

Getting The Timing Right

Lets assume your steak is around about average at 1in thick and use this as our base for grill timings.

If you like your steak medium rare, then you will have a total cooking time of four minutes. If you prefer medium well to well done the grilling times should be four minutes to seal at a high heat, and another four minutes to cook at a lower heat.

If your steak is thicker, then increase the time to one and a half minutes for medium rare and three minutes for medium well to well done. Alternatively thinner steaks can be cooked quicker.

These timings work when the grill is very hot and has comfortably reached 700F .

If your charcoal grill does not get that hot, think about extending the grilling times appropriately. If you grill can only reach 500F then grilling times should be doubled.

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The Best Charcoal Grilled Steak

This post is sponsored by Home Depot. All text and opinions are my own.

Theres nothing like a beautiful summer day, your family enjoying the outdoors with you and firing up your grill for the ultimate dinner!

What makes it even better is when that dinner includes these delicious Charcoal Grilled Steaks.

Theres is nothing better than a steak thats piping hot off of a charcoal grill.

The flavor is absolutely amazing!

If you are new to grilling a steak on a charcoal grill dont worry!

We will give you the ultimate guide to getting a delicious, juicy steak off your charcoal grill.

It might take a little extra work compared to a gas grill, but once you taste the difference you wont mind the extra few minutes of work!

Trust us, its totally worth it!

One of our favorite tricks to getting the ultimate charcoal grilled steak is using our favorite Kingsford Hardwood Charocal Briquettes found at Home Depot!

We love them because the are made of all natural hardwood and create low amounts of ash during use.

Plus, they create a high heat which is perfect for searing these delicious steaks!

You can use them on your charcoal grill, smoker or ceramic grill.

Did I mention that they give your steaks the ultimate smoky flavor which is the secret of why our steaks taste better than anyones!

Shhhh, dont tell anyone our secret oh wait, maybe you should!

Best Steak Cuts For The Grill

How Long to Grill a Steak on a Charcoal Grill

Lean Cuts These have less intramuscular fat and are not as prone to flare ups . They also cook faster, so attention to the internal temperature of the steak is important.

  • Top Sirloin Filet

These have more intramuscular fat and have amazing texture and flavor from the marbling. These cuts are also more prone to flare ups, so be aware of that potential when grilling these cuts.

  • New York Strip, or Striploin

Chefs Tip Buy a thick cut steak for best results. A thin steak can easily overcook, and having the thicker cut will make it easier to keep the interior tender. You can see more great grilling cuts here.

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How Long To Grill A Steak On A Charcoal Grill

For a long time Ive preached theRule of Threesfor explaining how long to grill a steak on a charcoal grill. The method is basically 3-3-3-3. That means:

  • grill steak side 1 over direct heat for 3 minutes
  • grill steak side 2 over direct heat for 3 minutes
  • Flip steak and grill on side 1 over indirect heat for 3 minutes
  • Finally turn steak and grill on side 2 over indirect heat for 3 minutes
  • Ive gotten a lot of positive comments about the method but Ive also caused a bit of confusion. Lets re-examine the method.

    How Long To Cook Flank Steak On The Grill

    Due to the fact that it is a thin cut of meat and that it tastes best when grilled to medium-rare temperatures, flank steak cooks fairly rapidly on the barbecue grill. For a medium-rare flank steak, it should only take three or four minutes per side to cook it to medium-rare. Cook the flank steak for five minutes on each side if you like a medium-rare steak.

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    Allow The Meat To Rest

    Allow the steak to rest for 5 to 10 minutes after removing it from the grill. The majority of people do this to enhance the flavor of the steak.

    To keep it from becoming cold, simply wrap it in a piece of loose aluminum foil. As you can see, cooking with an electric grill is exceptionally straightforward. You can start eating your delicious steak after a few minutes if you and your family are steaks lovers.

    Grill The Steak According To Your Recipe

    How to Cook Ribeye Steak on the Grill

    Grill steak according to your recipe for the best results. Whether youre a novice or a pro, there are some things you need to do in order to grill steak successfully. Here are five tips: Preheat the grill before beginning. This will help maintain the temperature and prevent the steak from becoming dry or overcooked.

    • Place the steak in a single layer on the grill grates.
    • Grill steak until it reaches desired doneness.
    • Use a quality steak knife that is sharp and has a long blade.
    • Use a heatproof spatula to ensure even cooking.
    • baste the steak every 5 minutes with melted butter or olive oil.

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    Prepare The Steak And Start The Grill

    Whenever cooking a steak on the grill, you want your steak to be at room temperature before you cook it. This helps with flavor again, but an even cook throughout the steak. So if youre cooking a steak from frozen, youve got to plan ahead. Take the steak out of the freezer at least a day before, and let thaw in your refrigerator. Then, about an hour before you throw your meat on the grill, you need to remove it from the fridge and bring to room temp on the counter. If your steak is not frozen, you still want to bring it to room temp before grilling, so time on the counter is crucial.

    While your steak is warming to room temp, its time to heat up the grill. Take your charcoal briquettes, and stack them in a pyramid. If you want to get fancy, you can buy a chimney like this, and fill the chimney about halfway. Chimney or not, use about 10-15 briquette. Spray with lighter fluid, and stuff some newspaper in the pile/chimney, then let sit and soak into the charcoal for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you can light the charcoal on fire. Prop your lid back on the grill, but dont fully cover itthe fire needs oxygen to thrive and stay lit. Let the charcoal burn until the edges turn white. Now youre ready to grill.

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    Steaks 1 1/2 Inch And Thicker

    Quick cooking will not work for these mighty steaks. But you still want that dark tasty bark. So the trick is to use a combination of high and low heat.

    How To

    Crank the grill to highest heat and sear both sides fast, as with thinner steaks. Then turn off the heat that is directly under the meat so that the steaks can cook to doneness more slowly without burning or overcooking over indirect heat.

    You can reverse this process if you wish using the reverse sear technique whereby a thicker steak is cooked slowly over indirect heat, then seared on high heat towards the end of cooking to achieve the grill marks and caramelized crust we all live for.

    With these thick steaks, you want to use a reliable meat thermometer so that you can be sure to cook to a safe internal temperature.

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    How To Grill Steak

    Follow these simple steps for a beautiful thick cut steak, seasoned and grilled to perfection. Grilling steak is easy with Kingsford’s grilled steak recipe.

    Let’s get grilling

    Start by lighting Kingsford® Charcoal, either in a chimney or a free-standing mound of 100 briquets. We recommend Kingsford® Professional

    For most thick steaks, youll want to arrange your coals into a two-zone fire. Replace the top grate, allow it to heat up all vents should be fully open then pour cooking oil on a folded paper towel and oil the grates using long-handled tongs.

    Remove your steaks from the refrigerator and let them reach room temperature around 30 minutes. Trim excess fat to avoid flare-ups and vertically slash the thin piece of fat around the outside of the steaks to prevent curling. Liberally apply coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. Flip the steaks and repeat the process.

    Place your steaks directly above the coals and sear for two to three minutes per side. To ensure perfect grill marks, resist the urge to move the steak while cooking. Close the lid to prevent flare-ups.

    Once your steaks are properly seared, move them to the cooler side of the grate. Close the lid and continue to cook until done.

    Pull your steaks from the grill, place onto a cutting board, loosely cover with aluminum foil and allow them to rest for five minutes.


    • thick-cut steaks of your choice4

    How Long To Grill Steak Rare To Well Done Times And Temperatures

    New York Strip Steaks on a Charcoal Grill

    How long should you grill steak to get your preferred doneness level? It varies, of course, and mostly on the thickness of the cut. Read on to learn the grilling times and target temperatures of steaks from rare to well done, from under 1 inch to over 2 inches thick.

    Even avid grillers like you and me have occasionally been caught staring at the meat counter at the market, befuddled by the many options, names, types and cuts of steak.

    And you havent even got it to the grill yet! There, youre faced with another boatload of choices from which cooking technique and what temperature, to how thick and for how long? Only high school calculus is more complicated than this!

    And lets face it, the consequences of cooking the wrong cut the wrong way the wrong temperature for the wrong time? Misery in the form of dried up old shoe leather on your plate.

    Ill be the first to admit Ive been there more times than I care to remember.

    Thats why I decided to knuckle down, and bone up on all the many terms, cuts and cooking times, to learn how long to grill steak. Every type and any size of steak.

    You now have the benefit of sitting there comfortably with your feet up, sipping a nice cold drink, and reading at your leisure all my in-depth research!


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    How Long Do You Grill A 1

    Grill a 1-inch ribeye steak for 9-12 minutes, and a 112-inch steak for 12-15 minutes, flipping the meat once before the halfway point, to get the optimum medium-rare result. A meat thermometer should read 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover your steaks with aluminum foil for 5 minutes before serving to allow them to rest.

    The Perfect Types Of Steak To Grill:

    With the Fourth of July near, many people will be firing up their grills to cook some delicious steaks. In order to make sure those steaks are cooked perfectly, here is a list of the best types of steak to grill:

    • Ribeye or Cowboy Steak This popular cut features a generous amount of marbling, which makes it juicy and flavorful.
    • T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak This steak is a two-in-one cut, with a bone running down the center that separates the strip steak from the tenderloin.
    • Filet Mignon The most tender and expensive cut of steak, filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin.
    • Strip Steak or New York Strip This steak, cut from the loin of beef, is very popular because its lean while still having a lot of flavors.
    • Top Sirloin Steak The most economical choice on this list, top sirloin steak is easy to cook but still has great taste and texture.
    • Skirt Steak Perfect for grilling, skirt steak is often used in fajitas because of the shape that allows it to stretch around fillings easily.

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    How To Grill A Frozen Steak A Charcoal Grill

    The best way to grill a frozen steak is to preheat your charcoal grill to medium-high heat and place the steak directly on the grill. Grill the steak for 3-4 minutes per side, or until it is cooked to your desired doneness. If you would like a charred outside crust on your steak, you can use the direct grilling method described above, or you can briefly place the steak over the hot coals after it has been on the grill for a few minutes. Just be careful not to overcook your steak!

    If you want to add some extra flavor to your frozen steak, you can brush it with a bit of oil or baste it with a sauce before grilling. You can also season it with salt and pepper before grilling.

    How Do You Grill A Flank Steak Medium Well

    Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak – How to Cook Steak on a Charcoal Grill

    Preheat the grill to high heat . Place the flank steak on the grill and cook for approximately 10 minutes, or until the internal temperature of the steak reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare doneness. Before cutting the steak, remove it from the grill and let it aside for 10 minutes to enable the liquids to redistribute before slicing.

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    How Long To Cook T Bone Steak On Charcoal Grill

    Turning once, cook 1-1 1/2 inch T Bone Steaks over medium-high heat on a gas grill until medium rare, about 6-7 minutes each side . Internal temperature of the flesh should be 150 degrees Fahrenheit when a thermometer is placed into its thickest region, but without touching the bone, according to the USDA guidelines.

    Which Cut Of Steak Is Best For Grilling

    When I first started working on this recipe, my top contenders for the steak were the ribeye , the rib steak , the porterhouse, and the T-bone.

    Any of those cuts will taste great grilled due to the significant marbling of fat, which leaves the meat tender, and flavorful. Lets take a closer look at each:

    • Ribeyes vs. Rib steaks: A ribeye has the bone taken out a rib steak, also known as a bone-in ribeye, is a ribeye with the bone in. Due to its extensive marbling, this cut cooks beautifully on the grill, bone in or out. Trim the thick fat from the outside edgeleaving it on will cause flame flare-ups that can give your steak an unpleasant burnt flavor. Dont worry, trimming it off wont result in lost flavor!
    • T-Bones vs. Porterhouses: People often confuse these two cuts, which is understandable because both cuts come from the loin and both have a T-shaped bone with meat on both sides. But porterhouses are larger and actually have more of the tenderloin than the T-bone. The U.S. Department of Agricultures Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications say the tenderloin of a porterhouse must be at least 1 1/4 inches thick at its widest, while that of a T-bone must be at least 1/2-inch.

    Ultimately, I chose to use ribeye steak for its flavor, size, and the lack of bone I wanted to slice and serve this steak family-style, and the fact that it doesnt have a bone makes that easier.

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    Cook Times For Rare Medium Rare Medium And Well Done Grilled Steak

    • Grill 6-8 minutes for a rare steak , which will be the pinkest and not warm all the way through.
    • Grill 7-10 minutes for a medium rare steak , which will be very pink but warm in the center.
    • Grill 10-12 minutes for a medium steak , which will be slightly pink and still very juicy.
    • Grill 12-15 minutes for a well done steak , which will be brown and warm all the way through.

    Its not recommended to cook steak any higher than 145°F because it tends to get tough. The FDA recommends cooking whole cuts of beef to an internal temperature of 145°F.

    Bone-in steak may take a little longer to reach temperature and will be rarest near the bone.

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